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Richard Blayney, 4th Lord Blayney

Born 1629/30 at Castleblayney (Ireland)
Baron from Dec 1669 [43]
died 5th Nov 1670 in Dublin, Ireland

See Ancestry.

Through advances made [£6,000], the wealthy Englishman Thomas Vincent had become the owner of the Blayney estate but in 1653 Richard made a "prudent marriage" with Thomas Vincent's eldest daughter and she brought the estates back to the Blayney family as a dowry [18], [260]. "He secured also by special provision in his marriage settlement a home for himself and his wife, with four servants and two horses, in his father-in-law's house [Thomas Vincent], and doubtless induced the latter to come to Ireland under the protection of the Cromwells, in whose favour he stood high." [260]
(see [Descendancy]).

Suspected of royalist plotting in 1649 but became favoured by Oliver Cromwell who in 1656 made him "Custos Rotulorum" (Keeper of the Rolls of the Peace) within the county of Monaghan and 'Escheator' of Tyrone (1656) and the whole province of Ulster (1659) by Richard Cromwell.
[Escheat=the reverting of property to the Crown, when there is a failure of persons legally qualified to inherit or to claim, so 'Escheator' is one who arranges this].
"His lordship Richard Blayney, Esq., 'Escheator' of Tyrone, and others were empowered to inquire 'What estate, right, and title Oliver Cromwell, or any of his predecessors, kings or queens of England, at any time had to any castles, manors, lordships rectories, tythes, &c., within the county of Tyrone, by virtue of any Acts of Parliament or Council, or by reason of any attainder, escheat, or otherwise, who were then possessed thereof, and by what title, which commission was then executed by an inquisition, taken August 9, 1688, at the town of Strabane.' [782]

1659 "For the County of Monoghan, The High Sherif Richard Blaney" [356].

M.P. in the Irish Parliament for County Monoghan 1661-1666 [44c], [1314]to the first parliament after the restoration [707] and MP in the UK Parliament for Cavan, Formanagh and Monaghan in 1956 [1314].


1 Richard BLAYNEY (Blany) b.1629/30/37; d.5Nov1670 [581] [707]
  Became the 4th Lord Blayney in 1669 on the death of his brother Edward
  Bur.7Nov1670 at St Michan's Church, Dublin 
 +(1)Elizabeth VINCENT b~1633 (London); m.21Mar1653 [738] (Camberwell, Co Surry) [581];
     Baroness BLAYNEY d.1Jan1668; bur. Town of Monaghan. 
     (eldest daughter of Thomas VINCENT, a colonial trader, former master of the Company of
     Leathersellers, an alderman of London and then Dublin (1655), M.P. [362]
     and Joanna BURGESS of London b~1628; d.22Feb1654; dau of Thomas BURGESS of Horly, Co. Surrey).
     Through her marriage, Elizabeth VINCENT gained the title of
     Baroness Blayney in December 1669. 

  2 Vincent BLAYNEY (Blanie) b.17Mar1654; bpt.22Mar1654; d.29>mar1654; bur.30Mar1655 [738] 
    at Camberwell church, London, along with his grandmother Mrs Joanna Vincent, who
    also died in 1654. 
    Vincent is mistaken as the son of Henry Lord Blayney by the author Daniel Lysons [357]
    instead of grandson, as is clear on reading John Strype's survey [663]
    and the transription in Lodge's Peerage of Ireland [707].

  2 Sarah BLAYNEY (Hon.) b.1663; d.10(05)Jul1705
   + Maurice ANNESLEY Esq. b.1659 (Little Rath, Kildare) dspms.17Feb1718  
     s/o John ANNESLEY 11Sep1616-1695 of Ballysonan Castle and Charity Warren
     (John was s/o Sir Francis ANNESLEY, 1st Viscount Valentia)     
    3 Coningsby ANNESLEY 
    3 Elizabeth ANNESLEY b.1689 (Little Rath, Kildare)
     + Sir Arthur GORE (2nd Baronet); b~1685 (Castle Gore); MP co. Longford. d.10Feb1741
      4 Sir Arthur GORE (1st Earl of Arran) b.~1700 d.17Apr1773 (1741)
       + Jane SAUNDERS
        5 Arthur Saunders GORE (2nd Earl of Arran) b.25Jul1734; d.08Oct1890
         + Catherine ANNESLEY b.1739; d.23Nov1770
        5 Paul GORE
         + Anne LEONARD [330]

      4 Paul Annesly (or Annesley Paul) GORE b.1702 (1711)
       + Mary GORE d.31Oct1818

      4 William GORE b.1702/4 d.1749
      4 George GORE b.1708 d. young
      4 Anne GORE b.~1708 in Ireland, d.7Mar1771
       + John BROWNE (1709-1776), 1st Earl of Altamont, Baron MountTEagle
         and Viscount Westport. m.1729
      4 Eleanor GORE b.~1709 d.1Jul1757
      4 Elizabeth GORE b.~1710
    3 Charity ANNESLEY [305]
     + Roger PALMER of Palmerstown
      4 Hannah PALMER
       + Arthur KNOX, Sheriff of Mayo; m.08May1724; d.16May1743)
    3 Dorothy ANNESLEY [305]
     + Francis KNOX of Moyne Abbey, Sheriff of Mayo; d.1730) [305]

  2 Henry Vincent BLAYNEY b.1667/70 d.Aug1689 - 5th Lord Blayney 
    [see HenryVincent]

  2 William BLAYNEY b.1671 d.1705(6) - 6th Lord Blayney 
    [see William6.html]

  2 Edward BLAYNEY (died young)

  2 Thomas BLAYNEY (died young)

  2 Jane (?Anne) BLAYNEY 
   +(1)____ HOLMES Esq
   +(2)Blayney OWEN Esq of NewGrove, 
       Son of Nicholas OWEN ap Thomas ap Howel ap Owen and Mary BLAYNEY
       dau of Thomas ap Ievan-Lloyd BLAYNEY.
       Blayney OWEN d.inestate 24Feb1708; High Sheriff of Monaghan 1693 
       (in 1700 he was remarried to another Mary BLAYNEY, eldest daughter of
       Henry BLAYNEY [?ap John, ap Lewis or more likely, ap Sir Arthur ap Sir Edward] of Gregynog)      
    3 Nicholas OWEN of NewGrove
     + Mary OBYUS (daughter of Hamlet OBYUS, Esq of Portadown)
      4 Nicholas OWEN Esq of Raconnell
       + Mabel CLARKE of Portadown
      4 Thomas OWEN
      4 Prudence OWEN

  2 Elizabeth BLAYNEY dsp 1725
   +(1)____ HARPER
   +(2)Capt Henry OWEN of Meath d.s.p. 1725

  2 Joanna Marie (Maria) BLAYNEY (infant death)

  2 Mary BLAYNEY (infant death)

 +(2)Jane Elizabeth WILLOUGHBY née MALLOCH,  b.21Mar1653; [44c]; d.22Oct1686
    bur.26Oct1686 "in the vault on the right hand of her Lord" 
    [dau of John MALLOCH/MALLOCK of Devonshire and Susannah WILLOUGHBY];
    She had previously married Nicholas WILLOUGHBY about 1675. [44c]
    Jane subsequently (about 1675) married Hugh MONTGOMERY Esq, of Covan, son of George MONTGOMERY and had a son
    Hugh, "a pretty lusty young gent" who later changed his name to Willoughby to inherit the estate of Carrow. [417]  

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