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Dr John POTTER (1674-1747), Archbishop of Canterbury and descendants
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My mother was born Phyllis Muriel Emma Potter and married Ivan Thomas Blayney. She is known as Muriel Blayney and has a website dedicated to her. She was feeling very neglected with all the work on just my Blayney side, so I have included this page on the Potter family of New Zealand.

Dr John Potter is the earliest ancestor for whom I have any reliable dates, although we know his father was a humble Linen Draper by the name of Thomas Potter. The Potter family is recorded being granted lands by Duke William of Normandy, their liege Lord, for their distinguished assistance at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 A.D.

The information on this page is derived from multiple sources, particularly work by my siblings Ross Blayney [124] and Gwenda Ferrett [125], as well as the very sharp memory and records of my mother and from memories and histories of other living New Zealand Potter relatives (some now deceased, including Gwennie Potter [188]). Further recognition and thanks are owed to a number of others, particularly Jennifer Richards neé Freeman [192], Dilys Webb neé Standen [193], James Harris [186], Noel Kelleway [190], Phil Potter [191] and Jill A Thompson [1038], who have filled significant gaps. Where possible, independent research has been used to confirm or expand details. If you have any additions or corrections, please contact me.


Dr John POTTER and Family


Dr John Potter Click to enlarge

Archælogicæ Græcæ

Archbishop Potter
letter 7Jun1743
1 Dr John POTTER DD; b.1674 d.10Oct1747 Lambeth, England. Archbishop of Canterbury 1737-1747. · Son of Thomas POTTER (Wakefield, Yorkshire Presbyterian Linen Draper [404] [880]). John's Wakefield childhood home is now the Black Rock Hotel in the Market Place. However, a story is related in the Church of England magazine of John's father being "a poor farmer in Oxfordshire" and how John invited his father - a "venerable-looking man" - to give his blessing to a group of noblemen. [881] · John attended Oxford University from age 14, obtaining his BA in 1692, MA in 1694, BD in 1704, Fellow of Lincoln College 1694 and Doctor of Divinity (DD) 1706. Doctor of Divinity (DD) 1706. · Took Holy Orders 1698 [407] and was ordained Deacon 1698, Priest in 1699, Domestic Chaplain to Archbishop Tenison 1704 and later Chaplain to Queen Anne, also regius Professor of Divinity, Canon of Christ Church, Oxford (1708), then Bishop of Oxford (1715) and finally Archbishop of Canterbury 1737. · Also see Comment 1 (Dr Potter's appoinment to the Primacy). · His Theological Works were published in 3 vols. [163] and include "Archælogicæ Græcæ" [Antiquities of Greece] (1697-99) [762], "Discourse of Church Government Wherein the Rights of the Church and the Supremacy of Christian Princes are Vindicated and Adjusted" London, 1707. · Not surprisingly, many considered him boring and the translation into Latin of his coronation sermon (preached on the acession of George II) was one of the standard punishments given at Corpus Christi College in 1893! [403] · Others saw his unexciting personality as an asset: he "maintained the rights of the church with sufficient firmness and dignity, without having recourse to the brash and offensive measures which characterised many of his predecessors" [508] · A notable Whig, but opposed to Bishop Hoadly who was "was more concerned on account of this adversary than of any other with whom he had been engaged" [649] · Appears to have had extensive holdings in Bedfordshire (Felmersham, Houghton Conquest, Haynes Park) [345] [346] · Modern scholars have accused him of obtaining wealth "from the proceeds of his office" [403] and also of pride and hauteur, but there is no ground for concluding that he did more than sustain his high office with the dignity and decorum it required.[164] · It is recorded that a John Potter built the Little Theatre in the Haymarket in 1720 but the assumption this was our John Potter is incorrect, despite the Greek style. It was a carpenter named John Potter who actually built it [376]. This John Potter died 1754 not 1747 [648]. · Also see Comment 2 (Dr Potter's relation to Methodism and the mode of his death). · Buried at Croydon Parish Church, St John the Baptist, 27Oct1747 with the following inscription: "Here lieth the body of the most Reverend John Potter, D.D., Archbishop of Canterbury, who died Oct. 10th, 1747, in the 74th year of his age" [164] An "aternative epitaph" was recorded in a letter from Mr. Martyn to a Dr. Birch: "Alack and well-a-day Potter himself is turned to clay." [187] · Arms: Sable, a fess ermine between three cinquefoils argent + Elizabeth VENNER b.1693; m.14Jun1709 (St Paul's Cathedral, London); d.1744 [412] Mrs Potter was described as a "very handsome woman" [412] Elizabeth was the daughter of Elizabeth GARDINER (b~1673; d.9May1723) and the infamous Colonel Samuel VENNER (b.Feb1647; d.13Sep1712) [461] [464]. This was considered a rather "scanalous match", as the Colonel had not only commanded the "Red Regiment" in the 1685 Monmouth Rebellion [463] [873], but was the son of the infamous Thomas VENNER. [404] [407] (of "Venner's Rising" Jan1-4 1661 against the new central government of Charles II). Thomas was hung, drawn & quartered 19Jan1661. - see The Venners' Insurrections (ie both Venner's Rising [Thos] and the Monmouth Rebellion [Sam]). · John and Elizabeth married 14Jun1709 [891] "soon after his appointment to the Divinity Professorship" (1708) [164] and they went on to have a large family of 10 [412] but only two sons and two (actually 3) daughters survived him [404]

Thomas Venner, "Plotter"

John Potter 1713-1770
2 John POTTER b.4Oct1713; d.20Sept1770 [1st son] See John below 2 Thomas POTTER MP b.28Jul1718 [124], [185], d.17Jun1759 [173], [185], [192], [405] at his favourite residence of Segenhoe Manor, Ridgmont, near Woburn, Bedfordshire [409] · "Wit and politician", living at 31 Grosvenor Square 1753-6 [201] · Barrister; admitted to the Middle Temple Bar in 1740. · Member of Parliament for St. Germans (Cornwall) 1747-54 [177c] [174], · Appointed secretary to Frederick, Prince of Wales 1748-51. [185] [401] [502] · Noted by Horace Walpole as a "very able speaker...matching...against Mr Pitt" [185]. · In 1751(3) he introduced a Bill to the House of Commons to hold a census. · See Comment 3 (Potter: Proposal for a UK census). · MP for Aylesbury (Buckinghamshire) 1754 [177a], re-elected to Aylesbury in 1756 after appointment as Paymaster-General of the Land Forces 1756-7 [175] [176] · MP for Okehampton (Oakhamptom) (Devon) in 1757-9 [177b] [401] when he was also appointed joint vice-treasurer of Ireland. · A Governor of the Foundling Hospital [503] and given to acts of Charity [763]. · However, most historical interest has centred on his membership of the infamous Hell-Fire Club. · See Comment 2 (Thomas Potter: Hell-Fire Club & ribald writing). · "Thomas [was] a man of fashion, exceedingly handsome, a wit, an orator and a notorious libertine" [403] and "Potter was a great deal more handsome than is good for a man, and was blessed with brains of an uncommon order. The combination proved too heady a draught, especially when fortified by a large income. [505] · He inherited his father's large fortune but "It was not a case of virtue rewarded. His elder brother John emulated his father as an earnest and able clergyman, but he had married a serving-maid, an offence sufficiently grave to cause the Archbishop to disinherit him." [503] · Charles Churchill claimed that Thomas was disinherited by his father "on account of his dissolute life" [169], and some US sources thought he may have been given a stipend to move to America [172], but there is no evidence for this but there is evidence for a Potter decsended from the Archbishop emigrating. · It appears that a Potter gene for macular degeneration went to America [172]. It is interesting that the Archbishop was also "suffered from a severe affection of the eyes" [404] · On the other hand, John Potter's Will did leave Thomas the Bates Manor which passed to Thomas' son Thomas and the Archbishop left him all his personal property, which was variously estimated to the amount to between £70,000 and £90,000 [405] [407] · However, the will was contested by John and others and despite reading the Judges descision, I am none the wiser! See [506] & [509]. · Thomas didn't have his inheritance without some obligations. Apparently the Archbishop "obliged him to marry" the daughter of Dr Manningham [404] [422]. Thomas allegedly bullied her into an early grave and in a letter to John Wilkes stated "whither I am hurrying from the ...loathsome bawdy of the Nurses, the solemn and hideous Lullabies of my Mother-in-Law and the odious Yell of a young female Yahoo that thrust herself into the world yesterday." [206] · Thomas suffered from "chronic digestive afflictions, aggrevated by painful bouts of venereal and other urethral diseases, which would lead to his death in 1759 at the age of forty-one." [503] +(1) Anne MANNINGHAM b.1716; m.17Feb1740; [1546] d.4Jan1744; [Dau of Dr Rev. Thomas Manningham. Rector of Slinfold, Suss] 3 Thomas POTTER b.1740; dsp.14Nov1801 (Harley St) Lawyer and politician (MP 1776-1780 for Lostwithiel) Description 1: "a youth of good parts, good nature and amiable qualities who was sent to Emmanuel Colledge, Cambridge in Oct 1756 [409] Went to Eton then Emmanuel Colleges. Called to the bar 2Jul1772 Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries and Fellow of the Royal Society 1784 Description 2: "He is a very pleasant, acute, and witty gentleman but perfectly—in political as well as religious principles. He is an intimate friend of Mr. Secretary Robinson." [Public Ledger 1779] [1554] BATES MANOR (Edlesborough), was inherited by a Thomas POTTER, son of Thomas POTTER, son of Archbishop John POTTER. Thomas owned it from 1761 until 1763 when it was sold to William BECKFORD, who was Lord Mayor of London. [205] The manor of Britens alias Grove Manor (Houghton Conquest) also passed to Thomas when his father died in 1759, who became Lord of the manor in 1761. He then died without issue and the property passed to his half-sister Mariana, the wife of Dr Malcolm MacQueen (living there in 1810) [346]. 3 daughter POTTER ?d.y. [206] +(2) Anne STONE of Littlebrooke Dau and co-heir of "one Stone" who had purchased Littlebrooke Manor of Stone, Kent which became possessed by Thomas "in the right of his wife" [765] +(3) Mary LOWE of Brightwell, Oxfordshire; m.14Jul1747 (with a fortune of £50,000) [409], [1546], [IGI] Dau of Francis Lowe of Brightwell, who left her the Segenhoe-cum-Ridgmont Manor. [505] "By his last wife, a daughter of Mr. Low of Ridgmont, he has left two young daughters." [422] 3 Maria (Mariana) POTTER b.~1750; d.1830 (dau and heir) Inherited the Archbishop's fortune after the death of Thomas (father & then brother) + Dr Malcolm MacQUEEN M.D. (Edinburgh) b~1746; m.8Jun1791 (London); d.1829 Son of Archibald MacQUEEN b~1746 of Totaroam and Flora MacLeod [504] Inherited The manor of Britens alias Grove Manor (Houghton Conquest) before 1810 on the death of half-brother-in-law Thomas POTTER [346] 4 Lieutenant-colonel Thomas Potter MacQUEEN b.1791 (Ridgmont, Bedfordshire); d.31Mar1854 MP for East Looe, Cornwall 1816-1826 and Bedfordshire Co. 1826-1830 and colonizer (Segenhoe in the Hunter River valley, NSW named after Segenhoe Manor), responsible for the first direct shipment of free emigrants to NSW. [413] [1547], + Anne ASTLEY m.1820; d.1822(sister of Sir Jacob ASTLEY, baronet and dau of the late Sir Jacob Henry ASTLEY, bart. and Hester BROWNE 5 Five MacQUEEN children 4 Capt. John Potter MacQUEEN b.~1805; d.22Feb1876 +(1) Arabella HOLDEN dv 5 Two MacQUEEN children +(2) Emma RUSSELL b.~1830; d.16Jul1888 5 Eight MacQUEEN children
Note: In his will, the Archbishop wished his estate to go to the sons of all his children (including his daughters if they changed their name to Potter) [422]. It is therefore possible that some Potters tracing their ancestry to the Archbishop were not descended from the sons John & Thomas, but perhaps from his daughters Elizabeth Tenison, Martha Sayer, Mary Tanner or Edith Milles. If this were true, my best guess would be the child of Elizabeth who had every reason to reject his father. However as the Archbishop's fortune was inherited by his second son Thomas, then his son Thomas and when that Thomas died childless by his half sister, Mariana MacQUEEN, (grand-daughter of the Archbishop), so this theory is unlikely to be true.
To see my best guess go to Who was the father of John Theophilus?
    3 John POTTER b~1740 d.1816 [193] 
      [?? = son of 1st wife or more probably son of a Potter daughter who changed his name!?]  
     + unknown
      4 John POTTER b.1760 d.s.p.1816
      4 William POTTER b.1761 d.s.p.1821
      4 Robert POTTER b.1762 d.s.p.1802
      4 Nathaniel POTTER b.1763 d.s.p.1844/5
      4 Thomas POTTER b.1771 d.1822
       + unknown
        5 William POTTER b.1798 d~1834
         + unknown
          6 Thomas POTTER b~1822 d.1894
           + Mary Hannah (Ann) BROWN
            7 Richard John POTTER b.1849 d.1927
             + Elizabeth Caroline HISCOCK m.1868 (Bethnal Green) 
              8 eleven daughters and one son including: 

              8 Richard Robert POTTER b.Q2 1868; d.Q3 1909 (both Bethnal Green London) 
               + Priscilla SUMPTER b.Q4 1868 (Billinghay, Lincolnshire); d.Q4 1936 (Pancras, London)
                 [dau of Louisa (Lucy) SUMPTER (1847-1876)] 

Cecil N Potter
9 photo Cecil Norman POTTER OBE b.21Mar1892 (Earls Court, Kinsington); d.Q3 1979 (Ealing) The OBE for his services to the Scouting movement [194], Also pioneer in aerial & Xray photography See CNPotter.html for more. 9 William Gordon POTTER b.1896; d.WWI 9 Ronald POTTER b.1898; d.1969 9 Ivy Gwendoline POTTER b.1907 d.1993 9 Violet Priscilla POTTER b.1893 d.1986 + Walter YOUNG 10 Dennis YOUNG + Barbara 11 Kevin YOUNG 11 Brian YOUNG 10 Gerald ("Gerry") Cecil YOUNG b.9Apr1930 + Megan 11 Adrienne YOUNG 11 Clifford YOUNG 11 Heather 10 Maureen Violet YOUNG b.1922 d.1987 + Albert Henry STANDEN b.1922 d.1975 view family (?p/w problem) 8 James Thomas POTTER b.Q4 1869 (Bethnal Green) + Kate Elizabeth KNOWLES m.1892 (Hampstead, London) 8 Elizabeth Agnes POTTER b.5Jul1872; d.3Sep1952 + Alfred James TIDBURY b.1876 (Shrubs Hill, Surrey); m.2May1898 (Westminster, London) 9 John David TIDBURY b.1898; d.1964 9 Alfred George TIDBURY b.1901; d.1963 8 John Joseph William Potter b.2Nov1874 (Bethnal Green) - Unknown + Priscilla JONES b.1877/8; m.1903 9 Maud Gwendoline POTTER b.Q4 1905 (Medway, Kent);d.1918 9 Eric John Daniel POTTER b.1912 (Wandsworth, London); d.1980 (Winchester)

Eleanor F Potter


Iris Richards family
8 Eleanor Florence POTTER b.1876 [192] [193] + Alfred BAINDBRIDGE b.21Jan1877 (Walker, Newcastle upon Tyne) m.18Aug1900 (Edmonton); d.9Mar1944 (Randwick, NSW) Occ. Railway clerk [son of Thomas BAINBRIDGE and Jane GIBSON] view family (?p/w problem) 8 Maud H S Potter b.1880 (Kensington, London); d. Unknown 8 Rachael Rebecca Potter b.5Jul1872; d.Q3 1872 (both Bethnal Green) 8 James Thomas Potter b.10Sep1868; d.Q2 1873 (both Bethnal Green) 8 James Frederick Potter b.Q3 1870; d.Q3 1873 (both Bethnal Green) 8 Lily Primrose Potter ? b.1896; d.1918 5 Thomas Robert POTTER (1800 - 1877).
NOTE: no evidence found for this connection 3 Frank POTTER b.1842 (England) [US family tradition he was sent to America because of debauchery and was descended from Archbishop POTTER] + Isabella McAlester b.1851 (Ireland); m.18Jan1872 See Frank Potter family Footnote below
2 four daughters surviving to adulthood, 3 surviving Dr POTTER including: 2 Elizabeth POTTER b~1726 (eldest daughter); b.1702; m.1729 (Cuddesdon, Oxford) [IGI]; dsp.13Mar1730 (in childbirth); bur.19Mar1730 (St Margrets, Westminster) + Rev. Thomas TENISON, LL.B. Cantab., (1721); b.1700(02); d.1742 [419] Archdeacon of Kent, Rector of Carmarthen [419], Chancellor of Oxford diocese, Prebendary of Canterbury. (declined an Irish Bishopric); sub. married heiress Mary/Margaret SMITH m.14Feb1737/8. [374] [419] He was the great-nephew of Archbishop Thomas Tenison [404] and son of Edward TENISON (b.1673; d.1735), Bishop of Ossory [438] By his 2nd wife he had two children, Thomas TENISON (b.1739; d.1788 in Kilkeary, Ireland) and Hanrietta-St. Elroy TENISON dsp. [419] 3 ___ TENISON (unknown if child survived) If so, could well be the John POTTER who (I have postulated) needed to assume the POTTER surname to claim the Archbishop's inheritance. 2 Martha POTTER m.18Dec1739 [427] [763] + Rev George SAYER, M.A. (Oriel College 1719), D.D. (1735) [427] b.1696; (installed 30Jun1725); d.Aug1761 (Brussels), intestate. the son of George SAYER (1657-1727), proctor (attorney) of Doctors' Commons and Mary Exton (and brother of Dr Exon SAYER, spiritual chancellor of Durham.) Archdeacon of Durham then Canterbury (but apparently got into trouble when he then refused to resign as Prebend of the 10th Stall at Durham cathedral and became involved in dubious land conveyences). He retired to Brussels "on account of his embarrassed circumstances"[427]. Apparently the Rev Sayer also had "an intrigue with my Lady Baltimore" [422] but this did not seem to reduce his favour in the eyes of the Archbishop. 3 Elizabeth SAYER b.28May1741; bapt.24June1742 (St James, Westminster) [IGI]; dsp.1789 [427] + Hon Raby VANE b.2Jan1736; m.1768; dsp.23Oct1789. The great-grandson of Charles II and Barbara VILLIERS; (3rd son of the first Earl of Darlington, Henry Vane); MP for Durham 1761 & 1768 Elizabeth then inherited the manor of Barnsbury, Islington 3 Mary SAYER m.24May1751 (Ely, Cambridge, England) [696]; d.1804 + Rev John GOOCH DD b.8Aug1729; d.7Jan1804 Rector Ditton-on-Wellingham, Cambridgeshire, Prebendary of Ely [698] 4 Mary GOOCH m.8Jan1783 + Ven. Houstoune RADCLIFFE DD m.8Jan1783; d.1822; Vicar of Gillingham, Kent, 4th Prebendary of Canterbury Archdeacon of Canterbury 1803-1822 [697]. 4 Rachel GOOCH b.26Sep1757; m.19Aug1778; d.3Dec1839 (St. George's Hanover Square). + Right Rev Richard BEADON DD b.1737; bap.15Apr1737 (Oakford, Devon); Bishop of Gloucester (1789-1802) then Bath & Wells (1802-1824); d.21Apr1824 (Bath, Somerset) (son of Robert Beadon and Mary Squire) 5 Rev Richard BEADON Rector of Wiveliscombe, Chancellor of the Diocese of Bath & Wells + Annabella A'COURT m.1805 dau of Sir William Pierce Ashe A'COURT, 1st Bart 6 Sir Cecil BEADON, Indian Secretary during the Mutiny; Lieut-Governor of Bombay b.1816; d.18Jul1880 +(1)Harriet SNEYD m.1837 +(2)Agnes STERNDALE 2 Mary POTTER (3rd dau) b~1723; m.Jan 1742/3; d.30Apr1779 + Thomas TANNER DD; b.1718; d.11Mar1786 [only son of Thomas TANNER (1674-1735), Bishop of St Asaph (a learned antiquary) in turn eldest son of Thomas Tanner, Vicar of Market Lavington 1671-1719] Prebendary and Canon of Canterbury and Rector of Hadleigh and Monks Eleigh, Suffolk.

by George Townshend

Bishop of Asaph

Richard MILLES

Mary Elizabeth MILLES
by Sir Joshua Reynolds

Mary Elizabeth MILLES
by Thomas Gainsborough

Lieutenant General Sir
3 Mary Elizabeth TANNER b.14Oct1747; Chr.10Nov1747 (St Anne Soho, Westminster) [IGI]; m.09Oct1765 (St George, Hanover Square, Westminster, London) [IGI]; d.1818 [411]] + headRichard MILLES (MILLS) Esq., MP of Nackington b.~1735 [1626]; Landowner, horticulturalist and Tory politician who sat in the House of Commons from 1761 to 1780. [1625]; d.1820; [Son of son of Christopher Milles of Nackington and Mary Warner] 4 headMary Elizabeth MILLES b.1767 [1626]; d.2Sep1818 +(1) Lewis Thomas WATSON, 2nd Lord Sondes b.18Apr1754; m.30Nov1805; d.20Jun1806 5 Eight children [Lewis Richard WATSON, 3rd Lord Sondes (1792-1836); George John WATSON (later MILLES), 4th Lord Sondes (1794-1874), Henry WATSON (1796-1849), Major Richard WATSON, Mary Grace WATSON and Catherine WATSON.] [568] [1630 -Monson] +(2) headBrigadier General Sir Henry Tucker MONTRESSOR KCB GCH b.18Apr1767; m.1809 [1628]; d.10Mar1837 (Downe Hill, near Canterbury); General in the British Army [1629].

The Milles Arms

Rev Jeremiah Milles

Rev Jeremiah Milles

Jeremiah & Mrs Milles early 1780s

2 Edith POTTER b.1726 [1038] (youngest daughter); m.29May1745; d.11Jun1761 (age 35) [884] "amiable, affectionate, and truly pious" [184] + Jeremiah MILLES DD b.29Jan1714 (Duloe, Cornwall); m.29May1745; d.13Feb1784 (Harley St, London). President of the Antiquarian Society, Son of Jeremiah MILLES, fellow and tutor of Baliol College, Oxford and nephew and heir of Dr Thomas MILLES, Bishop of Waterford & Lismore (d.1740) [440] He received a number of "ample preferments" (valuable positions) including Dean of Exeter 1762 [165] [167] [199] [437] [1630 -Sitters] [1632] 3 Charlotte MILLES chr.28Oct1749 (St Peter Cathedral, Exeter) [IGI]; d.1777 [442] 3 Jeremiah MILLES b.17Jan1751; m.8Jun1780 (London); d.22Apr1797 Lord of the Manor of Pishobury [443] Sheriff of Hertfordshire (1786) + Rose GARDINER b.15Jul1757; m.8Jun1780; d.21May1835 sole dau & heiress of Edward GARDINER 4 Four infant dau (on Jeremiah's death), including Harriott, Sophie (Sophia) and 4 Rose MILLES b.24May1782; d.19Feb1824 Heiress and owner of Pishiobury House and a Jamaican slave plantation. + Rowland ALSTON b.7June1782 (Odell); d.21Nov1865 m.26May1810; Member of Parliament (MP) for Hertfordshire from 1835 to 1841. [son of Thomas Alston and Elizabeth Raynsford] Also descendant of one Sir Rowland Alston of Odell who according to myth sold his soul to the Devil but tried to cheat him becoming a ghost! See the-ghost-of-sir-rowland-alston-and-the-devils-mark 5 six children (Rowland Gardiner ALSTON (1812-1882); William Vere ALSTON (1816-1892); Charles Jeremiah Walter ALSTON (1817-1818); Rose ALSTON (1818-1887); Harriet ALSTON (1819-1877); Caroline ALSTON (1822-1907) and Sir Francis Beilby ALSTON (1820-1905). [204] [1634] 3 Thomas MILLES chr.28Jul1752 (St Peter Cathedral, Exeter, Devon) [IGI], [402] d.13May1830 (Portugal St, Grosvenor Sq MDX), batchelor, 3 Richard MILLES (MILLS) b.1754 [1630 -Milles] Rector of West Tarring [1633] and/or West Ferring [1630 -Milles] ??Esq. of North Elmham, MP of Nackington d.1820 [402]; d.2Feb1830 (Chelsea MDX) [1038] + Susan 4 Thomas Potter MILLES (aka "T. Potter Miles Esq") d.Feb1829 at Henford-house, Yeovil SOM [1038] + Elizabeth 5 Thomas MILLES 4 William Hicks MILLES + Betsy 3 Harriet MILLES chr.18Jan1758 (St Peter Cathedral, Exeter) [IGI]; d.unm 24Sep1822 [441] (one daughter married Captain Blake) [402] 3 Mary MILLES [569] + Captain Thomas BUNBURY (of Cranavonane); High Sheriff for Co. Carlow in 1761 (Captain in British Army); m.1758; d.Dec1790 4 Six sons, the eldest being the illegitimate Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Bunbury CB KTS (see below); also Major Benjamin Bunbury b~1760; d.1827 [569]

Col Thomas Bunbury

Colonel Thomas Bunbury CB KTS Born 19 May 1791 (Gibraltar), died 25 December 1861) had a distinguished career including four years in New Zealand from 1840. During which time Bunbury took the Treaty of Waitangi to the South Island on HMS Herald and took possession of the island. He was made a magistrate in 1841 and acted as Deputy Governor in January 1844. The Surveyor General, Felton Mathew, when surveying and planning Auckland in 1841, named the tip of a peninsula to the west of the town after him, Point Bunbury, later renamed Point Chevalier. [1639]

Point Bunbury
3 John MILLES b?; d.y. (both Exeter DEV) bur in Cathedral. 3 N MILLES b? + Mr Smith [1630 -Milles]

John Potter 1713-1770
2 John POTTER DD; b.04Oct1713; d.20Sept1770 (Wrotham) [406] [426] [1552] Educated at Christ Church, Oxford [B.A. 1731, M.A. 1734, B.D. 1734, DD 1745] [879]. Rector/Vicar of Chiddingstone [376] 1742-7 [879], Archdeacon of Oxford 1741-1766 [879] and Dean of Canterbury 1766-1770. [694] [189] [879] John had annoyed his father by marrying a domestic servant [404] [764], so he was apparently disinherited (apart from "benefices"), and so the manor of BRITENS alias GROVE MANOR and other property was left to Thomas [347]. However, he was "liberally provided for by his father, according to the custom of the day, with Church preferment" [404], which after serving the Vicarage of Blackburne (Lancashire) then the "valuable sinecure" of Elme-cum-Emmett in the Isle of Ely (1739) included progress to the station of Archdeacon of Oxford 1741-1767 and Dean of Canterbury 1766-1770. [189] [404] [189] He was also held the "benefices" of the Vicarage of Lydd and also Wrotham (both in Kent), which were greater than the accepted 30 miles apart (a fact successfully used by another dispensation applicant with holding 40 miles apart). Tradition has the Archbishop known for his "pride and hauteur" so disgusted with John's marriage to a servant that he was totally disinherited yet he remains in Dr Potter's last will... "To my eldest son Mr Potter, Archdeacon of Oxford, to my sons-in-law the husbands of my daughters..." [Will dated 12 August 1745] [178] History has not been kind to John - "Dr. Potter was a man of no mark whatever" [406] In 1750 John donated the 1744 Oil on canvas painting by Thomas Hudson of his father, the Archbishop of Canterbury (then the Bishop of Oxford) to the Oxford University. + Martha PERCIVAL [1038] [694] a domestic servant (bedmaker) [409] in the household at Lambeth, apparently seduced by John "and lo, she was with child" [770] b.1705 [1549]; d.1775 aged 70 (Canterbury) [694] [694a] Unkown parents but sister of William PERCIVAL and another brother and sister [1038] [1561] 3 John POTTER b~1740; d.1740 (both Blackburn LAN) bur.8Nov1740 3 David POTTER b.1740 [1550]; d.1844 (aged 83 + ___ 4 Hannah Ann Potter b.1761 ("Foreign Parts"); d.Q3 1844 (Richmond, Surrey) + David MacKINNEY b.1765 (?Ireland); d.1844 5 Six MacKINNEY children 3 John POTTER bapt.5May1742 [408] d.1745 (Cant. Kent) [1038] 3 John Theophilus POTTER b.1Jul1752 (Dublin) [family Bible [755]] [769]; "native of Ireland" [870] [887], [1538] aka. John Theo POTTER (see signature below); Theo POTTER [887] and Theophilus John POTTER [1551]. Unproven as son of John POTTER (1713-1770) although a number of genealogies list him as such. [1548] [1561]
Who was the father of John Theophilus Potter?

John Theo has been assumed (with oral evidence support) to have been a grandson of the Archbishop.

The best theory to date is that he could be an illegitimate son of either Dean John Potter [1038] or more likely of his wayward brother Thomas Potter MP who did spend some time in Dublin including being eventually appointed Joint Vice-Treasurer of Ireland 1757, not to mention his history of fathering illegitimate children [1555] [1556].

  PROFILE ➣ Handsome Smart Imaginative Artistic Amorous
John Theo

So a bit of amature profiling above strongly implicates Thomas over John as the culprit! Also if this theory is correct, it would explain the lack of any baptisimal record of the father of John Theophilus, and the double reference to the Archbishop in his given names....and the 17 plus children!

A less likely, but still possible theory is that he was a son of one of the Archbishop's daughters, as the retention of the Potter surname was a condition the Archbishop placed on receiving any inheritance [769]. The only daughter of the Archbishop this could reasonably be would be Martha Sayer whose husband had to "retire" to Brussels because of "embarrassed circumstances" including infidelity, so taking on the Potter surname would make sense. Modern genetic studies of a Potter (direct descendant) could help sort out this possibility.
      Of intertest, there is an historical novel loosly based on the said John Theophilus Potter by Patricia Watkins titled 
      "The Wayward Gentleman: John Theophilus Potter & The Town of Haverfordwest - A biographical historical saga" [1151]
      A description of Patricia Watkins' research is available online [1538]

      Occ. Gentleman actor, moving to Haverfordwest from Ireland in 1778 where he introduced printing in 1780 [870]. 
      See Comment 4: Potter: Printers and Publishers;

      Also Master Bookbinder [338], Stationer, printer & bookseller 1785 Haverfordwest [646] 

Haverfordwest 1800

Wedding signatures of JT Potter & E Edwardes
A burgess of the town in 1787 then High Sheriff 1790 [875].

Part of the Last Invasion Tapestry
Present at the repulsion of the French invasion of 1797, which was commemorated in the 1997 unveiling at Fishguard of the 100ft long "Last Invasion Tapestry" (ie Not the Bayeux Tapestry of 1066). He moved to London in 1807, where Potter's Press was established, however he continued to reside in Haverfordwest at times [listed as living or working there in Pigot's 1822 directory [861] and one of the subscribers of "Memoirs of Owen Glendower" [897]], probably maintaining residences in London and Haverfordwest [861]. d.15Sep1839 (Hackney) aged 87 from "paralysis and decay of nature." [769] Bur. West Hackney See Susanna, 2nd wife. +(1) Elizabeth (Bessie) EDWARDES (not EDWARDS) bpt.6Oct1756 (St Martins, H/west) m.27Jun1779 (St Martin, Haverfordwest) [869b]; d.May1804 [196] [424] [769] [?year in error as bur.18May1805 [871] [888a]] dau of Joseph EDWARDES b~1703; bur.27Nov1762 (St. Martin's Churchyard, H/west) [888b] and Eleanor MORRIS b~1730; m.1752 (Steynton, which is SW of Haverfordwest (nearly to Milford Haven) [861]. 4 ?Fourteen children [probably not including neonatal deaths] including: John, Elizabeth, Jane, Edward, Ann, Joseph W, Edward, William, Elinor, Thomas Morris, Frederick, Isabella, Edwin and Thomas. Some list Charles, but as his birth date is after Bessie's death his mother must be Susanna who had another three children. 4 John POTTER b.1780; bpt.24May1780 ("privately", St Marys, Haverfordwest) [869b] Possibly because survival wasn't assured as (re)baptised along with Elizabeth and Joseph on 20Oct1783 [861] Alive in 1851 census age 71; d.26Sep1860 (Haverfordwest); Bur.30Sep1860 (St Mary's H/west) [871] Printer (H/west), admitted to the Freedom of the Town 11Jul1845 Also suffered eye problems. + Sarah [1577] 5 John William POTTER (Snr) b.1804 (H/west); d.Aug1874 (Skibbereen) [1038] Printer and Bookbinder of Haverfordwest Moved to Kinsale (Ireland) 1832/3 [510] and later (1830s) to Skibbereen, Cork; Co-founder Skibbereen Eagle 1857; Acting Ed. 1871-4 + Medora Hamilton EDISON / ELDON m.1828 (Ossory, Ireland); d.9Apr1871 dau of a United Irishman "disappeared" ?transported after the 1798 uprising. 6 Medora Sarah Anne POTTER b.30Dec1828 (H/west); Chr.30Dec1828 (St Thomas, H/west) [IGI] 6 John William POTTER (Jnr) b~1834 (Skibbereen, Cork, Ireland); d.1885 (Freeport, IL) [1045] Co-founder Skibbereen Eagle; Emm. to US 1853 then with wife ~1855. [1046] [1047]

Argus building

John W Potter III

Minnie Estella Abbott
He returned with family 1865 to Buffalo NY where he established and published the Bolivar Herald; then he moving to Freeport where he purchased an interest in and published the The Freeport Bulletin [1041] [1045] [1046] [1047] In 1882 he purchased the Argus in Rock Island, making his son (John W) Editor + Josephine C. RYAN b.1841 Massachusetts, USA; m.Sep1855 (?Buffalo); d.21Feb1880 (Freeport) [1044] 7 Osler F. POTTER b~1859 (St Thomas); Emm. to US 1865; d.12Aug1938 (Freeport, IL) [1045] Dean of NW Illinois newspaper The Journal Standard from 1920 [1041] 7 photo John William POTTER III b.17Aug1861 (Skibbereen, Cork); d.11Jan1898 (Rock Island, IL) [1045] [1046] [1047] Prop. & journalist Rock Island Argus 1885-98 (a Democratic party organ) Postmaster of Rock Island from 1893 and Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Committee [1045] [1046] [1047] + photo Minnie Estella ABBOTT b.Oct1866 (Illinois); m.5Mar1889 [1042] [1043]; d.6Jun1935 [1046] [1047] [dau of Fisher ABBOTT and Sarah WHITMAN [1045]] [1049] Publisher then president of the Rock Island Argus until her death, moving it to the 1st politically unbiased paper in the region. Subscribers increased from 400 in 1898 to 11,173 in 1925 [1049]. She commission the Argus buiLding in 1925 8 Marguerite F POTTER b.25May1890 (Rock Island); d.17May1981 8 John William POTTER (IV) b.3Jun1896 (Rock Island); d.17Mar1947 [1049] + Alleen b.1903 9 Mary POTTER b.1930 (Rock Island) 9 Presumably further John William POTTERs as there exists to this day the private Rock Island Potter Family Foundation with a John W POTTER as President. 8 Ben Hurst POTTER b.4Jun1897 (Rock Island); aka. John + Margaret W ___ b.4Jul1901; d.13Dec1955 (Rock Island) 7 Marian E POTTER b.Dec1869 MO

Fred Potter


Fred's "Eye On Russia

Eldon (only child) & Dora Bird Potter
6 photo Frederick (Fred) Peel Eldon POTTER JP b.1836 Dublin; d.4Sep1906 (Skibbereen) "Journalist", editor then owner of the Skibbereen Eagle. 3rd son of John William Potter, who emmigrated to USA in the 1850s Fred had been sent to London to learn Printing returning to co-found with his brother (and father) the 1st penny evening paper in southern Ireland the Skibbereen Eagle aka The Eagle, the Skibbereen & West Carberry Eagle, and the Cork Co. Eagle and Munster Advertiser. He became both Propriotor & Editor and added the Evening Echo and the (Cork) 1872-3 while becoming the Editor of the Irish Daily Telegraph 1871-3 Vice-President of the Financial Reform Association Famous for his editorials on global political afairs, in particular Russia's involvement in Manchuria its war with Japan which became known as “Keeping an eye the Tsar”. [1553] [1559] Described as "a lover of true liberty" but condemmed freeing Ireland "by force of arms" and "He was always on the side of the oppressed and "his caustic pen was fearlessly wielded in the interests of justice and mercy". [1558] Founded Eldon Hotel; Founded "Eagle and County Cork Advertiser" May 1857 +(1) Sarah Alice French JENISON b.1847; m.1Jan1866(8) (Castletownshend, Cork); d.1878 [dau of retired Naval Officer, Francis Hungerford JENISON Esq of Castletownshend] 7 Mary (Sarah Anne) Edison/Eddison POTTER b.1869 (Skibbereen); d.unm 1921 (London, UK) Assist. Ed of Eagle & County Cork Advertiser 7 Francis Helen A POTTER b.? + Henry Morris McOSTRICH m.1898; d.18Sep1934 (Cork) 7 Martha Priscilla H POTTER b.1871 (Cork) + Norman Albert McOSTRICH m.1869; m.1897 (Hackney); Stockbroker ?bro of Henry +(2)photo Honora Dora (Doris) Bird MORRIS of Durrus; b.21Aug1854 (Cononagh, Cork, Ireland); m.3Sep1879 (Cork, Ireland); d.7Dec1941 (Whitland, Carmarthenshire) [dau of William MORRIS (1813-1897) of Castle Salem, Rosscarbery and Catherine Beamish EVANSON b.1817] 7 photo Eldon POTTER b.1869 7 Frederick Peel Eldon Leonard POTTER b.4Jul1880 (Skibbereen, Cork) d.2Jul1951 (Hong Kong, China) + Emma Elizabeth Caroline Lucy LENNOX RHODES b.1886 (Skibbereen) 8 Paul Eldon POTTER b.~1910; d.21May1970 8 Pamela Dora Lennox POTTER b.~1911; dsp 8 Nancy Noel Grace POTTER b.~1916 dsp Emm 1918 to Seattle, King, Washington USA 6 dau. POTTER b>1828 5 William POTTER b>1804 (H/west) Emm. to Australia in the 1840s 4 Elizabeth POTTER b.1781; bpt.15May1781 ("privately", St Marys) [869b] [as above] Alive in 1861 census age 80; Bur.28Mar1863 (St Mary's) [871] 4 Jane POTTER Bpt.22Jul1782 [871] 4 Edward POTTER bpt.8Nov1784 (St Marys) [871]; bur.7Feb1785 [871] 4 Ann POTTER b.1787; bpt.19Feb1787 (St Marys, H/west) [871] 4 Joseph W. POTTER b.1783; bpt.28Oct1788 ("privately", St Marys, H/west) [869b] Variety actor until 1835 then printer & bookseller -see Comment 4 Proprieter of the Pembrokeshire Herald "In the winter of 1828 in Haverfordwest, Joseph W. Potter's performance of the play Twm Shon Catti was warmly received" [1265] Elected HighSheriff in 1814, 1834 and 1835; Mayor of Haverfordwest 1843 [870]. He signed himself "Sheriff of the Town and County of Haverfordwest" in a notice dated 20th January 1831 [759]

Rebecca Rioters 1843
"there never lived a more honourable and worthy citizen" [875] "a most estimable man" renown for his courage seeing off a mounted party of "Rebecca rioters" in 1843 [875] Died Jun1846 (H.West), a year after a stroke. + Jane ROGERS b.1790 (Stackpole); m.22Aug1809 (Steynton, near Milford) [869c]; d.16Oct1871; Bur.20Oct1871 (St Mary's) [871] Jane continued the printing business after Joseph's death 70 years after it was established. [also published a pamphlet] 5 Mary Elizabeth POTTER Bpt.29Jul1810 (St Mary's) [871] + William LLEWELLIN b.12May1812 (St Mary's) [871] m.May1838 6 Seven children: William, Frances J, Catherine, John, George J, Henry and Elizabeth M Llewellin 5 Jane Elinor/Eleanor POTTER b.15May1812; Bpt.24May1812 (St Mary's) [871]; d.122Jul1850 [1563] + Thomas Price HITCHINGS m.4Jul1836 [861] [1563] 6 Four children: (Artthur, Clara, John & Jane) 5 Elizabeth (Eliza) POTTER Chr.24Apr1814 (St Mary, Haverford West) [IGI]; Shop Assistant 1851; bur.17Jan1879 + John GREEN m.1840 (St Thomas's church, Haverfordwest, by the Rev. THOMAS) [767] 5 Catherine POTTER Chr.19Jan1817 (St Mary, Haverford West) [IGI] (Unm 1871) 5 Joseph POTTER (jr.) chr.13Dec1818 (St Mary, Haverford West); d.15Apr1895 [IGI] Occ. newspaper publisher [Editor Pembrokeshire Herald, started Potter's Electric News in 1855 a popular South Wales weekly English language newspaper till 1869]; [widowerand Retired Printer in 1891] [861]); Comment 4 + Martha Jane REYNOLDS b~1830; m.23Apr1850 (Tenby); d.8Apr1876 (Doddington Grove, Kensington, London [861] 6 William Joseph POTTER bpt.19Nov1855 [IGI] [871] Mechanical Engineer; d.Jun1898 (H.West) 5 Maria POTTER Chr.20Sep1820 (St Mary, Haverford West) [IGI] bur.12Apr1825 [871] 5 Edward POTTER b~Jun1823; bur.11Aug1824 (St Martin's) [871] 5 Henry Edward POTTER Occ. printer & stationer. Chr. 7Jul1825 [IGI] [871] See Comment 4 + Jane SMITH m.5Jun1852 [871] 6 Joseph POTTER Chr.11Jun1853 (St Mary's, Haverford West) [IGI] bur.22Jun1853 [871] 5 William Frederick POTTER bpt.22Sep1828 [871] Recorded as singing as a four year old in his father's acting company [887] 5 Edward John POTTER b.1830/1; Chr.21Feb1831 (St Mary, Haverford West) [IGI]; Occ Printer/publisher Comment 4 d.31Mar1868; bur.3Apr1868 (St Mary's, Haverford West) [871] + Elizabeth (Bessie) SMITH b.1835 (Haverford West0; m.Mar1860 (Pembroke) d.22Jul1875; bur.25Jul1875 (St Mary's, Haverford West) [871] Occ Printer/publisher Comment 4 6 Edward Phillips POTTER Chr.20Dec1860 (St Mary, Haverford West) [IGI] [871] Grocer in 1881 6 Gertrude Mary POTTER Chr.27Mar1862 (St Mary, Haverford West) [IGI] [871]; d.10Jul1939 (Manly, NSW, Australia) +(1) George Morgan EVANS b.Jan1862 (Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, Wales; m.Apr1884 (Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales); d.1900 (Ryde, NSW 7 Joseph Edwin EVANS b.1893 (Sydney, NSW); d.1957 (Manly, NSW) +(2) Edward Gibb HERON b.8Sep1869 (Okarito, Westland, NZ); m.1902 (Balmain Nth, NSW); d.2Apr1951 (Liverpool, Sydney, NSW) 7 Alexander James HERON b.26Jun1903 (Balmain North, NSW); d.9Sep1994 (Sydney, NSW) 6 William Henry POTTER b.25Aug1863 (Dyfed); Chr.17Sep1863 (St Mary, Haverford West) [IGI] [871] Emigrated to Sydney (NSW) ~1885 [811] + Clive Gwladys Potgrass POWYS b.5Jun1879 (Woolahra, Sydney) [811] 6 Joseph Arthur POTTER Chr.25May1865 (St Mary, Haverford West) [IGI] [871] Grocer's apprentice in 1881 6 Harry Edwin Llewellin POTTER Chr.08Oct1866 (St Mary, Haverford West) [IGI] [871] Solicitor's apprentice in 1901 + Agnes Emma ELFORD b.1873 m.1895 (Dorset) 7 Edwin Elford POTTER b.1897 (Yeovil, Somerset) 7 Gertrude Agnes Emily POTTER b.1900 (Yeovil, Somerset) 5 Frederick Edwin POTTER b.1833 (H.West) [871] d.Mar1868 (Glamorgan) [861] [871] 4 Edward POTTER b.1788; bpt.15Feb1790 (St Marys); d.1842 (all Haverfordwest) 4 William POTTER b.1789; bpt.21Jan1790 (St Marys, Haverfordwest) 4 Elinor POTTER b.1790; bpt.3Jul1790 (St Marys, Haverfordwest) 4 Thomas Morris POTTER b.1791; bpt.25Jun1791 (St Marys, Haverfordwest) ?d.y. 4 Frederick POTTER b.Feb1794 4 Isabella POTTER b.1796: bpt.9Jul1796 (St Marys, Haverfordwest) and/or 20Aug1810 + ___ JOHN [1548] [1560] 4 Edwin POTTER b.1797 bpt.22Aug1797 (St Marys, Haverfordwest) 4 Thomas Theophilus POTTER b.1799; Chr.13May1799 (St Marys, Haverford West); d.Sep1881 (Bangor) [861] General Dealer/merchant (specifically in nuts in 1861 census), "Hawker"; Blind in 1881 census (?the macular degeneration from Archbishop Potter) + Mary ?WILLIAMS [a Jane WILLIAMS aged 60 was living with them in 1841 quite possibly Mary's widowed mother] b.1813 (Haverford West); m~1832; Occ. Upholsterer and "Hawker's wife" d.Dec1889 (West Derby, Toxteth Park, Lancashire) [861] 5 Sarah Jane POTTER Chr.23May1833 (St Mary, Haverford West) [IGI]; d.Mar1886 + John BARGE Occ Rigger son of John BARGE and Eleanor PICKERING [876] 6 Mary E BARGE + John LENNOX 6 William Henry BARGE b.1860 (Liverpool) Occ. Master Mariner + ?Elizabeth ROADS of Pembroke 5 William Edward POTTER Chr.25May1835 (St Mary, Haverford West) [IGI] 5 Henry POTTER b.2Mar1837 [861]; Chr.14Sep1837 (St Mary, Haverford West) [IGI] Master Mariner and ship's captain in merchant navy. + Elizabeth SUTTON b.Mar1843 (Haverford West) [861]; m.5Jun1870 (St Matthews, Toxteth, W. Derby, Lancashire) [861]; d.1870 [IGI] 6 ?Fanny POTTER b.1872 6 Samuel Wilkin Sutton POTTER Chr.08Feb1872 (St Mary, Haverford West) [IGI] 6 Alice Maud POTTER b.2Feb1875; d.9Sep1922 [Raised by maternal aunt] + William John LULY b.Mar1865 (Woolwich); d.3Jul1950 (Haverford West) 7 Albert Henry LULY b.18May1896 + Lily 7 Stanley W LULY b.25Sep1901 + Ethel M WILLIAMS 7 Edgar Lionel LULY b.10Jun1903 (Tenby); d.25Sep1949 (Birmingham) + Gwenda May POWELL b.12May1904; d.22Oct1974 8 Patricia LULY [871], Researched her ancestor John Theophilus [1538] and wrote a historical novel about him [1151]. + Norman David WATKINS b.15Feb1934 (Sunbury on Thames, Staines, Middlesex) d.2Nov1977 (Rhode Island, USA); m.16Apr1959 (St Mary's Tenby, Pembrokeshire) 7 Ivy Elizabeth LULY b.27Dec1909; d.Sep1988

Alice M Potter

William J Luly

Albert Luly

Edgar L Luly

Gwenda Powell

Ivy E Luly

Norm Watkins

Pat Luly Watkins

6 Mary Jane ("Pet") POTTER b.1877 (W. Derby, Liverpool); d.unm.17Dec1958 (Tenby) [Raised by maternal aunt] 5 Edward POTTER Chr.14Sep1840 (St Mary, Haverford West) [IGI] 5 Fanny E POTTER b.Jun1843 (Haverford West) [861] +(2) Susannah (Susanna, Suzanna) HARMON (HARMAN) (? née HEATH) [424], & Pemb. index [647]); [Second wife of John Theophilus POTTER (1752-1839)] b.1771 (at Bath -pencilled in)[755] (Jewess) A widow [769] m2.12Jul1807 (St Martin's Haverford West) [871], [or St Paul's Convent Garden [338]] Later moved to London with husband John Theophilus POTTER. The family continued the printing and publishing business Comment 4 and according to C Baggs [196] established Hackney's first newspaper (1864), The Hackney Gazette which was later taken over by their son Charles and renamed the Hackney & Kingsland Gazette d.13Apr1845, bur West Hackney [755]

James II of Scotland

Possibly the Susannah Potter, wife of Theophilus Potter with a shop in Warwick Place, Kingsland Road, witness 30Jun1831 against 15 year old James Whitehead who was found guilty of theft of 21 cigars valued 2/-. He was transported for seven years [885]. 4 Theophilus John POTTER (1808-1866) (see below) 4 Mary Ann POTTER b~1809 Surrey England; m.8Aug1830 (St Luke Old Street, Finsbury, London) [IGI] d.Mar1869 [130] + Joseph BLANE ?b~1807 [1851 census]; Wine merchant ??chr.15Sep1816 (St Marys, Lambeth, London) [IGI] [not Blayney!] Son of John & Rebeckah BLANE [IGI] Descendant of James II of Scotland & of the "De Blaine" family 5 Eliza BLANE b.23Jun1830; Chr.22Aug1830 (St Leonards, Shoreditch) [IGI] 5 Emma BLANE Chr.26Aug1832 (St Botolph, Bishopsgate, London) [IGI]; Dress maker 5 Thomas Joseph BLANE b.28Mar1834; Chr.20Apr1834 (St Botolph, Bishopsgate, London) [IGI] d.15Feb1835 5 Joseph Thomas BLANE b.28Mar1834; Chr.20Apr1834 (St Botolph, Bishopsgate, London) [IGI] ?d.y. 5 Joseph BLANE b.23Jul1835; Chr.16Aug1835 (St Botolph, Bishopsgate, London) [IGI] 5 George BLANE b.19Feb1837; Chr.23Apr1837 (St Botolph, Bishopsgate, London) [IGI] 5 Frederich BLANE b.02Sep1838; Chr.24Sep1838 (St Botolph, Bishopsgate, London) [IGI] 5 Mary Ann BLANE b.27May1840; Chr.21Jun1840 (St Botolph, Bishopsgate, London) [IGI]; m.12Mar1864 d.2Jan1917 + Theophilus John POTTER b.12Sep1836; Chr.02Oct1836 (St John the Baptist, Shoreditch, London) [IGI]; d.2Jan1917 (her cousin) 5 Jonathan BLANE b.06Jan1842; Chr.30Jan1842 (St Botolph, Bishopsgate, London) [IGI] 5 Emily BLANE b.20Nov1843; Chr.10Dec1843 (St Botolph, Bishopsgate, London) [IGI] 5 Frances Caroline BLANE b.24Jul1845; Chr.14Sep1845 (St Botolph, Bishopsgate, London) [IGI] 5 Helen BLANE b.02Apr1847; Chr.30May1847 (St Botolph, Bishopsgate, London) [IGI] 5 Sarah Elizabeth BLANE b.13Jan1849; Chr.18Mar1849 (St Botolph, Bishopsgate, London) [IGI] 5 Henry Edward BLANE b.16Jan1852; Chr.25Mar1852 (St Botolph, Bishopsgate, London) [IGI] 5 Celia Maria BLANE b.02Jun1853; Chr.28Aug1853 (St John The Baptist, Shoreditch) [IGI]

Hackney and Kingsland
Gazette c1870

Charles Potter

Potter Cylinder Press
Patent by C. Potter, Jr. 1867

“Bullock” press like made by C. Potter, Jr.

Charles's sons Alfred, Charles and Walter Potter

Next generation cousins Alfred, Charles and Walter Potter

Charles Eldon Potter
4 Charles POTTER b.1815(13) (Hackney MDX); d.16Aug1872 (Dalston MDX); bur.21Aug1872 Abney Park Cemetery (57yr) [755] [756] [His d.o.b. means he was a son of Susannah not Bessie] Charles possibly established with his father [196]] Hackney's first newspaper in 1864, The Hackney Gazette, but was certainly Founder of the renamed Hackney and Kingsland Gazette [196], [1545]] which was described as "the most successful newspaper" [in Hackney] and the largest weekly newspaper in London [197]. It was in turn taken over by one son, Charles Potter Jr who with his brothers formed the limited company Potter Bros which took over in 1920, changing the name six years later (1926) when it became the Hackney Gazette and North London Advertiser. The company remained in the Potter family until 1996 although renamed Lentall Works in 1958. + Elizabeth Ann ERWOOD b.1823 (Shoreditch MDX.); m.3Jun1843 (Kensington MDX) [1038] dau of William ERWOOD (paper stationer) 5 Charles H. POTTER b.1844 (Hackney MDX) In 1920 formed the limited company Potter Bros with his brothers who changed the Hackney & Kingsland Gazette name to the Hackney Gazette and North London Advertiser in 1926. + Mary Kate SOUTHHALL b~1853 (Hackney) 6 Mary POTTER b.1874 (Hackney) 6 Alice POTTER b.1876 (Hackney) 6 Bessie POTTER b.1877 (Hackney) 6 Mabel POTTER b.1878 (Finchley MDX) 6 Charles POTTER b.1879 (Finchley MXX); d.1935 + Emily MATTHEWS b.1881 (Southgate, Middlesex) [Dau. of Frank b.1852 and Marian Sarah (1851-1943) MATTHEWS] 7 Doris Marion POTTER b.1910; d.1942 7 Charles Eldon POTTER b.Apr1907 (Edmonton); 17Jan1941 Flying Officer (for the duration of hostilities) d.13Dec1952 (Edmonton); + Joyce Emelia HARTMAN(N) b.Set1921 (Uxbridge, Oxfordshire); m.Q3.1945; d.23Dec1963 (Middlesex) age 42 8 twin sisters b.~1949 8 Derrick Eldon Charles POTTER b.23Feb1951 (Edmonton) His father died when he was 2 and he was orphaned at 12 when his mother died when the TSMS Lakonia caught fire and sank Dec 1963 (he survived the shipwreck). Property management Company Director (2010) + ___ 9 William (Will) Eldon Charles POTTER 9 Arthur Clement Edward POTTER 9 Dilys Florence Rose POTTER (29 year old twins). 7 Derrick F POTTER b.1910; d.1942 6 Minnie POTTER b.1881 (Clapton MDX) 6 Elsie Annie (D) POTTER b.1883 (Clapton) 6 Edith B POTTER b.1894 (Clapton) 5 Alfred John POTTER b.Q1 1851 (Hackney); m.1879 (Hackney); [?d.1936] + Elizabeth ("Lizzie") Hannah PETCHELL b.1857 (Mile End MDX) 6 Catherine POTTER b.1880, d<1891 6 Alfred J POTTER b.1884 (London) 6 Lawrence POTTER b.1886 (Stoke Newington MDX) 6 ? dau POTTER 5 Walter Frederick POTTER b.Q3 1858 (Hackney); d.4Jul1933 (Hendon MSX) + Emily Edith WILLCOCKS (WILCOCKE) b.Q3 1861 (Greenwich); m.Q4 1883 (Greenwich) d.?8Mar1933 (Hendon) 6 Walter Frank POTTER b.Q4 1885 in (Hackney) 6 Claude Willcocks POTTER b.Q1 1887 (Hackney) 6 Emily Olive POTTER b.1888 (Hackney) 6 John Keith POTTER b.Q3 1889 (Hackney); 6 Alfred Guy POTTER b.Q4 1890 (Hackney); d.1968 6 Laurel Webster POTTER b.Q1 1892 (Hackney) 5 Jessie Erwood POTTER b.1861 (Hackney); d.unm June1883 [130] [130] 4 Theophilus John POTTER b.4May1808 Haverford West, Wales Chr.10Apr1840 (St John The Baptist, Shoreditch, London) [IGI] Moved from Haverford West to London 1813; Master Bookbinder [338] d.28May1866 Shoreditch bur. Abney Park, England + photo Sarah Mary CHURCHER b.17Mar1810 (St Leonards, Shoreditch) [739]; m.1831; d.1901 (Edmonton MDX) [1038] [dau of William Churcher b<1780; Occ Writer (1815); clerk (1819); d<1841 and Jane ? B.<1780; m.<1798] Her sister Jane was living with her and Theophilus & 3 children 1841 and Theophilus witnessed Jane's marriage to Edward NICOLL in 1846. 5 Susannah POTTER b.6Aug1833 (at 16 Tabernacle Walk, Shoreditch); chr.28Aug1833 (St John The Baptist, Shoreditch,) [IGI] d.31Dec1834 (16mth & 3 weeks) 5 photo Theophilus John POTTER (1836-1916) (see below) 5 Edwin POTTER b.07Oct1839 (at 16 Tabernacle Walk); chr.03Nov1839 (St John The Baptist, Shoreditch); d.3Oct1918 Printer & publisher (Coggeshall Press, Essex) and a musician (Music Compositor on Annie's Birth Cert) [186], Conductor of the Coggeshall Philharmonic Society [376] +(1) Eliza Sophia REEVE b.1838 Hackney, London [166] [dau. of John James REEVE (1806-1884) and Ann SUTTON] m.21Aug1862 (St. Marks Church Old St. Road, Shoreditch); d.Sep1873 (Hackney) [130]

Sarah Mary Potter
née Churcher

Theopholus John

Annie Potter

Arthur Harris

Mary Louisa Potter

6 photo Anne (Annie) Eliza POTTER b.5Sep1865 (Islington) [186], [Birth Cert]; d.5May1943 (Boxhill, Sussex) (CVA) [186] [376] + L Edward HARRIS b.1805 [186]; m.25Jan1899 (Holy Trinity, Clapham); d.1913 (consumption). Stationer; Ran the Buckingham County Press, Buckingham Town UK. [186] 7 Arthur HARRIS b.1900; d.1975 Occ. branch manager of Barclay's Bank UK, a Senior Freemason and church organist. + Doris OFFEN b.1900 [186] [376]; m.1927; d.1979 Occ. school teacher 8 Living HARRIS view family (?p/w problem) 7 Gilbert HARRIS b.1903; d.1990 [186] [376] +(1)Dorothy 8 Michael HARRIS b.1937 Occ. RAF Navigator d.1973 (plane crash) + Mary 8 Living HARRIS view family (?p/w problem) +(2)Barbara (2nd wife of Gilbert) died in the 1990s 6 Mary Louisa POTTER Military Nurse, Matron of Military Hospital at Alexandra (Egypt) in WWI [166] +(2) Louisa Mary Carey (2nd wife of Edwin) m.Dec1874 (Hackney); d.8Mar1924 Music teacher for step-daughters 6 Emily POTTER ?b.Jun1876 (Bethnal Green) [130]; ?d.27Jul1940

Edwin C Potter 1903

Nellie Potternée Spackman

Edwin Carey Potter

Noel Carey Potter
6 Edwin Carey POTTER (Clergyman & Printer) b.1882; d.27Jul1940 [953] Founded Algraphy Ltd (lithography company) + Nellie SPACKMAN m.Sep1904 (Wandsworth) Dau of Henry SPACKMAN (Bookseller & publisher) and sister of two priests, Rev Harold SPACKMAN and Rev Sidney SPACKMAN [338]. Harold married Winnie and was a missionary in the Philipines. 7 Noel Carey POTTER b.1906; d.1971 (C of E priest [338]) Last Parish was Axminster, East Devon. + Sylvia Mary Josephine EDWARDS Occ. b.1912; m.1934; d.1980 Occ. artist & teacher [613] 8 photo Juliette Lucia Carey POTTER; b.18Oct1945 (Northampton) [130]; d.24Aug2012 [1303] [1304] occ. Marketing but previously Racing Driver (1970-81), in 1971 she won the British Women Racing Drivers' Club's Helen Spence Trophy, for the best newcomer. She was the only British woman racer at Le Mans since 1952 [10/06/1978] driving a Kelly Girl-sponsored Lola T294S Juliette first appeared in the guise of Juliette Scott-Gunn then as Juliette Slaughter. Won 1979 class section at Brands Hatch 6 Hours in a Porsche 924 and 1980 she won the Sports 2000 class in a Lola T492. She also raced Production Saloons, 1st a Triumph Dolomite, then in 1980 the "Mayfair" Mag sponsored VW Scirocco. [1305] +(1) Andrew (Andy) SLAUGHTER +(2) John BRINDLEY m.1981; div.1987

Juliette Slaughter
(née Carey Potter) 1978

Juliette Slaughter
with Mark Thatcher 1979

Stan & Gladys Wed

7 Stanley Edwin POTTER b.1910; d.1987 Algraphy taken over by Vickers 1970. + Living POTTER view family (?p/w problem) 8 Living POTTER view family (?p/w problem) 8 Living SZANTO view family (?p/w problem) [338] 7 Mary Florence POTTER b.1916; dsp.1980 +(2)Edward TOWNSEND m~1955 Occ. Town Clerk of Worthing. Div (6 weeks) +(2)Theodore Bangor JONES m.1973 Occ. solicitor; d.1978 Twice married; occ. teacher

Stan & Gladys Wed

Stan & Gladys Potter

Anne and Clare Potter

Mary Florence Potter
6 Eleanor Blanche POTTER b.Sep1878 (Hackney) 5 Mary Ann POTTER b.22Nov1841 (at 16 Tabernacle Walk); Chr.12Dec1841 (St John The Baptist, Shoreditch) [IGI]; d.17Apr1914 + William ARNOLD m.26Dec1872 (Finsbury Chapel) [755]; d.26Oct1913 6 Herbert ARNOLD d. age 5 (croup) [953] 6 Constance ARNOLD d. 1 yr [953]

Charles J Potter

The Archbishop
A "living image" of the Archbishop?
6 Lilly Constance ARNOLD 5 Emma Elizabeth POTTER b.6Oct1847 (at 16 Tabernacle Walk); Chr.31Oct1847 (St John The Baptist, Shoreditch); d.6Aug1849 at 22mths (at 16 Tabernacle Walk) 5 Charles James POTTER b.11Jan1851 (16 Tabernacle Walk); Chr.20Apr1851 (St John The Baptist, Shoreditch) [IGI]; Occ. Carpenter / joiner / draughtsman d.3Dec(Nov)1912 or 18Jan1922 [1038] or 1924 [739], [761] Supposedly a "Living image" of the Archbishop [769] Joiner on wedding certificate +(1)Emily PIERCE [695] b.1851 (Shoreditch) [761] step dau of William PIERCE (bootmaker) and dau of Jane DODDS. [Biological Parents were William PURCHAS (Boot maker) and Jane DODDS b.1828 (Westminster). Jane had one child (Edward to Edward PURCHAS, two to his brother William PURCHAS (Emily & Mary Ann) and three to William (Philip, Alfred John & Walter) but married none of them [1038]] m.30Mar1872 (St. Marks church, Old St. Road) [755] [130]; d.1892 dv.(filed 25Jun1894, Decree Absolute 13Jan1896) on the grounds of adultery on the part of Emily (she denied), but it was noted in the court records "That in consequence of some act of adultery the said Respondent had a miscarriage on or about the 24th day of February 1894" [872]

Emily Sarah Potter



Stanley R Bysh

Charles W Potter
6 Emily Sarah POTTER b.12Feb1873 [695] [739] (Islington, London) d.Q21956 (Edmonton, England) [761] +(1)Frank Henry SMITH b.16Jan1873; m.20Apr1895 Islington); d.19Feb1902 aged 29 OF TB (Ramsgate) 7 Lily Emily Rose SMITH b.9Apr1900; d.1994 + Stanley Richard BYSH b.23Aug1895; d.18Feb1980 Royal Army Medical Corps in WWI 1918-19; Accounts Clerk 6 David John BYSH (1927-2011) 7 Doris Louise SMITH b.1Mar1896 (Islington); Dec1981 (Isle of Wight) + William Parmenter NASH b.1892; m.Apr1921; d.1962 +(2)Frank William EDMONDS (her step-brother) b.1872; m.1906 (Edmonton); d.1956 6 Charles William POTTER b.29Nov1877 (Islington) Carperter. Emmigrated to Australia 1913 (Adelaide via Brisbane). Left Anne by 1930 (when he made a world tour with his secretary. + Anne ("Annie") Elizabeth MARTIN b.1875 (37 on Emmigrating 11Jan1913 when Charles was 35); m.1897 (Edmonton) [1038] [130] 7 Eva Kathleen POTTER b.1900 (Tottenham); d.1901 (Edmonton) 7 Iris Evelyn POTTER b.1902 (Edmonton or Tottenham) 7 Geoffrey POTTER b.1905 (Tottenham or Edmonton) 6 Lilian POTTER b~1880 (Islington); d.Dec1881 (Islington)

Ernest Potter Fireman

Ernest & Maud Potter

Ernest Potter 1881-1936

Maud Potter (Clark)

Maud Potter & 4 children c.1913

Henry J & Maud E (Clark, Potter) Stopps
6 Ernest POTTER b.9Nov1881 (Islington); d.1936 (Hornsey) Ran away from home to join the Merchant Navy (to escape the "wicked step-mother") + Maud Ellen CLARK b.31May1883 (Tottenham) a.k.a. "The Merry Widow" m.Sep1902 (Tottenham); d.2Jun1962 (Hornsey) In 1940 (4 years after Ernest's death) she married Henry John Stopps (father of Len Stopps) and following his death (1951) she went on to marry a neighbour, Thomas Drew, who outlived her. 7 Ernest ("Dick") POTTER b.26Nov1901 (Tottenham); d.1978 (Islington) +(1) Lilian ("Lilly") E CRAVEN b.1897 (Chorlton LAN); m.Jun1929 (Edmonton); d.s.p ? 1941 (Edmonton) ? 1950 (Islington) +(2) Ellen Nellie CRAVEN b.1903 (Chorlton); m.1965 (Wood Green) - after death of her sister. They had all lived together In Hornsy. No children, d.s.p.11Oct1989 (Hornsey MDX)

Ernest (Dick) Potter

Lilly Potter (Craven)

Queenie Findley

Queenie, Winn, David Syd (back) & Len
7 Elizabeth ("Queenie") Alice Irene POTTER b.26Feb1904 (Hornsey); Lived at back of Hornsey Fire Station, Tottenham Lane. A.k.a. "Ginger" + Sydney Gordon FINDLEY b.1899 (Barnet HRT); m.1925 (Hornsey); d.1989 (Wood Green MDX) 8 ELizabeth Joan FINDLEY b.24Oct1926 (Hornsey) + Arnold T GODSIFF b.1924 (Yarmouth, Norfolk); m.Dec1946 (Hornsey); d.28Aug2000 (Devon) view family (?p/w problem) 7 Evelyn Alexander Maud POTTER b.25Jul1907 (Hornsey); d.Aug1994 (Essex); Div<1990 London + Elvin Harold (Harry) HILL b.14Jan1905; m.1930; d.1990 (Kensington) view family (?p/w problem)

Winifred Stopps (Potter)

Len Stopps

John Stopps
7 Winifred D POTTER b.1913; d.1965 (Bishops Stortford HRT) + Leonard ("Len") Stephen STOPPS b.1910 (Edmonton); m.Sep1932 (Edmonton) [130] Son of Henry John STOPPS b~1873; m1.1898; m2.1940 to the "merry Widow" Maud; d.1951 (Wood Green) view family (?p/w problem)

Phyllis Sellwood née Potter
c.1950s (in her 40s)

Potter Family 1945/46
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Potters on Ramsgate Promenade 1930
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Evelyn Hill née Potter
7 Phyllis Joan POTTER b.3Dec1917 (Pancras) +(1) Ernest Walter SELLWOOD b.15Jul1912 (Islington); m.1940 (Hornsey); d.15Feb1973 (Enfield) view family (?p/w problem) +(2) Douglas Walter Robinson b.2Dec1920; m.23May1975 (Enfield); d.4Apr2008 (Harlow ESS); [2nd husband of Phyllis] 6 Helen (Ellen) POTTER b.2Sep1884 (Islington) + Horace E REED m.1912 (Hackney); d.1948 (Edmonton) 6 Winifred POTTER b.16July1887 (Islington); d.Jul1944 + Thomas A B TRELIVING b.25Sep1884 (Exeter); m.1911 (Romford ESS); d.31Jul1968 (Chertsey, Surrey) 7 Alfred A TRELIVING b.26Jan1913 (Hearne Hill, London); d.22Apr1982 (Epsom, Surrey) 7 Basil H TRELIVING b.1920 (Kingston, Surrey) 7 Stanley J TRELIVING b.1Oct1921; d.17Nov1997 6 Ethel Anny POTTER b.5Nov1890 (Islington); d.1904 (Islington) +(2)Charlotte (Lottie) Mary EDMONDS (née DUNKLEY) b.1851 (Weston, Arden, Warwickshire) [761] or b.1850 (Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire) [1038] [130] Widow of John Henry EDMONDS (m.1879, Kensington) [130] to whom she had nine children [John H, Frank W, Frederick H, Ann E, George, Nelly, William, Harry & Alice] [1038] Housekeeper for the Potter family, married Charles after the divorce with Emily. m.Mar1896 (Edmonton) [130] [761]; d.27Jan1917 (Edmonton) [2nd wife of Charles James POTTER]. 6 Harry EDMONDS b.1884 (Tottenham, London), (Charles was his step-father). 5 Theophilus John POTTER b.12Sep1836 (at 16 Tabernacle Walk, Shoreditch); chr.2Oct1836 (St John the Baptist, Shoreditch) [IGI] m.12Mar1864 (St Marks, Old St Rd, West Hackney) d.28May1916. Occ. Clergyman, secretary, Master bookbinder

Theophilus J Potter

Theophilus J Potter

Mary Ann P. née Blane

Potter family before CEG Potter
& boys left for Canada 1912
+ Mary Ann BLANE ["Lane" on Charles's 1867 birth Certificate, "Blane" on his 1921 Wedding Cert.] b.27May1840; Chr.21Jun1840 (St Botolph, Bishopsgate, London) [IGI]; d.2Jan1917 (his cousin) 6 Theophilus John POTTER b.22Dec1864 ?bpt Mar1865 (Shorditch) [130]; d.3Mar1937 + Elizabeth (Lizzie) Ann GOWERS [124] b.1862 m.24Dec1887 (Old Gravel Pit Chapel, Hackney). d.2(8)Feb1921 7 Theophilus John POTTER b.9Dec1888 d.10May1969

Theophilus J Potter
1864-1937 [1912]

Lizzie Potter
(one of these!) 1912

Theo & Maud Potter, also
Gwenny & brother Horace Potter 1916

Horace Potter 1916

Gwenny Potter
+ Maud Alice (Alice Maude) TATE b.19Jun1899 m.3Jun1914 d.10Feb1970 8 Winifred Maud (?Ethel) POTTER b.13Nov1915 d.10May1925 [age 9] 8 Marjorie Kathleen POTTER b.24Nov1920 d.1Feb1944 [age 23] 8 John Theophilus POTTER b.22May1917 d.21Apr1991 + Jean Hazel DERBYSHIRE b.11Feb1929 m.26Aug1950 view family (?p/w problem) 7 Gwendolen (Gwennie) Elizabeth POTTER b.27Oct1889 7 Horace Norman POTTER b.24(26)Nov1891 dsp 7 Harold Ewart (Ervie) Kenneth POTTER b.17Dec1894 + Marion ___ 8 Kenneth POTTER 6 Charles Edward George POTTER (1867-1948) (see below) 6 Edith (Aunt Edie) POTTER b.8Oct1871 d.unm~1953 (Westcliff, Essex)

Edie Potter 1911

Gladys Potter = Peggy Lough
6 Jessie Sarah POTTER b.12Mar1876; ?bpt.Jun1876 (Shoreditch) [130]] dsp.1978 (age 101, so death <12th Mar) + Victor LOUGH (pron. "Loft") b.6Jan1906 m.6Jan1906 (Christchurch West Green) d.14Jun1930 7 Gladice (Peggy) POTTER adopted neice, daughter of Charles so she became Peggy LOUGH. Stayed home to nurse Victor then Jessie. Dsp.Mar1992 6 May? POTTER d.17Apr1914 [953] 6 Charles Edward George POTTER (Charley) b.31Jul1867 [195] Islington, Middlesex, England. Brown eyes [195] or b.30Jul1867 38 Barington St [Birth Certificate] Occ Commercial Clerk [771], Saw Doc, Mill Foreman and Merchant seaman (Deckhand on voyage to NZ & return disch 1910), carpenter. Emm.1912 to Canada then in 1920 to NZ Married three times. d.10Jun1948 (age 80); Crem.12Jun1948 ashes at Waikumete Cemetery & Crematorium [1637] +(1) Emma CHARTERS [771] b.1870 England, m.1Jun1895 (St James, Victoria Park, Bethnal Green, London) d.5Aug1911. Interred Edmonton Cemetery, Church St. Nth London d/o John Kendall CHARTERS, cabinet maker in Bethnal Green. "Mr & Mrs Charters were a nice old couple" See Charters family

Charles E G Potter

Emma Potter née Charters

Charles E.G. Potter's family 1912

Charles Potter

Lottie & Alice Potter

Fred Potter ~1920

Ernie would be Soldier

Ernie Potter ~1920
7 Charles ("Charlie") John POTTER b.13Mar1897, London, Emm.1912 d.22Oct1978 Vancouver, Canada + Lottie Edith KESMAN b.28Dec1883 m.Jun1921 d.(1)6Mar1968 Broth was her step-father's name [952] 8 Alice Grace POTTER b.9May1922 Vancouver, Canada + Robert (Bob) D KEAN m.21Aug1954 ob ~2004 A divorcee with 3 sons to previous marriage. 9 Allan Charles KEAN view family (?p/w problem) 8 Margaret (Margorie) POTTER b. Canada. Invalid (Vancouver Is) d.unm. 7 Edward George POTTER b.16Dec1898, England, d.24Dec1898 7 Mary (?May) POTTER b.24Aug1900 (twin), d.1Sep1900 (5900gm!) 7 Frederick POTTER b.24Aug1900 (twin), England Emm.1912, later moved to New Zealand (according to Muriel) before returning to England. Spiritualist/Medium (denied by Aunt Peggy) + Leigh ___ (the nurse caring for him) 7 Ernest (Ernie) Edward POTTER b.15Dec1902 See Ernie below 7 twin brother of Peggy Potter b.10Mar1905 died very young. 7 Gladice (Peggy) POTTER b.10Mar1905 Peggy remained in England and adopted by her aunt Jessie, sister of Charles, becoming Peggy LOUGH ("Loft"). dsp.Mar1992

Ernie & Arlie Potter 8/5/25

Arlie & Keith 1954

Ernie Potter varied pics

Muriel (& Joe) Potter

7 Ernest (Ernie) Edward POTTER b.15Dec1902, 28 Willoughby Park Rd, Tottingham, Middlesex England [771]. Mother died when he was 9, Emm. to Canada 1912 with father and two brothers, joined army in 1917, claiming to be 18 (actually 14), but Charles found out before he left for France. Apparently all his company died in France. Private Potter 2448426 of the 21st Reg O/S Company of the Canadian O/S Expeditionary Forces was discharged on 18Jul1917. After 26 jobs he imm.1920 to NZ. Occ. in NZ: Farming (18mth), Merchant Navy (NZ-Australia) hon. discharge 31Jan1923; Freezing Worker 1923-4; Qualified as Mental (Psychiatric) Nurse 1928 and worked at Carrington Hospital; Unemployed 1930-35 (Great Depression); Bread Roundsman (carter) 1943-7 Interests included Unions, Flannelography and poetry as well as the Church [Community of Christ], acting as church historian and lay minister (Elder for 35yr). d.2Apr1981 (Heart Disease), 24b Johnstone Rd, Otara, Auckland. Bur. Mangere Lawn Cemetry + Margaret Arletta (Arlie) CARRUTHERS b.18May1902 Hamilton NZ m.18May1925. [Daughter of Joseph CARRUTHERS b.20Aug1854, NZ and Alice Jane CUTHBERT b.28Jun1871 NZ. d.1945, NZ] d.15Dec1976 (Breast Cancer) Green Lane, Auckland, NZ (with Ernie and grandson, me at the bedside. See the Carruthers lineage.

Muriel Blayney

Ivan Blayney

Muriel & Ivan 1986
8 Phyllis Muriel Emma POTTER (alive) view family (?p/w problem) + Ivan Thomas BLAYNEY b.29Mar1926 (Auckland), m.4Feb1950; d.14Apr1993 (Hypertensive Heart Disease) Auckland; Ashes scattered on Lion Rock, Piha 9 Living BLAYNEY view family (?p/w problem) 9 Living BLAYNEY view family (?p/w problem) 9 Keith Thomas BLAYNEY (me -still alive I think!) view family (?p/w problem) 9 Living BLAYNEY view family (?p/w problem) 9 Living BLAYNEY view family (?p/w problem)

Joe Potter 1953

Joe & Beryl Potter wed

Beryl Potter
8 Joseph (Joe) Edward POTTER b.1928 Auckland occ. Cabinet Maker. d.1981 (brain tumour) +(1)Beryl CAMERON b.25Jun1929(8) Taree, NSW, Australia dau. of Archibald Cameron and Vioet May Madalina b.19Jan1893 m.5Dec1953 Occ. Shorthand typist 9 Living POTTER view family (?p/w problem) 9 Living POTTER view family (?p/w problem) 9 Living POTTER view family (?p/w problem) 8 Florence Margaret POTTER b.8Nov1930; m.11Jun1955; d.30May2021 view family (?p/w problem) 8 Reginald George POTTER b.1933 d.1933 (6 hrs) Grave inscription: "In Loving Memory of Baby Potter 2nd son of MARGARET and ERNEST DIED 23rd APRIL 1934 LIVED 6 HRS" 8 Living POTTER view family (?p/w problem) 8 Kathleen Rosee POTTER b.23Feb1937 Occ. secretary. m.17Dec1960 d.6Feb2013 (Auckland, Lung Cancer) + Living HANSON view family (?p/w problem) 8 Living POTTER view family (?p/w problem)

CEG & Annie Potter c.1920
+(2) photo Annie SINCLAIR née DAVIS b.1861 London (widow) 2nd wife of Charles) POTTER. Widow, previously married to Mr SINCLAIR [probably not John Sinclair who married Annie Davis and adopted the subsequently notorious abortionist Annie Aves] [dau of John DAVIS (Cabinet Maker) and Eliza ROBERTS] There is confusion about this marriage. The family says Charles married his second wife in Canada but there is no Canadian record of this. Charles had immigrated to NZ in 1921 and there are records of their marriage in NZ - m.6Aug1921 (Grey Lynn, Auckland) [1631] [1636] [1637] There is also confusion about her death. dsp.1May1932(1) being "worked to death on a [Canadian] farm" (according to family) but the term was most likely was used to indicate that her health was affected by the farm work, not that she literally died. However it appears she died 31May1931 in New Zealand [1638] There could of course be more than one Charles Edward George POTTER! +(3) Mary Ann SMITH née McCLEAN b.5Mar1875 m.6Feb1932 (NZ) [1631]; [1636] d.9Aug1968 [1268] [1635] 3nd wife of Charles POTTER [dau. of Joseph and Sarah McCLEAN née GILKINSON] Previously married to Mathew SMITH (1875-1928) with whom she had a dau. Sarah née WILSON d.1970

Also see New Zealand Blayneys

If you would like the password to access information about living Potters, Carruthers and Blayneys, just contact me. If you already have the password(s), feel free to release it to any living descendant of the Carruthers, Potters or Blayneys - the only reason I have passworded the living is to protect their information from abuse, not to hide them from their relatives!! (?p/w problem)

Footnote: Frank Potter goes to America

NOTE: no evidence found for this connection with the Archbishop
    3 Frank POTTER b.1842 (England) 
      [US family tradition he was descended from Archbishop POTTER but was sent to America because of debauchery.]   
      + Isabella McAlester b.1851 (Ireland); m.18Jan1872
      4 Frank Jr. POTTER b.24Oct1872; d.1932
      4 Lester POTTER b.11Apr1876 New York [172]
        d.19Jul1938 (Detroit, MI.)
       + Ida May CROUT b.1876; m.1896 (Wayne, MI.); d.1960
        5 Laura POTTER b.3Jan1897-dsp
         + Roy ELLISON
          6 Ruth A. ELLISON b.1914
           + Spencer Debaso CASE b.1910; m. 8Oct1932d.1984
        5 Lester POTTER b.24Jan1899 d.1906
        5 Randle V. POTTER b.24Oct1900; d.3Nov1948
         + Marjorie M BESAU b.9Aug1899 (Canada); m.29Apr1918 (Detroit, MI); 
          6 Orland POTTER b.28Jan1921 (MI); d.July1984
        5 Lydia POTTER b.1902 dsp
        5 Arey (Avery) Frank POTTER b.28Jun1902; d.13Oct1963
         + Ruth Eleanor Teasick-Baird-Potter (Tootie) b.16Sep1906 (Hamtramck, MI.); 
           d.15Aug1978 (Detroit, MI)
           [dau. of Ned BAIRD and Violet NEUSEL]
          6 Arey Edward POTTER b.16May1926; d.14Dec1989
           + Carmel WHELAN b.6Apr1925; d.15Dec2010
            7 Carolynn POTTER b.4Oct1954; dsp
          6 William Clyde POTTER b.26Oct1929; d.3Feb2002
           + Patricia Alice VESEY b.26Jan1932; m.14Oct1950; d.5July2013
          6 Shirley Ruth POTTER b.12Jun1933; d.30Jun2012
           + Mavin FELDMAN b.1927; m.1949; d.2003
            7 Four children
          6 Richard Alan POTTER b.1928 (Detroit, MI.); d.1928 
        5 Clyde H POTTER b.1903 dsp
         + Helen Claire Wallace Zagorski b.17Nov1902; d.Aug1986
           Born Helen Claire WALLACE
           m.5Feb1931 No Potter children
           [dau. of Michael Zagorski and Katherine Walus m.1893]
           Remarried to Wilbur Warren GIMMY m.10Apr1939
           Two children (Kent and William GIMMY)
        5 Helen Isabella POTTER b.11Oct1909; d.15Jan1986
         + Howard David JONES b.~1900; m.3Nov1926 (Detriot, MI.); d.~1984
          6 Three Jones children (James, David & Ruth)
        5 Wellington POTTER b.1912; dsp
         + Ellen M MARKEY b.1910; m.22Mar1937
        5 Margarett POTTER b.1915; dsp
         + K B Van NESS b.1911; m.25Mar1965 (Toledo, OH.)
        5 Dorothea (Dorothy) Elizabeth POTTER b.11Jan1917; dsp
         +(1) Lionel G McDONELL b.1914; m.25Aug1936; dsp
         +(1) Sidney Lee GROOVER b.1910; m.5Aug1939; d.1980
      4 Isabelle POTTER b.23Feb1880; dsp
       + Clyde CHAPIN b.1877; d.1946

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