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Cadell Ddyrnllwg (Dyrnlluc) "Gleaming Hilt"

born ~430, died 480
King of Powys

The exact relationship of Catigern to Cadell, the actual ancestor of the royal line of Powys, is not clear. According to the Harleian genealogies Cadell, not Catigern, is a son of Vortigern, while other interpretations make them the same person [37] but the Historia Brittonum [219] claims he was a servant/slave given the throne after Benlli/Vortigern was burnt in his fortress by a miracle through St Germanus.

The people of Powys evidently did not accept the story about the origins of their royal house as given in the Historia Brittonum, that a slave (servus) was their ancestor. On the Pillar of Elise they claimed their descent from Vortigern, and declared he was the son-in-law of Magnus Maximus. Whether he was a slave, a local sub-chief, son or brother of Catigern (Cadeyrn), or even a son of Vortigern, he figures in many pedigree as a famous hero too important to ignore, and it is generally accepted that he was invested with the rule of Powys by St Germanus.

However, another, better description exists [220] ...Saxons and Irish attacks force Cadell, the son of Cadeyrn (Catigern) into hiding (after the Irish capture Powys). He hid himself amongst the peasants of Powys and became a servant of the Irish chieftain, Benlli, hoping, one day, to find an opportunity to retrieve his inheritance. His chance arose when St. Germanus of Auxerre visited Britain, to combat the Pelagian heresy. St Germanus heard of the pagan Irish occupation and laid siege to the Powysian capital. Cadell showed them what modest hospitality he could, in his rural hovel outside the city walls. Germanus eventually had a dreadful premonition and advised Cadell to remove all his family from within the city walls. That night, the Royal palace was struck by lightning. The resulting fire spread quickly and all within the city were burnt alive. The young Cadell was thus restored to his throne.

After Cadell's dealth his brother, Rhyddfedd Frych the Freckled reigned from ~480 and but died without issue.

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