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The origin of the BLANEY name is usually linked to the origin of the BLAYNEY name, often with a clear point at which the middle "y" was dropped (such as immigration to USA, conversion to Catholicism, error (illiteracy) or a concious choice [1437]. Because this link has been found so often, I have extended the Blaney familiy histories on this Blayney site, but please note that not all Blaneys have a clear or even probable link to a Blayney ancestor, so an independent origin may exist for some lines.

However, what is absolutely sure is that the use of "BLANEY" in relation to Gregynog (such as "Evan or Ieuan Blaney") or in relation to the Irish Lords (such as "Sir Edward Blaney" or "Castleblaney") is just WRONG, the Lords were very particular about retaining the middle "y".

Having said that, there are only a limited number of BLAYNEYs (or BLANEYs) in Ireland in the mid 1800s: 18 (24) families in Co. Down; 13 (3) in Donegal; 11 (9) in Tyrone; 8 (33) in Antrim; and 5(1) in Armagh. All other counties list only 1 or 2 Blayney families, although there were a few more Blaney families in Derry (9) and Belfast (7). [1451] [1452]. This suggests a very limited number of Irish Blaney/Blayney origins.

Origin links:

  • The origin of the BLAYNEY name is discussed here.
  • The Blayney origin of Irish Blaneys is discussed here
    and here
  • The Blaney origin of many US Blayneys is summarised here.
  • Other sources of the surname Blaney/Blayney exist, the commonest described in Comments 1-4.
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Background: David Lloyd Blayney (1523-1595) seemed to have had at least three families and there is a fair bit of confusion about this, and which children came from which marriage. However he did have three relatively famous sons:

  1. Sir Edward Blayney, the first Blayney Lord (Ireland);
  2. Lewis Blayney, who stayed in Wales to continue the loyal Blayney family (based at Gregynog Hall, Montgomery, Powys) and
  3. the lesser known Captain Thomas Blayney, whose second son, John, used the surname Blaney.

Captain Thomas BLAYNEY, born in Tregynon about 1575 married Elizabeth Powell (born in Edenhope, England) and together they had Edward BLAYNEY (b.~1597), John BLANEY (b.~1598 d.~1648), Ambrose BLAYNEY (b.~1600) and Richard BLAYNEY (b.~1605). I include the descent from John BLANEY only below in [1].


Some Blaney families

Note: I have not followed any female (non-Blayney/Blaney surname) lines too far, except if a New Zealand connection exists.

[01] John BLANEY (1598-1648) of Ulster descendant of
David Lloyd Blayney (1523-95)
, with links to NZ (David) & US (Chadwallader)  

[02] Ambrose Blayney/BLANEY (born 1740 Ulster) head of Canadian Blaneys  

[03] John BLANEY (b.1600 England to Massachusetts (?desc. of David Lloyd Blayney)  

[04] Hugh BLANEY (c.1797-1853) emigrated from Ireland to New Gersey-New York area  

[05] James BLANEY (c.1807-79) of Co. Antrim NI, Father-in-law of
        Alice BLANEY née O'Neil who took the family to Boston            

[06] James BLANEY (b.1810) Ireland to Missouri USA & New Brunswick Canada  

[07] Daniel BLANEY descended from Capt. Edward Blayney who emigrated to Virginia 1620
        (Blaneys of Delaware then Chicago, USA)        

[08] Neal BLANEY (of IRA fame/infamy [depending on view] - Irish Blaneys  

[09] Hugh BLANEY b.1796 Ireland head of Blayneys of Armstrong Co., PA. & Fairfield OH  

[10] Blaneys of Boston & Maryland  

[11] John BLANEY (born 1750 Connecticut) moved to New York  

[12] Isaac BLANEY (born 1772) Fayette, Pennsylvania family  

[13] John BLANEY (born 1825 England) Family of New York  

[14] Charles Edward BLANEY - born 1866 Dramatist  

[15] Aaron BLANEY - born 1825. Springhill Fayette PA. family  

[16] Joseph BLANEY (born 1776/8) - Blaneys of York & Rockingham, New Hampshire  

[17a] Captain Neil C BLANEY (born 1839/49) - Ireland to Pittsburg  

[17b] Captain Neil BLANEY (born 1851) - Ireland to Great Lakes  

[17c] Captain John Blaney born 1842 Atrim to Dunedin NZ  

[17d] Captain Samuel Blaney 1760-1842 Boston to Fayette PA. family  

[18] Jocob BLANEY and Elizabeth England - Blaneys of Monongalia  

[19] Blaney Family of Lincolnshire UK  

[20] Dr Thomas Blaney CIE born Ireland (Caherconlis) prominent Bombay Physician  

[21] Thomas Blaney and Anna McTammany  

[22] Thomas Blaney born Ireland in 1831 (emigrated to Maryland USA)  

[23] Thomas BLANEY (b.1797) of Warwickshire - Birminham descendants to Canada  

[24] Michael Blaney born circa in 1833 Rosnakill, County Donegal, Ireland.  

[25] Hugh Joseph BLANEY (b.1845) of Toronto, Ontario, Canada to Chicago  

[26] William Thomas BLAYNEY (b.1865) Wales to BLANEYs of Wisconsin & Nebraska, USA  

[27] Hugh BLANEY (b.1845) of County Donegal, Ireland to Scotland  

[28] Scottish BLANEYs [Peter Blaney (x2) Scotland to USA]  

[29] African-American (AA) Blaneys of North Carolina and of Virginia (VA.)  

[30] "Titbits" - various bits & pieces not fitted in yet  

[01] The descendants of John BLANEY (c.1598-1648) of Ulster

born 1598 in Eniskillen Fermanagh, died 1648
son of Thomas Blayney & Elizabeth Powell
grandson of David Lloyd Blayney (1523-1595)

Siege of Derry

by Julius Guzy

closing the Derry gates
Templemore Cathedral

Dromore Market Day in 1800s

High St (was Penkhull St) ?c.1900

By-pass late 20th C.


 The generations 1-3 below are not accurate and at present "greyed out" until I can 
 obtain more reliable information. 
1 John BLANEY b~1598 in Eniskillen, Co. Fermanagh, Ulster. He was 
  forced through the 1641 rebellion to move to Londonderry. d.~1648.  
  He was mentioned in the army militia lists for 1632:
   'The names of the townesmen of Eneskillin and their armes.
    Baron  de Magherbuy--32 -John Blany Pike sword and call.'
    [Call = musket]  
  Probable son of Captain Thomas BLAYNEY, b~1575 (Tregynon) and  Elizabeth Powell 

  Not known if related to or the same as John BLANEY b.1600 (England) [Genealogy below]
 + unknown
  2 John BLANEY b.1625 (Eniskillen Fermanagh), d.26May1662 in Londonderry
   + unknown
    3 John BLANEY b.26Nov1655 (Londonderry); d>1722 (Dromore Tyrone)
      Captain in the 1689 seige of Derry.
      This John BLANEY is not reliably proven to be the father of 
      John (~1690-1777), husband of Margaret Bivens but certainly
      fits and until disproven I will assume he was the father.
     + unknown    
      4 John BLANEY b.on [10a] or after 1690 (?1701) in Aghadarragh Townland,
        Co.Tyrone; d.7Nov1777 Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffs;
        bur. St.Giles Church, Newcastle
        [some confusion with possible brother of Cadwallader b.1705]
        Also confusion (by me) between Newcastle-under-Lyme in Staffordshire, 
        (pop c.122,000) aka "Newcastle Staffs" and Newcastle upon Tyne 
        (pop c.277,000) in Tyne and Wear (south of Northumberland).
       + Margaret Bivens b.3Apr1731 (Newcastle Staffs); m.1749; d.27Aug1805 
         (all in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire).
        5 Susanna BLANEY b.1750; d.22Mar1780 in Newcastle Staffs
         + John POWEL b.1747(5); m.13Jan1767; d.26Jan1809 (Newcastle)
        5 Elizabeth BLANEY b.29Dec1751; d.9Dec1752
        5 Jane BLANEY b.30Jan1754; d.18Apr1769 (Newcastle)
          [same death date as the Jane b.1May1768 so assume the same.
        5 Margaret BLANEY b.25May1757 
        5 John BLANEY b.18Feb1759 d.3Feb1789 (both Newcastle Staffs),
          Occ. Victualler
        5 Betty BLANEY b.12Jun1761
        5 William BLANEY b.1763 d.1763
        5 William BLANEY b.21Mar1764; d.10Mar1829 (both Newcastle Staffs)
          in Newcastle Staffs. Shoemaker, Victualler & Cavalryman.
          Burgess of Newcastle-under-Lyme
         +(1)Frances HOPKINS b.1775 (Essex); m.15Jan1798, d.9Aug1807 (Newcastle)
         +(2)Sarah COOK b.14Dec1783(95); m.13Jan1816; d.10Aug1859
           (All in Newcastle Staffs)
          6 Eliza BLANEY b.1818; d.01Oct1820 (both Newcastle-under-Lyme)
          6 Emma BLANEY b.4May1820; d.18May1820 (both Newcastle)
          6 William BLANEY b.7Jul1826 d.30Oct1892 (both in Newcastle Staffs)
           + Emily BOON b.11Jun1839; m.14Jul1870; d.9Mar1915
             (all Newcastle, Staffs)
            7 Minnie BLANEY b.1868 (Newcastle Staffs); d.?1869 

William BLANEY
born 1871

Alice Jane Blaney
née Audley

John Beech Blaney 1915
born 1899


b.1800 & Alice

Frank Blaney (b. 1880) and
Alice J Clayton Blaney & family


Lilian Blaney

Frank BLANEY born 1912

Frank BLANEY born 1912


Winnie Portsmore

Cliff & Winnie Portsmore


Sgt Gordon Blaney

Gordon & Margaret Blaney
7 William BLANEY b.1871 (Newcastle Staffs) d.25Jun1938 Trent House, Stone (Lobar pneumonia) + Alice Jane AUDLEY b.1861; m.10Nov1894; d.Jul1933 (all Newcastle Staffs) 8 John Beech BLANEY b.1899 (Newcastle), d.26Feb1993 (London) + Cicerley LYDIA b.1915, d.Mar1942 9 William Audley BLANEY b.Jul1895; d.Sep1895 (both Newcastle Staffs) 9 Lilian May BLANEY b.1897; d.16Jan1901 (both Newcastle Staffs) 9 Frank BLANEY b.1904; d.1904 (both Newcastle Staffs) 7 Ida BLANEY b.1872; d.26Mar1885 7 John Thomas BLANEY b.1874; d.4Feb1938 (both Newcastle Staffs) + Margaret Ann ELLIS m.31Mar1902; d.Aug1943 (both Newcastle Staffs) 8 Ida Margaret BLANEY b.1903 in Newcastle 8 William Henry BLANEY b.11Mar1904 (Newcastle); d.5Oct1990 (Basford Stoke on Trent) + Marion Whitehead b.14Mar1916; m.16Jan1946, d.4Dec1990 (Stoke on Trent) 9 Peter BLANEY b.30Jul1948 (Stoke on Trent) 9 Ann BLANEY b.1950 (Stoke on Trent) + David Thomas BAYLISS m.1979 9 Jill BLANEY b.19Dec1950 + Nicholas John REGNAULD m.12Jun1976 7 Emily BLANEY b.1876 (Newcastle); d.9Oct1919 7 Frank BLANEY b.16Feb1880; d.17Feb1944 Musician (band leader), dancer and carpenter Recruited to the Army Royal Engineers 1898 + Alice Jane CLAYTON b.27Jul1883; m.4Apr1904, d.16Jul1946 (All Newcastle Staffs) 8 Harold BLANEY b.8Jun1904 (Newcastle); d.1979 Deganwy, North Wales + Vera BOURNE b.1915 (Newcastle-under-Lyme), m.1939, d.5Mar1999 (Penmaenmawr Co Conwy, Wales) 9 Edward BLANEY b.15Mar1943 (Newcastle Staffs) + Valerie Lloyd m.1970 (Aberystwith) 10 Melanie BLANEY 10 Andrea BLANEY 9 Sylvia BLANEY b.1949 + John BAXTER m. (Llandudno) 8 Lilian May BLANEY b.10Mar1908 (Newcastle Staffs) Left out of her father's will with her share going to Vivian who was "far more [able] to control her share" + Vivian POTTER b.1916 (Auckland, NZ); m.1945; d.10Dec1994 (Auckland) 9 Phillip Potter 9 Rica Potter 9 Janet Potter 8 Winnie BLANEY b.27Jun1910; d.1993 (both Newcastle Staffs) + Clifford PORTSMORE b.28Nov1909; m.26Dec1938; d.30Apr1970 8 Frank BLANEY b.24Mar1912 (Newcastle Staffs); d.8Dec1986 (Stoke on Trent) 8 Gordon Hedley BLANEY b.25Jul1918; bpt.20Oct1918; Railway clerk Served in WWII (Europe) + Margaret Dawson b.27May1926; m.29May1948 (both Stoke on Trent) 9 Living BLAYNEY +(1)unkn 10 Rachel West [Shephard] b.1968 (Cheshire) +(2)Alison Ruth BURKE b.19Jul1953 (Micklethwaite, Yorkshire); m.4Sep1982 10 Ian Stuart BLANEY b.09Oct1983 (Crewe, Cheshire) 10 Graham Ross BLANEY b.15Aug1985 (Stafford) 5 Thomas BLANEY b.1May1768, d.5Oct1772 5 John BLANEY 3 Infant Dau BLANEY b.Aug1657; d.26Aug1657 (Londonderry) 3 John BLANEY b.30Aug1658 and d.1710 in Londonderry (unclear why two sons named John as they both survived to adulthood)) + Jane 4 John BLANEY b.1701 in Londonderry 3 Henry BLANEY b.27Dec1660 (Londonderry) This Henry is not reliably proven to be the grandfather of Cadwallader (1705-1794), husband of Rebecca WOODS but circumstantial evidence like their use of Christian names common to the Blayney Barons, proven literacy and financial resources suggest this was a strong possibility [223] [1270] and seems to be accepted in other trees [1430]. + ___ 4 John BLANEY b.1681 + ___ 5 John BLANEY (BLAYNEY) d.7Jul1777 [probable confusion with John b>1690] This John joined the army and served in Minorca for over 15 years, then the Low Contries, Army records have his name is spelt "Blayney" in 1748/9 but Blaney in 1750 & 1775 He settled in Newcastle, Staffordshire, England Some records have him as the husband of Margaret BIVENS 5 Cadwallader BLANEY b.1705 (Dromore, Co. Tyrone), d.1794 (Oughterard Townland, Co.Tyrone). Known on the LDS Family Search as Chadwallader BLANEY (BLAYNEY) - EUREKA!, the "missing link" to US Blayneys + Rebecca WOODS b.1712 (Tyrone); m.1732 (Clogher); d.1743 (Oughterard Twd, Co.Tyrone) dau of Anthony WOODS b.1680(7) and Sarah HAMILTON b.1680(7); m.1712 6 John BLANEY (BLAYNEY) (I) b.1734 (Oughterard Townland) emig. to US in 1795 with 8 children, settled in Ohio Co, WV 6 Henry BLANEY b~1735 Oughterard Townland Trained soldier, em. to America, killed in War of Independednce + unk d.1766 6 Andrew BLANEY b.1740 6 Ambrose BLANEY b.1740 m. & d. in Oughterard Townland, Co. Tyrone, Ulster, Ireland + Jane STEELE b.1745 (Dullaghan Co Tyrone); m.1767; d.Oughterard Townland See Ambrose/Jane descendants below 6 Benjamin BLANEY (BLAYNEY) b.1754 This Benjamin attended Trinity College, Dublin University, graduating BA (special Gratia) Vern 1779 [383] but was NOT the famous Dr Benjamin BLAYNEY b.1728. Nor was he the Captain Benjamin BLANEY who arrived in Boston 1775 from Northern Ireland, raised and funded a Company of Minutemen for "Patriot cause". 6 James BLANEY (BLAYNEY) b.~1755 (Dromore, Co.Tyrone); d. PA 6 Cadwallader BLANEY (BLAYNEY) b.1755/7 d.1841 + unk b.1755 6John BLANEY (BLAYNEY) b.1760(55) d.1825(32) 3 Katherine BLANEY b.2Jan1662 + unkn b.1755

[02] Ambrose Blayney (born 1740 Ulster) ancestor of many Canadian Blaneys

          6 Ambrose BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.1740 (Oughterard)
            d.~1785 (Oughterard); son of Cadwallader BLANEY and Rebecca WOODS
            See Blayney-Sproule-Steele page
           + Jane STEELE b.1745 (Dullaghan Co.Tyrone)
             Both Jane & Ambrose died in Oughterard Townland, Co. Tyrone, Ulster, Ireland.

            7 Cadwallader (Chadwallader) BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.1768 (Dullaghan Co Tyrone),
              d.1855 (E. Caledonia Twp, Ontario)
              His surname is given as "Blayney" in the Sprowls Family History [381]
              Farmer. See also Canadian Blaneys 
             + Mary Sproule b.1768 (Dullaghan Co Tyrone);
               d.1855 (East Caledonia, Ontario, Canada) [331]
               [dau of John SPROULE of Grennan b.~1744 [1383]]

              8 Jane (Jennie) BLAYNEY b.1792 (Dullaghan, Co. Tyrone, Ulster);
                m~1815 (Dullaghan; d.22AUG1871 (West Hawkesbury Twp., Prescott Co., Ontario)
               + Oliver BARTON b.1787 (Co Fermanagh, Ireland); d.31Jan1874 (West Hawkesbury)
                9 Nine children: Thomas, Gustavus; George, Mary A., Atchison J., 
                  Sarah J., Margaret, John J. and William BARTON 

              8 Ambrose BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.1794 [8] (1798)
                Dullaghan Co. Tyrone, Ireland d.1885
                Also see Blayney-Sproule-Steele page and
                Blayney-Sproule-Steele page
               + Elizabeth SMITH b.1800; m.1820; d.1869, daughter of John SMITH
                 and Ann RALSTON (Rolston)
                9 Anna (Anne) BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.?1818(20)(30)
                  Co. Tyrone d.1880
                 + Andrew Buchanan (1st marriage).
                   He then married Rebecca b.1855 in 1881 [8]
                9 John BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.1822, Co. Tyrone, Ireland
                9 Mary BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.1824JohnWilliamBlaney1919-1975
                 + David Clements m.13Oct1846 see also [382]
                9 twin Elizabeth (Bessie) BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.1826
                 + John JOHNSTON b.1825 (Dromore) d.(Zearing Marshall Co IA.)
                9 twin Martha BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.1826 (Dullaghan Co Tyrone)
                  d.1880 (Zearing Iowa)
                 + John Gilmore. b.24Dec1831 (Dullaghan Co Tyrone), d.Zearing IO.
                9  Rebecca BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.1831 Dullaghan 

Rebecca BLAYNEY b.1831





Mary Stambaugh née Blaney

Robert and Mary Stambaughand
Co Tyrone; d.4Apr1900 Liberty Twp, Marshall, Iowa. + Hugh BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.1830 (son of Henry [Harry] Steele BLANEY and Frances HARPER) m.1855; em.1888; d.1894 (Liberty, Marshall Co Iowa). Hugh was her 1st cousin once removed. 10 See Hugh for children 9 Chadwallader (Chad) BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.1832 in Dullaghan Co Tyrone 8 James BLANEY b.1806 (Dullaghan, Co Tyrone); d.Mar1876 (PA.) Cleared land in Armstrong Co., PA. Farmed in Butler Co., where he built a log cabin, a frame residnce 1871 then moved to Mercer Co. Presbyterian and a Whig (Republican). Possibly the same James BLAYNEY b.1797 who married Martha RINCHEY 1832 + Eliza TEMPLETON b.5Jun1816 (Armstrong Co., PA.); [m.1889?!]; d.1892; [11 children] 9 Samuel W BLANEY 9 Sarah Jane BLANEY b.16Feb1841 (Butler Co., PA.); d.25May1919 (Sharpsville, Mercer Co., PA.) + George A. Miller b.3Jun1834 (PA.); m.1882-1900; d.21Jun1927 (Sharpsville, Mercer Co., PA.) [son of Henry Miller and Sarah Bortz] Widower, 1st wife: Elizabeth SMITH (1839-1881) 10 Myrta Mae Miller (1868–1939) 10 Ralph H. Miller (1871–1930) 9 Mary Elizabeth (Betty) BLANEY b.20Jun1844 (Butler Co., PA.); d.21Mar1913 (Sharon, Mercer Co., PA.) + Robert STAMBAUGH b.17Jun1843 (Hermitage, Mercer Co., PA.) ; d.6Jul1907 (train accident) (both Hermitage, Mercer Co., PA.) (8 children) 9 John S BLANEY Farmer 9 Fannie A BLANEY b.1849; d.1923 + Levi B GIBSON b.1848; d.19Jan1883 9 William BLANEY 9 James BLANEY b.13Nov1851 (Butler Co., PA.); d.21Feb1918 (Sharpsville, Mercer Co., PA.) Former burgess of the borough of Sharpsville and was a director of the Sharpsville First National Bank. Also owned a butchery, a coal business then a department store. +(1)Margaret BAILEY m.1878; d.Mar1885 [dau. of William BAILEY of Pymatuning] +(2)Florence E KELLEY b.2Mar1862 (Pymatuning); m.30Jul1888 [dau. of William KELLEY, (carpenter, Presbyterian & Republican] 9 Isabelle BLANEY b.9Mar1853 (Butler Co., PA.); 8 Oliver BLANEY b.1805 (Dullaghan Co Tyrone) d.1859 (West Hawkesbury, Ontario) [Previously confused with Oliver (1801-1868), s/o Henry Steele BLAYNEY & Mary CRAWFORD] +(1)Lucinda (Lucy) Lovelace b.1800 (Outerard Twd, Ireland); m.1831 (Prescott Co., Ontario), d.1844 (Prescott Co) The Blaney children of Oliver BLANEY b.1805 and Lucinda are identical in name & dates to those of Oliver Blayney b.1805 and Lucinda. See the children in the Canada page 8 George BLANEY b.1807 (Dullaghan), d.9Feb1854 (West Hawkesbury, Ontario) + Margaret HUNTER b.Feb1818 (Antrim), m.4Jan1836 (Grenville, Quebec), d.21Jan1891 (West Hawkesbury, Ontario) See the children in the Canada page 8 Charles BLANEY b.1808 (Dullaghan) + Jane BARTON b.1803 (Fermanagh), m.1830 d.22Jun1874 (East Caledonia, Canada) d/o George BARTON and Mary BLAKELY See the children in the Canada page

Sproule Blayney

Margaret Blayney
8 Sproule (Sprule) BLAYNEY b.1809 (Dullaghan) or 1817 (Co. Tyrone, Ireland) [1095] [908]; d.29Jan1883 (East Caledonia, Canada) Note his grave in Fenaghvale Caledonia Twp, Ontario has him as "SPROULE BLAYNEY" not "Sprule BLANEY" while his wife's family dropped the 1st "y" on her grave ie "SPROULE BLANEY" [908] + Margaret JOHNSON b.~1827 (Co. Fermanagh, Ireland),m.1844 (East Caledonia, Canada), d.22Nov1898 [908] (East Caledonia, Canada) 9 Charles BLANEY b.1845 (East Caledonia Canada) See the Canada page 8 Amelia BLANEY b.1810 (Dullaghan); d<1881 (East Caledonia, Canada) + Charles Sproule b.1809 (Fermanaghm), m.12Nov1839, Farmer 7 George BLANEY b.1769 (Dullaghan, Co. Tyrone, Ulster), d.18Mar1858 (Blaney Ridge, New Brunswick, Canada) + Catherine Amy BROWN b.1784; d.20Aug1854 [274] [6] (Blaney Ridge New Brunswick Canada) [Dau of James and Margery BROWN] 6 Alexander BLANEY b.1798 (Dullaghan, Co. Tyrone, Ulster) 6 George BLANEY b.1808 (Dullaghan, Tyrone) 6 Catherine BLANEY b.1811 (Dullaghan, Tyrone) 6 Jared Blaney b.1816 (Dullaghan, Tyrone) 6 Frances BLANEY b.1812 (Dullaghan, Tyrone) 6 Elizabeth BLANEY b.24Dec1823 (Dullaghan, Tyrone) 6 William BLANEY b.21Dec1825 (Dullaghan, Tyrone) See George & Catherine's children in the Canada page 7 Oliver BLANEY b.1775 + ___ 7 Henry [Harry] Steel (Steele) BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.1780/83 (Dullaghan, Tyrone), d.(Oughterard Townland) +(1)Mary CRAWFORD b.1785 (Dromore), m.~1800, d.<1820 [1st wife of Henry Steele BLAYNEY / BLANEY] 8 Oliver BLANEY b.1801 (Oughterard Twd); d.1868 (South Plantagenet, Ontario) 8 Ambrose BLANEY b. (Oughterard Townland, Co Mayo, Connacht, Ireland), d.(Oshawa Ontario Canada) +(2)Frances HARPER, b.1785 (Dromore, Co Tyrone, Ulster), d.1868 (Oughterard Townland) dau of John HARPER & Mary CURRIE [2nd wife of Henry Steele BLAYNEY / BLANEY] 8 Henry BLANEY b.1820 (Oughterard Twd) + ___ 9 John Harper BLANEY b.1840 9 Henry BLANEY b.1840 9 David BLAYNEY b.1844 (Dromore, Co. Tyrone); d.15Feb1902 (Outerand Twd, Dromore, Co. Tyrone, Ireland) + Catherine Jane TODD b.1855 10 Frances Jane BLAYNEY b.17Jan1875 (Oughterard) + William Oliver LYNCH m.16Nov1893 (Oughterard) 10 Joseph Todd BLAYNEY b.19Aug1876; bpt.2Oct1876 d.18Feb1926 (all in Outerand) + Martha McCONNELL b.17Nov1884 (Carrigan's, Co Tyrone); m.5Jun1906 and d.1Apr1913 (both at Omagh, Co Tyrone) [dau of Robert McCONNELL (1819-1879) and Isabella PATTON] 11 Isobel Jane (Mabel) BLAYNEY b.1Apr1909 + Charles BELL 11 David BLAYNEY b.1Jan1908 (Oughterard); d.27Dec1984 (Auckland, New Zealand); Emigrated to New Zealand; ancestor of some NZ Blayneys. bur.31Dec1984 (Waikumete Cem, Auckland - WESTERN LAWN A Row 1, Plot 34); Occ. Grocer See David BLAYNEY in NZ 11 Robert Andrew BLAYNEY b.9Feb2012 (Outerand); d.7Aug1942 (Dromore) 8 Jane BLANEY b.1824 8 Frances (Fanny) BLANEY b.1828 (Outerand Twd); m.1856 + Alexander Leggett (Liggett) b.(Dromore); m.1856 [382] 9 John Liggett b~1850 8 Hugh BLANEY b.1830; m.1857 [382] (Both Outerand Twd) d.12May1894 Liberty, Marshall Co. Iowa + Rebecca BLAYNEY (BLANEY b.1831; m.1855 (Dromore) his 1st cousin once removed. 9 Rebecca BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.7Jul1857 (Dromore); d.1891 Oshawa Canada + John SLOAN 9 Elizabeth BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.5May1859 (Dromore, Ireland) d.3Feb1920 (Zering, Story, IA.) + Ambrose JOHNSTON 10 Alice Evelina JOHNSTON 10 Sarah M JOHNSTON 10 Kenneth R JOHNSTON 10 Bessie Rebecca JOHNSTON 10 John F JOHNSTON 10 Blayney Humphrus JOHNSTON b.1895 + Lola McBRIDE

Blayney Humphrus
10 Ambrose T JOHNSTON 9 John S. BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.23Sep1860 (Omagh, co Tyrone) Occ. Farmer, lost left arm in gun accident, lived over 90yr + Lillian ROBINSON (d. of TB) 10 Isabella R BLAYNEY b~1906 (Tyron, Co McPherson, Iowa) 10 Margaret R BLAYNEY b~1908 (Tyron) 10 John H BLAYNEY b.1911 (Nebraska) 10 Verner R BLAYNEY b.1913 9 Henry Steele BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.17May1862 9 Ambrose BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.6Jul1866; d.1868 (both Outerand Twd) 9 Maria (?Mary) BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.5Jun1868 + Levi Ogilvie SCOTT b.024Apr1868 (co Randolf, IN); m.19Mar1891 (Zearing) 9 Margaret BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.Oct1876 (Outerand Twd) + Charles MAYNE m. (Liberty, co Marshall, Iowa)

[03] The descendants of John BLANEY (born 1600 England, emigrated
to Massachusetts) - possibly descended from David Lloyd Blayney

Father of John BLANEY b~1630 of Essex, Massachusetts ("Head" of the Essex Blaneys) who married Hannah KING then Elizabeth PURCHASE

The name BLANEY is also spelled in early records of Essex county Blaner, Blano and Blany. [1100] [1410] [1434]


1 John BLANEY b.1600 in England [1092] [1100]; d.1672   
  [Most unlikely related to John Blayney b~1598 (Co. Fermanagh, Ulster), the probable son of 
   Captain Thomas BLAYNEY, b~1575 (Tregynon) and Elizabeth Powell] 
    However William ("Bill") Osgood BLANEY states that his paternal acestors came from Scotland [1431]
    so the best we can say is he had a UK origin. 
  2 John BLANEY b.~1630 [1434] (Ulster) (or variously b.1625, 1627); 
    "The earliest known ancestor of the Blaneys in America" [1431]
    Some genealogies have hime born in Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts=MA, USA but this
    is probably incorrect as he only moved to Lynn as a plantar in 1659;
    Iron works clerk (1650); Frequently sued by (or sueing) his King in-laws [1431]
    d.29Sep1715 (Charlestown, Suffolk, MA); Two wives:

   +(1)Hannah KING of Lynn (now Swampscott); m.11Jul1660 (Salem, MA.) See Hannah 

   [previously assumed that Sarah POWELL (née SALLEE) was a second wife 
    of John or his son John but this has proven to be incorrect. See Sarah below.]

   +(2)Elizabeth PURCHASE née ANDREWS (MACKWORTH)  m.1678 See Elizabeth

   +(1) Hannah KING b.1606 (1638/11Jul1642/3) (Lynn, Essex Co., MA.); m.11Jul1660 (Salem) [1115]; d.26May1676; bur (Lynn, MA)
       (1st wife of John Blayney c.1630-1715)
       [dau of Daniel KING Sr b.1602; d.27May 1672 (Lynn, Essex, MA) and 
        Elizabeth GUY b.1606 (England); d.26Feb1677 (Lynn, MA)]
        Inherited "Darnels farme" [Darlin's Farm] of 120 acres.
        Because of apparent neglect by John, the Court appointed Hannah's mother 
        (Elizabeth King) and siblings as guardians in 1677.
    3 John BLANEY (1661-1715/23) (See John)
    3 Daniel BLANEY (1664 -dy). (See Daniel)
    3 Henry BLANEY (1666-?) (See Henry)
    3 Hannah BLANEY (1667-1725) (See Henry)
    3 Joseph BLANEY (1670-1727 (See Joseph)
    3 Elizabeth BLANEY (1673-?) (See Elizabeth)
    3 Penelope BLANEY (167?-?) (See Penelope)
    3 Sarah BLANEY (167?-?) (See Sarah)

    3 John BLANEY Jr b.5May1661 (Lynn, MA) [1115]; d.29Dec1723 (age 62)
      Yeoman and cordwiner in Salem; Quaker 
      1st son of John BLANEY (c1630-1715) & Hannah KING (1606-76) 
     + Elizabeth WILLIAMS /?PURCHASE (wife of John BLANEY Jn)
       m.20Dec1683 (Marblehead)
       Sometimes confused with John Blaney (Sn)'s 2nd wife Elizabeth Purchase"

Many genealogies mix/confuse John Blayney Sn or Jr with
John BLANEY (the mariner) who died 1706.

Others have John, the mariner's ancestry as unknown,
coincidently living in Charlestown, but not directly related to these Johns.
See [1431 Pt4 page 180], [1435] and [1436]

1 John BLANEY (the mariner) b.??1643 (Charletown, Middlesex, MA.); d.1706. (probate 4Jul1706)
  John was a Master Mariner unlike John "ancestor" who died 1715 nor his son John Jr who died 1723,
  neither of who were mariners. This is made abundently clear in the Charles Crosby Blaney book 
  "John Blaney of Lynn and Salem, Massachusetts" [1431] part 4, page 180 on.
 + Sarah POWELL née SALLEE b.1643; m.26Jun1672 [1115] (1660);
   d.18Oct1694 age 51 (all Charlestown MA)
    Some genealogies (including my humble compilation) erroneous had Sarah as 
    the wife of John Blaney Jr (1661-1723) or his father John Blayney (c.1630-1715)
    but she not listed as the wife of either in The Essex Antiquarian "BLANEY GENEALOGY" [1434]
    or the above mentioned Charles C Blaney book "John Blaney of Lynn and Salem, Massachusetts" [1431].
    Charles C Blaney makes it clear she married the unrelated John Blayney (the mariner).
   Sarah was the widow of John POWELL m.20May1667; d.Jun1668, (both Charlestown, MA)
   [1 child, John Powell b.1Mar1668/9.] 
   [Sarah was dau of Manus SALLEE (Sallie or Sally) b.1610 (Southwark, Surrey England) 
    who d.4May1650 (Charlestown, MA) and Sarah HEPBURNE b.1620; d.4May1650] 

  2 John POWELL b.2Apr1668 (Charlestown, MA.)
    [Son of John Powell and Sarah Sallee] 

  2 Hannah BLANEY b.11Nov1667 (Lynn); d.25May1725 (Marblehead)
    {Dates and place don't seem to fit with this John}
   + Robert DEVEREUX  Six children 

  2 Susanna BLANEY b.13Jun1673 (Charlestown); d<17Jan1709
    Dau of John and Sarah (Sallee) Blaney
   +(1)Samuel FOWLE b.17Sep1674 (Woburn, MA); m~1695; d.1699-1704 at sea [3 children]
       [son of James FOWLE and Abigail CARTER]
   +(2)Thomas COOK m.27Jun1704 (Charlestown); d<28Oct1705 (abroad); Mariner 
  2 Sarah BLANEY b.17Jul1675 (Charlestown, MA); d.20Jun1713 (Charlestown, MA)
    Dau of John and Sarah (Sallee) Blaney
   + John EDMONDS II b.21Aug1671; m.1Nov1693 (Charlestown, MA); heelmaker;
     His 2nd wife was Esyher KETTELL m.22Dec1715 
     [son of John and Hannah EDMONDS]
    3 Mehitabel BURNELL né EDMONDS b.27Feb1695/6 (Lynn, Essex Co., MA) 
    3 ? also Walter and Sarah
  2 Anna BLANEY b.25Oct1677 (Charlestown, MA)
    Dau of John and Sarah (Sallee) Blaney
   + John FROTHINGHAM b.19Feb1674 (Charlestown); m.19Nov1699; Ship carpenter
     [son of Peter FROTHINGHAM and Mary LOWDEN]. [3 children]
  2 Mary (Marie) BLANEY b.29Mar1679 (Charlestown, MA); d.2Apr1743 (Charlestown, MA)
    Dau of John and Sarah (Sallee) Blaney
   + Joseph WOOD b.1674 (Charlestown, MA); m.1699; d.1725; Yeoman
     [son of Josiah WOOD (1635-1691) and Lydia BACON (1637-1712]
  2 Rebecca BLANEY b.13Feb1681 (or 13Dec1682), (Charlestown);     
    d.4Mar1761 (Duxbury, Plymouth, MA)
    Dau of John and Sarah (Sallee) Blaney
   + Thomas Haskins PHILLIPS b.Dec1679 (Taunton, Bristol, MA);  m.31Dec1702 (Boston) ?dv.
     [Subsequently Thomas married Judith BURGESS b.Dec1679 (Taunton); 
      m.4Dec1729 (Sandwich, Barnstable, MA)]  
      d.17Dec1759 (Duxbury, Plymouth, MA) [Seven children]
     [Thomas was the son of Samuel PHILLIPS and Mary COBB] 
  2 Katherine BLANEY b.15Feb1682 (Charlestown, MA)
    Dau of John and Sarah (Sallee) Blaney; Half-sister of John Powell
   + Robert CUTLER m.1705-1710; Blacksmith
  2 John BLANEY b.3Jan1683; bpt.4Jan1684 (Charlestown, MA); d.1735
    Husbandman, slaughterer, cordwainer, fisherman, Master Mariner and innholder.
    Son of John and Sarah (Sallee) Blaney
   + Katherine PHIPPS of Salem b.25Dec1689 (Charlestown, MA); d.12Nov1761
     [dau. of Capt Samuel PHIPPS (1655-1725) and Katherine BRACKENBURY (~1658-1717)]      
     She married (1) John BLANEY m.20Nov1712 (2 children)
     She married (2) Benjamin ANDREWS / ANDROS m.21Apr1718 (Boston); Mariner; (5 children) then
     She married (3) Joseph WHITE Esq m.28Apr1743; d.13May1751 
    3 Jane BLANEY bpt.1Nov1713 d.y.
    3 John BLANEY b.~1716; d.>1742 & <1746
     + Abigail PHIPPS (widow) m.4Mar1741 (or 22Apr1742) (Boston)

Children of John BLAYNEY Jn and Elizabeth: 4 Daniel BLANEY b.25Nov1684 (Salem, MA.); d.≤1723 4 John BLANEY b.1686 (Salem, MA.); eldest son by 1723; d.~1723; Husbandman, slaughterer, cordwainer, fisherman, mariner and innholder (1732) m Katherine WALKER m.20Nov1712 4 Thomas BLANEY I b.31May1689 (Salem, MA); d.11Nov1766 (age77) (Lynn, MA) Quaker. Occ. yeoman, shoreman, mariner, fisherman, shoemaker & cordwainer +(1)Desire DEAN b.26Apr1703 (Salem); m.8Dec1720; d.29Nov1739 (age 36) Dau. of Joeseph DEANE and Elizabeth Flint 5 Thomas BLANEY b~1721; d~1792 (age71) + Mary ESTES b.Salem; m.25Jan1753; d.12Apr1799 (Salem) dau of Abijah and Mary ESTES 5 Abigail BLANEY b~1723; d.2Aug1776 (age53) (Salem) + John White Jr. m.4Jun1745 [4 children] +(2)Alice PEASLEY b.Haverhill, MA; d.16Jan1783 (Salem) dau of Robert PEASLEY and Alice Currier 5 Alice BLANEY b~1744; m.1770 + James NEEDHAM b.Salem; d.Philadelphia, PA of Smallpox 5 Robert BLANEY b~1746; d~1768 (age22) 4 (Lydia) Elizabeth BLANEY b.25Dec1692 (Salem, Essex, MA); d~1790/1 (age99) + Walter PHILLIPS jr., of Lynn; b.14Sep1684 (Braunton, Devon, England); m.7/17Jan1713/14 (Salem, Essex, MA) (his 2nd marriage) [5 children] 4 Hannah BLANEY b.31Mar1694 (Salem); d.1729 (age35) + John REED of Marblehead; shoreman, butcher; m.13June1721 [6 children] 4 Henry BLANEY b.20Aug1698 (Salem, MA.); d.3Apr1756 (age57) (Lynn) Occ. husbandman, cordwainer, tanner, fisherman, and from 1735 to 1747 an innholder. +(1)Lois IVORY m~1727 +(2)Hannah (Rand) GRAVES m.8Sep1748 +(1)Lois IVORY b.1700; m.15Oct1727; d.1748 5 Ivory BLANEY b.1728/30 (Salem); d~1771 (age43) Husbandman of Salem + Mary BROWNE of Lynn; m.25Oct1753 6 Sarah BLANEY bap.1Apr1770 + ?David BIRD m.12Dec1789 6 Asa BLANEY b.13Jan1767 (Marblehead, MA); Cooper of Marblehead; d.8Jun1843 (Marblehead) +(1)Joanna Pearce [1st wife of Asa Blayney] 7 Joanna BLANEY b.25Mar1790; d.24Jan1798 (7) (both Marblehead) 7 Asa BLANEY bap.31May1793; d.Sept1811 (Lost at Sea) 7 Sarah ("Sally") Gould BLANEY b.12Nov1794 (Marblehead); d.7Sep1855 (age60) (Lynn, MA) +(1)David Dustin [4 children] +(2)Ebenezer Mansfield [6 children] 7 Mary N. BLANEY bap.12Mar1797; d.13Aug1873 (Marblehead) + Nathaniel Lindsey +(2)Emma STEWARD né ROUNDEY [2nd wife of Asa Blayney] b.24Jul1773 (Marblehead, MA); d.2Oct1836 (Marblehead, MA) [Thomas ROUNDEY and Mary ABBOT] 7 David BLANEY bpt.13Mar1800; d.21Nov1877 (Marblehead) +(2)Ellen Chamberlain - See below +(1)Sarah (Sally) Hooper b.3Sep1795; d.7Apr1831 (35) (both Marblehead) "Consumption" 8 David Henry BLANEY b.4Sep1826 (Marblehead) d.11Dec1907 (age81) (East Boston, MA) +(2)Lydia A. (Woodbury) BERRY b.3Dec1835 (North Weare, NH) d.4Sep1926 (age90) (Brookline, MA) +(1)Almira TEWKSBURY b.9Nov1827; d.21Mar1890 (age62) (both Boston) 9 David Walter BLANEY b.2Mar1850 (Marblehead, MA) d.19Nov1888 (age38) (Winthrop, MA) +(1)Matilda P Mayo b.11Sep1852 (Truro, Barnstable Co., MA) d.7Dec1876 (age24) (Boston) 10 David Walter BLANEY b.23Nov1876 (East Boston) d.26Oct1921 (age44) (Boston) from general peritonitis. +(1)Alice Gertrude WIGLEY b.19May1876; d.24Dec1951 (age75) (both Milton, MA); dv. 11 Ruth BLANEY b.6Feb1899 (Boston) +(2)Grace L McCORMACK b~1877 (Chelsea MA); d.10Jan1943 (age66) (Roxbury, MA) 11 Matilida Mayo BLANEY b.4Nov1909 (Boston); d.31Aug1991 (age81) (Framingham, MA) +(2)Jennie A STROELIN b~1853 (Cambridge, MA) 2nd wife of David Walter BLANEY b.1850 9 Frank BLANEY b.9May1851; d.27Mar1923 (age71) (both Boston) + Alice Finley O'Halloran b.29Feb1856 (Cowansville, Quebec, Canada) d.5Jan1944 (age87) (North Adams, MA) She also married Asa Belknap FOSTER 9 Helen Augusta BLANEY b.3Dec1852; d.3Dec1852 (Boston) 9 Angia Bell BLANEY b.20Sep1862 (Boston) d.11Dec1940 (age78) (Chestnut Hill [Newton] MA) + George Ernest Armstrong b.27Sep1857 (Chelsea, MA) d.19Jun1902 (age44) (Becket, MA) of typhoid 8 John Hooper BLANEY b.27Mar1829 (Marblehead) d.29Dec1892 (age63) (Cottage City, MA) + Eliza A. CROWELL b.27Nov1835 (Lynn, MA) ?not married 9 Charles Hooper BLANEY b.9Oct1852 (Boston, Ma.); d~25Oct1895 drowning ?mv (age43) (Boston, Ma.) 9 Child BLANEY 9 Child BLANEY 9 Herbert BLANEY b.17Jan1869 (Boston); d.1May1933 (age64) 8 Sally BLANEY b.27Jul1830; d.6Mar1831 (7/12) (both Marblehead) +(2)Ellen Palmer Chamberlain b.29Oct1808 (Marblehead) d.11March1879 (age70) 2nd wife of David BLANEY (d.21Nov1877) 8 Ellen Maria BLANEY b.2Nov1836; d.29Mar1841 (age4) (both Marblehead) 8 Ellen Maria BLANEY b.5Nov1842; d.22Aug1866 (age23) (both Marblehead) 8 Charles Jason BLANEY b.17Jun1846 (Marblehead) d.24Oct1913 (age67) (Brookline [Boston], MA) + Carrie V MASON b~9Mar1861 (MA); d.15Nov1948 (age87) (Boston) 7 Joanna BLANEY b.1Oct1802; d.24Sep1803 (11/12) (both Marblehead) 7 Thomas Roundy BLANEY b.11Feb1804 (Marblehead); d.3Dec1883 (age 79) (Boston) +(1)Rebecca Homan BROWN d.30Sep1831 (Marblehead) "suddenly" 8 Rebecca BLANEY d.12Aug1899 8 Emily Stewart BLANEY b.27Jul1831; d.24Oct1914 (age83) (Marblehead) + Joseph William LINDSAY b.Apr1823; d.2Jan1902 (Marblehead) [4 children] +(2)Mary Ann CROSS b.Portland, Maine; d.12Dec1873 (Boston) 8 Mary Ann BLANEY b.25Oct1838; d.26Jul1916 (age77) (both Boston) + William MacKIE b.13Jun1834 (Cuba); d.18Aug 1913 (age79) (Brookline, MA); [3 children] 8 Lucy Maria BLANEY b.3Oct1845 (Chelsea, MA); d.2Mar1913 (age67) (Boston) 7 Henry BLANEY b.11Dec1805; d.2Apr1860 (age54) (both Marblehead) + Elizabeth H LOVETT b~11May1810; d.11May1899 (age89) (Rochester, NY) 8 William Henry BLANEY d.18Sep1892 (Boston, MA) Jaw cancer +(1)Sarah Emily Wade LONG b.1840 (Charlestown, MA) d.7Mar1867 (age27) (Boston, MA) +(2)Sarah ADAMS b.25Sep1846 (Boston, MA); d.2Dec1874 (28) (Somerville, MA) of pulmonary TB 9 Harry C BLANEY b.3/4Jun1870 (Charlestown, MA) d.20Feb1892 (age21) (Somerville, MA.) 9 William ("Willie") BLANEY b.24Nov1874; d.11Feb1875 (11/52) (both Somerville) -premature. 8 Caroline Rogers BLANEY 8 Elizabeth Archer BLANEY d.29Dec1891 (Rochester, NY) 8 Arabella Cass BLANEY b.Jul1842 (Salem, MA); d.Jan1920 (Cambridge, MA) "nephritis" + Philip HIGGINS b.8Nov1835; d.15Aug1920 "cirrhosis" (both Wellfleet, MA); [6 children] 8 Harriet Glover BLANEY b.Sep1844 (Salem, MA) + Henry CLOUTMAN b.Feb1852 (Marblehead) [4 children] 7 Samuel Roundy BLANEY b.26Dec1807 (Marblehead); d.1860 (age53) + Frances FULLER b~1806 (Brighton, MA); d.4May1860 (age54) (Boston, MA) 8 Frances ("Fanny") A BLANEY b~1838 (Boston, MA) + George HARLOW b.23Jan1840 (Worcester, MA) ob. 8 Mary C BLANEY b~1838 (Boston, MA) + Harrison C. DRUCKLER 8 Caroline BLANEY b~1845 (MA) 7 Hannah BLANEY b.11Jun1809; d.17Dec1851 (age42) (both Marblehead) + William Gray BESSOM b.23Jun1809 (Marblehead); d.6Sep1833 (24) "at Batavia" 7 Nathaniel Roundy BLANEY b.4Sep1811 (Marblehead); d.30Mar1849 (age37) (Brownsville ?TX) "Cholera" + Elizabeth Stevens GRAVES b.10Sep1810; bpt.15Sep1811, m.19Mar1833 8 Asa BLANEY b.17Sep1833; d.19Jan1914 (age80) (both Marblehead) + Ellen HAMSON 9 Horace A BLANEY b.23Jun1865; d.23Oct1932 (age67) (both Marblehead) 9 Ellen BLANEY b.11Mar1867; d.16Jul1870 (age3) (both Marblehead) 8 Mary B BLANEY b.31Dec1835; d.1875 (age 40) (both Marblehead) + William KNIGHT b.24Dec1831 (Marblehead) [2 children] 8 Nathaniel Roundy BLANEY b.26Aug1836 (Marblehead) Wounded 16Jun1864 (Petersburg, VA.); d.Jul1864 age 27 of wounds (Armory Square Hospital, Washington DC)

Nathaniel Roundy
Blaney 1836-64

Robert and Lillian Webber
+ Mary E DAVIS b.Nov1836 (Nova Scotia); d.15Aug1871 (Marblehead, MA) Subsequently married Rufus Pedrick (1843-1911) 9 Mary E BLANEY b.16Nov1856 (Marblehead) 9 Nathaniel Russell BLANEY b.9Sep1858 (Marblehead) d.1Jan1926 (age67) + Ella EDMANDS b.27Jun1866 (Saugus, MA); d.15Nov1920 (Saugus, MA) 10 ___(dau.) BLANEY b.30Dec1886 (Saugus, MA) 10 Alice E BLANEY b.30Dec1887 (Lynn, MA) + Nelson EDMANDS b.12Jun1875 (Saugus, MA) [4 children] 10 Emma Stevens BLANEY b.19Oct1888 (Lynn, MA); d.25Aug1889 (10 months) (Lynn, MA) 10 May Ella BLANEY b.16Apr1890 (Lynn, MA) 10 Lillian Pearl BLANEY b.19Mar1892 (Saugus, MA) d.17Jan1985 (age92) (Boston, MA) + Robert George WEBBER b.27Oct1888 (St. Johns, Newfoundland) d.4Aug1966 (age77) (Lynn, MA) [3 children] 10 Leroy L BLANEY b.7Dec1894 (Malden, MA); d.29Jul1895 (7 months) 10 William Tucker BLANEY b.2May1896 (Malden, MA); d.14Sep1976 (age80) (Chelsea, MA) +(1)Viola Charlotte WILSON b.15Dec1898; d.31Oct1950 (age51) (both at Lynn, MA) 11 Thelma Louise BLANEY 11 Alvin Russell BLANEY 11 Eleanor May BLANEY 11 William Tucker BLANEY b.21May1934 (Danvers, MA) d.3Sep1988 (age54) (Boston, MA) +(1)Sandra KIRN 12 Jody BLANEY +(2)Donna Elaine SPENCE 12 Douglas Alan BLANEY +(2)Marion Moulton SPEAR b.22Jan1897; d.23Aug1983 (86) (both Lynn, MA). 10 Franklin BLANEY b.31Oct1898; d.8Jul1899 (8/12) (both at Malden) 10 Edward R BLANEY b.23Oct1899; d.1Aug1900 (9/12) (both at Malden) 10 Edward D Sylvester BLANEY b.1Aug1901 (Malden, MA); d.14Nov1988 (age 87) (Danvers, MA) + Viola McADOO b.23Dec1904 (Williamstown, MA); d.11Oct1955 (age50) (Lynn, MA) 11 Ruth Clare BLANEY b.22Aug1925 (Lynn, MA) d.6Dec1992 (age67) Burlington, Mass. +(1)Carl Benedict MacKEEN b.19Jun1922 (Woburn, MA); d.26Feb1968 (age45) (Lynn, MA) +(2)John M Leslie 10 Milton D BLANEY b.16Feb1903 (Malden); d.Feb1976 (age73) 10 John Alva BLANEY b.21Mar1904; d.26Aug1904 (5/12) (both Revere, MA) 10 Lourin Edmands BLANEY b.6Jun1905; d.1Aug1905 (8/52) (both Revere, MA) 9 Frank BLANEY b.14Jan1861 (Marblehead); d.14Jan1899 (age38) (Marblehead) of "phthisis" (Pulmonary TB) 8 Elizabeth G BLANEY b.16Jan1838; d.17Dec1857 (age 19) (both Marblehead) 8 Sarah BLANEY b.9Apr1839; d.21Mar1841 (age1) (both Marblehead) 8 William T BLANEY b.17Mar1840; d.18Mar1841 (age1) (both Marblehead) 8 William T BLANEY b.14May1842 (Marblehead); d.16Feb1892 (age49) (Marblehead) + Eliza BROWN 9 Eliza Emeline BLANEY b.29Jul1869 (Marblehead); d.1900 (age31) + Richard HUMPHREY b.31Aug1867 (Marblehead) 10 William HUMPHREY b.1890; ob. 9 Nathaniel Roundy BLANEY b.8Jul1871 (Marblehead); d.13Jul1955 (age84) (Portland, Maine) +(1)Mary L Salkins b.20Feb1872; d.5Oct1924 (age 52) (both Marblehead) +(2)Addie M (Monroe) Stephenson b.25Apr1889 (Round Pond, Maine) d.10April1977 (age87) (Portland, Maine) 9 Hannah Daly BLANEY b.7Apr1875 (Marblehead) + John HIGH b.8Jan1872 (Marblehead); ob [3 children] 9 Child (son) BLANEY b. & d.21Jun1877 stillborn (Marblehead) 8 Sarah Ellen BLANEY b.9Mar1846 (Marblehead); d.1920 (age74) + William HOOPER [4 children] 8 Emma Glover BLANEY b.14Apr1848 (Marblehead) + John Stevens 5 ___ BLANEY d~1761 5 Lydia BLANEY b~1755 + Jacob Collins Jr m~1772 +(2)Hannah GRAVES né RAND of Lynn; m.8Sep1748; d~1782 2nd wife of Henry BLANEY (1698-1756) Previously married to Samuel GRAVES (1710-1744) 4 David BLANEY b.6Jul1701 (Salem); d.4Apr1764 (age62) (Lynn, MA) husbandman and tanner + Martha MANSFIELD b.4Jan (Lynn, MA); m.2Aug1724; d.4Apr1764 [dau of Joseph MANSFIELD and Elizabeth WILLIAMS] 5 Mary BLANEY b~1725 + Henry TREVETT of Marblehead; m.24Dec1747 5 Martha BLANEY b~1727; d~Sep1746 (age19) + Matthew ESTES b.7Sep1720 (Lynn, MA); d.16Feb1784 (age63) 5 David BLANEY d.22May1751 (Lynn, MA) 4 Sarah BLANEY b.~1703 (Salem, MA); d.1729 + Benjamin PIX (or PECKS) of Marblehead; cordwainer 4 Penelope BLANEY b~1705 (Salem); d.1759 (age54) + John DAMPNEY m.31Oct1728 (Marblehead) [5 children] 3 Daniel BLANEY b.3Aug1664 (Lynn, MA); d.y. (>1676) 2nd son of John BLANEY (c1630-1715) & Hannah KING (1606-76) 3 Henry BLANEY b.15Aug1666; d.3Apr1756 (both Lynn, MA) 3rd son of John BLANEY (c1630-1715) & Hannah KING (1606-76) 3 Hannah BLANEY b.11Nov1667 (both Lynn, MA); d.after25May1725 1st dau. of John BLANEY (c1630-1715) & Hannah KING (1606-76) + Robert DEVEREUX (of Marblehead) b.1652; m.1693 (Lynnfield, Essex, MA.); Cordwainer; Yeoman d.22Dec1740 [son of John DEVEREUX and Ann GOODY] 4 Two children

Old Blaney House 1700-1914

3 Joseph BLANEY (BLANY) II b.02Oct1670 (Hingham); moved to Lynn, MA.)1697; d.16Jan1727 (age56) (Lynn, MA); Shipwright Built the "Old Blaney House" 4th son of John BLANEY (c1630-1715) & Hannah KING (1606-76) + Abigail ANDREWS b.6Jan1670 (Hingham, Plymouth, MA); m.16Jan1693 [1115]; d.10Dec1765 (age95) (Hingham) [Dau. of Capt. Thomas ANDREWS Sr. (1630-1690) & Ruth TOBEY (1635-1735); Thomas led a company in the failed assault on Quebec 19Nov1690 and caught smallpox on his return home, dying 25Nov1690] 4 Boy Baby BLANEY/BLAY b.04Mar1694; d.1694 (both Hingham, Massachusetts Bay) 4 Col. Joseph BLANEY Esq b.3/4Mar1695 (Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA); d.31Jan1762 (Marblehead, MA) [1098] Tanner and esquire living in Marblehead (where all children born) + Elizabeth COGSWELL b.1700/03 (Chebacco, Essex, MA.); m.20Aug1717; d.1757/1792 [dau. of Lt. John Cogswell (1665-1710) and Hannah GOODHUE (later PERLEY)] 5 Elizabeth BLANEY b.14Jan1720; d.30March1729. [confusion here with another Elizabeth BLANEY in some records so there may have been an infant death then a 2nd Elizabeth b.14May1721 (Marblehead, MA.) died 1729 a bit like Abigail & Joseph below.] 5 Hannah BLANEY b.14May1723; d.1Apr1729 + Benjamin JAMES (1719-1798) 5 Abigail BLANEY b.5Dec1724; d.1Jan1725 5 Abigail BLANEY b.11Jan1726; d.29Nov1792 (both Marblehead, Essex, MA.) + Robert HOOPER b.21Aug1706; d.1763); m.21Aug1755 6 Five children

Mrs Joseph BLANEY
née Abigail Browne

by J Blackburn 1757
5 Joseph BLANEY b.24May1728; d.22Apr1729 (both Marblehead, MA.) 5 Joseph BLANEY b.12Feb1730 (Marblehead, MA.); d.23Jun1786 Esquire, merchant and selectman. At least 15 properties. + Abigail Browne of Salem b.17Apr1735; (Salem, MA.); m.19May1757; d.24Dec1776 (Salem, MA.) [dau. of Samuel Browne, Jr. and Katherine Sargent and half-sister of Col. Paul D. Sargent (Cont. Army)] 6 Joseph BLANEY b.~1758 6 dau. BLANEY 5 Benjamin BLANEY b.16Dec1731 See below (40). 5 Nehemiah BLANEY b.3Nov1733 (Marblehead, MA) 5 Elizabeth BLANEY b.2Jul1735; d.Jul1735 5 Susannah BLANEY b.13Jun1737; d.3Jan1738 (both Marblehead, MA) 5 William BLANEY b.30Mar1739 5 Benjamin BLANEY/BLANY b.16Dec1731 (Marblehead, MA) + Sarah TUTTLE/Tutell b.1732; d.1788 6 Elizabeth BLANEY b.10Feb1755 (Lynn, MA) + Amos EVENS b.1750; m.20Jan1778 [7-12 children, many NNDs & repeat names] 6 Male BLANEY b.30Jan1757 (?d.y.) 6 Joseph BLANEY b.11Mar1759 (Lynn, MA) 6 Benjamin BLANEY (BLANY) b.14Aug1763 (Lynn, MA) d.1816 (age 53) (Carolinas) + Mercy (Mary) MARSTON b.?Marblehead, MA [dau of Jeffs MARSTON and Sarah BLANEY] 7 Benjamin BLANEY (BLANY) b.16Dec1793 (Marblehead); d.13May1867 (age73) (Fitchburg, MA) + Lydia WARD b.19Feb1790; d.5Mar1857 (age 57) (both Ashbumham, MA) + Eliza ROUNDY + Hepsibah Priest DAVIS b.25Feb1798 (Harvard, Worchester, MA.); m.08Oct1819; d.1839 8 Hepseybath (Hepsibah, Hepzibah) Mercy BLANEY b.28.May1821 (Shirley, MA); ob. "typhus fever"

William H Blaney Sr

Harriet J Silvus

William H Blaney Jr

Nancy A Blaney

"Zaney" Blaney

Zaney's Ladder ? & Joyce

Harriet J BLANEY

Stewart McMurray

Ella Augusta BLANEY

Herman Flach

Florence T

Marguerite S BLANEY
DUNN 1970s
8 Benjamin Dix BLANEY b.14Aug1823 (Shirley); d.28May1868 (Independence, CA.) + Margaret SHAW b.1834 (Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany); d.1872 9 Mary Anna BLANEY b.1850 9 Frank G BLANEY b.1Apr1857 (Galveston, TX); d.12May1908 (Dallas, TX.) + Alice Missouri HECTOR b.1858; m.28Dec1882; d.1890 + Leontine HECTOR b.1857; m.1890; d.1904 [both dau. of John Baptiste Hector & Mary Leontine Mosnier] 10 Frank E BLANEY Jr b.3Aug1890 (TX); d.23Aug1908 (age18) 10 Margaret BLANEY b.Feb1892 (TX); d.1976 10 Mary Agnes BLANEY b.Feb1895; d.1963 10 William Hector BLANEY Sr b.1Sep1898 (Dallas, TX) d.3May1979 (Houston, Harris, TX) + Harriet Jane Silvus b.6Sep1903; d.4Feb1999 (age95) (Houston) 11 William Hector BLANEY Jr BSc b.10Feb1925 (Dallas); d.23Feb2017 Senior economic elvauation engineer; Corporate Finance; Began William H Blaney J & Associates (Mergers & aquisitions) + Nancy Lu ALEXANDER b.17Jun1927 (Waco); m.Apr1947; d.4Feb2011 (Alzheimer’s disease); [dau. of James P. Alexander and Elizabeth Akin Alexander.] 12 James (Jim) Alexander BLANEY + Martha 13 Alexandra BLANEY 13 Hanna BLANEY 12 Jeffrey (Jeff) BLANEY + Ellen Zeff 11 Walter "Zaney" Edwin BLANEY BA b.11Feb1928 Dallas, TX.); d.11Nov2020; International President, World Alliance of Magicians Known as inventor of the Ladder Levitation; many awards. Stood for congress as a Republican in 1968 + Joyce Lottie SEFCIK d.2007 12 Becky BLANEY (Bruce) 12 Carol BLANEY (John) 12 Shannon BLANEY + Monty KEELER 11 Harriet Jane BLANEY + Stewart McMURRAY [1 child] 9 H. Agnes Phillipine BLANEY b.1859 (Marysville, Yuba, CA); d.1899 (Dallas) + Adam A DOEIR b.1855; d.1945 10 [Three children: Edward, M Phillipina & Adam DOEIR] 9 Lillian BLANEY b.1859 9 Ella Augusta BLANEY b.31May1860 (Marysville, CA); d.19Mar1947 (age86) (Dallas, TX) + Henry Herman FLACH b.11May1853 (Quintana, TX); d.24May1928 (age75) (Dallas, TX) [11 children] 9 Florence T BLANEY b.26Feb1861 (Independence, CA); d.25May1947 (age86) + Richard Ivey b.Apr1858 (CA) [4 children] 9 Edward H BLANEY b.1863 (NV); d.1920 (age57) Los Angeles, CA 9 Joseph Robert BLANEY b.28Oct1864 (Aurora, Esmeralda, NV.) d.12Feb1917 (age52) (CA); Farmer + Sarah Elizabeth Augusta KISPERT b.11Nov1872 (CA.); m.23May1894 (Inyo, CA.); d.14Dec1962 (Lone Pine, Inyo, CA.) 10 Oscar Robert BLANEY b.29May1895 (Inyo Co., CA); d.1972 10 Charlotte Augusta Lottie BLANEY b.22Aug1897 (CA); d.2Jan1981 (Venice. LA, CA.) +(1) Louis Tobin EXNICIOS (1881-1937) m.7Jan1918 [2 children] +(2) Lewis Cranful GIBSON b.10Mar1896 (AZ.); m.02Oct1939; d.Aug1982 (Houston, TX.) 10 Marguerite Sarah BLANEY b.2Apr1905 (LA, CA.); d.16Jul1978 (Lemon Grove, San Diego, CA.) + Lloyd Cyrus DUNN b.31Jan1904 (Iowa City, Wright, IA.) d.28Jul1966 (San Diego, CA.) [2 children] + Leslie George Verry b.1894 (Boston, MA.); d.1948 10 John Joseph BLANEY b.27Jun1908 (LA, CA.); d.23Mar1972 (San Diego, CA.) 10 Benjamin Franklin BLANEY b.13Jul1911 (Manzanar, Inyo, CA.); d.15Mar1995 (Sebastopol, Sonoma, CA.) 10 Isabelle Frances BLANEY b.1913 (Tehama Co., CA.); d.1985 + William D JAMES b.1908 9 Alford H BLANEY b.1865 9 Charlotte "Lottie" BLANEY b.1866 (CA); d.7Jun1954 (age88) (Dallas, TX) Texas + Richard O'BRIEN 9 Benjamin BLANEY b.1868 (CA) 8 Sarah Elizabeth BLANEY b.11Aug1825 (Shirley, MA); d.11Feb1895 (Holyoke, MA) "apoplexy" + Cyrus NICKERSON b.Sept1826 (Providence, RI); d.12Mar1901 (Holyoke, MA) [7 children] ?remarried Emily TURNER née NAYLOR 8 Joseph William BLANEY b.14Nov1827 (Shirley, MA) 8 Jonathan Richardson BLANEY b.24Sep1830 (Shirley, MA); d.24Jun1850 (Shirley, MA) "of Fits" 8 Andrew Jackson BLANEY b.13Feb1833 (Shirley, MA); d.23Jun1906 (Occidental, CA) + Catharine WHITE b.Mar1830; d~28Jul1910 (age80) 9 Georgiana Gilman BLANEY b.3Apr1857 (Tomales, CA) d.5Sep1935 (Oakland, CA). >

John Walker BLANEY
+ John D'Arcy CONNOLLY b.26Jun1854 (Co. Galway, Ireland); d.26Jun1920 (Sonoma Co., CA); [3 children] 9 John Walker BLANEY b.15Mar1859 (CA); d.Oct1931 (age72) + Ellen (Ella) Frances Zilhart b.1869 (Sonoma Co., CA.); d.1942 CA.) 10 Besse A BLANEY b.12Apr1891; d.25Oct1958 (both Sonoma Co., CA.) 10 Roy John Irving BLANEY b.16Jul1897 (Occidental, Sonoma Co.,); d.14Apr1953 (Rohnerville, Humboldt Co., CA.) + Fae (Fay) Irene BENNIGHT b.5Jul1901; d.11Jan1985 (Humboldt Co., CA.) 11 Phyllis C BLANEY b.1928 (Scotia, Humboldt, CA.) 10 Andrew Jackson BLANEY b.6Sep1903 (CA); d.5Apr1982 (Sebastopol, CA) +(1)Rosemary BOWIE d.5May1982 11 Andrew Jackson BLANEY +(2)Helen THURSTON b.26Dec1888 (Sonoma Co., CA.) d.9Jan1974 (Sebastopol, Sonoma Co., CA.) 9 Caroline Elizabeth BLANEY b.1863 (CA); d.1918 (San Rafael, CA.) + Maurice DOODY [3 children] 8 Abigail (Abbie) Augusta BLANEY b.8Nov1838 (Shirley, MA); d.18Aug1876 + John C. LAWRENCE b.28May1836; m.17Mar1866 (both Ashbumham, MA); d.2Nov1903 [4 children]

Blaney Memorial Baptist Church
7 Mercy / Marcy BLANEY / BLANY b.6Apr1796 (Marblehead); d.16Jun1884(6) (age88) (Boston) Left $20,000 to build the Gothic style church which stood at the southeast corner of Richmond Street and Dorchester Avenue (1887-1980s) 7 Abigail Hooper BLANEY (Abigarl Hoopper BLANY) b.23Feb1799 (Marblehead); d.21Jul1875 (age76) (Boston, MA) + Mr. Pollock 7 Sarah BLANEY b.6Jan1801 (Marblehead); d.24Apr1885 (Boston) + Nathan Bird CLARK b.1811 (Brockton, Plymouth Co., MA); d.20Jan1852 (age44) (Dorchester, MA); [3 children] 7 Elisabeth E BLANEY b.26May1803 (Fitchburg, MA) d.27Dec1883 (age80) (Boston, MA) 7 Eunice L BLANEY b.24Aug1805 (Fitchburg); d.8Mar1885 (age79) (Boston) +(1)Franklyn Houghton b.12Apr1803; d.25Sep01878 (age75) +(2)Mr. Ware 7 William Harris BLANEY b.24Aug1809 (Fitchburg, MA) 4 Hannah BLANEY b.17Sep1696 (Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA) d.3Jan1748/49 (Marblehead, MA.) + Benjamin JAMES m.7Mar1718; [10 children] 4 Capt. Benjamin BLANEY b.14Nov1699 (Lynn, MA); d.8Feb1751 ("fell from his horse at Malden, and was taken up dead") [1114] Tanner; selectman and assessor for Malden in 1744 and 1746 Served in the French and Indian Wars. + Abigail BUCKNAM b.7Jan1702 (Malden, MA.); m.13Oct1725; d.15Dec1767 [dau of Samuel BUCKNAM (1674-1751) and Deborah SPRAGUE (1670-1751) m.22Sep1696] 5 Abigail BLANEY b.21Jun1730 (Malden, MA); d.23Aug1817 (New Bedford, MA) + Jireh WILLIS b.26Sep1731 (Dartmouth, MA); m.22Oct1756 [1 child] 5 Huldah BLANEY b.15Oct1733 (Malden, MA) +(1)Joseph WILSON b.5Dec1728; m.20Sep1753; d.5Oct1758 (all Malden, MA) +(2)Joseph PAINE b.15Nov1724 (Charlestown, MA) 5 Nehemiah BLANEY b.9Oct1735; d.16Oct1761 (26) (both Malden, MA) + Chloe GREEN of Malden; m.29May1760 5 Capt. Benjamin BLANEY b.24Jul1738 (Malden, MA); d.Jan1820 Court Rep, Town Treasurer, Selectman & Assessor; member of Malden Militia Commanded a company 1776 in the Revoluntionary War, including the Battle of Bunker Hill on 17Jun1775; Point Shirley action & the Seige of Boston. "More than any other patriot, Captain Blaney was responsible for the security and defense of the South Precint during the Revolution War." Captured in the capaign against General Burgoyne ~1778 [1433] + Hannah OSGOOD m.24Nov1765 6 Andrews BLANEY b.6Jan1772 (Chelsea MA.) [1100] + Mary SECCOMB of Salem m.23Apr1799 5 Elizabeth BLANEY b.18Jun1740 + William WAYTE m.20Jul1762 5 Andrews BLANEY b.28Nov1742; d.2Jun1772 (age 29) Tanner + Lydia SARGENT m.2Dec1770 6 Abigail BLANEY b.7Jun1771 (1769) (Chelsea, MA.); m.13Jun1793; d.11Sep1830 + Nehemiah BREED Jr b.24Mar1767; "published" 14Apr1793 [1100]; d.1853 [Son of Allen Breed b.19Apr1744) and Abigail Lindsey b.30Aug1747; d.3Mar1833] 7 Eight children: Abigail Lindsey Breed; Lydia Blaney Breed; Andrews Blaney Breed*; Eliza Barlow Breed; Nehemiah Allen Breed; Orpha Haskins Breed; Calina Shepard Breed and George Holton Breed *Andrews Blaney Breed was the GtGtGt Grandfather of Joshua T Brown [1402] 6 Andrews BLANEY b.1769-1775 + Mary SECCOMB m.23Apr1799 4 Jedediah BLANEY b.21Nov1701 (Lynn, MA); d.1781 (80, 83) (Marblehead, MA); Housewright + Bethia COGSWELL b.1708/9 (Chebacco, Essex, MA); m.15Jan1729/30; d.1801 (Chebacco) [Dau of Lt. John Cogswell Jr. and Hannah Perley né Goodhue] 5 Jedediah (Jedidiah) BLANEY bap.2Jun1731 (Boxford); d.18Apr1778 (Oxford, MA.) Served in Rev. War (American War of Independence) + Beulah BROWN b.19Jul1738 (Oxford); m.17Jun1761 (Sutton, MA.) [dau. of William BROWN and Martha GRAY] 6 Bethia BLANEY b.14Jan1764 (Oxford, MA); d.31Jan1851 (87) (Seabrook, NH) +(1)Daniel GALE [3 children] +(2)Josiah / Joseph LOCKE [11 children] 6 Joseph BLANEY b.4Jun1767 (Oxford, Worcester Co., MA) d.Oct1823 (56) (Boston, MA) + Hannah WINSHIP m.30Oct1791 (Boston, MA.) 7 Joseph BLANEY 7 Mary Ann BLANEY b.23May1800 (Boston, MA) + Elliot HILLS [3 children] 6 Elizabeth ("Betsey") BLANEY b.1June1771 (Oxford, MA) d.unm 1June1791 (20) 5 Hannah BLANEY bap.15Apr1733; d.9Oct1811 (Marblehead, MA). + Ronald BRUCE m.28Oct1756 [6 children] 5 Jonathan BLANEY bpt.11Jan1736; ?d.y. 5 Ruth BLANEY bpt.1Jan1738; d.y. 5 Ruth Mary BLANEY bap.9Mar1740; d.17Aug1815 (Yarmouth, NS.) + Capt. John TARDY / TARDAY b.1738; m.21Nov1756; d.2Jun1797 (Halifax, NS.) [5 children] Capt. of the "Hooper" out of Salem Like his name, he went AWOL ~1781 ("absent >15 years in 1796") 5 Capt. Stephen BLANEY b.10Aug1742 (Jamaica, West Indies); bap.3Oct1742 (Marblehead) [1100] [1410] Master Mariner, Capt. of the "Active" and of the "Brigantine"; d.10Aug1784 (Jamaica ?"at sea") + Mary CHAPELL b.12Apr1741; m.12Dec1765; d.5May1831 (Marblehead) [dau. of William and Sarah CHAPELL] 6 Stephen BLANEY bpt.24Aug1766; d<1798 + Mary PEDRICK m.21Oct1787; d.22Oct1803 (Marblehead) 6 Mary BLANEY bpt.24Jan1768; dy. 6 Mary BLANEY bpt.24Jun1770 6 Jonathan BLANEY bpt.13Sep1772; dy. 6 William BLANEY b.28Nov1774; bpt.11Dec1774 + Sarah BROWNE, m.18Jan1798 (Yarmouth, NS.) 6 Jonathan Chapell BLANEY b.13Oct1776 (Yarmouth, NS.) bpt.17Feb1788 (Marblehead) (age 11); Cabinet maker d.10Mar1844 (Marblehead, MA) [1100] + Elizabeth K. (Betsy) TRASK (Marston) b.Jun1778; m.14Mar1802 d.11Sep1856 (78) (Marblehead) 7 Elias Trask BLANEY b.08Oct1812; d.7Mar1871 (both Marblehead MA.) + Mary Sleeper (Elizabeth) WINSLOW b.4Jul1814 (NH.); m.21May1837; d.13Sep1885 (all Marblehead MA.) [dau. of Arron WINSLOW]

Elias Blaney (Minute Men)
8 Elias BLANEY b.31Jan1838; d.29Mar1904 Veteran of Civil War Army and Navy Member of the Minute Men's Association 61 + M O FROST 8 William BLANEY b.11Jun1840 (Marblehead MA.); d.21Sep1861 8 Benjamin Homan BLANEY b.3Jul1842 (Marblehead MA.); d.1923 (MA.) + Mary E HAMMOND 8 Stephen BLANEY b.29Jun1845; d.9Sep1886 (both Marblehead MA.) + Rebessa S MULLETT b.03Oct1850; d.30Aug1917 (both Marblehead MA.) 8 Joseph Harris BLANEY b.8Jul1847; d.19Jul1907 (both Marblehead MA.) + Rosanna Watt BYME 9 Mary BLANEY + __ WOODRIDGE 10 Mary Dorothy WOODRIDGE + Archibald J O'NEIL 8 Mary Winslow BLANEY b.17Mar1850; d.24Jul1902 (both Marblehead MA.) + John CAREY b.24Jun1849 (Ireland); d.7Nov1885 (Lynn, MA.) [2 children, both died young] + Joseph STANDLEY [7 children] + Charles E JEPSON m.1890; d.8Jan1933 Previously married to: (1) Clara CREDIFORD (1839-1865}; m.186) then (2) Sarah FORSYTH (1848-1887); m.1866

John Chaple BLANEY


Marilyn Irene Blaney
8 John Chaple BLANEY b.17Apr1852; d.4Dec1944 (both Marblehead MA.); + Ella (Nellie) NOYES b.28Aug1857 (MA.); m.3May1876; d.31Dec1927 [dau. of Charles P NOYES and Sarah Ellen LINDSEY] 9 Frederic (Fred) BLAYNEY b.24Sep1876; d.24Jun1898 (both Marblehead MA.) + Alice Carey OSGOOD b.1879; m.24Jun1897; d.1976 [dau. of Francis OSGOOD and Sarah E. Russell] subsequently married George Thomas TAYLOR b.1879; d.1917) 10 Francis O BLANEY b.9Nov1897; d.25Aug1984 + Gladys M. PIPER b.20Aug1900; d.25Jul1992 (both Lynn, Essex, MA.) 11 Marilyn Irene BLANEY b.1928; d.24Jun2007 + John GRIEVES 11 John BLANEY 11 Irma Silva née BLANEY 9 Charles BLANEY b.24Feb1879; d.13Nov1931 (both Marblehead MA.) + Sarah Eliza THOMPSON b.1879; m.24Oct1906 (Ipswich, Essex, MA.) [dau. of Fred O THOMPSON and Florence A WALTON] 10 Ruth Rebekah BLANEY b.22May1908 (Marblehead, MA.); d.May1976 + Raymond Estabrook BUSWELL b.30Jan1907; d.8July1972 (both Marblehead, MA.) 10 Dorothy May BLANEY b.2Nov1909 (Marblehead, MA.); d.23May1976 (Salem MA) + ___ TUCKER 10 Charles Frederick BLANEY b.16Oct1911 (Marblehead, MA.); d.7Nov1988 (Danvers, MA.) +(1) __ PETERS +(2) Mary C GILDART b.26May1916 11 Charlotte Ann PERKINS né BLANEY d.Aug2000 10 John Florence BLANEY b.29Oct1916 (Marblehead, MA.) d.16Feb1997 "self-inflicted gunshot wound" (Waterboro, ME.) + Isabelle Margaret CANAVAN b.16Apr1922 (Salem, MA.); d.10Jul1991 (Waterboro, ME.)

Anna Carey BLANEY
9 Anna Carey BLANEY b.Aug1880; d.1931 + Frank Norris OSBORNE b.26Dec1877; d.21Feb1962 (both Marblehead MA.) [son of Charles E. Osborne and Tabitha B. Gregory] 10 Five children 9 Ella Mildred BLANEY b.Feb1884; d.1948 + William Morrison BROWN b.1876 (Lynn, MA.); Milkman m.12Jul1905 (Marblehead, Essex, MA.) [son of Fred L. Brown and Mary E. Morrison] 9 John C BLANEY b.22Feb1886 (Marblehead, Essex, MA.); d.10Dec1939 (Newburyport MA.); Occ: shoecutter + Evelyn Elizabeth BONNER b.15Jun1886; m.23Feb1907 (Lynn, Essex, MA.); d.1955 [dau. of Charles C BONNER and Minnie M CALDWELL] 10 Mildred Ella BLANEY b.14Sep1907 (Marblehead, MA.) shoeworker + William H. PAQUETTE b.13Jan1907 (Saugus, MA.); m.12Oct1928 (Norway, ME.); shoeworker [son of William PAQUETTE and Maud GOSSELIN]

John Porter, Howard Frederick and Carl Morrison Blaney
10 Howard Frederick BLANEY b.5Sep1909; d.5Apr1981 (both Lynn, Essex, MA.); + Marion Louise PARKER b.1913 m.29Mar1936 (Swampscott, MA.); d.2000 11 Howard BLANEY 11 Danny BLANEY 11 Phillip (Phil) Jerome BLANEY b.1940 + Majorie JOHANSON 10 John Porter BLANEY b.9Aug1911 (Lynn, Essex, MA.); d.25Jan2001 (MA.) +(1) Alice Emma Sewell DESILETS b.1912 (Lynn, MA.); m.16Aug1930 (Lynn, Essex, MA.); d.Nov2006 [daughter of Henry DESILETS and Mary DES FOSSES] 11 Barbara Verdene BLANEY b.5Jul1931 (Lynn, Essex, MA.); fancy stitcher +(1) Michael CARRABBA [Four children] +(2) Robert MacANN [One child] 11 John ("Jack") Porter BLANEY Jr b.15Sep1932 (Lynn, MA.) US Army (Korea); d.24Apr2017 (Lynn, MA.) +(1) Joan BRENNAN b.~1934; m.25Oct1952 (both Lynn, MA.) Shoeworker [dau. of Arthur BRENNAN and Jeanette GUDEAHN] +(2) Dorothy May LAZUREK b.9May1936 (Brockton, MA.); m.26May1955 (Lynn, MA.); d.8Aug2013 [dau. of John LAZUREK and Loretta LITTLE]

John P Blaney 1932-2017

Jack & Dorothy Blaney's family

Dorothy M Lazurek Blaney


David Blaney

David, Carolyn & kids

Richard Frederick Blaney

12 John P BLANEY III b.1955 (Saugus, MA.) + Karen E 12 Michael E BLANEY b.1957 (Saugus, MA.) + Emily 12 David (Dave) Alan BLANEY b.8Nov1959 (Saugus, MA.); d.05Oct2004; Electrician + Carolyn 13 David R BLANEY 13 Katie L BLANEY-FELICE 12 Stephen S BLANEY b.1962 (Saugus, MA.) 12 Sheryl Ann BLANEY b.1958 (Saugus, MA.) + Stephen G COUKOS ob. 12 Lisa Marie BLANEY b.1960 (Saugus, MA.) + Michael MICHAUD 12 Dennis James BLANEY b.1963 (Saugus, MA.) + Melinda ___ 13 Amber Marie BLANEY 13 Victoria Marie BLANEY 11 Joyce Marie BLANEY b.26May1938 (Lynn, MA.); winder + Charles T CONNERS b.~1934 m.21Jul1957 (Lynn, MA.); contractor's helper. [Four children] [son of William CONNERS and Anna HILTON] 11 Richard Frederick BLANEY b.28Jul1934; d.2Jun1972 (both Lynn, MA.) died from head injury playing "sand lot baseball" + Judith Ann KILLORAN b.1937; m.26May1956 (both Lynn, MA.); d.2000 [Daniel KILLORAN and Margaret GALLANT] 12 Richard BLANEY b.1957 (Lynn, MA.) 13 Richard BLANEY III 10 Denise Ann BLANEY, b.1962 (Lynn, MA.) + Carlos SILVIA [2 children] 11 Dorithy (Dorothy) ("Dotty") Janice BLANEY b.13Sep1940 (Lynn, MA.); d.20Feb2020 + William C SHAY b.~1942 (Medford, MA.) [three children] [son of Charles SHAY and Doris HORRSFORD] 11 Marion N BLANEY b.1942 (Lynn, MA.); d.2008 11 Robert Norman BLANEY b.1950 (Lynn, MA.); Machinist + Karen L. KENNEY b.~1951; m.18Jul1970; correspondent [dau. of James KENNEY and Barbara CAISSE] 12 Christina BLANEY + Frederick WALKER [2 children] 12 Shanna BLANEY +(2) Lillian H. BURKHART ex PELOQUIN né HOWE b.8Dec1907 (Boston, MA.) m.30Mar1954 (Lynn, Essex, MA.); d.1998 [2nd wife of John Porter BLANEY b.1911; She wasPreviously married twice] [dau. of Charles HOWE and Mary O'KEEFE] 10 George BLANEY, b.12Dec1914; d.15Dec1914 (both Lynn, Essex, MA.)

Carl Morrison BLANEY

Carl Morrison Blaney

Carl Morrison BLANEY & Howie WWII


Josephine BERG Blaney

James Michael Blaney


Harry BLANEY b.1889


BLANEY fire deaths

Fire survivors
10 Carl Morrison BLANEY b.25Aug1916; d.8Aug1985 (both Lynn, Essex, MA.) U.S. Army WW II (Germany) + Josephine BERG b.4Jun1921; m.10Jun1939 (both Lynn, MA.) d.8Jan2013 (North Conway, Carroll Co., NH.) [dau. of Peter BERG and Anna JOHANSON] 11 Nancy BLAYNEY b.1942 (Watertown, NY.) + Benjimen (sic) DOLIBER b.1944 [two children] 11 Joanne Carla BLANEY b.1944 (Lynn, MA.) +(1) Robert William TOMBINO b.1940; m.14Jul1962 (both Lynn, MA.) [son of Joseph TOMBINO and Mary FOGARTY] 12 Three children including 12 Michael Anthony TOMBINO b.1965 (Lynn, MA.) (author of "Descendants of John Blaney -Descendants of John Blaney") [1410] +(1) Sandra BERGERON m.~1987 (Lynn, MA.) [2 children] +(2) Patti Ann PRAMATARIS b.1967; m.1999 [Darcy the dog!] [dau. of John PRAMATARIS and Barbara LESURE] [This is unusual as it appears Patti was previously married to William Peter BLANEY b.1966 who appears to have then married Sandra BERGERON, previously married to Michael!] [1410] GENE3-0017.html and GENE3-0018.html +(2) Robert CHAMPAIGNEY b.31Oct1939; m.13Feb1987 (both Lynn, MA.) 11 Linda BLANEY b.1946 +(1)Robert ("Ob") O'BRIEN (Two children) +(2)Clifford GONYER (GOYNER) 11 Larry BLANEY (Saugus MA.) b.1956 + Susan (Sue) WILSON 10 Larry BLANEY II b.1975 10 Alex BLANEY b.1984 10 Joseph BLANEY b.1986 11 William Peter BLANEY b.1966 +(1) Patti Ann PRAMATARIS b.1967 (Lynn, MA.) [dau. of John PRAMATARIS and Barbara LESURE] Apparently subsequently married Michael Anthony TOMBINO b.1965 [1410] GENE3-0017.html and GENE3-0018.html 12 William Peter BLANEY b.1984 (Lynn, MA.); 13 Bryce LETCHER 12 James Michael BLANEY b.17Nov1986 (Lynn, MA.) d.21Dec2019 (Barnstable, Cape Cod). Landscaper 13 Jayden BLANEY 13 Rylan BLANEY 12 Daniel BLANEY and William P. Blaney married to Andrea Letcher] +(2) Sandra BERGERON. Apparently previously married to Michael Anthony TOMBINO b.1965! 9 Harry F BLAYNEY b.8Mar1889 (Marblehead, Essex, MA.); Shoemaker, baker, driver, mechanic d.21Nov1928 (Lynn, Essex, MA.) - of burns, three weeks after the fire (see below). + Lillian May BROWNELL b.16Mar1891 (Nantucket); m.3Feb1910 (Marblehead, Essex, MA.) d.8Nov1928 (Lynn, Essex, MA.) Died in a house fire with 5 of her children following an explosion and fire at the Preble Box Toe Co. [dau of William F Brownell and Bessie B Sylvia] 10 Ella Doris BLANEY b.8Apr1910 (Lynn, MA.); d.13Sep2000 [Survived the 1928 fire - at work] + Arthur J CALL Jr m.7Sept1932, ME.) 10 Harry Frederick BLANEY b.18Aug1911 (Marblehead, Essex, MA.) [Survived the 1928 fire] +(1) ?____ PETERS 11 Harry Frederick BLANEY b.~1933 (Exeter, NH.) Military service 1958 US Air Force + Nancy Joanne TRUE 10 Michael David BLANEY b.1958 (Newburyport, MA.) 11 Wilfred Gordon BLANEY b.20Feb1935 (Exeter, NH.) d.30Jul2000 (Kensington, NH.) +(1) ___ DAVID 12 Four BLANEY children +(2) ___ George then ___ Boudreau (as widow) +(2) Oleta Rae WILLIAMS b.1924; m.8Dec1945 (Dover, Strafford, NH.) [dau. of Draton Claence Williams and Mary Etta Underwood] +(3) ____ DUPREY (Widow of Harry Frederick BLANEY) 10 Vivien Louise BLANEY b.26Mar1913 (Marblehead, Essex, MA.) d.8Nov1928 [accidental burns] 10 Norman W BLAYNEY b.6Aug1914 (Salem, Essex, MA.) [Survived the 1928 fire] + Dora Pearl Tibbetts b.1918; m.2Jul1936 [dau. of Albert Nichols and Anna M. Tibbetts] + ___ DUPREY 10 Lillian BLANEY b.1916 [Survived the 1928 fire - getting the paper] 10 Arthur William BLANEY b.26Aug1918 (Salem, Essex, MA.) d.8Nov1928 [accidental burns] 10 Helen Florence BLAYNEY b.31Aug1920 (Lynn, Essex, MA.); d.8Nov1928 [accidental burns] 10 Thelma Irene BLAYNEY b.19Aug1922 (Lynn, Essex, MA.); d.8Nov1928 [accidental burns] 10 Infant BLANEY b. at 6mth gestation, survived 25 min 31Jan1927 (Lynn, MA.) 10 Harriet BLANEY b.1928; d.1928 d.8Nov1928 [accidental burns] age 8 months 8 George W BLANEY b.10/11Aug1855; d.10Jan1873 (both Marblehead, MA.) 8 Hannah W BLANEY b.18Feb1859 (Marblehead, MA.) 7 Sarah BLANEY b. (Marblehead) 7 Abigail BLANEY b.7Oct1893 (Marblehead)

Jonathan BLANEY

Son of Jonathan & Betsey

Jonathan Stanley
7 Jonathan BLANEY b.10Oct1872 (Marblehead); d.29Oct1821 + Ann McLeod b~26Jan1823 (Scotland); d.22Nov1881 (58) (Marblehead) 8 John C BLANEY b.23Feb1843 (Marblehead); d.2Aug1867 (24) "lost at sea" 8 Norman BLANEY b.9Aug1844 (Marblehead) 8 Joseph BLANEY b~20Aug1843; d.28Apr1885 (41) (Marblehead) 8 Samuel BLANEY 8 Jane BLANEY 8 Mary Ann BLANEY b.8Jun1853 (Marblehead) + John Trefrey 8 Catherine BLANEY b.10Jan1856; d.21Aug1862 (6) (both Marblehead) 8 Stephen BLANEY b.16Nov1858 (Marblehead) d.2Mar1935 (76) (Lynn, MA) + Harriet Marsh b~1810; d.19Aug1841 (30) "childbirth" 8 Jonathan Stanley BLANEY b.1840; d.unm 31Jan1865 8 Child BLANEY b.19Aug1841; d.25Sep1841 (7/52) "fits" 7 John Chapell BLANEY b.13Mar1895 (Lynn, MA) + Sarah "Sally" C Thayer b.10Oct1809 (Salem, MA) d.1873 (64) (Marblehead, MA) "consumption" (TB) 8 Sarah Cloon BLANEY b.12Oct1833 (Boston) + Charles Nowell [1 child] 8 Elizabeth T BLANEY b.1835 (Marblehead, MA) + Warren Marshall 8 John Chapell BLANEY b.29May1843 (Marblehead, MA) d.5Jul1851 (8) (Lynn, MA) 7 Stephen Kempton BLANEY b~1814 (Marblehead) d.12Jul1881 (67) (Concord, NH) + Mary J Titus d.6Mar1887 8 Ellen M BLANEY b~1847 (Boston) 8 Mary BLANEY 7 Infant BLANEY d.5Oct1816 (Marblehead) 6 Sarah BLANEY b.8Sep1779 (Yarmouth, NS) 6 Joseph BLANEY b.14Jun1781 (Yarmouth, NS) 5 Capt. William BLANEY bpt.30Dec1744; (Marblehead) Yeoman and master mariner; moved to Lyndeborough, NH in 1777; d.15Aug1797 (or ~1805) + Ruth BESOME b.20Aug1752; m.19Sep1771 (both Marblehead, MA.); Widowed by 1806; d.5Feb1830 (Marblehead, MA.) [dau. of Philip BESOME and Sarah BUBUR] 6 William BLANEY bap.18Apr1773 (Marblehead MA.); d.2May1832 (Danvers, MA.) + Nancy WILLISTON m.26Jan1797 & moved back to Marblehead 7 Nancy BLANEY bpt.11Feb1798 7 Elizabeth Williston BLANEY bap.5Jan1800; d.28Nov1811 [1411] 7 Child BLANEY b.1803; d.22Oct1811 7 Elizabeth Williston BLANEY bap.31Jan1808 (raising doubts over the death date of the former Elizabeth Williston Blayney.) 7 Child d.19Jul1810 7 Jane BLANEY bap.31Jan1808 7 Ruth BLANEY bap.31Jan1808 7 William BLANEY bpt.31Jan1808 7 Philip BLANEY b.~1810 (Marblehead MA.) + Mary B COATES b.~1812; m.25Jul1830; d.~1895 age 65 (Peabody) [dau. of Benjamin COATES and Mary PRATT] 8 William E BLANEY b.17Dec1834 8 Harriet Ann BLANEY b.13Nov1836 (Lynn, MA.) +(1) Levi W BROWN of Ipswich [2 children] +(2) George A BACHELLER 8 Phillip B BLANEY + Lillian ARLAN of Salem 8 Mary Ann BLANEY b.(Peabody); d. age 11 8 Ruth E BLANEY b.(Peabody); dy. 6 Ruth BLANEY b.6Dec1774 (Lyndeborough, NH.); d.5Feb177 6 Christopher BLANEY b.17Jan1776 (Lyndeborough, NH.); bpt.21Jan1776 (Marblehead); d.22Jul1789 6 Ruth BLANEY b.4Dec1777 (Lyndeborough, NH.); bpt.31Jan1808; d.1817 + Robert ALCOCK 6 Sarah BLANEY b.1Mar1779 (Lyndeborough, NH.); d.19Apr1861; + Ebenezer W. PEACH m.28May1801 (Marblehead, MA.) [7 children] 6 Jonathan BLANEY b.04Oct1780 (Lyndeborough, NH.); + Betsey GRANT m.5Nov1801 (Greenfield, NH.) [5 children] 6 Male Child BLANEY b.28Feb1782 (Lyndeborough, NH.); d.12Mar1782 6 Philip BLANEY b.12Dec1782 (Lyndeborough, NH.); d. lost at sea. + "never married" but.... 7 William E BLANEY b.7Dec1834 (Lynn, MA.); d.15Nov1913 (Peabody, MA.) -hit by automobile + Emily WADE b.Apr1840 (Ipswich); m.1Jan1868; d.1927 (both Peabody, MA.) [dau. of William and Hannah WADE] 8 William F BLANEY b.Sep1869; d.>Nov1922 * Inez M DERNIER m.04Oct1893 (Middleton) 8 Mary B. BLANEY b.~1877. 8 Frederick Brooks BLANEY b.27Mar1871; d. (both Peabody, MA.) 8 Child BLANEY d.<1900 6 Female Child BLANEY b.4Aug1784 (Lyndeborough, NH.); d.9Aug1784 6 Stephen BLANEY b.24Aug1786 (Lyndeborough, NH.); d.unm lost at sea. 6 Bethia / Bethiah BLANEY, b.20Aug1789 (Lyndeborough, NH.); +(1) Richard HAMMOND m.15Jan1809 (Marblehead, MA.) [3 children] +(2) Lot PEACH; (6 children) 6 Susannah M BLANEY b.13Dec1790 (Lyndeborough, NH.); d.25Jul1878 (Middleboro, MA.); + James TREFREY m.7Jun1810 (Marblehead, MA.) [2 children] 6 Christopher BLANEY b.4Jan1793 (Lyndeborough, NH.); d.19Feb1793 6 Grace Bessom BLANEY b.22Jan1794 (Lyndeborough, NH.); + James FREETO m.21Dec1815 (Marblehead, MA.) [6 children] 6 Nancy BLANEY b.8Nov1797 [1368] 5 Elizabeth BLANEY bap.24Aug1746; d.16Jan1829 (Marblehead, MA.) + Richard NECK (Nick/Necks) bpt.23Aug1743 (Marblehead, MA.); m.15Aug1765 [8 children] 5 Sarah BLANEY bpt.6Nov1748 (Marblehead, MA); dy. 5 Sarah BLANEY bpt.4Feb1750; d.30Sep1821 (Marblehead, MA) + Jeffrey (Jeffs or Jeptha) MARSTON m.20Jul1769 (Marblehead, MA); d. of Yellow Fever [10 children] [son of John (Nathan Washington) MARSTON] 5 Eunice BLANEY bap.29Dec1751; ?dy.

Jonathan BLANEY

4 Jonathan BLANEY b.6Jan1703/4 (Lynn, MA); d.8Sep1757 (Lynn, MA); Yeoman [Son of Joseph BLANEY and Abigail Andrews] Married twice, Hannah Gray then Abigail YEOMAN (m.09Oct1736) +(1)Hannah GRAY b~1716 (?Lynn, MA); m.07Oct1736; d.1Aug1744 (28) (Lynn, MA) [Dau. William Gray and Hannah SCARLET] 5 Abigail BLANEY b~1737; d.2Jun1801 (both Lynn MA.) +(1) Nathaniel (Nathan) LEWIS b.30Oct1731; m.22Sep1757; d.23May1767 (all Lynn, MA); Cordwainer [3 or 4 children] [son of Edmund LEWIS and Hepsebah BREED] +(2) Joseph FELT (1731-1790) m.13Jan1774 (Salem, Essex, MA.) [1 child] +(3) JOHN WATTS m.23Nov1790 5 Hannah BLANEY b~1739 (Lynn, MA); + Mark GRAVES b.03Oct1739 (Lynn); m.5Mar1809; (both Lynn MA.) Mariner; d.19Jun1809 (69) (Marblehead, MA) [7 children] 5 Mary BLANEY b~1740 (Lynn, MA) + Nathaniel FULLER b.12Mar1726/27; m.08Oct1765; d.22May1799 (all Lynn, MA) "Rheumatic Fever" His second marriage; [8 children] 5 Joseph BLANEY b~1742 (Lynn, MA); d.22Apr1826 (Swampscott, MA) [Son of Jonathan BLANEY and Hannah Gray] +(1)Anna COX of Salem b.1744; m.24Nov1763; d.1782 6 Jonathan BLANEY of Lynn MA b.1773 (Lynn, Essex, MA.); d.1799/1809 + Elizabeth ("BetsEy") INGALLS b.1765; m.12Apr1796; d.30Oct1861 (Swampscott) 7 Jonathan BLANEY b.1796 (Lynn, MA) d.11Jan1872 (Swampscott, MA) +(1)Lucy Richards b~6Jan1797; d.24May1861 (64) (both Swampscott, MA) +(2)Joanna C. (Ingalls) SMITH b.1808 (Salem, Essex Co., MA.); d.1893 8 Jonathan BLANEY b.28Feb1822 (Lynn, Essex, MA.) d.28Apr1891 (69) (Swampscott, MA) "pneumonia" + Julia Ann M Collins b~10Sep1824; d.9Jul1894 (69) (Swampscott) 9 Warren BLANEY b.17Jul1845; d.22Jun1847 (1) (both Lynn, MA) "Fits" 9 Jane Elizabeth BLANEY b.29Dec1847 (Lynn, MA); d.15Jan1850 (2) (Lynn) "Scarlet fever" 9 Ellen Marion "Nellie" BLANEY b.19Jul1858 (Swampscott) + Robert Burns Wardwell b.23Jan1855 (Swampscott) [4 children] 9 John Joseph BLANEY b.13Mar1864; d.28Feb1925 (60) (both Swampscott) + Harriet Phillips 10 Jonathan Phillips BLANEY b.25Jul1887 (Lynn); d.1925 (38) + Annie Garnett b~1886 (LaBelle, MS) 11 Martha BLANEY 11 Jonathan Garnett BLANEY b.16Apr1923 (Lynn, MA) d.8Aug1925 (2) (Swampscott) "accidental strychnia poisoning" 11 Joan BLANEY 10 Herbert Wardwell BLANEY b.14Dec1889; d.29Mar1924 (34) (both Swampscott, MA) + Charlotte Greene b.10Jun1892 (Fairhaven); d.Apr1974 (81) 11 Charlotte Hannah BLANEY b.13Dec1916 (Lowell, MA) d.29Feb2000 (83) (Lee's Summit, MO) 11 Harriet Greene BLANEY 11 John Greene BLANEY b.18Aug1921 (Lynn, MA) d.17Apr1994 (72) (Laconia, NH) 10 Child BLANEY b.19Mar1892 (Swampscott) (stillborn son) 10 Frank Willard BLANEY b.23April1895 (Swampscott); d.Dec1966 (71) + Mildred Gifford 10 Evelyn BLANEY b.17Feb1900 (Swampscott); d.5Jul1988 (88) (Weymouth, MA) + Thomas Johnson b.25Apr1898 (Lynn, MA); d.25Mar1983 (age84) (Weymouth, MA) [1 child] 9 Lucy BLANEY b.6Jul1867; d.16Nov1873 (6) (both Swampscott) "Scarlet fever" 8 William Richards BLANEY b.5Dec1827 (Lynn, Essex, MA.) d.24Jan1916 (88) (Swampscott, MA) + Mary Ann Anderson Jones b.22Mar1841 (Lyndeborough, NH) d.17May1911 (70) (Swampscott, MA) 9 Joel Richards BLANEY b.28Jun1867 (Swampscott, MA) 9 Joanna R BLANEY b.Oct1868 (Swampscott); d.1920 (52) + Arthur Fay Foster b.5Jun1868 (Lynn); d.1920 (52); [3 children] + Sarah Randall b.Houlton, Maine; d.16August 16, 1865 (Swampscott, MA) 9 Alice Louisa BLANEY b.13Aug1852; d.5Sep1891 (39) (both Swampscott) 9 Julia T BLANEY b.15Oct1857 (Swampscott, MA) + Charles E Ashton b.Jul1853 (Lynn MA) [1 child] + John Farrington b~1856 9 Josephine BLANEY 8 Joseph Warren BLANEY b.30Jun1830 (Lynn, Essex, MA.) d.30Oct1853 (23) (Swampscott, MA) 8 Lucy Ellen BLANEY b.5Jun1833 (Lynn, Essex, MA.) + William Rowe [2 children] 8 George Dudley BLANEY b.30Sep1842 (Lynn, Essex, MA.) d.21June1863 (20) (Newborn, NC) + Harriet Richardson 7 Joseph BLANEY b.3Mar1799; d.11Jan1872 (both Swampscott, MA) Some genealogies have this Joseph as son of Joseph B Blaney and Dorothy Winkley. See Joseph 2. They also have his wife as Joanna C SMITH (1808-1893), although Joanna is elsewhere (above) given as the wife of Jonathan BLANEY b.1796 6 Child BLANEY b. Lynn, MA 6 Martha BLANEY b. Lynn, MA; d.10Apr1842 (Lynn, MA) + John INGALLS b. Lynn; d.2May1842 (80) (Lynn) [10 children] 6 Anne (Anna) BLANEY b. Lynn, MA + Samuel IRESON b.27Aug1770 (Lynn, MA) [2 children] 6 Joseph BLANEY b.9May1777 (Lynn, MA); d.12Jul1830 (53) Swampscott, MA "drowned" [actually killed by a shark - see [1113] [1114] [1401] + Ruth Phillips 7 Benjamin BLANEY 7 Alice BLANEY 7 Jonathan BLANEY 7 Anna BLANEY 7 Joseph Ingalls BLANEY b.28Jul1813 (Lynn, MA); d.12Jun1891 (77) (Swampscott, MA) "liver disease" + Martha Pierce 8 William Pierce BLANEY b.3Dec1839 (Lynn, MA); d.30Nov1893 (53) (Boston) + Sarah Stone Atkins b.12Dec1838 (Wellfleet, MA) d.5Mar1919 (80) (Malden, MA) 9 Ida Marion BLANEY b.24May1859; d.27May1859 (3d) (Swampscott) 9 Grace Eveline BLANEY b.27Jan1861; d.8Mar1861 (Swampscott) 9 Clarence E BLANEY b.5Jun1862; d.8Jun1862 (3d) (Swampscott) 9 Child BLANEY b. & d. 7Dec1865 (Swampscott, MA) 9 Carrie Hastings BLANEY b.27Feb1869; d.28Aug1870 (1) (Swampscott) 8 Ruth Elizabeth BLANEY b.29Jul1841 (Lynn, MA) + Dudley H Marshall 8 Martha Jane BLANEY b.15Jul1843 (Lynn, MA); d.1900 (57) + Warren T Small b~1833 (Orleans, Barnstable Co., MA) [4 children] 8 Emma Harris BLANEY b.12May1847 (Lynn, MA); d.1900 (53) + George A Heath b.Sep1851 (South Hampton, NH) 8 Abby Ann BLANEY b.4Nov1849 (Salem, MA) 8 Abbie Ingalls BLANEY b.6Nov1850; d.28Jan1882 (31) (both Swampscott, MA) "miscarriage" + Edmund Brown Thompson b~1851 (Lynn) [2 children] 8 Thomas Hadley BLANEY b.12Jul1852; d.13Sep1852 (9/52) (Swampscott) 8 James Franklin BLANEY b.12Nov1856; d.8Apr1931 (74) (both Swampscott) 8 Mary BLANEY b.8Sep1861; d.11Aug1864 (2) (both Swampscott, MA) 7 James Phillips BLANEY b.11Dec1815; d.19Sep1817 (1) (both Lynn, MA) 7 Elbridge Gerry BLANEY b.3Feb1822 (Lynn, MA) d.29Oct1902 (80) (Swampscott, MA) + Anna Bessom 8 Elbridge Gerry BLANEY b.16Feb1847 (Lynn, MA) + Alice MANSFIELD b.7Feb11855 (Lynn, MA) 9 Alice L BLANEY 9 Jessie BLANEY

John William BLANEY Sn
John William BLANEY Jn
9 John William BLANEY Sn b.23Mar1882 (Lynn, Essex, MA.); d.Apr1974 (CA.) WWI Draft Register + Ethel DAVIS b.15Nov1889 (Holyoke, MA.) 10 John William BLANEY Jn b.1919; d.1975 + May Elizabeth KNOP b.24Aug1921 (LA, CA.) 8 Elizabeth ("Lizzie") Bessom BLANEY b.21Sep1851 (Lynn, MA); d.1900 (49) +(1)Benjamin H Phillips b~1840; d.1871 (31) (both Marblehead, MA) 9 Amos Phillips and Ana Phillips twins b.27Jan1868 (Swampscott) +(2)John Ellison (?) +(3)Henry Curtis Ireland 9 Susie Ireland b.9Set1881 (Swampscott) 8 Amos Phillips BLANEY b.9Jul1853; d.24Oct1854 (1) (both Swampscott) 8 Gerry Elbridge BLANEY b.212Jul1856; d.31Oct1858 (2) (both Swampscott) 8 Gerry Elbridge BLANEY b.4Dec1859 (Swampscott, MA) d.5Jun1946 (86) (Danvers, MA, at state hospital) 8 Anna Aralia BLANEY b.1Jun1876; d.9Jun1881 (5) (both Swampscott, MA) 6 Benjamin BLANEY b.~1756 (?Lynn, MA); d.~Aug1809 +(2)Hannah HANFORD of Salem m~1797; d.1809 [2nd wife of Joseph BLANEY b~1742 +(2) Abigail YEOMAN b.~1716; m.09Oct1736; d~1757 [2nd wife of Joseph BLANEY b~1742] [dau. of William GRAY and Hannah SCARLET] 4 Ambrose (Andrews on birth record) BLANEY b.7Apr1707 (Lynn, MA); Cordwainer d.17Jan1760; [Son of Joseph BLANEY and Abigail ANDREWS] + Judah (Judith) CURTIS b.12Jun1710 (Lynn, MA); m.12Jun1729 (Lynn, MA); d~1777 (age67) or 3Mar1791 (Roxbury, MA.) dau of William Curtis and Elizabeth Scadlock 5 Abigail BLANEY b.1730 5 Joseph BLANEY b.29Mar1730 (Lynn, MA) 5 William BLANEY b.21Sep1731 (Lynn, MA); d.17Apr1780 (age48) (Roxbury, MA.) + Mary GRIDLEY b.13Nov1734; m.17Feb1755; d.Apr1809 (age74) (both Roxbury, MA) [dau. of Samuel Gridley and Abigail Sharpe] 6 William BLANEY b.23Jul1757; d.5Jan1824 (66) (both Roxbury, MA) + Catherine MEARS b.19Jul1762 (Roxbury, MA) 7 Ann Mears BLANEY b.13Mar1784 (Roxbury, MA); d.28Feb1849 (64) (Boston, MA) + Ambrose BLANEY b.23Nov1779, her 1st cousin once removed removed. See Ambrose BLANEY for children. 7 William BLANEY b.21Nov1785 (Roxbury, MA); d~May1815 (29) + Hannah Wilborne WILLIAMS 7 Charles BLANEY b.6Dec1789 (Roxbury, MA); d.15Nov1823 (33) (Boston, MA) + Hannah Beeman b.21Dec1785; d.9Jan1874 (88) Maine 8 Hannah Ann BLANEY b.6Jul1812 (Hampden, Maine) +(1)Gilman Page b.14Jan1811 (Dorchester, Grafton Co., NH) 9 Ann PAGE b.6Oct1835 (Cambridge, MA) +(2)William Black b.20Feb1818 (Charlestown, Sullivan Co., NH) [3 children] 8 Catherine B BLANEY b.12Feb1814 (Frankfort, Maine); d.Aug1877 (63) (Salt Lake City, UT) + Euclid B Houghton b.20Apr1816; d.29Mar1862 (45) St. Louis, MO) [3 children] 8 Charles William BLANEY b.20May1815 (Frankfort, Maine); + Susan (Susanna) B Church 9 Charles William BLANEY b.14Aug1844 (Bethel, Maine); d.25Jun1920 (75) (Malden, MA). + Lucy Kramer b.July1852 (Boston) 9 Elizabeth Brigham BLANEY b.5Jan1847 (Bethel, Maine); d.3Aug1920 (73) (Malden, MA) + Jesse B Thornton b~1839 (Providence, RI) [2 children] 9 Edwin R BLANEY b.6Oct1848; d.14May1849 (7/12) (both Cambridge, MA) 9 Susan Emily BLANEY b.3Jul1850 (Cambridge, MA); d.17Mar1931 (age80) (Malden, MA) 9 Miranda Bickford BLANEY b.31Aug1852 (Cambridge MA); d.26Dec1940 (age88) (Malden, MA) 9 Child (dau) BLANEY Stillborn 25Dec1854 (Cambridge, MA) 9 Julia BLANEY b.4Dec1857 (Boston); d.25Mar1939 (81) (Malden, MA) + Robert D Thompson b~1856 (Boston) [1 child] + Fred L Dodge b.1864; d.14Oct1904 (40) (Malden, MA) [2 children] 8 Frances C BLANEY b.1818 (Boston); d.1856 (38), (Chicago, IL) + Benjamin Adams b.26Sep1816 (Hopkinton, MA) d.1Apr1893 (76) Galena, Illinois [5 children]

Irving Blaney b.1817

Annette Blaney b.1820
8 Irving BLANEY b.7Jun1817 (Strafford, VT); d.2Jun1897 (79) (Boston) + Annette W Chandler b.5May1820 (Strafford, VT) d.6Mar1903 (82) (Boston) 9 Annette BLANEY b.19Jul1841 (Boston); d.31Jul1841 (12 days) 9 Child BLANEY b. & d.19July1843 (South Boston) 9 Charles Irving BLANEY b.1Mar1844; d.31Dec1897 (53) (both Boston) +(1)Rebecca Caroline REED b~1840; bm.10Jun1867; d.6Dec1875 (35) (both Boston) 10 Annette Chandler BLANEY b.16Jun1868 (Boston) + William Everett CROWELL b.22Sep1872 (Hingham) [1 child] 10 Irving BLANEY b.28Dec1874; d.19Nov1878 (3) (both Boston) +(2)Annette L GOULLAUD b.July1852 10 Arthur Osgood BLANEY b.8Jul1883 (South Boston); d.26Jan1965 (81) (Quincy, MA) +(1)Mary Ida D. Duchaney ("ex" ?dv.) b~1885 (Lawrence, MA); d.14Jan1961 (76) (Boston) 11 Marie Augusta BLANEY b.4Mar1906 11 Arthur Eugene BLANEY b.30Jul1907; d.31Jan1987 (79) (both Braintree, MA) +(2)Mary Louise Griffin b~18Dec1892; d.5Sep1961 (68) (both Boston) 12 William Richard BLANEY 12 Eugene Edward BLANEY b.2Sep1926 (Brewster Put, NY) + Francis Louise JAMISON b.1928; m.1951; d.1989 (VA.) [dau. of William Edward Gold Jamison] 13 Charles Edward BLANEY b.1951 (Charlotte) + Dianna (Dianne) (?Sylvia ?BELK) b.1950 div. remarried Eric MASSEY 14 Sgt Joshua C BLANEY b.15Sep1982 (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., NC.); d.12Dec2007 (Afghanistan) - K.I.A. on 2nd tour (Bronze Star). Previously wounded in Iraq 2003 (Purple Heart) Sometimes listed as Cpl) 14 Eddie Allen BLANEY + Misty 14 Carley BLANEY b.1984 +(2)Carmen Landry Geraldine [2nd wife of Arthur Eugene BLANEY] 11 Joseph Irvin BLANEY b.3Nov1908 (Braintree, MA) d.16Dec1976 (68) (Brockton, MA) + Mary Charlotte Mann b.21Jul1910 (Boston) d.15October1983 (73) (Easton, MA) 12 Joan Catherine BLANEY 12 Joseph Irvin BLANEY

Eleanor Louise BLANEY
12 Eleanor Louise BLANEY b.1937 12 Robert William BLANEY 12 Margaret Cecelia BLANEY 11 Florence Louise BLANEY b.28Dec1909 (Braintree, MA) d.25Nov1987 (77) (Quincy, MA) + Daniel W Seward b.29Jan1905; m.1933; d.22May1993 (87/8) (Quincy) 11 Laura E BLANEY 11 Charles Herbert BLANEY b.19Sep1913 (Boston); d.2Nov1974 (61) (Lowell, MA) + ___ ?unwed 12 Betty Rose BLANEY 12 Edith L BLANEY + Martha Elizabeth Beck b.4Dec1916 (Boston); d.1Apr1997 (80) 12 Charles Herbert BLANEY 12 Eugene Bradley BLANEY 12 George Nelson BLANEY 12 Richard Lawrence BLANEY 12 Arthur Eugene BLANEY 12 Frederick Albert BLANEY 12 Raymond Vincent BLANEY 12 Mary Louise BLANEY 12 Paul Alfred BLANEY 12 Donna Marie BLANEY 12 Leo James BLANEY 11 Child BLANEY b.4Dec1917 (Boston) stillborn dau. 11 George Nelson BLANEY b.13May1921 (Randolph, MA) d.18Jul1985 (64) (Winthrop, MA) + Lottie Howell b~1Dec1923 (Loretto, TN); d.31Jul1999 (75) (Ayer, MA) 12 Lottie Marie BLANEY 12 George Nelson BLANEY 12 Donald Earl BLANEY 12 Robert Charles BLANEY 12 Lawrence Wayne BLANEY +(2) ___ 11 Phyllis BLANEY 10 Marie Ernestine BLANEY b.19Feb1887; d.14Jul1889 (2) (both Boston) 10 Choate I BLANEY b.14Jan1889; d.2Jan1890 (11/12) (both Boston) 10 Choate BLANEY b.24Dec1888 (Boston) 10 Florence Louise BLANEY b.5Jul1890 (Boston); d.19Nov1968 (78) (Braintree, MA) + Clarence Payne [5 children] 9 William Wheeler BLANEY b.11Mar1847 (South Boston); d.25May1927 (80) (Boston) "lobar pneumonia" + Caroline "Carrie" Townley b.20Oct1851 (Newark, NJ); m.4Nov1847; d.31Dec1908 (57) (Boston) 10 Anna E BLANEY 10 William Irving BLANEY b.22Nov1870; d.28May1897 (26) (Boston) + Elizabeth Mary Diekmeier b.15Mar1873 (Boston) 11 William Henry BLANEY b~21Apr1894 (Boston) + Jessica Spencer Marshall b.14Aug1894 (Boston) 12 William Henry BLANEY b.13Dec1916 (Boston); d.22Mar1989 (72) (Northport, NY) + Myra C Hornish 13 Lauren Elizabeth BLANEY 10 Sarah Caroline BLANEY b.19May1872 (Boston); d.1920 (48) + Edwin R Brackett b~1871 (MA); d.1920 (49) 10 Seth Chandler BLANEY b.17Dec1873; d.19Aug1874 (8/12) (Boston) "hydrocephalus" 10 Charles Lansing BLANEY b.14May1875; d.1Jan1879 (3) (both Boston) 10 Jennie Arabell BLANEY b.15Aug1876; d.26May1880 (3) (both Boston) 10 Grace Louisa BLANEY b.30Oct1877 (Boston) 10 Emma L BLANEY b.14Apr1879; d.24Nov1879 (7/12) (both Boston)

9 Cyril Chandler BLANEY b.17Jul1849 (South Boston) d.5Apr1918 (68) (Boston) "lobar pneumonia" Woodstock merchant +(1)Ellen "Ella" Frances Stanyan/Stanion b.1853 (New Boston, NH) m.3Feb1869; d.9Jan1891 (38) (Boston) 10 Myrtie May BLANEY b.26Feb1870 (Boston); d.18Mar1937 (67) + George L GRAMER b.1Sep1866 (Boston); d.26Sep1954 (88) [2 children] 10 Abbie Ella BLANEY b.20Sep1871; d.18Nov1878 (7) (both Boston) "Diphtheria" 10 Mina Isobel Elizabeth BLANEY b.11Jul1873 (Boston); d.15Feb1937 (63) (Santa Monica, CA) + Frank C ROGERS b~1869 (Boston) + (relationship) Otis Emerson Dunham b.12Oct1876 (Beverly MA) [3 children] 10 Emily Louisa BLANEY b.30Nov1875; d.9Nov1878 (2) (both Boston) 10 Walter I BLANEY b.14Nov1877 (Boston); d.16Nov1878 (1) (Boston) 10 Eunice Caroline BLANEY b.1Nov1878 (Boston) d.25Dec1904 (26) (Brookline" "tubo-ovaritis" + Bertram A Williams b~1877 (Revere, MA); d.1937 (60) 10 Dr Cyril Arthur BLANEY b.11Nov1879 (Dorchester, MA); d.18Jan1956 (76) (Groton, MA) + Florence Edith POND b~8May1887 (Natick, MA); d.27Mar1955 (67) (Lowell, MA) 11 Genevieve Louise BLANEY b.18Feb1912 (Wesford, MA) d.1Dec2000 (88) (Ayer, MA) + Charles Otis PALMER b.9May1907 (Peabody, MA) d.9Jul1969 (62) (Boston) 11 Inez Claire BLANEY b.14Oct1913 (Westford, MA); d.6Jun1986 (72) (Lowell, MA) + James Albert DORSEY b.2Jan1914 [1 child] 11 Dr Cyril Chandler BLANEY b.1Sep1915 (Westford, MA); d.14Sep1991 (76) (Nashua, NH) + Anne DENISEVICH 12 Cyril BLANEY 12 Barbara Ann BLANEY 10 Albert F BLANEY b.7Jan1882; d.16Aug1882 (7/12) (both Boston) 10 Ella Frances BLANEY b.2Jul1883 (Boston); d.9Sep1966 (83) (Los Angeles, CA) + Alfred Longfello BENSHIMOL b.27Feb1885 (Cambridge, MA) d.17Aug1950 (65) (Los Angeles, CA); [1 child] 10 Percy Chandler BLANEY b.3Apr1885 (Boston) d.31Dec1956 (71) (Quincy, MA) + Esther Eunice GALE b.21Jan1891 (Boston); d.23Nov1965 (74) (Cohasset) 11 Dorothy Helen BLANEY b.29Aug1910 (Boston) d.26Sep1990 (80) (Quincy) + Leo Augustine Mallett b.20Jun1909 (Digby, Nova Scotia) d.29May1985 (75) (Braintree, MA) [4 children] 11 Esther Eunice BLANEY b.6May1913 (Boston); d.1957 (44) + Arthur Lean CLARK b.12Apr1908 (Cohasset); d.26Apr1993 (85) 11 William Gale BLANEY b.4May1916 (Boston) d.1Jul1940 (24) (Laconia, NH) "motorcycle accident injuries" + Blanche Chapman FOX 12 Jean Blanche BLANEY 12 William Gale BLANEY 12 Robert Chapman BLANEY 11 Richard Chandler BLANEY b.23Nov1922 (Quincy); d.1957 (35) 10 Harriet Marion BLANEY b.24Mar1887; d.20Jun1964 (77) (both Boston) 10 Florence Clare BLANEY b.December 21, 1888 (Boston) d.Jan1974 (85) + Frank Herbert LORING b.31Jan1887 (Boston) [1 child] +(2)Rose Isabel METCALF b~1877; d.1927 (50) (both Boston)

Abbie Anna BLANEY 1865

Abbie Anna BLANEY 1875
9 Abbie Anna BLANEY b29Sep1855 (South Boston); d.1934 (79) + James Franklin BOURNE b.Oct1847 (Dedham, MA); [4 children] 9 Osgood Chandler BLANEY b.20Jan1860 (South Boston, MA); d.4Dec1937 (Boston, MA [Roslindale]) + Eleanor KIESER b.9Nov1862; d.13Feb1935 (72) (both Boston) 10 Abbie Ella BLANEY b.2Feb1883; d.3Jul1883 (5/12) (both Boston) 10 Mabel Lena BLANEY b.11May1884; d.6May1886 (both Boston) 10 Alice Caroline BLANEY b.21May1886; d.11Jan1890 (3) (both Boston) 10 Walter Clifford BLANEY b.14Sep1892 (Boston) d.27Nov1949 (57) (Searsmont, Maine) + Hazel Emley WALTZ b.6Jan1903 (Boston); d.16Jun2000 (97) (Rockland, Maine) + Mae CONKLIN (not married) b~15Mar1892 (New Haven, CT); d.10Oct1950 (58) (Provincetown, MA) 11 Child BLANEY 11 Roy Conklin BLANEY b19Dec1922 (Boston); d.1999 (77) (Boothbay Harbor, Maine) + Anne PERISHO b.6Aug1931 (Lansdowne, PA); d.2Mar2001 (69) (Bath, Maine) 12 Aaron BLANEY 12 Joan BLANEY 12 Eben BLANEY 8 Harriet BLANEY b~1822 + Charles H BLANCHARD Not the Captain Blanchard who captured the shark that killed his father-in-law, 52 year old Joseph Blaney of Swampscott while fishing on 12Jul1830 [1401], as Harriet's father was Charles Blaney. 9 Charles Harvey BLANCHARD b.1846 (MA.); d.1930 (UT.) 8 Margaret P BLANEY b~1824 (Maine); d.26May1893 (69) + Henry BOOTHBY b.14Jun1822 (Limerick, Maine); d.1895 (age73) [11 children] 7 James Mears BLANEY b.26Aug1791 (Roxbury, MA); d.31Mar1880 (88) (Brookline (Boston), MA) + Mary BEEMAN b.May1792; d.15Sep1874 (82) (Brookline) 8 William BLANEY b~Aug1819; d.31Jan1858 (38) (both Boston, MA) 8 Mary BLANEY b~Feb1826; d.7Feb1868 (42) (both Boston, MA) + Moses Field FOWLER b~1819; d~7Dec1889 (70) 8 Emma Corinna BLANEY b.31Mar1829; d.16Sep1910 (81) (both Brookline) + Edward Sereno DANE b~1830; d.9Apr1906 (76) (Brookline) [2 children] 7 Samuel BLANEY b.9Apr1793; d.17Apr1793 (8 days) 7 Major George BLANEY b.16November1795 (Roxbury); Graduated US Military Academy (West Point) 1815 Served in Corps of Engineers till 1835 d.15May1835 (Smithville, N.C.) (of Sunstroke) +(1)Margaret Alexander PEARSON b.8Mar1802 (Albany, NY); d.31Aug1823 (West Point, NY) 8 Margaret Pearson BLANEY b.19Mar1827 (Philadelphia, PA) d.28Jul1827 (4/12) (Carlisle, PA)

Gen. Washington L ELLIOTT

Older Gen W_L_Elliott


Col Alexander B SHARP

Major William B Lane
+(2)Mary Elizabeth Dagworthy BIDDLE b.Apr1805 (Philadelphia, PA) m.27Apr1826; d.4Sep1879 (74) Carlisle, PA [dau of William McFunn Biddle (1765-1809) & Lydia SPENCER (1766-1858)] 8 Valeria ("Val") Biddle BLANEY b.9Jul1828 (Smithville, NC); d.6May1900 (71) Had a species of snake (Virginia valeriae) named for her in 1853 after she collected the first specimen in Kent Co., Maryland. [1444] + General Washington Lafayette ELLIOTT b.31Mar1825; d.29June1888 m.20Aug1856; Commissioned a Second Lieutenant in 1946 for the Mexican-American War, rising to Brigadier General in the American Civil War and given the honary award of Brevet Major General in 1866 Retired from army in 1879 then became a banker. [Son of Commodore Jesse Elliott (1782-1845) and Frances Galen Elliott b.1791] 9 Washington Graham Elliott b.1852; d.1924​ 9 Katherine Blaney ELLIOTT b.11Jul 1858; d.30Nov1932 9 Frances Vaughan ELLIOTT b.22Oct1861(2); d.1940 9 George Blaney ELLIOTT b.27Jan1863; d.7Jan1894 unm 9 Mary Biddle ELLIOTT b.3Sep1866 + Herbert George PONTING m.5Jun1895 8 Catherine (Katherine) Mears BLANEY b.3Jun1830 (Virginia); d.1918 + Col. Alexander Brady SHARPE, Esq b.12Aug1827; m.19Dec1854; d.25Dec1891; Lawyer, Carlisle, PA. Enlisted as Pvt 21Apr1861, assigned as Aide-de-camp for General Edward O C Ord till end of civil war - Adjutant in 1863 8 William Biddle BLANEY b.26Sep1832 (Smithville, NC); d.18Feb1862 (29) (Benton Barracks, MO) unm. 8 Lydia Spencer BLANEY b.28Nov1834 (Smithville, NC); d.28June1914 (79) (Fort Riley, KS) Author of the book "I Married a Soldier or Old Days in the Old Army" 1893 + Maj. William Bartlett LANE b.10Oct1825; m.18May1854 [4 children] [Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel] d.28Jun1898 Four children 6 Samuel BLANEY b.6Dec1759; d.2May1826 (both Roxbury, MA) [1480] Clearly NOT the Captain Samuel Blayney some postulate. +(1) Anna "Nancy" CURTIS b.18Jun1764; m.12Jun1791; d.23Feb1848 (all Roxbury) 7 Charles Pierpont BLANEY b.2Jan1797; d.9May1860 (both Roxbury) 7 Anna Heath BLANEY b.30Mar1800 (Roxbury, MA); d.25Dec1878 (Boston) +(2) Margaret FOY b.4Jan1772; d.19Feb1859 More probably wife of Captain Samuel Blayney as the children are identical! 7 Nancy BLANEY b.1796 d.1878 7 Joseph BLANEY b.1799 7 William H BLANEY b.1802 7 John H BLANEY b.1803 d.1887​​ 7 Elizabeth BLANEY b.1806 d.1837 6 Mary BLANEY b.1May1762; d.8Oct1805 (both Roxbury, MA) + George Zeigler b.1759 (Germany); d.29Jan1819 (60) (Roxbury, MA) [7 children] 6 Joseph BLANEY b.23Jun1764 (Roxbury, MA); d.1802 (Boston Harbor) "drowned" + Elizabeth McLEOD b.6Jun1764; m.9Dec1784 (Boston); d.1834 7 Elizabeth BLANEY b.6Apr1786 (Boston); d.1844 + David WHITE 7 Joseph BLANEY b.12Sep1788 (Boston); d.1835 (47) (Charleston, S.C.) 7 Mary Gridley BLANEY b.27May1790 (Boston); d.19Jun1790 (23d) 7 Mary Gridley BLANEY b.16Jan1792 (Boston); d.1844 + James STARKWEATHER b.9May1787 (Preston, New London CT.) d.23Jan1821 (Sackett Harbor, NY) 8 Five children
Abigail BLANEY

née Bowman

Benjamin BLANEY

Clipper ship
Flying Cloud


after China voyages


before his


Bronze bas relief
by Bela Lyon Pratt

1894 Portait of

Pastel on paper - C Hassam
Dwight Blaney

by John S Sargent

On The Verandah
by John Singer Sargent
View from Ironbound Island To Frenchman

Oil on canvas 1908 [Dwight BLANEY]
7 Benjamin BLANEY b.20Sep1794; d.10Oct1857 [1106] [1106] (both Boston, MA) Mason by trade; Representative from Boston "to the legisture" 1853-4 Prominant member of Fire department (gained "handsome testimonial" for "efficiency at the famous Becon Street Fire". Patentented a domestic oven 1834 (signed by President Andrew Jackson + Abigail Miller BOWMAN b.1Dec1794 (Milton, MA); d.29Dec1873 (Boston, MA) "apoplexy" 8 Mary Bowman BLANEY b.1818; d.1891 (?Lake George, FL) 8 Sarah Tarlton BLANEY b.4Nov1819 (Boston) (or ~1823 as 27 1850 Census); d.31May1867 (47) (Bedford, MA) "epilepsy" 8 Henry Robertson BLANEY b.3Jan1822 (19 Common St., Boston); d.2Feb1896 (74) (Salem. MA) Clerk of the First Corps of cadets, M.V.M. and a Mason from 1843 (Knight Templar at death). Life member of Massachusetts Horticultural Soc. & member Bostonian Soc, Voyaged to China [1106] + Mary French WOOD b.22Dec1833 (Boston, MA); m.14Mar1854; d.6Jan1912 (78) (Salem, MA) 9 Henry R BLANEY b.29Jan1855 (Dedham, MA); d.18July1913 (58) (Yokohama, Japan) Wrote "Photogravure" 1895 [1109] + Helen Stevens GREENWOOD FARLEY b.24Jan1849 (Ipswich, MA) d.6Aug1900 (51) (Ipswich); Previously married to Henry Bunker Farley (1845-1876). [dau. of Thomas Smith GREENWOOD & Paulina Adams Thurlow] 9 Emma Louise BLANEY b.8Mar1857 (Brookline, MA); d.24Dec1918 (61) (Salem, MA) + Ross Sterling TURNER b~1848 (Westport, NY) d.12Feb1915 (67) (Nassau, Bahamas) [3 children]; Watercolourist of Boston 9 Dwight BLANEY b.24Jan1865 (Brookline, MA); Trained as an architect, then became one of the first American Impressionist painters. Collected American Antiques and founded of the Walpole Society A naturalist (with 2 species named after him) and archeologist. d.2Feb1944 (79) (Boston, MA) + Edith White Hill b.2Sep1868 (Roxbury, MA) Heiress to the Eastern Steamship Co. d.8Dec1930 (62) (Boston) 10 Margaret "Meg" HILL BLANEY b.16Jun1898 (Ironbound Island [Winter Harbor], Maine; d.15Oct1959 (61) (Santa Barbara, CA) 10 John BLANEY b.23Nov1900 (Boston) d.7Jun1919 (18) (Marblehead) "pulmonary TB" 10 David BLANEY b.19Mar1902 (Boston); d.26Jul1989 (87) (Bar Harbor, Maine) + Marjorie ("Midge") LEATHERBEE b.12Jul1906 (Boston) d.16Jun1993 (86) (Daleville, VA) 11 Joy BLANEY 11 Edith BLANEY 11 John BLANEY b.31Aug1934 (Newton, MA); d.21May1965 (30) 11 Benjamin BLANEY 10 Robert ("Rob") BLANEY b.20Jul1903 (Ironbound Island [Winter Harbor], Maine); d.18Aug1926 (23) (Folkestone, England) 10 Elizabeth "Libby" Hill BLANEY b.15Feb1905 (Boston); d.7Jan1995 (89) (Bar Harbor, Maine) + George Frank Cram b~1904 (Newton MA); d.16Feb1971 (67) (Boston) 10 Richard ("Richie") BLANEY b.6Jun1907 (Boston) d.31Aug1962 (55) (Bar Harbor, Maine) + Elizabeth ("Elsbeth") Lyle b.12Nov1904 (South Carolina) d.11Jul1976 (71) (Bangor, Maine) 11 Richard BLANEY 9 Percivale BLANEY b.27Aug1868 (Brookline, MA) d.7May1875 "cholera" 8 Abby BLANEY b.1824 (Boston) + Charles Stevens [2 children] 8 Caroline "Carrie" BLANEY b~24Feb1826; d.21May1907 (Framingham, MA) 8 Joseph BLANEY b.3Dec1829 (Boston); d.14Sep1865 (35) (Shellharbour, NSW, Australia) + Margaret RYAN b.18May1835 (Campbelltown, NSW, Australia) d.23Jul1896 (61) (Ashfield, NSW, Australia) 9 George BLANEY b.29May1858 (Jamberoo, NSW) + Ann Perkins b.7Apr1862 (Terry's Meadows, NSW) 10 Joseph BLANEY b.1883 (NSW) 10 Annie L BLANEY b.1885 10 Arthur T BLANEY b.1886 (NSW) 10 George A BLANEY b.1887 (NSW) 10 Margaret F BLANEY b.1889 (NSW) 10 Mary BLANEY b.1892 (NSW) 10 Horace BLANEY b.17Jan1894 (Berry, NSW); d.May1981 (87) (NSW) + ___ 11 Linda BLANEY 11 Horace BLANEY 11 Thelma BLANEY 11 Barry Graham BLANEY 10 William J BLANEY b.1896 (NSW) 9 Caroline Rosamond BLANEY b.23Apr1860 (Shellharbour, NSW) d.22Oct1938 (78) (Sydney, NSW) + George Butler Wilson b.1858 (Buckland, Vic, Australia) 9 Margaret BLANEY b.5Apr1862 (Shellharbour, NSW); d.18Nov1928 (66) (Mosman, NSW) + Thomas Washington Gillett b.3May1861 (Parramatta, NSW) d.17Aug1902 (41) (Ashfield, NSW) [5 children] 9 Sarah BLANEY b.8Jul1863 (Shellharbour, NSW); + Edwin Michael White b.22Dec1851; d.14Jan1909 (both NSW) [7 children] 9 Horace BLANEY b.10Apr1865 (Shellharbour, NSW); d.4Apr1902 (36) (Camperdown, NSW) + Matilda Mary Moore b.27Jun1870 (London, England); d.30Oct1948 (age78) (Millers Point, NSW) 10 Rose Clara BLANEY b.29Dec1895 (Paddington, NSW); d.27Feb1968 (72) (Kogarah, NSW) + Emmanuel Isaac Polglase b.11March1895 (Bourke, NSW); [3 children] 10 May Matilda Margaret BLANEY b.8May1898 (Paddington, NSW); d.15Dec1965 (67) (NSW) 10 Horace Joseph BLANEY b.7Apr1901 (Paddington, NSW); d.6May1937 (36) (Mascot, NSW) 8 Susan Elizabeth BLANEY b.1831; d.13Jan1906 (both Boston) + James T Bowman b.Jun1837/8; d.14Jan1902 (both Boston) [son of Abner H. Bowman (1797-1866) & Joanna H. Door (1806-1888)] [3 children] 8 Harriet Low BLANEY b.1832 (Boston) + Lyman Davenport b.26Jun (Milton MA) [4 children] 8 Emma Louise BLANEY b.28May1834 (Boston); d.1835 8 Margaret Low BLANEY b.28May1834 (Boston); d.13Nov1897 (Reading, MA) "apoplexy" 8 George F BLANEY b.1836 (Boston); d.16Feb1898 (Long Island, NY) 8 Horace BLANEY b.1839 (Boston); d.1894 + Mary Metcalf Barnes b.25Mar1839 9 Caroline L BLANEY b.24Mar1868 (Waltham, MA) 7 George Zeigler BLANEY b.3Jan1797 (Boston); d.2May1797 (3/12) 7 Lydia Tuckerman BLANEY b.18Dec1802 (Boston, MA) d.25Dec1883 (Milton, MA) + Leonard B Morse b.5Jul1793; d.29Apr1884 (both Weston, MA) [7 children] 6 Benjamin Sharpe BLANEY b.29Oct1766 (Roxbury, MA) d~14Dec1816 (Smithville, NC) + Margaret Evans (Roxbury) 7 William Ewen (or Evans) BLANEY 7 Mary BLANEY b~1786 7 Nancy BLANEY 7 Caroline BLANEY 7 George BLANEY ? = Major George BLANEY (US Army Corp of Engineers) but that could be be a confusion with his cousin Major George BLANEY 6 Abigail BLANEY b.26Mar1768 (Roxbury, MA) + Asa Hunting b.24Aug1759; d.Mar1834 (74) (both in Roxbury, MA) [2 children] 6 Henry BLANEY b.1Aug1770 (Roxbury); d.27Sep1844 (74) (Cambridge) Mason, owned two houses +(1)Sarah Speer b~1771; d.14Jan1793 (22) (Boston, MA) +(2)Caroline BLANEY b.24Jun1772 (Roxbury); d.8Apr1855 (82) (Boston, MA) dau of Aaron BLANEY and Eunice Segar (she was his cousin) 7 Mary Zeigler BLANEY b.1801 (Maine); d.22Jun1835 (34) (Cambridge, MA) + George Washington Perrin b.25Oct1789; d.21Nov1867 (age78) [1 child] 7 Caroline BLANEY b.1803; d.19Mar1834 (age31) (Cambridge, MA) 7 Eunice BLANEY b.1807; d.9Jan1836 (age29) (Boston, MA) 7 Margaret BLANEY b.1809; d.21Jul1835 (age26) (Boston, MA) 7 Henry BLANEY b.1811; d.20Nov1814 (age3) (Boston, MA) 7 George Washington BLANEY b.1814; d.16Dec1814 (36/52) (Boston, MA) 7 William BLANEY b.31Aug1819 7 Henry BLANEY b.3Jan1822 6 John BLANEY b.1772 Chr.10Jun1772 (Roxbury, MA.) 5 Lydia (Lidia) BLANEY b.5Sep1732 (Lynn, MA); d.5Oct1796 (64) (Roxbury, MA) + William Gridley b.6May1732; d.10Dec1786 (54) (Roxbury, MA) [11 children including William Jr] 5 Elizabeth BLANEY b.23Nov1734/5 (Lynn, MA); d.1738 (Roxbury, Suffolf, MA.) 5 Andros BLANEY b.15Nov1737 (Lynn MA) 5 Elizabeth BLANEY 1Jan1740; d.2Feb1802 (both Roxbury, Suffolf, MA.) + Thomas Nolen b.1734; d.10Jan1785 (51) [4 children] 5 Mary BLANEY b.6Feb1742 (Chelsea, MA); m.14Feb1771 (Roxbury, Suffolf, MA.) + Samuel Bowen b.8Aug1737 (Brookline, MA.); d.14Dec1802 (Roxbury, Suffolf, MA.) [son of Joshiah Bowen and Mary Winchester] 5 Aaron BLANEY Sr b.21Aug1745 (Chelsea, MA) d.01Oct1824 (Bristol, Maine) Cordwainer, merchant, grocer, and trader as well as Sexton Based in Roxbury during The Seige of Boston then Boston (1776) trading as: (a) Blaney & Parker; then (b) Blaney & Gridley (nephew William Gridley Jr) Presumably helped finance American Privateers as he had part shares (aka "Privetiering Concearns") in nine ships [1431]. + Eunice SEGAR b.17Jun1739 (Concord, MA); m.6Dec1770 d.29Apr1827 (Boston) [dau. of Ephraim SEGAR "taylor" of Roxbury and Priscilla HARRINGTON] 6 Arnold BLANEY b.30Mar1771/4 (Roxbury, MA) Trader, travelled to Paris, France where he married a "wealthy French woman on on before 1Jul1817. 6 Caroline BLANEY 24June1772 + Henry BLANEY son of William and Mary BLANEY, so he was her cousin. 6 Aaron BLANEY Jr b.18Apr1776 (Roxbury, MA); d.31Jul1834 (58) (Bristol) Mecantile businessman; Large Land-owner; Postmaster, Treasurer and Representative of Bristol; Justice of the Peace; Lieutenant in the Independent Washington Artillery. + Betsey DENNIS b.14Apr1783 (Nobleboro, Lincoln Co., Maine); m.18Dec1803; d.16Dec1866 (83) (Bristol) [dau. ofDavid DENNIS and Susanne KINSMAN]

The Hon
Arnold Blaney

Nancy Booth
Hunter Blaney

Arnold & sons
William O & Henry H Blaney

Henry Blaney b. 1835

William O. BLANEY b.1841

Loella E H Blaney

Charles C Blaney I 1891

Mabel & Charles C Blaney

William O. BLANEY ~1930

CharlesCB2, RosamondB & WilliamGB2

William O. BLANEY b.1905
7 Hon Arnold BLANEY b.30Sep1804 (Bristol); d.22/23Dec1878 (74) (Bristol) Postmaster, Probate Judge, Businessman and representative politician (Democrat) + Nancy Booth HUNTER b.3Jun1807; m.21Nov1833; d.18Aug1887 (both Bristol) [dau. of Henry HUNTER Jr and Ruth ROBINSON of Bristol, Maine] 8 Henry Hunter BLANEY b.25Nov1835; d.unm.10Dec1910 (75) (Bristol) 8 William Osgood BLANEY b.16Jul1841 (Bristol, ME.); d.12Nov1910 (Boston) Grain merchant, firms of Crosby & Blaney then Blaney, Brown & Co becoming the largest flour and grain dealer in Boston. Then Banker with various positions in the Chamber of Commerce, insurance companies, Board of Trade and President of the Commercial National Bank 1892-1900. +(1) ?Jane b.~1845 (ME.) +(2) Loella Elizabeth HUSTON b.5Apr1840 (Bristol); m.16May1867; d.13Mar1920 (Boston) [dau. of William HUSTON and Jane RICHARDS of Bristol] 9 Charles Crosby BLANEY b.20May1868 (East Boston); d.7Dec1951 (Newton, MA); Lawyer Collected the bulk of the genealogical information on John Blaney of Lynn and Salem, Massachusetts [1431] + Mabel Augusta WOOD b.19Oct1869 (Worcester, MA) m.19Oct1900 (Boston); d.11Nov1961 (Newton) 10 Carolyn "Crack" BLANEY b.12Dec1901; d.18Dec1972 (both Newton) + George Woodard MANDELL b.6Mar1902; m.4Nov1823 d.22Feb1975 (72) (both Newton) [2 children] 11 Charles Crosby MANDELL b.30May1923 11 Judith BLANEY MANDELL b.14Apr1926 10 William ("Bill") Osgood BLANEY 2nd b.15Sep1905; d.14June1985 (79) (both Newton) Former USGA Handicap Chairman; Insurance broker; Collated and added to his father's genealogical work [1431] + Rosamond ("Roz") PALMER b.23July1908 (Haverhill, MA); m.27Apr1934; d.7Jan1980 (71) (Newton, MA) [dau. of George Wallis PALMER and Helen Prince BROOKS] 11 Charles Crosby BLANEY, 2nd b.21July1936 + Charlotte RAYE b.7Nov1937; m.17Oct1958 12 David William BLANEY 12 Beverly Raye BLANEY 12 Jeffrey Brooks BLANEY 12 Margaret BLANEY 12 Janet Palmer BLANEY 11 William Osgood BLANEY, 3rd b.7Dec1939 + Elizabeth Ann LITZ b.27Nov1943; m.18Jan1964 12 Karen Ann BLANEY 12 Lynn Elizabeth BLANEY 12 William Charles BLANEY 9 Louise Houston BLANEY b.8Aug1872 (Charlestown, MA); d.15Sep1902 (30) (Boston) 8 Mary E BLANEY b.27Mar1847 (Wiscasset, Maine); d.unm.19Jan1919 (71) (Bristol) 7 Eunice D BLANEY b.29Aug1807 (Bristol, Lincoln Co., Maine) d.01Oct1837 (30) (Bristol), Lincoln Co., Maine + Capt. John Fitch b~1802; d.19May1850 (48) (Bristol) [1 child] 7 Susannah (Susan) Kinsman BLANEY b.6Sep1809; d.1Oct1837 (28) (Bristol) (or d.unm.11Aug1833) 7 Betsey BLANEY b.3/5Jan1813; d.unm.30Apr1832 (19) (both Bristol) 7 Aaron BLANEY b.28Sep1815 (Bristol); d.22Feb1862 (46) (Pepperell, MA) Master Mariner; childless. + Hannah Farrar ROGERS b~1824 (Boston) [dau of John William and Martha ROGERS] She then married Levi WALLACE on 20Sept1863 7 David Dennis BLANEY b.8Dec1817; d.30Jun1837 (19) (both Bristol) 7 James Monroe BLANEY b.13Dec1819; d.20Oct1847 (27) (both Bristol) Grain miller (Mullen & Blaney) 7 Caroline BLANEY b.21Oct1822 (Bristol); d.unm.14Feb1838 (15) (Cambridge, MA) "galloping consumption" 7 Henry BLANEY b.11Dec1824; d.23Jun1828 (3) (both Bristol) 6 twin Eunice BLANEY b.19Jun1778 twin 6 twin Lucinda BLANEY b.19Jun1778 (Roxbury) twin 6 Ambrose BLANEY b.23Nov1779 (Boston) d.24Sep1855 (75) (Roxbury, MA); Tinsmith +(1)Sarah Whitcomb b.3Apr1781 (Bolton, Worcester Co., MA); m.29Apr1810; d.19Jul1814 (33) 7 Sarah BLANEY b.1Mar1811; d.unm.25Mar1899 (88) (both Boston) 7 Caroline Lavinia BLANEY b.26Dec1812; d.8May1834 (21) (both Boston) +(2)Ann Mears BLANEY b.13Mar1784 (Roxbury, MA); 1st Cousin once removed of Ambrose (dau. of William Blaney, son of William (brother of Aaron Blaney Sn) 7 George Arnold BLANEY b.22Mar1821 (Boston) d.27Nov1884 (63) Woburn, MA + Hannah Margaretta Cazeneau b.15Mar1821 (Roxbury, MA); d.1895 (74) (Winchester, MA) 8 George Andrew BLANEY b.16Apr1853 (Roxbury, MA); d.12Sep1903 (Newton, MA) Associate Justice of the Newton Distrct Court + Ella Amanda FOWLE b.14Aug1851 (Woburn, MA); d.26Sep1914 (63) (Newton, MA) 9 Marguerite Germaine BLANEY b.15Feb1884 (Boston, MA); d.9Nov1886 (2) (Swampscott, MA) 9 Col George BLANEY b.9Oct1886 (Swampscott, MA); d.19Dec1969 (83) (Boston) US Army + Edith Cooper Erskine b.8Aug1889; d.2Jun1972 (82) (Barnstable, MA) 10 Child BLANEY b.22Apr1927 (Lowell, MA) stillborn son 10 Alice Elizabeth BLANEY 10 Marguerite Erskine BLANEY possibly the

Marguerite M BLANEY
? = Marguerite M BLANEY b.1899 who married + Allan Charles (aka Charles Allan) "Tommy" HARRINGTON b.15Jan1895 (Middleton, Washington Co., Oregon; m.5Nov1917; d.3Jun1936 (NY) MVA; Seaman, gas fitter [1 child] 9 Elizabeth BLANEY b.14Jan1890 or 21Feb1890 [1420] (Swampscott, MA); d.8Mar1951 (61) (Melrose, MA) 8 Catherine Mears BLANEY b.4Apr1856; d.13Nov1860 (4) (both Roxbury, MA) 8 Emily Frances BLANEY b.10Aug1851 (Dorchester, MA); d.3Nov1942 (91) (Hingham, MA) 8 Arthur Henry BLANEY b.17Mar1854; d.24Apr1904 (50) (both Dorchester, MA) + Grace Richardson b~1867 (Boston); d.Apr1904 (37) + Elizabeth Cary (unmarried) 9 Lillian Carey BLANEY b.23Nov1882 (Boston). + Richard Goehring 8 Annette Sewell BLANEY b.11Dec1864 (Dorchester, MA); d.10April1948 (83) (Hingham, MA) 7 Henry BLANEY 7 Augustus BLANEY b.12Jul1825; d.2Mar1904 (78) (both Boston) 7 Ann Catherine BLANEY b.25Oct1827 (Boston) d.10Aug1912 (84) (Worcester, MA) 6 William BLANEY b.27Aug1782; d.15May1862 (79) (both Boston, MA) + Sally Avis LEACH b.20Aug1786 (Boston); m.24Mar1816; d.1Aug1860 (73) (Dorchester, MA) [dau. of Thomas Leach and Desire BANGS of Charlestown] 7 William Henry BLANEY b.2Aug1818 (Boston); d.22Jul1862 (43) (Waldoboro, Lincoln Co., Maine) + Adeline Wotton b.1829 (Friendship, Maine); d.25Mar1907 (78) (Waldoboro) 8 Harriet "Hattie" A. BLANEY b.1848 (Waldoboro); d.14Oct1905 (57) (Lewiston, Maine) "meningitis" + Harmon Dill [2 children 8 Charles W BLANEY b.1849; d.19Oct1907 (58) (both Waldoboro) "alcoholism with heart failure" 8 Walter E BLANEY b.1851 (Maine); d.14Sep1892 (41) (Waldoboro) + Lilla M Hall b.29Dec1855 (Nobleboro, Maine); d.22Oct1945 (89) (Waldoboro) "heart disease"

Marcia Ella BLANEY
9 Marcia Ella BLANEY b.22May1884; d.12Jan1955 (70) (Waldoboro) 8 Ella Frances BLANEY b.6May1854 (Waldoboro); d.21May1932 (78) (Waltham, MA) 8 Carrie E BLANEY b.1856 (Waldoboro, Lincoln Co., Maine) d.4May1936 (80) (Waltham, MA). + Stillman Young 7 Caroline B BLANEY b.6Apr1820 (Boston); d.16Aug1855 (35) (Dorchester, MA) 7 Harriet BLANEY b.19Aug1821; d.30Jun1885 (63) (both Boston) 7 Sarah C BLANEY b.18Dec1823; d.22Mar1880 (56) (both Boston) 7 Charles BLANEY b.3Feb1830 (Boston); d.23Dec1893 (63) (Cambridge, MA) + Antoinette Hamilton Lamson b.5Sep1836 (Charlestown, MA) d.23Jan1912 (75) (New York City) 8 Charles Pr&$233;aut BLANEY b.14Mar1868 (Dorchester, MA); d.1951 (83) + Helen Beebe b.19Oct1882 (Rahway, NJ); d.5Jan1969 (86) (Natick, MA) 9 Charles Lamson BLANEY 9 Ann Shotwell BLANEY b.10Jul1917; d.1940 (23) 9 Sally Leach BLANEY b.1919 died on day of birth 8 Samuel Lamson BLANEY b.27Aug1871 (Charlestown, MA) d.21Apr1883 (11) (Boston) "meningitis" 7 George L BLANEY b.27Feb1827; d.3Oct1862 (35) (both Boston, MA) 4 Nehemiah BLANEY b.1712 (Lynn, MA); d.unm<4.Oct1733 (estate admin approved) Physician; Purchased Drug Store (Pharmacy) [Son of Joseph BLANEY and Abigail Andrews] 4 Abigail BLANEY b.1715; d.28Jul1764 (age49) (both Lynn, MA) [Dau. of Joseph BLANEY and Abigail Andrews] + Ralph LINDSEY b.2Aug1712 (Lynn, MA); m.5Jan1735; d.Jul1770 [10 children] [son of Ralph LINDSEY and Mary BREED] 3 Elizabeth BLANEY b.17Aug1673 (Salem, MA) 2nd dau. of John BLANEY (c1630-1715) & Hannah KING (1606-76) +(1)JonaThan FELT b.23Mar1666/67 (Salem); anchor smith; m.26Jul1701; d.1702 [son of George FELT and Phillippe ANDREWS] 4 Hannah FELT b.20Apr1702 +(2)John TAYLOR of Salem; m.15Jul1710; fisherman 4 Mary TAYLOR b.3Mar1710/11 4 John TAYLOR b.9Dec1712 4 William TAYLOR b.9Dec1712 3 Penelope BLANEY 3rd dau. of John BLANEY (c1630-1715) & Hannah KING (1606-76) 3 Sarah BLANEY b.1676; d.1707/08 4th dau. of John BLANEY (c1630-1715) & Hannah KING (1606-76) + Robert BUFFUM m.20Dec1703 (Salem, MA.) (his 2nd marriage); blacksmith 4 Sarah BUFFUM b.4Oct1704; d.22Nov1704 4 Sarah BUFFUM b.4Oct1706 + Daniel NEEDHAM 4 James BUFFUM d~1766 +(2)Elizabeth PURCHASE [1100] [1431] [PURCHAS [1366])] née ANDREWS (2nd wife of John Blayney Sn c.1630-1715) b.4May1633 [1431] (1627, 1632) (London, England); d.29Sep1709 (Hartford, CT.) m1.1653 to Richard PIKE (1633-1656) m2.1657 to Thomas PURCHASE b.1577 (Dorchester, Dorset, England); d.11May1678 (Lynn, Essex, MA.) [1100] (PURCHAS [1366]) (1576-1678) Founder of the town of Brunswick, Maine; owner of Pejepscot patent Five+ children; Previously married in 1631 to Mary GROVE (1579-1655) m3.Nov1678 to John BLANEY [1115]; [dau of Samuel ANDREWS (1598-1638) & Jane MACKWORTH (1605-1676) who emigrated to America in 1635 with Elizabeth] 3 Samuel PIKE (child of Richard PIKE) b.~1654; d.7Jul1722 3 John PURCHASE (child of Thomas PURCHASE) b.1659 3 Sarah PURCHASE (child of Thomas PURCHASE) b.1669; d.1735 + William BARTLETT b.1666; m.27Dec1688; d.27Dec1688 3 also Thomas Jr, Elizabeth (who married John Blaney Jr) plus another.

[04] Hugh BLANEY (c.1797-1853) emigrated from Ireland to
New Gersey - New York area

Head of the New Gersey - New York Blaney Family

1 Hugh BLANEY b~1797 (Ireland); d.25Oct1853 (Griggstown, Somerset, NJ) [1093]
 + Elizabeth PERRINE m.3Apr1828 (Somerset Co. NJ)
  2 Daniel BLANEY b.25Mar1829 (Franklin Twp., Somerset, NJ); d.27Dec1887 (Franklin Twp.)
    Occ. Canal Hand
   + Susan HUNT b.4Feb1828; d.11Oct1877
    3 Elizabeth BLANEY b~1850 (NJ); ob.
    3 Daniel BLANEY b~1852 (NJ); ob.
    3 Caroline BLANEY b~1856 (NJ); ob.
    3 John BLANEY b~1858 (NJ); ob.
    3 Anna BLANEY b~1860 (NJ); ob.
    3 George BLANEY b.19May1863 (Franklin Twp., Somerset, NJ); ob.
    3 Charles BLANEY b~1865 (NJ); ob.
    3 Ella H BLANEY b~1868 (NJ); ob.
    3 Abraham BLANEY b.Jun1869 (NJ); ob.
    3 Male BLANEY b.17Mar1853 (Franklin Twp., Somerset NJ); ob.
    3 Female BLANEY b.09Nov1854 (Franklin Twp.); ob.
    3 Male BLANEY b.07Mar1861 (Franklin Twp.); ob.
  2 Hugh BLANEY b~1831; d.>1850.
  2 Charles BLANEY b~1833; d>1880 & <1900) 
   + Catherine ___ b.Jan1848 (NJ); m.?19May1864
    3 Mary BLANEY bJul 1864 (NJ); ob.
    3 Hugh BLANEY, b. Nov 1867 (NJ); ob.
    3 Catherine BLANEY b~1868 (NJ); d<1900. 

Charles BLANEY
3 Charles BLANEY b.1872 (NJ); d<1900. 2 Catherine Maria (Marie) BLANEY b.4Jan1836 (NJ); d.17Sep1884 (Rocky Hill, Somerset, NJ) + Matthew DENNIS [1094] 3 George DENNIS b.Jan1868 (NJ); d.30Jan1948 (Philadelphia, PA) 2 John BLANEY b.10Aug1839 (Somerset Co. NJ); d.29Jan1908 (Montgomery Twp, Somerset Co.) + Sarah ROBINSON b.Feb1845 (Rocky Hill, Somerset, NJ); m~1865; d.19Apr1925 (Perth Amboy, Middlesex, NJ) Remarried Victor BERNARD after John's death dau. of Joseph ROBINSON and Abigail 3 Elizabeth R. Lillie BLANEY b.24Jun1866 (NJ); d.18Feb1870 (Philadelphia PA) 3 Arthur D. C. BLANEY b.27Jul1868 (PA); ob. 3 Ida Sarah BLANEY b.10Mar1871, d.1957 + William ZOGG m.1886 4 Seven ZOGG children (Johanna, Ernest, Elizabeth, Herbert, Dorothy, Florence, and Permelia. 3 Walter BLANEY b.23Aug1872 (Griggstown, Somerset, NJ); d.20Jun1940 (Hopewell Twp., Mercer, NJ) + Maggie HOUSEL b.Dec1870 (NJ); m~1898 4 Lillie M BLANEY b~1904 (NJ); ob. 4 Paul A BLANEY b.30Mar1909 (New Brunswick, Middlesex Co., NJ.); d.29Jun1998 (Princeton Junction, Mercer Co., NJ.) + Pearl L WATTS b.05Oct1906 (MD.); d.2Dec1992 (Princeton Junction, Mercer, NJ.) [dau of George John Watts (1878-1962) and Daisy Viola Sard (1883-1967)] 6 Margaret Ann BLANEY b.1930 (Princeton, NJ.)

Sarah van Horn née BLANEY

Harry S van Horn

Mary & mum Sarah BLANEY

William James BLANEY

Bernard BLANEY
3 Sarah Pamilla (Permelia) BLANEY b.5Apr1875 (Piscataway Twp., Middlesex, NJ); d.19Feb1926 (Princeton, Mercer, NJ) + Harry Stryker van HORN b.19Mar1874 (Sommerville, NJ); m.23Dec1896 (Rocky Hill, Montgomery Twp., Somerset, NJ); d.4Apr1942 (Princeton, Mercer Co., NJ) son of Jonathan R van HORN and Mary Elizabeth STRYKER 2nd marriage to Katherine J Knudsen 4 Four children (Howard Walter, Christian Belmont, Edward Delos and Mary Kipsey van HORN) 3 William James BLANEY b.14Oct1877 (Griggstown); d.Jan1963 (Princeton, Mercer Co., NJ) + Anna Goldie BASTEDO b.Sep1887; m~1904; d.1930 4 William Carlton BLANEY b.28Jun1904 (Montgomery Twp, Somerset Co., NJ); d.18Oct1962 + Cecilia S. Conrad b.1905 (PA.); d.1960 5 William BLANEY b.1926; d.1945 5 Raymond Philip BLANEY b.13May1929 (Rahway NJ.); d.26Oct1992 (East Melbourne Victoria Australia) +(1)Patricia Garry b.11Nov1931 (NJ.); d.24Apr2008 [dau of Andrew F. Garry and Mary Deutsch 2nd husband = John T. Soja (1923-2005)] +(2)Valerie Lorraine De Clifford b.21Sep1940; d.22Mar2012 (both Melbourne) [dau of William Morgan De Clifford and Edna Phyillis Cohen] 4 Calvin Ward BLANEY b.25May1907 (NJ); d.Dec1992 (NJ) 3 Bernard L BLANEY b.21 May 1879, d<1926 (Cranford, Union, NJ) 2 Mary BLANEY b~1843 (NJ); d.24Mar1924 (Rocky Hill, Somerset, NJ) +(1)___ LOVE b~1864 (NJ) 3 Bernard LOVE b~1864 (NJ) ob.y, d. date unknown. 3 Charles LOVE b~1867 (NJ) d>1930 +(2)Henry COOK b.Aug1850; d<1920) 2 William James BLANEY b~1848 (NJ) d>1880.

[05] James BLANEY (c.1807-79) of Co. Antrim NIR, Father-in-law of
Alice BLANEY née O'Neill who took the family to Boston

 1 James BLANEY, b~1807 (Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland); d.15Nov1879 (Lisnagarran, Co. Antrim)
   Possibly descended from Scots Blaneys [1108], but more probably related to the
   Blaneys in nearby Co Tyrone. Note that Cadwallader (Chadwallader) BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.1768 (Dullaghan Co Tyrone) and
   Mary Sproule had a James Blayney in 1797 (Dullaghan, Co Tyrone)
  + Jane MARKS b~1904 (Co. Antrim); d.1Jan1904 (Lisnagarran, Co Antrim) They had eight children.
   2 Henry "White Harry" BLANEY b.1840 (Co., Antrim, NIR, UK); d.20Mar1899 (Lisnahunshin, Co. Antrim)
    +  Alice O'Neill b.1842 (Portglenone, Co. Antrim); d.15Sep1917 (Roxbury, Boston,MA). 
      They had 11 children [1139] 
      [dau of Henry and Mary O'NEILL]. 
      Some children had already emigrated to the USA and after Henry's death, 
      Alice sold the farm and emigrated, along with the remaining four children (Joseph, John,
      William and Henry), arriving in Boston on the RMS Saxonia in August 1900. 

Mary Bagwell
née BLANEY[1139] 

Michael Bagwell  
and son Henry [1139] 
unidentifies sons of Henry & Alice
?James, Neil, Thomas, Joseph or Henry [1139] 

and some on this  
gravestone [1139] 

Rita Lane  
née BLANEY [1139] 
3 Mary BLANEY + Michael BAGWELL b.~1875 (Ireland); m.1906 (Boston) 4 Henry BAGWELL b.18Mar1914 Famously rescued a girl from the bottom of Lake Quannapowitt (1935) 3 James BLANEY b~1864; d.(?18)May1902 age 38 3 Thomas BLANEY b~1870; d.9July1917 age 47 3 Neil John BLANEY b.12Apr1871 (Lisnahunshin, Co. Antrim); d.2Jun1911 (Boston, MA.) This could be the father of Neal John BLANEY b.1893 (Donegal) who was an Irish Republican Army Commander in the Irish War of Independence, although there is another Neal John BLANEY (below) apparently born 1907 in USA. + Mary McKEOWN b.1872; m.1901 (Massachusetts); d.1921 [Arthur McKeown and Sarah Scullion] 4 Neil John Blaney Jr. b.1907 (MA.); d.1952 4 Henry Joseph BLANEY b.1902 (Boston, Suffolk, MA.); d.1902 4 Rose Mary BLANEY b.1903 (Boston, Suffolk, MA.); d.1927 4 Sarah ("Sally") Esther Mary BLANEY b.1909 (Boston, Suffolk, MA.); d.1976 + Albert Geiser 5 Rosemary Geiser 4 Alice Blaney b.1905 (Boston, Suffolk, MA.); d.1960 4 Matilda M Blaney b.1910 (Boston, Suffolk, MA.); d.1994 3 Daniel BLANEY b.1875; d.1914 + Ellen ("Nellie") BUTLER d.1918 4 Rita Ellen BLANEY b.29May1914 (Boston, MA) + Timothy LANE m.6Mar1937 3 Joseph BLANEY b~1879 (Co. Antrim); d.1951 3 Henry BLANEY (Co. Antrim)

[L-R] Daniel BLANEY, Nancy O'Hara
& Alice BLANEY
mid 1880s [1139]

, 1902
19yrs old [1139]

Rosetta O'Hara
(later BLANEY) [1139]

L-R: Bud & father John BLANEY

(also Ruthie) [1139]

L-R: Rita and Narni BLANEY
(sisters) [1139]

Margaret T BLANEY

(youngest) [1139]

Blaney Women
Left to right:-
Rita, Rosetta, Margaret and Rosaline [1139]
3 John BLANEY 2nd youngest, b.25Jul1882 (Portglenone, Lisnagarran, Co. Antrim); Emigrated to Boston, USA in 1902; d.1950 + Rosetta ("Rose") O'HARA b.12Jun1886 (Ballymoney, Co. Antrim); m.28Jun1916 (Boston); [daughter of Cornelius O'HARA and Nancy McNEIL] John and Rosetta were Catholics despite coming from from Northern Ireland and went on to have five children all born in Boston 4 Anne ("Narni") Mary BLANEY b.20Sept1916; d.May1971 + ___ ABBOTT 5 Joanne ABBOTT 5 Janice ABBOTT 4 Henry John ("Bud") BLANEY b.23May1918; d.14Jul1992 + Ruthie MARKHAM 4 Rosaline Helen BLANEY b.13Jun1920; m~1955; d.Apr2010 + Ralph W McKENZIE m.~1961; d.~1971 4 Alice "Rita" BLANEY b.25Feb1922; d.10Aug1998 + Stephen M. SARDELLA (of Wakefield, MA); m.12Nov1950 5 Mark SARDELLA ["blayney blog" author [1139]] 5 Robert SARDELLA 5 David SARDELLA 5 Daniel SARDELLA 4 Margaret Teresa BLANEY b.3Dec1925; d.1May1949 (consequences of Rheumatic Fever [1139]). 3 William BLANEY b~1884 (Co. Antrim)


[06] James BLANEY (born 1810) emigrated from Ireland to
Missouri USA and New Brunswick Canada

1 James BLANEY b.23Jun1810 (Ireland)
 + Elizabeth SCOTT b.30Nov1804 (Ireland); m.18Jul1834. [1093] [1141]
  2 Margaret BLANEY b.07Oct1835 (St Andrews, Charlotte Co., NB) or (Alexander ME)
   +(1)Francis Westbrook BROWN b.15Apr1836 (Alexander ME);
     [son of Michael BROWN and Rebecca Holmes KNIGHT]
     m.17Jun1859 (Alexander ME); Farm labourer [1141]
    d.10Feb1862 [1143] (the widowed Margaret remarried)
    3 Thomas James BROWN b.10Oct1860; d.Jan1861; [1141]
    3 Francis William BROWN b.19Dec1861; d.10Feb1862 [1141]
   +(2)John McLAUGHLIN b.~1825 (Ireland); Farmer; m.1863 [1141]
    3 Six sons, James, Thomas, William, Henry, George Washington,
      and Fredrick McLAUGHLIN
  2 Thomas BLANEY b.14/17Apr1838 [1141] (St Stephen/St Andrews, Charlotte NB Can); 
    "Common laborer [1960]", "Farmer [1880]"; d.>1882.
   +(1)Sarah Adeline LYONS b.19May1839 (Alexander ME); m.31May1860 (Alexander ME); 
       d.8Sep1862 (Washington ME) age 23
    3 William Fairmont BLANEY b.19Apr1861 [1141] (St Johns NB Canada); d.4Jul1925 (Greeley Co.)
     + Ellen Marietta GOODFELLOW b.8May1865 (Blackhawk Co.); m.5Oct1884 (Trinity Ch Greeley Co.)
       d.7May1931 (Ft Collins Co.) 


Violett F BLANEY

William C BLANEY b.1902

William & Hazel BLANEY
4 Laurel Sharpless BLANEY b.2Dec1885 (Greeley Co.); d.13Jan1931 (Greeley Co.), bur. Linn Grove Cem + George Washington HEDGPETH b.4Jul1879 (Bent Co); m.6Sep1904 (Greeley Co); d.15Jun1974 (Ft Collins Co) 4 Violett Fairmont BLANEY b.23Nov1891 (Greeley Co.); d.18May1912 (Ft Collins Co.) of menningitis 4 Amanda Fern BLANEY b.25Jun1895 (Ft Lupton Co.); d.26May1978 (Wichita KS) + Floyd Bernard DEVLIN m.19Sep1919 (Denver CO) 4 William Clifford BLANEY b.27Jan1902 (Greeley Co.); d.11Jan1972 (Como Co.) + Hazel Morley HASKIN b.12May1904 (Denver CO); m.20Mar1925 in Morrison Co.); d.17Sep1978 (in Como Co.) 5 William Clifford BLANEY b.8Nov1928 (Golden Co.); d.15Oct1992 (Pensacola FL) 5 Laurel Jeanne BLANEY b.14Oct1930 (Denver CO); d.10Dec1996 (San Antonio TX); bur. Ft Sam Houston Cem, San Antonio; m.2Feb1951 (Denver CO). 5 Living BLANEY 5 Lois June BLANEY b.6Jun1938 (Denver CO); d.6Jun1938 (Denver Co.) 5 Mary Jane BLANEY b.14May1941 (Denver CO); d.20Dec2004 (Basalt CO); 8 children 3 James BLANEY b. St Johns NB Canada [? a stepbrother [1142]] +(2)Sarah Ann ROBB b.31Aug1836 (1845) (Baileyville Maine=ME); m~1868 [2nd wife of Thomas BLANEY b.Apr1838] [1140] [1141] 3 Ann(ie) BLANEY b.7/15Jul1870 (Baileyville or Alexander, ME) 3 Mary Elizabeth BLANEY b.7Jun1872 (Alexander, ME) 3 John James BLANEY b.27Apr1874 (Alexander, ME) 3 Thomas BLANEY Jr. b.13/19Mar1876 (Alexander, ME); d.1946 [1141] 3 Sarah (Sadie) Agnes BLANEY b.27Oct1878 (Alexander, ME) + Stephen Emery FROST [1140] 3 Margaret Ellen BLANEY b.21Apr1882 (Alexander, ME)


[07] Daniel BLANEY descended from Capt. Edward Blayney who emigrated
to Virginia 1620. (descent from David Lloyd Blayney)

Blaneys of Delaware then Chicago, USA

 1 Daniel BLANEY b. Port Peen, New-castle co., Delaware [1101]
   [a descendant of Edward Blayney]
  + Hester Dushayne (Du-Chene), descended from early Delaware Huguent settlers
   2 Cornelius D. BLANEY
    + Mary Stidden (aka Stidham), dau of Catherine Keen b.9Mar1723/24 (Salem Co., NJ),
      m.11Nov1740 and Anders Stidden b.22NOV1716 (PA), son of Dr Tymen Stidden, 
      a surgeon appointed for the colony, who came with Governor Printz, in the ship
      "Fama," from Stockholm, Sweden, August 1642, arriving at Fort Christina, 
      "New Sweden" VA 15Feb1643.
     3 Daniel BLANEY b.1760; d.Oct1816 (age56)
       Surveyor, storekeeper, Cout Recorder
      +(1) Sarah CANNON, dau of James CANNON of Philadelphia 
       4 Frances Elizabeth BLANEY b.25Dec1829 (New-castle DE); d.Mar1856 (age17)
        + Dr John Herman BIRD b.30Mar1841; m.2Sep1851; d.3Mar1871 (Sioux City IO)
          Graduate of Union College, Physician in Chicago IL.
          son of William A. Bird and Joanna Davis
          [3 children]
      +(2) Esther Duschane b~1763; m. New Castle Co.; d.1818 age55 
        Dau of Valentine Dushane (Du Chaine) b.1716; d~1779 
[speculative & UNPROVEN as child of Daniel & Esther but names, dates and places match]
       4 Cornelius Dushane BLANEY [1096]
         Clerk of the Supreme Court of the State of Delaware 1820s
         Secretary Castle Common 1826-1847, Treasurer 1818-47 [1103]; 
         witness in a case in 1844  [1102]
        + Susan CANNON [Cornelius's wife Sarah b~1792; died 5Aug1865 age73]

         5 ? Daniel BLANEY b.3Mar1819; d.11Mar1819 (age 11d)

         5 ? Joseph S BLANEY b.? d.Aug1824 

         5 ? Eliza BLANEY b.1Feb1828; d.Mar1828 (age 6 wk)


James van Zandt BLANEY
5 Dr James van Zandt BLANEY AM, MD b.1May1820 (Newcastle, DE.); d.11Dec1874 Family Physician; co-founded and later President of Rush Medical College in Chicago and Professor of Chemistry at Nth Western University Wrote "Chemical Report for the Geological Suvey of Illinois" [1110] Medical Director then Purveyor in Civil war (rank of Lieutenant-Colonel). Founded (1844) and many years the Editor of the Chicago Medical Journal [1096] Opened Chicago's 1st medical dispensary and invented synthetic flavours later used at soda fountains A Thirty-third degree Mason,rising to "Generalissimo of the Grand Encampment of the United States. The Masonic "Blayney Lodge No. 271' was named in his honour in 1858 [1099] d.11Dec1874 (Chicago) + Clarissa BUTLER b.12Feb1829; m.8Jul1847 (Chicago); d.19Dec1906 [dau. of Walter BUTLER and Maria van ALEN of Chicago] 7 Cornelia Darragh BLANEY b.Dec1873; d.Aug1873 (age 5y9m) 7 Clarissa Butler BLANEY b.6Sep1883; d.unm.Aug1901 Remarried after death of James to Edward Leavitt HOWE m.7Feb1878 (Princeton) [son of Fisher and Elizabeth Leavitt HOWE] 6 Mary BLANEY b.11Apr1848; d.21Feb1851 [1097] 6 James Riddle BLANEY b.17Oct1849; d.29Sep1879 [1097] Studied medicine & chemistry at Rush Medical College, assisting his father in his researches.

Charles D BLANEY

Mrs Isabella BLANEY


Suffragists: Isabella BLANEY, Mrs. Willmarth,
& Jane Addams [Library of Congress]
+ Anna (Anne) Reed WILLIAMS m.3Apr1879; d.25Apr1881 dau. of John Marshall WILLIAMS & Elizabeth SMITH of Evanston, IL. 6 Walter Butler BLANEY b.21Jul1851; d.8Feb1853 [1097] 6 Franklin Butler BLANEY b.8Nov1852; d.17Sep1855 6 Charles Ducshesne BLANEY b.8Aug1854; d.24Jul1923; Moved to San Diego, CA Real Estate businessman retired 1911; Progressive Republican; Appointed member of California Highway Commission in 1911 A founder of the Saratoga State Bank. + Isabella ("Bella") WILLIAMS b.1854 (Chicago); m.6Sep1877 (Evanston, IL.); d.1933; [dau. of John Marshall WILLIAMS & Elizabeth Caroline SMITH of Evanston, IL.] Isabella was an active Suffragette and a California representative at national conventions (Progressive Party 1911 and Republican Party 1912) 7 Clarissa Butler BLANEY b.6Sep1883; d.30Jul1901 (Typhoid Fever) Her parents donated money to build a contagious disease wing at O'Connor Hospital in San Jose in her memory. 6 Elizabeth (Bessie) BLANEY b.12Jul1856; m.5Apr1887 (Princeton) + Rollin Harper LYNDE (they moved to New York City) son of Charles Rollin LYNDE & Ann Augusta HARPER 7 Charles Rollin LYNDE. Jr., b.27Oct1882 7 Clarissa Butler LYNDE b.5April1887 6 Clarissa (?Cassie) Butler BLANEY b.24May1859 (Evanston, Cook Co., IL.); m.17Nov1880 (Princeton); d.27Jan1923 (Saratoga, CA.) Seventh child + Frank Nelson RUST b.17Nov1855 (they moved to Pasadena, CA.); div.1907 son of Horatio N. RUST & Fidelia HUMPHREYS 7 Edward Butler RUST b.8May1883 7 Josephine Blaney RUST b.19May1890

[08] Neal BLANEY descended from [unknown]

Blaneys of Ireland

"most Blaney's [sic] came to Ireland in the 1500's from Scotland and Wales before that.... They landed in the the nothern tip and many live in the Mulroy Bay area, Milford, today" [1145]

Neal BLANEY TD 1927



(Mac)Dara BLANEY


Harry & Margaret BLANEY


Harry BLANEY Bridge
Carrigart, Fanad


Niall and Rosaleen 2007
1 Neal BLANEY b.1Nov1893 Fanad (Co. Donegal); d.30Oct1948; Farmer and ex Irish Republican Army Commander (War of Independence and Civil War); Teachta Dála (TD) 1927 to 1948; Senator 1938-1943 for Fianna Fáil. [??son of Neal John BLANEY b.1871, son of Henry Blaney and Alice O'Neill of Antrim. The dates and names mostly fit but there is the small issue of a Neil John BLANEY son b.1907 (MA. USA)] + __ 2 Neil Terence Columba BLANEY T.D.; M.E.P. for Connacht Ulster (Indep.) b.01Oct1922; d.8Nov1995 (cancer) first elected to Dáil Éireann in 1948 as a Fianna Fáil Teachta Dála (TD) representing Donegal East. Minister for Posts and Telegraphs (1957), Minister for Local Government (1957-1966) and Minster for Agriculture and Fisheries (1966-1970). He was at one time Father of the Dáil, but was expelled from the Fianna Fáil party in 1972 following an Arms trial. He returned as an Independent in 1979. In Dec 1972 Claimed in the Dail to be party to setting up the Provisional IRA [1146] [1147] Eldest of family of eleven A road in Letterkenny is named the Neil T. Blaney Road in his honour + Eva CORDUFF d.28Aug2009 (Dublin) She opposed the Independent FF rejoining Fianna Fáil, stating in 2006: "We have no desire to either join or support the Fianna Fail party and can see no circumstances in the future where this position would change. We consider Fianna Fail to be a party characterised by arrogance, hypocrisy and incompetence." [Statement of widow on Neil BLANEY, Eva and their seven children.] 3 Shivaun BLANEY 3 Niall BLANEY (TD for the Donegal NE costituency) 3 Eamonn A BLANEY MBA, Dip Mgt Stood unsucessfully as an Independent (Vision Alliance) for Dublin NE in the 2011 Irish elections 3 Annraoí BLANEY 3 Seán T BLANEY 3 Aoife BLANEY 3 (Mac)Dara BLANEY BBS (youngest son) b.1970 IT Consultant Stood unsucessfully as an Independent (Vision Alliance) for Donegal North East in the 2011 Irish elections 3 Eamonn BLANEY (also stood unsucessfully in Dublin) 3 One other son and two daughters 2 Teddy BLANEY, a former member of Letterkenny UDC 2 Harry (Annraoí) BLANEY b.18Feb1928; Farmer; Has a bridge named after him Retired Teachta Dála (T.D.) for Donegal NE (Independent F.F.); Ex chairman of the North West Health Board; held strong "pro-life" views A Teachta Dála (TD) for Donegal North-East 1927-1948. [see below in living Blaneys]; d.28Apr2013 + Margaret 3 Liam BLANEY (Counilman in Donegal) Farmer + Celia 3 Niall T BLANEY T.D. for Donegal NE (2002-11) b.29Jan1974; Diploma in civil engineering He rejoined the Fianna Fáil party in 2006 and has voted loyally with it until 2011. [see below in living Blaneys] + Rosaleen SHOVELIN m.Aug 2002 (now separated) 4 Three children, Eva, Laragh & Harry 3 Noelle BLANEY 3 Tricia BLANEY Social Worker


[09] Hugh BLANEY (1796-1837) emigrated from Ireland to Pennsylvania

Head of many Pennsylvania's Blaneys

Hannah OURY Blaney

Catherine Blaney Graham

John Alexander BLANEY

John & Minerva Blaney

William Elmer BLANEY

Rose BLANEY (& Hannah)

Hannah & Daniel

Daniel B Heilman

Margaret Eaton Hileman

Andrew Curtin Hileman

5 Blaney sisters L)Hannah Heilman (mid) Rose

Franklin Stark BLANEY
and young family




Martha Jane BLANEY

Hannah Mary BLANEY

Alex Nobel BLANEY

Ford St.Clair BLANEY

Isabelle BLANEY-Jennings

Joe and Hulda Blaney

Hulda, Harold, Russell,
and Joseph (born 1878)

Sean Patrick HERHALT


Kermit & Marilu BLANEY 1994

Bob (& Kermit) BLANEY

Cyrus E Blaney

Margaret Blaney Rankin

Bill Young & Edna F Blaney


Edward Cyrus & Reuben Blaney

Delnora Josephine BLANEY
1 Hugh BLANEY b.1796 (Ireland); d.6Dec1837 (Whitesburg, Armstrong Co., PA.); + Hannah OURY b.12Mar1797; m.20May1816; d.17Sep1868; bur. Rupp Lutheran Church Cemetery, Kittanning, Armstrong Co., (PA.) 2 Christopher SHOTTS b.1815; d.1855 son of Hannah OURY and her first husband Peter SHOTTS (1790=1918) 2 Margaret Hannah SHOTTS b.17Jul1816; d.27Apr1898 (Wood Co, WV.) dau of Hannah OURY and her first husband Peter SHOTTS (1790=1918) + John Darrell NOWERY [3 children] 2 Daniel BLANEY b.1821 2 Anthony BLANEY b.1823 2 William BLANEY 19Jan1826 (Armstrong Co., PA.); d.19Jun1904 (Kittanning, Armstrong Co.) + Margaret Eaton ERWIN b.14Jul1832 (Armstrong Co.); d.6Jul1907 (Armstrong Co.) 2 Zephaniah BLANEY b.1828; d.24Sep1850 (Armstrong Co.) 2 Daniel BLANEY b.23Mar1826/1828 2 Catherine BLANEY b.2Mar1830; d.4Apr1871 (both Armstrong Co.) + William Anderson GRAHAM b.16Dec1823; d.11Apr1894 [son of James & Margaret GRAHAM] 2 John Alexander BLANEY b.11Sep1832; d.23Dec1900 (both Armstrong Co.) + Minerva Catherine St.CLAIR b.16Jun1838 (Cherry Tree, Indiana Co., PA.); m.1Jan1857 Armstrong Co., PA.); d.18Jul1913 (Kittanning) [Daughter of William Stewart St. Clair and Catherine Jane Lewis] 3 James W BLANEY b.23Jan1858; d.05Oct1861 (both Armstrong Co.) 3 John S BLANEY b.11Nov1859; d.17Oct1861 (both Armstrong Co.) 3 Infant Son BLANEY b.22Sep1861; d.17Oct1861 (both Armstrong Co.) 3 William Elmer BLANEY b.1Nov1862; d.11Apr1934 (both Armstrong Co.) 3 Hannah Jane BLANEY b.25Mar1865 (Armstrong Co.); d.26Nov1923 (York Co., PA.) + Daniel Benson HEILMAN b.8Jul1864 (Armstrong Co.); m.30Jun1891; d.30Dec1946 (York Co., PA.) 4 [2 children] 3 Rose Anna BLANEY b.14Mar1867; d.4Jul1952 (both Armstrong Co.) + Coffman 3 Mary Ellen BLANEY b.6Mar1869; d.17Jul1904 (both Armstrong Co.) 3 Margaret Aten (Eaton/Atyen) BLANEY b.1Nov1871; d.10Sep1959 (both Armstrong Co.) + Andrew Curtin (Curt) HILEMAN b.25Oct1864; d.29Oct1938 (both Armstrong Co.) m.1Jun1892 [Son of Peter (1819-1887) and Eliza Remaley (1823-1897) HILEMAN] 3 Franklin (Frank) Stark BLANEY b.12Oct1873; d.15Aug1945 (both Armstrong Co.) + Rhoda Dell NOBEL-YOUNKINS née BOWSER b.24May1880 (PA.); d.15Apr1957 (both Armstrong Co.) [dau. of Lewis (1845-1922) & Mary Pollie BOWSER (1845-1916)] 4 David Franklin BLANEY b.8Feb1913; d.27Apr2000 (both Armstrong Co.) + Evelyn Louise SWIGART b.20Apr1919; d.30Jan1990 (both Armstrong Co.) 5 Martha Jane BLANEY b.17Feb1946; d.18Jul1960 -drowned age 14 (both Armstrong Co.) 4 Hannah Mary BLANEY b.31Aug1915 (Armstrong Co.); d.Sep1928 age 13 at Dentist's office (both Armstrong Co. PA.) 4 Alexander (Alec / Aleck) Noble BLANEY 8Nov1917; d.18Jun1993 (both Armstrong Co.) Paraplegic after injury 1944; Service station owner with brother David 4 Ford St.Clair BLANEY b.14Mar1921 (Armstrong Co.); d.27Apr2011 (Indiana Co., PA.) Captain in Army Air Corp in WWII; Trans World Airline pilot + Janie SCHALL m.17Aug1971 5 Robert (Bobby) Ford BLANEY b.6Sep1944 5 Karen A BLANEY b.5Sep1947 4 Mary BLANEY b.~1925; d.y. 3 Infant Son b.10Oct1873; d.13Oct1873 (3 days) (both Armstrong Co.) 3 Isabelle B BLANEY b.6Dec1875 (Armstrong Co.); d.30Nov1966 (Salt Lake City UT.) + Ralph Dixon JENNINGS m.12Jun1895 4 [2 children] 3 Joseph Alexander BLANEY b.25Dec1878 (Armstrong Co.); d.28Jun1934 (WV.) + Alice Hulda BLOSE b.21Mar1880 (PA.); d.28Feb1967 (PA.) 4 Russell Sidney BLANEY, Sr b.5Aug1904; d.3Jan1963 (both Fairfield Co., OH.) + Marian B. CLINE b.15May1905; d.19May1968 (OH.) [dau. of Gertrude CLINE née BECKER (1879-1947) 5 Marian BLANEY b.1925 + Robert COFFMAN 5 Russell S. BLANEY Jr. b.28Jul1926 (Monongalia Co., WV.); d.26Jan2008 (Fairfield Co., OH.) FN US Navy WWII See Other Monongalia Blaney clusters + Gloria MACIOCI 6 Marino Charles BLANEY 6 Maria Catherine BLANEY + Charles FOREMAN 5 Ellen Louise BLANEY b.07Oct1927 (Monongalia Co., WV.); d.15Jun2010 Elementary School Secretary + John (Jack) Francis BALTZ b.1924 (OH.); d.27Jun2007 (FL.) [2 children] 5 Robert (Bob) H. BLANEY b.~1930 5 Caralyn (Carolyn) O'DONNELL née BLANEY b.~1931 5 Kermit Becker BLANEY b.~1938 (PA.) + Theo 6 ? Kermit B BLANEY b.Nov1975 5 Rebecca (Becky) BLANEY 11Mar1942; d.12Aug1983 (OH.) + Phil Eugene McCAFFERTY b.23Mar1938 (OH.); d.10Feb2017 (OH.); Electrical engineer 6 [2 sons] 5 Alice Patricia BLANEY b.14Dec1947; d.6Dec1996 (OH.) +(1) Patrick (Jackie) HERHALT 6 Sean Patrick HERHALT 13Feb1968 (Franklin Co., (OH.); d.7Jan2013 (OH.) 6 Kevin HERHALT +(2) Harold Charles (Charlie) STEBELTON other daughters of Russell and Marian BLANEY: 5 Marveen BLANEY + Winfred AHRENDT 5 Martha Ann CROOK (Quire) née BLANEY 5 Tania RUSH née BLANEY other sons of Russell and Marian BLANEY: 5 Theodore (Theo or Ted) A BLANEY + Millie 5 Charles H BLANEY 5 Joseph (Joe) A BLANEY + Joyce 5 James (Jim) R BLANEY 4 Harold BLANEY b.2Feb1907 (Dauphin Co., PA.); d.12Nov1911 (Armstrong Co.) (Whooping Cough) 4 Lt Col Kermit Blose BLANEY BS (Agr) b.26Jan1918 (WV.); d.13Oct1996 (Columbus, Muscogee, GA.) US Army, Okinawa; Inventor (Curler, accommodating pillow) [1415] + Marilu Cranfton SMITH 5 Robert ("Bob") Lee BLANEY b.1946; d.1996 + Susan Irene LEE b.3Sep1914 Floyd. VA.); d.24May1975 (Muscogee Co., GA.) [dau. of Robert Edward LEE (1866-1956) and Lillie Ada ROBERTSON (1878-1958)] 4 O. P. LARGE née BLANEY 2 James William BLANEY b.24Aug1835 (Whitesburg, Armstrong, PA.); d.5Oct1861 +? Jane 2 Hugh BLANEY b.24Aug1837 (Armstrong Co.); d.14Oct1895 (Butler Co. PA.) + Susannah ("Susan") Snyder EBERHART b.18Apr1842; m.20May1866 (PA.); d.22Jul1922 (Butler Co., PA.) 3 William Edward BLANEY b.May1861 (Kittanning Twp, Armstrong, PA.) + Eva Roxa JOHNSON b.1867; m.26Oct1886 4 Ruth Irene BLAYNEY b.1889; d.1963 4 Rudelle BLANEY b.1891; d.1975 3 Cyrus Eberhart BLANEY b.13Jan1865; d.21Dec1932 (both Butler Co.,, PA.) Oil producer then owner of Kearns Crossing Service station +(1)Anna Maria MYERS b.14Nov1867; m.7May1885; d.9Sep1911 [dau. of Samuel Myers (1845-1910) & Elizabeth Hile (1837-1883)] 4 Jennie Fay BLAYNEY b.Sep1887 (PA.) + Paul Oswald 4 Margaret Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.Oct1891 + Ernest D RANKIN b.1889 (PA.); m.13Apr1912 (New Cumberland WV.); Draft Registration 1917-1918, 1942; d.1973 (Moon, Allegheny, PA.) 5 Three children 4 Edith Mae BLANEY b.4Aug1893 (Washington Co., PA.); d.11Jul1971 (Butler Co., PA.) + Daniel (Dan) Lewis OESTERLING b.17Jul1890; d.5May1960 4 Cyrus E. BLAYNEY b.3Mar1895 4 Edna F BLANEY b.21Oct1902 (PA.); d.7Jun1973 (Akron, Summit, OH.) + "Bill" James G YOUNG b.12Oct1896; m.23Apr1921 [5 children] +?__ HERMAN 4 Mary Alice ("Mamie") BLANEY b.16Oct1905 (Butler Co., PA.); aka Alice Mary; b.16Oct1905; d.27Jun1990 (Cambria Co., PA.) +(1)Willis J KNIESS b.3May1903 (Butler Co., PA.); m.1948; d.18Jun1949 (Butler Co., PA.) +(2)Raymond L ("Bussy") KNIESS b.06Oct1912 (Butler Co., PA.); m.1950; d.10Jul1987 (Butler Co., PA.) +(2)Martha Oradell NEYMAN b.4Apr1878; m.after 1911; d.14Mar1951 (2nd wife of Cyrus BLAYNEY b.1865) Widow of William Henry NEYMAN b.1854; m.1894; d.1910 Six Neyman children 3 Reuben H BLANEY b.1867 (Kittanning Township,, Armstrong, PA.); d.19Jan1952 (Los Angeles, CA.) 3 Matthias BLANEY b.1868 3 Lillie Jane BLANEY b.Oct1869 (Kittanning Township, Armstrong, PA.) + Daniel DIERKIN b.20Mar1861; m.29May1888 (Butler, PA.); d.31Oct1932 Three children 3 Delnora Josephine BLANEY b.01Oct1876; d.01Oct1958 + ?Curtis E GUMBER b.1880 + William Pierce GRAY b.17Apr1873 (Marietta, Washington, OH.); d.29Mar1934 (Ontario, Canada) [4 children]

Lula & Thomas BLANEY

George Worrell BLANEY

Laura M. Anglin-Eversole

Laura M. Anglin-EversoleFerren

Josephine Augusta

Carmie Emanuel
"Bozo" JAY

George Worrell BLANEY Jr

[10] Blaneys of Boston & Maryland

Josiah BLANEY born 1776 (Ireland)

1 Josiah BLANEY b.22Jul1776 (Ireland); d.1823 + Mary STREETT m.10Apr1801; d.26Nov1823 (Maryland) 2 Thomas S BLANEY b.11Mar1804 (Maryland); d.14Jan1881 (York, PA.) + Fronica Frances KEENER b.18Aug1810; m.1827; d.30Mar1873 (all in York, PA.) 3 John T. BLANEY b.29Jul1837 (York, PA.); d.9Jul1919 (Albuquerque, NM.) + Mary Elizabeth GARNETT b.21Dec1845 (IL.); m.1864 (IL.); d.02Oct1919 (IL.) 4 Eva Frances BLANEY b.5Aug1865 (Hancock, IL.); d.22May1898 (Adams, IL.) + Abraham Lincoln ELLIOTT b.1865; m.7Apr1890 (Riley, KS); d.1892 4 Stella Rebecca BLANEY b.5Aug1866 (Hancock, IL.); d.1956 + John Newton PALMER b.1854 m.30May1888 (Manhattan, Riley Co., KS.) 4 Thomas Garnett BLANEY b.6Dec1867 (Quincy, Adams, IL.) d.23Dec1947 (Davenport, Lincoln, OK.) + Lula Helen HOGAN b.14Oct1870 (Olathe, Johnson, KA.); d.16Nov1958 [dau. of William Anderson HOGAN and Abigail Ann PITT] 5 John Thomas BLANEY b.19Oct1899 (OK.); d.16Feb1955 (PA.) WWI service - Co. D, 142nd Infantry Rgmt., 36th Division 1917-18 WWII service - 1942 (Yukon, Canada) + Josephine Augusta KENDRICK b.27Dec1903 (ok.); m.~1919; d.01Oct1992 (NM.) [subsequently remarried William Livingston POLLARD m.23Jul1929] 6 John Thomas BLANEY Jr b.20Mar1921 (TX.); d.26Mar1998 (NM.) +(1) Edna Merle (Taddie) TADLOCK b.1920; m.28Sep1940; d.5Jan2002 (CA.) [?subsequently remarried Lester ROACH (1921-1997)] +(2) Imogene POOLE b.7Dec1924; m.12Nov1944; d.4Dec2002 (NM.) 7 John Michael BLANEY b.9May1951 (TX.); d.6Jan2005 (NM.) 6 Pauline Faye BLANEY b.19May1922; d.3Apr1928 5 Garnett Everett BLANEY b.24Dec1901; d.Jan1956 + Illa PHILLIPS b.13Nov1904 (KS.); d.Jul1986 (OK.) 6 Garnett Everett BLANEY Jr b.22Aug1921; d.22Dec1999 + Irene Etta SCOTT 5 George Worrell BLANEY b.19Apr1904; d.29Dec1987 (Davenport, Lincoln Co., OK.) +(1) Nannie ANGLIN-EVERSOLE b.16Apr1904 (Madison Co., KY); d.28Jan2000 6 Laura Mae ANGLIN-EVERSOLE Ferren b.30Nov1921; d.9Dec1999 (Muskogee Co., OK.) +(1) Carmie Emanuel "Bozo" JAY b.24May1910 (Chickasha, Grady Co., Ok) d.24May1910 (Seminole Co., OK.) Laura was 3rd of Bozo's four spouses +(2) Olin Hick MITCHELL b.2Dec1905; d.15Apr1985 [son of Mortiga Thomas Mitchell (1866–1943) & Ida Gay Hicks (1869–1946)] +(2) Virginia (Virgie) Edith CLARK b.9Dec1910 (OK.); m.27Jun1928; d.10Nov2007 (Davenport) [dau of William Lafayette and Hester Rosalee CLARK] 6 George Worrell BLANEY Jr b.12Apr1930; d.30Dec2006 (Lincoln Co., OK.) Mechanic, carpenter, welder, and Field Superintendent + Mary SMITH m.9Jul1949 (Davenport) 7 Virginia BLANEY + Ray THRONESBERY 7 Janice BLANEY + Ken DILL 7 Marilyn BLANEY + Robbie DAVIS

Stella Ilah Blaney
5 Willis (Willie) Earl BLANEY b.4Mar1907; d.18Apr1984 + Bernice Ezma SATTERFIELD b.8Jun1910; m.14Aug1927; d.18Dec2007 6 Imojean Helen "Jean" BLANEY b.7Mar1928 (OK.); d.24Apr1998 + James John HIGGINS b.14Oct1922 (OK.); d.21Jan2002 (OK.) 6 Willis Earl "Bill" BLANEY Jr b.26May1931 (OK.); d.25Oct2013 (OK.) 6 Darrell Everett BLANEY b.29Nov1932; d.02Oct1981 (OK.) + Nelda Dean WILKERSON b.31Oct1936 (OK.) d.26Mar2011 (AR.) 6 Jerald Edward BLANEY b.13Nov1940 (KS.); d.5Apr2001 (OK.) 5 Stella Ilah BLANEY b.15Nov1910; 17Jan1988 (OK.) + Rufus Elmer YOUNG b.15Mar1910; d.2Feb1993 (TX.) 4 Ada Lula BLANEY b.10Nov1869 (IL.)

Thomas BLANEY born 1805 (Maryland)

1 Thomas BLANEY b.1805 (MD.); d.23Jul1844 (Baltimore City, MD.) -fell off bridge; "victualler" + Sarah Shilling b.1809 (MD.); m.28Aug1829; d.May1890 (Baltimore City, MD.) Murdered (along with dau. Caroline) by her grandson William Blayney 2 John T. BLANEY b.1829; d.1889 (both Baltimore City, MD.) + Amanda Mary MUMMA b.1829 (MD.); m.9May1853; d.30Sep1884 (Baltimore City, MD.) [Dau. of Samuel Mumma & Mary E. Delcher] 3 Ida L. BLANEY b.Feb1854; d.12Jun1879 (both Baltimore City, MD.) 3 Samuel T. BLANEY b.1856; d.2Jan1899 (both Baltimore City, MD.) + Margaret ("Maggie") Teresa Ryan b.1860 (Baltimore); m.1882; d.25Aug1912 (Baltimore City, MD.) 4 John J. BLANEY b.Sep1884 (Baltimore City); d.27Dec1957 (Orlando, Orange Co., FL.) + Eva CLARK 5 John J BLANEY Jr 5 Edward T BLANEY 4 Fr. Edward F. BLANEY b.Feb1888; d.30Mar1929 (both Baltimore City, MD.) 4 Howard J. BLANEY b.Feb1891; d.11Jun1914 (both Baltimore City, MD.) 3 Annetta BLANEY b.Oct1863; d.8Jun1925 (both Baltimore City, MD.) + Frank Phillips b.01Oct1860 (MD.); d.13Oct1926 (Baltimore City, MD.) m.(1) 1881 to Annetta then... m.(2) 1926 to Caroline Louise BLANEY [son of Charles Phillips, a blacksmith & bell hanger from England, and Mary Hunter] 3 John Shilling BLANEY b.10Jul1866; d.26Jul1867 (both Baltimore City, MD.) 3 Mary Mumma BLANEY b.Nov1869; d.18Sep1871 (both Baltimore City, MD.) 3 George W. BLANEY b.6Sep1873; d.27Jul1937 (both Baltimore City, MD.) +(1) Bertha May EBY b.19Oct1873 (Marysville, Perry Co., PA.); m.1892; d.14Jun1920 (?Portland ME.) 4 Howard G. ("Jack") BLANEY b.22Sep1901; d.10May1959 + Catherine M ZORN 5 Catherine E GRIFFIN née BLANEY +(2) Mabel UREN b.1887 (Wales); m.1925; d.3Jun1948 (Baltimore City, MD.) 2 James Murray BLANEY b.Jan1832; d.6May1917 (both Baltimore City, MD.) Bricklayer + Jane Leyburn m.23Sep1861; d.Apr1885 3 Caroline Louise BLANEY b.15Jan1867; d.1Dec1929 (both Baltimore City, MD.) +(1) Henry J HELLMANN b.Jul1862; m.1885; d.4Aug1938 (all Baltimore City, MD.) (2 children) +(2) Frank Phillips b.01Oct1860; m.1926; d.1926, widower of her cousin Annetta 2 Caroline M BLANEY b.30Apr1834; d.2May1890 (both Baltimore City, MD.) Murdered (along with her mother Sarah) by her nephew William Blaney 2 George William BLANEY b.1836; d.27Oct1897 (both Baltimore City, MD.) Stonecutter + Harriett Agnes SCARBOROUGH b.22Nov1841; m.24May1858; d.11Mar1915 (both Baltimore City, MD.) [dau. of John Scarborough and Eliza Brown] 3 Sallie BLANEY b.May1859; d.1Apr1950 (both Baltimore City, MD.) 3 Lilly BLANEY b.4Jan1862; d.19Aug1863 Age 1 (both Baltimore City, MD.) 3 Mattie E. BLANEY b.1865; d.17Jan1958 (both Baltimore City, MD.) + Charles A. Howell b.Oct1863 (VA.); m.1890; d.25Dec1944 (Baltimore City, MD.) 4 One child ?3 William BLANEY b.~1866; [not listed in other genealogies but only seems to fit here (wrt both age and name {middle name of father}), presumably because he was executed by hanging at Baltimore City Jail on 12Jun1891 for "Robbery - Murder" [1445] of his 80 year old grandmother Sarah BLANEY and his 56 year old aunt Caroline BLAYNEY committed 2May1890. "Motive: he was desperate for money." [1446] 3 Ida Louise BLANEY b.Mar1868; d.28Jan1948 (both Baltimore City, MD.) + Richard Hurst Busick b.7Dec1867; m.20May1891; d.27Jan1948 (both Baltimore City, MD.) 3 Thomas Murray BLANEY b.22Nov1876; d.15Jan1903 (both Baltimore City, MD.)

[11] John BLANEY - born 1750 Connecticut moved to New York

1 John BLANEY b.1750 (Litchfield, CT.)
  Served Second Canadian Regiment (3rd Co.) during the American Revolution
  d.~1801 in Stephentown, Rensselaer, New York
 + Ruth TABER (TABOR) m.4Jul1774 (CT.), 
   Settled in Rennselaer Co. N.Y. from abt 1776
   [daughter of Peleg TABER]
  2 Elizabeth BLANEY
  2 William BLANEY
  2 John BLANEY
  2 Tabor BLANEY
  2 Margaret BLANEY
  2 Robert BLANEY b.11Jan1791 (Nassau, NY.); d.7Apr1868 (Champlain, NY)
   + Amy WATERBURY b.2Jan1790 (Nassau, NY.); d.11Jan1863 (Champlain, NY)
     [Daughter of Jonathan and Sarah WATERBURY]
    3 Sarah BLANEY b.14Oct1814; d.8Jul1889
     + Daniel SLOSSON
    3 Ruth BLANEY b.12Mar1816 (Champlain, NY)
     + Nelson DOUGLAS 


?George & Cynthia

Cynthia & ?George


Warren A. BLANEY

Edith (Pontbriand)

Pvt Robert BLANEY
3 Elias BLANEY b.15July1820 (Champlain, NY) d.2Apr1900 + Charlotte Gregory McGOWEN b.~Mar1839; d.~19Mar1921 (Mooers, NY) 4 John Wilbur BLANEY b.~06Oct1904 (Franklin, NY) + Sophia DUPRE b.1834; d.1872 [Daughter of John and Merreris DUPRE] 4 Amy / Emma BLANEY 4 Robert BLANEY 4 Delia BLANEY 4 George M BLANEY b.15May1857 (Scotia, Schenectady, NY); d.26Apr1924 (West Chazy, NY) of Chronic Myocarditis. + Cynthia Alice COX b.22Sep1857 (Scotia); m.20Sep1879 (West Chazy, NY) d.30Jun1904 (West Chazy, NY) of "consumption" (TB) [William and Lydia COX (née Richardson) 5 Walter Robert BLANEY b.26/06Aug1880 (Chazy, NY); d.6Dec1887) 5 William Alan (Allen) BLANEY b.29Feb1887 (death cert) 1882 (headstone) (West Chazy, NY) d.02Sep1939 (Windsor, VT) [drowned in Runnemede Pond] + Bernice Adelia CLINE b.17Jun1881 (West Chazy, NY); m.19Dec1905 (Plattsburgh, NY); d.23Nov1961 (Windsor Hospital, Winsdor, VT) [dau of William and Lucy CLINE (née Cook)] 6 Alan R BLANEY b.9Jun1907 (West Chazy, Clinton Co., NY.); d.20May1956 (Waterbury, Washington Co., VT.) + Mabel Miranda Hull b.2Sep1911 (Reading, Windsor Co., VT.); m.in Woodstock, VT. d.4Jun1988 (Windsor Co., VT.) Remarried to Chester Bradford CHAPPEL [dau. of Mark Harlow HULL (1878-1964) & Florence May DOUGLAS (1879-1952)] 7 Richard Alan BLANEY b.30Jul1930; d.14Aug1999 (both Windsor Co., VT.) United States Army 1957 to 1975. + Marion JOHNSON m.29Dec1950 (Sherburne, VT.) 7 Robert BLANEY 7 Walyer BLANEY 6 Ivan Dale BLANEY b.6Sep1910 (Clinton Co., NY.); d.15Jan1998 (Rockingham Co., NH.) + Isabelle Minnie HUMPHREY b.1920; m.20Oct1945 (Claremont, NH.); d.1983 6 twin SSgt. Alton BLANEY b.22Mar1916 (Clinton Co., NY.); d.25Sep2007 US Army Medical Corps 1942 (Australia & New Guinea in WWII) 6 twin Corp. Alson BLANEY b.22Mar1916 (Clinton Co., NY.); d.19Nov1998 6 SSgt. Elwin Keith BLANEY b.22Oct1918 (Clinton Co., NY.); d.2Jul1943 (KIA on Rendova Is, Solomon Islands) + Louise Olive EDWARDS m.Dec1941 5 Bessie Leona BLANEY b.23Feb1891 (West Chazy, NY); d.4feb1962 (Plattsburgh, Clinton, NY) + Henry ("Skip") Andrew La PORT b.20Jun1886; m.14Jul1911; d.7May1955 [Son of Moses & Mary La Porte (né3 Goodrow)] 6 (2 children: Lloyd Vincent & Ward Gerald La Port) 4 James BLANEY 4 William M BLANEY b.Oct1858; d.16Feb1936; Farmer + Delia RANDLETT b.Dec1860; m.9Apr1880; d.15May1947 (both Chazy, Clinton Co., NY.) [dau of Jacob and Eunice Randlett] 5 Eva RECOR née BLANEY 5 Etta Maria BLANEY b.1883; d.01Oct1960 + Fred G La PIERRE b.1866; d.1955 Four children [son of Joseph La Pierre (1818-1895) & Julia Blair (1839-1897) 5 George William BLANEY b.24Aug1893; d.6Nov1977 + Eva GIROUX b.1890; d.1958 5 Charles Augustus BLANEY b.23May1895; d.13Mar1963 + Ethel Mae RANDLETT b.17Nov1891; m.1919; d.1958 [dau of George W (1857-1929) and Mary Jane (1856-1928) RANDLETT] 4 Alverna BLANEY 4 Warren Alvin BLANEY b.9May1867 (Sciota, Clinton Co., New York); d.22Jul1947 (West Chazy, Clinton Co.) Prohibitionist, farmer + Edith "Josey" PONTBRIAND (aka POMBRIO) b.Feb1873 (Clinton Co., NY); m.14Oct1888 (Mooers, NY); d.7Sep1950 (Clinton Co., New York); 9 children [dau of Moses and Adelina (Delia/Delima) PONTBRIAND née WILLETT] 5 Mina BLANEY b.10Feb1890 (Chazy, Clinton Co.); d.29Aug1929 (Ticonderoga, Essex, NY) +(1) Wesley John LAVARNWAY b.1Jul1866 (Chazy); m.26May1906; d.6Jan1944; a Farmer; [son of son of Hiram and Margaret LAVARNWAY] 6 (7 children (all born in Sciota): Mabel Mae, Leona, Leslie, Cora, Clara, Melvina, Raymond) +(2) Anthony (Tony) NARDINO DEAN b.1873 d.1974 6 (4 children: Alvita Dean, Victor, Albert, Loretta) 5 Marie (?Mary) BLANEY b.15May1892 (Sciota, Clinton, NY) 5 Pvt Robert BLANEY b.19Apr1893; Farm Laborer 11th Inf. WWI; d.9Nov1918 (Lorraine, France) [KIA WWI 2 days before the Armistice signed] His mother went on the "U.S. World War I Mothers' Pilgrimage in 1929 5 Pearley J BLANEY b.9Apr1895; d.27Aug1971 (both West Chazy) In training when WWI Armistice signed + Louise BRYETT (BROUILETTE) b.15Jan1899; m.8Nov1919; d.18Feb1993 (Essex, NY) [dau. of Adolphus BROUILETTE and Josephine FAVRO] 6 twin Lucielle (Lucy) BLANEY b.7Oct1920 6 twin Twin of Lucielle BLANEY b.7Oct1920; d.7Oct1920 6 Helen Lucy BLANEY b.22Jan1922; d. in infancy 6 Owen Preston BLANEY b.28Sep1923 died same day 6 Victor BLANEY 6 Anthony (Tony, Albert) NARDINO DEAN BLANEY b.1873 d.1974 5 Baily BLANEY 5 Delia M. BLANEY b.17Aug1898 (Sciota, Clinton Co., NY); d.1986 + Raymond BROWN Lime kiln worker 5 George Walter R BLANEY b.17Aug1895; d.5Sep1953 + Ellen b.1902; d.1993 5 Herman V BLANEY b.27Mar1904; d.Jul1973 + Mildred GONYO m.4July1927 5 Bertha BLANEY b.1906; d.1992 + Frank HUGHES b.1893; d.1974 6 Carol BROTHERS née HUGHES 5 Mary Mae BLANEY b.15Dec1910 (Sciota); d.Apr1938 + Leroy L DRAGON b.9jul1899 d.21Sep1938 [son of John Baptiste and Julia DRAGON (née Lapointe)] 6 Betty DRAGON 3 Mary BLANEY b.28Jan1823 (Champlain, NY) + William MacGHIE 3 Eliza BLANEY b.23Oct1827 (Champlain, NY); d.13Mar1902 + Edmund FERRIS d.11Mar1902 (Togus National Cemetery, Va Medical Center, Maine) 3 Martha BLANEY b.12Jun1829; d.1910 + Harrison BILLINGS

[12] Isaac BLANEY - born 1772 Fayette, Pennsylvania.

 + ___        

Green & yellow slipware tulips.
Impressed "J.L. Blaney, Cookstown, Pa"
Sold for $4,800 (Garth's Sale 28Nov2014)

and dau. Emma 1905


2 Isaac BLANEY b.1772 (Maryland British Colonial America); d.1860 + Nancy BLINN b.13Oct1778 (Wethersfield, Hartford, CT.) [dau. of James Blinn Sr. (1730-1808) and Lois Wolcott (1742-1820)] 3 Justus L BLANEY b.1809 (Fayette, PA.); d.26Aug1875 (Harrison Twp, Perry, OH.) Potter in Cookstown, Fayette Co. (1850); then a farm labourer in OH. (1870) + Anna (Annie) (?Lucille) C COPE b.12Jul1822 (Fayette Co., PA.); m.14Mar1847 (Fayette Co., PA.); d.18Nov1892 (Muskingum Co., OH.) [4th child of Joseph Cope and Elizabeth Fisher] 4 Edith Lucretia BLANEY b.21Jan1848 (PA.); d.18Feb1921 (Glouster, Athens, OH.) + Robert Morris BIRTCHER b.11Oct1842 (Sussex Co., DE); d.9Nov1912 (Glouster, Athens Co., OH.) 5 Emma Isetta BIRCHER b.1865; d.1935 4 Joseph Cope BLANEY b.25Jun1848 (Cookstown, Fayette, PA.); d.18Oct1926 (Muskingum Co., OH.) +(1) Amanda Jane KEYSER b.1857 (Monroe Co., OH.); d.1883; m.20Mar1878 5 Moses Kosciusko BLANEY b.1878; d.1942 5 Leroy Minton BLANEY b.17Jun1879 (Center Twp, Monroe, OH.) d.21Aug1881 Harrison, Potter Co., PA.) +(2) Clara Estella HULL b.Oct1868 (WV.) 4 Sarah Almira BLANEY b.7Jun1851 (Cookstown, Fayette, PA.) 4 Isaac P BLANEY b.25Jul1854/5 (Cookstown, Fayette, PA.) +(1) Emm TEDRIC (TEDRICK) 5 Rose BLANEY 5 Clarence BLANEY 5 Justus BLANEY 5 Marie BLANEY 5 Mary Elizabeth BLANEY b,25 May 1862 (Zanesville, Meigh Co., OH.) + Francis Grimble STEADMAN b.31Aug1843 (Glouster, Athens Co., OH.) m.16Oct1894 (Glouster, Athen Co., OH.) 6 Anna Letitia STEADMAN b.21Sep1897; d.1987 7 Ira Albert WHITE m.21Feb1917

Mr & Mrs William H BLANEY

Frank & Lydia BLANEY



Albert W BLANEY age16

Charles W BLANEY age16
+(2) Isabella (Isabel) "Bell" V CARMAN b.Jun1859 (OH.); m.17Feb1877 (Jefferson, OH.) [dau. of James Carman and Margaret Carman] 5 Charles (?George) O BLANEY b.1877 + Valena MENSFORTH b.1880 5 Anna Flora (?Nellie) BLANEY b.1879 (?Middleport, Meigs, OH.) 4 John L BLANEY b.8Jul1855 (Fayette, PA.) 4 William Henry BLANEY b.Nov1858 (OH.); d.9Aug1937 (Stoertown, Muskingum, OH.) His father died when William was 14 [1367] Coal worker +(1) Laura A LEASURE b.30Oct1863 (OH.); m.20(26)Dec1883 (Muskingum, OH.) d.3May1901 (Stovertown) 5 Frank L BLANEY b.29Nov1884 [or 27Nov1885] (Washington Twp, Muskingum, OH.); Miner; d.11Feb1920 (Cannelville, Muskingum, OH.) of influenza + Lydia Barr MATHEWS b.Dec1887 (OH.); m.25Jan1908 (Muskingham, OH.); d.15Feb1920, also of influenza. [dau of Frank McCarty and Georganna née PYLE MATHEWS] 6 Clifford Mathew BLANEY b.18Oct1908 (Cannelville, Muskingum, OH.); Lived with maternal Aunt Louzanna & Uncle William "Cap" after his parents died. Corporal in the US Army Air Corps (WWII) d.21Dec1987 (Warren, Trumbull, OH.) + Esther MERRY 7 Four children 6 Charles Reed BLANEY b.28Jan1911; d.29May1911 (both Cannelville, Muskingum, OH.) 6 Laura Thelma BLANEY b.22Oct1914; d.3Feb1915 (both Cannelville, Muskingum, OH.) 6 Albert Kenneth BLANEY b.~22Apr1916 (Zanesville, OH.); d.19Jul1986 (Brownsville, TX.) + Hilda Cecilia DeMARR b.04Jul1923 (MD.); d.31Oct2001 (Great Falls, MT.) 7 __ BLANEY 7 Albert Wilson BLANEY b.12May1944 (Washington, DC.) d.02Feb2014 (Jacksonville, Duval Co., FL.) 7 William Henry BLANEY (Billy) b.~1946 7 ___ BLANEY 7 Charles Edward BLANEY b.06Jul1949 (Washington, DC.); d.22Jul1989 (Washington, DC.) 5 Blanche Ethel BLANEY b.23Nov1886 (Muskingum, OH.); d.11Sep1929 (Pebble, Pike, OH.) + Samuel Deacon b.12Feb1881 (Waverly, OH.); m.8Jan1910; Electrician [son of Thomas Deacon and Mary A Trego] 5 Elsie Laura BLANEY b.20Jun1889 (Muskingum, OH.) + Ora L. WILSON b.8Aug1886; m.25Dec1906 [son of Jas. E. Wilson and Sula E. Beard] 5 Linnie May BLANEY b.14Jul1892 (Cannelville, Muskingum, OH.); d.7Apr1985 (Zanesville) + Frederick (Fred) W DUNN b.~1888; m.3Aug1910 (Muskingum Co., OH.) [son of Charles A. Dunn and Kate F. Duvall] 5 Merle (Mearl) E BLANEY b.Sep1897 (OH.) + Harold CARR +(2) Jennie May PRESCOTT b.3Jan1868; m.1902 (OH.); d.21Sep1922 (Stovertown) 5 William J BLANEY 5 Paul L BLANEY 4 Mary Elizabeth BLANEY b.25May1861 (Zanesville, Muskingum, OH.); d.25Feb1944 (Salem, Marion, OR.) + Francis Monroe JADWIN b.~1848 (Bearfield Twp, MD.); m.1879 4 Emuiette ("Emma") BLANEY b.1864 (OH.) + ___ TEDRIC b.1862 5 Four children ?same family? Other Monongalia Blaney clusters 3 Isaac M BLANEY 31Jan1814 (PA.); d.11Nov1894 (Monongalia Co., WV.) (bur. Blaney Cemetery WV.) Farmer; ?"Worked up the last stock" of the Woodgrove Furnance in 1861-2 with Henry S Coombs + Sarah ("Sallie") Victoria (Victor) HARWARD b.10Feb1818 (PA.); d.11/13Oct1909 (Monongalia Co., WV.) (bur. Blaney Cemetery WV.) [1424] [1427] 4 James BLANEY b.20Mar1836; d.28Mar1838 (Monongalia Co., WV.) 4 Rachel Sarah BLANEY b.6Jul1839; d.17Jan1913 (Fayette Co., PA.) +(1) George Buttermore BOWERS 1839 d.29Dec1884 (Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, IO.) 2 children +(2) Thomas WILLIAMS b.Feb1829; m.1876; d.1905; Four children 4 Ellen (Ella) V. BLANEY b.31May1840 (or 19Jan1840) (Monongalia Co., WV.); d.25Sep1904 (Marion Co.); Chronic invalid; blind 16 years + John Irwin SWINDLER JP; b.13Sep1839 (Monongalia Co., WV.); m.1865; d.27Mar1908 (Marion Co.) Seriously wounded in Battle at Gettysburg, Civil War [son of William S. Swindler and Deborah Sidwell] Four children 4 John BLANEY b.3Apr1842; d.13Dec1862 (Fredericksburg) Civil War Vet; enlisted 3Aug1861 (Morgantown) and was killed 13Dec1862 so clearly not the John Blaney who had five children 1872-1892!

Polly Blaney

William I Blaney

Henry Clay Blaney

Dan Blaney

Hattie Blaney

Jane Blaney
Maud's sister

Maud O Blaney

Loyal Blaney
4 Lawrence BLANEY b.15Nov1843 (VA.); d.12/13Nov1868 (NY.) Enrolled in Union Army Sep1862; survived Gettysburg "A soldier ... gone but not forgotten"- "Co. E. 7th W. VA. INF." [NOT Lawrence S BLAYNEY b.1840] Labourer + M DONALDSON 4 Mary Ann (Polly) BLANEY 4 twin William Isaac BLANEY b.15May1846 (Monongalia Co., WV.); d.5Jun1864 (KIA, Battle of Winchester, VA) 4 twin Henry Clay BLANEY b.15May1846 (Preston Co., VA.); d.25Nov1934 Farmer; Served in Civil War, enlisted 1864; Labourer; Coal Miner; Stone Mason +(1) Minerva Temperance WARMAN b.9Apr1843 (WV.); d.18Mar1928 (Marion Co., KY.); m.16Jul1868 (Morgantown WV.) [Dau. of James Warman of West VA & Mary Dunn both of WV.] 5 (Anthelia Imay) "Ida" BLANEY b.4May1870 (New Brunswick NJ.); d.1957 + William ZOGG b.1868; m.20Nov1889; d.1936 Four children [son of John ZOGG b.1834 and Johanna WESTBURG b.1826] 5 Warren (Warman) S L BLANEY b.1871 d.1910 + Maggie E SNOWDEN b.27Au1871; m.1893 6 Meryl V BLANEY b.2Aug1895 (WV.); d.20Oct1989 (Harrison, WV.) 6 Grace Temperance BLANEY b.5Mar1898; d.Apr1982 5 Dan W BLANEY b.19Oct1872; d.18Jun1960 (Marion WV.) + Patty (Hattie) b.1873; d.1955 + Hallie J ___ b.~1873 (OH.) 5 ? Jane BLANEY (Maud's sister, lived in New York City making costumes and sets for Broadway) 5 Maud ?Olive BLANEY b.31May1875 (Sommerset Co., PA.); d.6Sep1961 (Marion Co., KY.) + Edson JACOBS b.11Sep1866 (Monongalia Co., WV.); m.1895 (Monongalia) d.13Apr1944 (Marion Co., WV.) 6 Three children 5 Loyal J BLANEY b.9Dec1880 (WV.) ?Invalid + Jannine b.~1891 (OH.) 6 Paul A BLANEY b.~1909 6 Fred V BLANEY b.~1910 5 Nora E BLANEY b.11Jan1885 5 Elvira BLANEY b.23Jun1888 +(2) Flora V. PURSLEY née NICHOLS b.4Dec1871 (KY.); m.6Mar1929 4 Winfield (Winfred) Scott BLANEY b.28Apr1848; d.6Aug1936 (both Monongalia Co., WV.) +(1) Mary Catherine DARNELL b.18May1849 (Morgantown); m.1868 (Laurel Iron Works, WV.); d.7Dec1930 (Dunbar Twp., Fayette Co, PA.) [1425] (bur. Blaney Cemetery WV.) [1427] [daughter of Samuel and Margery Darnell] 5 Sarah BLANEY b.10Feb1816; d.11Dec1909 (bur. Blaney Cemetery WV.) [1427] 5 James BLANEY b.20Mar1835/6; d.28Mar1835/8 (bur. Blaney Cemetery WV.) 5 Frank BLANEY b.2Mar1852; d.Jul1853 (bur. Blaney Cemetery WV.) 5 Jennie Blaney STRAYER 5 Harriet Blaney HOOVER 5 Linda Blaney BULL 5 Mary Blaney MASON +(2) Mollie ___ b.1883; d.1944 (Monongalia Co., WV.) 5 Isaac Oren BLANEY b.18Jan1877; d.16May1879 (Monongalia Co., WV.) (bur. Blaney Cemetery WV.) [1427]

Judith CULP


Judy Weaver
4 Elvira BLANEY b.21Sep1850; d.10Jan1936 (both Monongalia Co., WV.) + John McCOLLUM b.1844; d.28Sep1905; Three children 4 Male infant BLANEY b.1852 (Monongalia Co., WV.) 4 Isaac Mason BLANEY b.28Oct1853; d.27Jan1935 (Monongalia Co., WV.) + Julia Ann(a) BENSON b.22May1861; m.~1881; d.10Mar1961 (Monongalia Co., WV.) [dau. of Joseph BENSON and Mary MOSTELLER] 5 Dan W BLANEY b.1872; d.1960 + Patty J ___ b.1873; d.1955 5 Oron BLANEY b.13Mar1889; d.8Nov1911 (both Monongalia Co., WV.) 5 Don Cameron BLANEY b.20Aug1890 (Monongalia, WV.); d.14/21Oct1964 (Monongalia Co., WV.) Military Draft Reg. 1917-18; 1942 + Nellie M. HARTLEY b.11Jun1899; d.27Jul1931 (both Monongalia Co., WV.) [dau. of Marshall M. Hartley (1857-1931) and Sarah Jane Johnson (1862-1946) 6 Edna Grace BLANEY b.1915 5 Isaac B BLANEY b.25Jun1893; d.1Apr1919 (both Monongalia Co., WV.) Military Draft Reg 1917-1918 5 Lawrence Victor BLANEY b.11Aug1894 (Little Falls, Monongalia); d.23Sep1951 WWI Vet (304th Field Artilary 77th Div.) and WWII draft Reg +(1) Mamie Leona WILLIAMS b.2Jan1899; b.25May1934 (both Monongalia Co., WV.); m.12Jun1920 (Newburg, Preston Co., WV.) [dau. of Eli A. Williams (1856-1948) and Catherine Griffith (1853-1932) 6 Lena Mildred BLANEY b.6Jun1921 (WV.); d.7Apr1988 (WV.) + Ira Lester CULP b.13Dec1918; m.1942; d.17Feb1995 (WV.) 7 Judith “Judy” K CULP b.30Mar1947 (Morgantown, Monongalia Co., WV.); d.1Jan2015 (San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX.) (ALS) + Russ WEAVER 3 children +(2) Ethel ___ 6 Robert L BLANEY b.1924 (WV.) 6 Gilbert Lee BLANEY b.13Sep1929; d.27Jul1991 (Monongalia Co., WV.) + Bernete I NUCE b.16Aug1932; d.17mar2007 (both Monongalia Co., WV.) 4 Lucian Hagan BLANEY b.20/26Sep1856 (Monongalia Co., WV.); d.18Nov1947 (Baltimore) + Margaret Maggie Kelly BARNES b.Jun1859 (Fayette Co., PA); d.1949 5 Daisy Sedalia BLANEY b.1881 (Morgantown, WV.); d.1983 5 Queen Victoria BLANEY b.1885 (WV.); d.1978 + George Wayne BLOSSER 15Mar1884 (WV.); m.1904; d.Jan1972 (Smithfield, Fayette, PA.); Military Draft Reg 1917-1918 Four children 5 Estella BLANEY b.10Oct1889 (Monongalia Co., WV.) 5 Ellen V BLANEY b.1891; d.1913 (bur. Blaney Cemetery Monongalia Co., WV.) 5 Ella V BLANEY b.Dec1893 (Monongalia Co., WV.) 5 Mathew Inay Quay BLANEY b.2May1901 (Monongalia Co., WV.); d.1933

[13] John BLANEY - born 1825 England

1 John BLANEY b.1825 England
 + Jane b.~1844 (1820)
  2 Daniel BLANEY b.~May1843/4 (New Orleans LA.); d.20Apr1893 (NY)
   + Sarah Elizabeth BARRETT b.Sep1856 (NY); m.1893; d.22Jun1910 (Brewster, Putnam Co., NY.)
    3 Daniel E. BLANEY b.26Feb1871 (Somers, Westchester, NY) 
     + Mary A. MITCHELL b.Apr1877 (Ireland); m.1890; m.1893 

3 Martha (Mattie) Josephine BLANEY b.23May1875 (Somers, Westchester Co., NY); d.9May1949 (Danbury, Fairfield Co., CT.) + Patrick Joseph BRANDON b.18Mar1869 (Kerry Co., Ireland); m.7Dec1892 (Brewster, Putnam Co., NY); d.20Apr1934 (Danbury, Fairfield Co., CT.) 4 [7 children] 3 Maggie BLANEY b.~1879 (NY) 3 Charles Cleveland BLANEY b.28Feb1880 (Somers, Westchester Co., NY); d.3Apr1954 (Cold Spring, Putnam Co., NY); Dairy Farm worker; former member Brewster Fire Dept. + Mary WRIGHT b.1886 (New York); m.2Feb1907, New York 4 Mary Elizabeth BLANEY b.25Apr1906; d.Feb1970 + John Walter STERRY b.11Mar1904 (Middlebury, New Haven Co., CT); d.30Jan1953 (Brewster, Putnam Co., NY.) 5 [2 children: Ella Mae & Charles E STERRY] 4 Charles D. BLANEY b.1Sep1908 (Putnam Co., NY); d.21Sep1947 (NY) + Anna M DUGAN 5 Mary Jane BLANEY 5 William C BLANEY 5 Elizabeth Ann BLANEY 4 Sarah Elizabeth BLANEY b.1914 (Brewster, Putnam Co., NY); d.27Feb1966 (Danbury, Fairfield Co., CT.) + Allan Jay KELLOG (KELLOGG) b.7Nov1907 (Danbury, Fairfield Co., CT.) d.28Jan1969 (Bethel, Fairfield Co., CT.) 5 [4 children] 4 Robert P. BLANEY (of Morristown, NJ.) 4 Eugene F. BLANEY (Police Officer, Brewster) 4 Marion R. BLANEY + Charles READ 4 Thomas M. BLANEY (of Brewster) 4 Elizabeth BLANEY + Gerald McCOLGAN 3 George Edward BLANEY b.29Jun1887 (Somers, Westchester Co., NY.); d.14May1945 (NY) + Frances A. Foran b.1901 3 Sarah Elizabeth BLANEY b.12Mar1888 (Somers, Westchester Co., NY); d.Mar1985 (Brewster, Putnam Co., NY.) m.21Nov1911 (Brewster, Putnam Co., NY.) + George Ernest DICKINSON b.9May1887 (Brewster, Barnstable Co., MA.) m.21Nov1911 (Brewster, Putnam Co., NY.); d.3Feb1954 2 Martha Josephine BLANEY b.23May1875 (Somers, Westchester Co., NY.); d.9May1949 (Danbury, Fairfield Co., CT.) + Patrick Joseph Brandon b.18Mar1869 (Co. Kerry, Ireland); m.7Dec1892 (Brewster, Putnam Co., NY); d.20Apr1934 (Danbury) 2 Maggie Blaney b.~1879 (New York) 2 Charles Cleveland Blaney 1880-1954 Married about 1907, New York, to Mary Wright 1886- with : 3 Mary Elizabeth Blaney 1906-1970 3 Charles D. Blaney 1908-1947 3 Sarah Elizabeth Blaney 1914-1966 3 Robert P. Blaney 3 Eugene F. Blaney 3 Marion R. Blaney 3 Thomas M. Blaney 3 Elizabeth Blaney 2 George Edward Blaney 1887-1945 With Frances A. Foran 1901- 2 Sarah Elizabeth Blaney b.12Mar1888 (Somers, Westchester Co., NY.); d.Mar1985 (Brewster, Putnam Co., NY.) + George Ernest Dickinson b.9May1887 (Brewster, Barnstable Co., MA); m.21Nov1911 (Brewster, Putnam Co., NY.); d.3Feb1954

[14] Charles Edward BLANEY - born 1866 Dramatist

1 James BLANEY b.Ireland
  2 William BLANEY of Athlone, Ireland b.5Feb1864 (Athlone, Westmeath, Ireland.)
   + Kathleen (Catherine) ("Kate") KELLY b.28Feb1856 (Athlone)
    3 Harry Clay BLANEY Sn b.22May1892 (Athlone, Ireland)
      WWII registration 1942; d.1Nov1982 (Morocco, IN.)
     + Frieda KENNEDY b.1895 (IN.); d.1981
       [dau of John Kennedy and Sarah Ann English of Morocco.]
      4 William Kennedy BLANEY b.8Jun1921; d.Apr1993
       + Margaret Alice BRUNER b.17Jul1932 (Gary, Lake, IN.); m.1951
        5 Joseph ("Joe") O BLANEY & 2 other sibs
      4 Harry Clay ("Mud") BLANEY Jr b.23Feb1923 (Lafayette, IN.); d.11Nov1999 (Dallas TX.) [1421] 
        Brakeman and Conductor New York Central Railroad then
        Eventual owner of Spradlings store and a Men's Shop
       + Martha Virginia SPRADLING b.19Mar1923; m.20Oct1944 (Morocco); 
         d.3Aug1999 (Munster, Lake Co., IN.); Teacher
         [dau of William SPRADLING and Virginia Kessler]    
        5 Daniel ("Dan") Clay Blaney b.11Jul1945 (Jasper Co.,); Lawyer
         + Donna
        5 Mary Susan Blaney 5Aug1952 (Rensselaer, IN.) 
         + Dr James BLAKELY (Dallas, TX.)  
    3 Henry BLANEY b.1883
    3 Jane BLANEY b.1890 (Co., Westmeath, Ireland); d.1968
     + ___ MENTON - 11 children
    3 Mary BLANEY
    3 William K BLANEY b.1864
    3 John F BLANEY
    3 Kathleen BLANEY   

Charles Blaney b.1866 & Elizabeth

Charles E. Blaney

Chas E Blaney's big extravaganza, "A_boy_wanted"

Elizabeth V Blaney
born 1891

Bruce E Blaney

Harry Clay Blaney III

Across The Pacific

Harry Clay Blaney

Caroline May Blaney

Caroline Blaney & Young Buffalo
................................................................................... While I have yet to identify the parents of Charles Edward and Harry Clay Blayney, the dates and use of the Harry Clay Blayney name make for a likely connection, (?brother) with William BLANEY of Athlone above. ................................................................................... 2 Charles Edward BLANEY b.1Jan1866 (Columbus, Ohio); d.21Oct1944 (New Canaan, CT.); bur in Lakeview Cemetery Actor, playwrite, Broadway producer [1368], screenwriter and Dramatist Prolific author of about 200 melodramas ([see "Blaney Melodramas"], tearjerkers and farce comedies. "King of the Melodrama" See [1369] +(1) Flora M WINGET (WINGATE) b.1869 (Columbus, OH.); div.; d.1956 3 Beatrice BLANEY b.1890 (Columbus, Franklin, OH.); d.1890 3 Elizabeth BLANEY b.1891 (OH.) ?= Elizabeth V BLANEY b.1891 3 Isabelle BLANEY b.1895 (OH.) +(2) Elizabeth ("Lizzie") (?ROCKEFELLER) née MELROSE (Actress) m.1898; d.21Dec1909 3 Charles E BLANEY Jr b.18Apr1902 (?NJ.); d.8Feb1966 (New Canaan, Fairfield Co., CT.) + Natalie Weed McCLINTOCK (2 prior children) 4 Harry BLANEY d. 4 Bruce E BLANEY b.8Aug1932; d.09Oct2011 (both Norwalk CT.) Employee Officer; Korean veteran; Sunday School teacher + Laurie Kimbell 5 Cheryl BLANEY + Michael Slinger (two children) 4 Marlene BLANEY + Robert Parker 4 Bernice Dominick née BLANEY 4 Garvan BLANEY 3 Harry Clay BLANEY b.1Jan1904; d.1Oct1990 (of leukaemia) Broadway Theatre Producer; Son of Charles E. Blaney +(1) Mae Agnes PLANAGAN d.1966 [1422] Production Assistant, Stage Manager 4 Harry Clay Blaney III b.21Mar1938 (NY City, NY.) International affairs consultant; Gold Citation Allegheny College 1989 Writer - "Global Challenges: A World at Risk" Agincourt (Ont.), Methuen Publications, 1979 - "Foreign policy implications of the US election choices." Chatham House, London 2000 +(2) Holly BROOK m.1983 (NY.)[1422] [1423] +(3) Cecil SPOONER b.29Jan1875 m.21Jan1909; d.13May1953 (Sherman Oaks, CA.); Suffragette, stage & film actress, play and screenwriter, film director, Theatre Company owner. Arrested in 1914 for "indecency" in her play "The House of Bondage" [dau. of Benjamin Spurgeon Spooner and Mary Gibbs Manson] 2 (Henry) Harry Clay BLANEY b.14Jul1875(6) (Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH.); d.20Jan1964 (New YorK); bur. Forest Lawn Memorial Park Film actor, producer and writer brother of Charles E. Blaney (actor/author) -1937 "Picture Brides" (based on play "Red Kisses by Charles E & Harry C Blaney) - 1944 "The Boy Behind the Gun" (Harry & Chas E Blaney 1905) - producer of "Meet a Body"; starred in "Across the Pacific" + Catherine ("Kitty") Lucille Woolfolk (WOOLFE) Blaney b.21Oct1871 d.13Jun1944 (CA.) 2 Caroline May BLANEY Sister of Charles E BLANEY (1866-1944) Dau of Mrs Blayney of Columbus, Ohio. Known as as "Wild Nell" in "King of the Wild West Show", a Buffalo Bill style wild western show touring US, Canada and Europe.

[15] Aaron BLANEY - born 1825. Springhill Fayette PA. family

George Washington

George W BLANEY & Perie Mae's
wedding 1952

George W BLANEY & Perie Mae's
50th Anniversity 1952

Ray Wesley Myers &
Mildred (ex-Miller) Myers née Blaney
1 Aaron BLANEY b.10Mar1825 (Morris Twp, Clearfield, PA.); d.15Feb1913 (Fayette Co., PA.) [Son of William BLANEY b.1780 (Dunchurch, Warwickshire, England); d.1850 (PA.) and Rachel __ (1786-?)] + Elizabeth Ann Brooke JENKINS b.26Oct1830; m.1847; d.15Oct1916 (both Fayette Co., PA.) [?Rachel Elizabeth Selzter / Selsor of Springhill, Fayette. PA.) 2 Caroline b.Oct1848 (PA.); d.4Mar1912 (Fresno, CA.) + William Thomas BATES b.Mar1842 (PA.); d.10Dec1928 (Fresno, CA.) 2 William J. BLANEY b.1849; d.4Aug1860 (both in Springhill, Fayette Co., PA.) 2 Sarah Elma BLANEY b.25Oct1850 (1856) (Fayette Co., PA.); d.20Nov1933 (Morris Twp, Clearfield, PA.) + Basel B. Brownfield b.25Jan1851 (Westmoreland, PA.) m.1876 (Fayette Co., PA.); d.16Apr1934 (Georges Twp, Fayette, PA.) 3 Four children Other Monongalia Blaney clusters 2 Elizabeth Ann BLANEY b.17Aug1851 (Fayette Co., PA.); d.20Nov1933 (Springhill, Fayette, PA.) + John GANOE b.1848; m.1869; d.27Aug1931 (all Fayette, PA.) [son of John GANOE (1778-1867) and Sarah CLOVIS (1811-1891) 3 ten children 2 George Washington BLANEY Sr. b.6Apr1851/2 (Fayette Co., PA.); d.14Feb1935 (Monongalia Co., WV.); (bur. Blaney Cemetery WV.) [1427] + Anna Elizabeth KRAMER (CRAMER) b.22Jan1848; m.1873; d.1922 (bur. Blaney Cemetery WV.) aka Elizabeth Anna CRAMER 3 Genevieve ("Jennie") J BLANEY b.1873/4 (PA.) 3 Lester E (Lewis) BLANEY b.07Oct1875 (Uniontown, Fayette, PA.); d.06Oct1903/8 + Minnie G MATSON b.May1879 (PA.); m.31May1897 (Uniontown, Fayette, PA.) 4 Harold H. BLANEY b.22May1899 (WV.); d.Apr1984 (PA.) + Bessie Elizabeth McNEAR b.20Aug1899 (Ripley, Jackson, WV.); m.29Nov1916 (Columbiana, OH.); d.20Mar1958 (Freedom, Beaver, PA.) 5 Wanda Virginia BLANEY b.19Jan1918; d.17Sep2004 + Kendall F YOUNG (1914-1969); m.13Apr1935 (Fayette, PA.) [2 children] 5 James W BLANEY b.1920 (WV.) 5 Ruth K BLANEY b.1922 (PA.) 5 Florence A BLANEY b.1927 (PA.) 4 Warren J BLANEY b.12Sep1902 (PA.); d.8Dec1945 (Alameda, CA.) 3 Franklin ("Frank") BLANEY b.6May1877 (PA.); d.2Dec1955 (Troy, Bradford, PA.); (bur. Blaney Cemetery WV.) [1427] Coal Miner + Mary ("Molly") 4 Myles Authur BLANEY b.1912; d.12Nov1918 4 Anna Lucille BLANEY b.25Mar1922; d.16Apr1923 (both VA.) 3 George Washington BLANEY Jr b.15Jul1878, d.2May1973 (both Fayette Co., PA.) + Perie Mae (May) BURCHINAL n&233;e DARBY / DARBEY b.23Jan1883 (PA.) m.23Sep1902 (Fairdhance, Fayette Co., PA.); d.13Feb1968 (Gans, Fayette, PA.) [dau. of Levi Elliott DARBY b.1857 and Susanna COLE (1859-1911)] 4 Anna Marie BLANEY b.13Oct1903 (Fayette, PA.); d.26Nov1903 4 Lloyd James BLANEY b.19Nov1904; d.21Jan1996 (both Springhill, Fayette Co., PA.) aka James Lloyd BLANEY + Della Alena LYNN b.5Jun1911; d.31Oct2002 (Both Fatette, PA.) [dau. of Alfred Lutullus Lynn and Rachel Myrtle Chalfant, Subsequently married Charles Edward Franklin Mann] 5 Harry Dale BLANEY b.Apr1930; d.Mar1962 5 Doris Jean BLANEY b.29Dec1930; d.8Dec2003 5 Alfred G BLANEY b.1932; d.1988 5 Mona Lee MANN b.1940 5 Donna MANN 4 Paul ("Nick") BLANEY b.1907; d.6Feb1935 4 Mildred Elizabeth BLANEY b.22May1907/9 (Springhill, Fayette Co., PA.) d.13Jun2005 (Point Marion, PA.); Pharmacy clerk Teacher of the Ladies Anti-Can't Sunday School Class +(1)Lloyd C MILLER Sr b.1903; m.28Jul1927/8; d.1974 [3 sons] +(2)Ray Wesley MYERS m.17Nov1976 (Pt Marion, Fayette, PA.); d.2000 4 Ethel Pearle (Pearl) BLANEY b.1910 (Springhill); d.1991 + Charles PHILLIPS 4 Kenneth Ray BLANEY b.3Jan1912 (PA.); d.15Mar1991 4 Leland Edgar BLANEY b.9Nov1914 (Springhill, Fayette Co., PA.); d.11Dec2006 (Fayette City, Fayette, PA.) WWII vet (USN); Steel worker + Helen P. HARTMAN b.~1912; d.1997 5 Myrna Jane BLANEY + Thomas ADAMS 4 Evelyn A BLANEY b.14Oct1916 (Smithfield F, PA.); d.29Feb1996 (Connellsville, Fayette, PA.) + Cameron Lyons CONN b.10Oct1911 (Gans, PA.); d.17Jun1969 (Connellsville, Fayette, PA.) [5 children] [son of George Lyons Conn and Dorthy Welch] 4 Theodore Q BLANEY b.26Mar1918 (Springhill Twp); d.22Jun1993 WWII vet + Dorothy Grant 4 Quentin BLANEY b.~1919 (PA.); d.1996 [possibly same person as Theo above] 4 Jeanette B BLANEY b.8Feb1923 (Whitehouse PA.); d.13Aug2016 (?Point Marion) Worked in at Houze Glass (Point Marion) then school cafeteria worker. + William Darwin GANOE b.15Jan1923; m.25Oct1941; d.10Mar2003 [3 children] 4 Olive Jean BLANEY b.~1922; d.8Mar1964 + James Willard CROW b.1915 (Finzel, Garrett Co., MD.); m.Oct1945; d.19May1985 (Garrett Co., MD.) 4 Willis Justine BLANEY b.24Mar1925 (Springhill Twp); d.7Feb2007 (Cleveland, OH.) + Charles Lionel CONN b.3May1917; d.28Jan1985 M SGT US Army WWII [4 daughters]

Dorothy M Blaney GUSEMAN
4 Dorothy May BLANEY b.4Aug1926 (Uniontown, PA.); d.25Apr2013 (?OH.) + Bob GUSEMAN [5 children] 3 Harry Allen BLANEY b.Jun1881 (Fayette, PA.); d.1969 (1931) (bur. Blaney Cemetery WV.) + Alma TRADER 4 Harry Samuel BLANEY b.~1907; d.3Sep1953 + Maude Aunlee LOCY b.1908; d.2001 [dau. of John Jackson LOCY (1881-1961) & Elizabeth Jane STONE (1875-1948)] 5 Gladys Marie BLANEY b.28Oct1926 (PA.); d.7Aug2001 (Henderson, Vance, NC.) 5 Shirley Alma BLANEY b.4Sep1934 (PA.); d.22Mar2004 5 Samuel Solen BLANEY b.9Oct1940 (Jamestown, NY.); d.18Jul2007 (Pensacola, Escambia, FL.) 3 William P BLANEY b.18Oct1883 (PA.); d.04Oct1901 3 Forney Isaac BLANEY b.18Jan1886 (Lake Lynn, PA.); d.2Jun1970 + Sadie Florence (Flora) MAYFIELD b.31Oct1891; m.1907 (Preston WV.); d.11May1963 [dau. of William David Mayfield and Martha Lewis] 4 Wilbur C BLANEY b.1911; d.12Jul1992 + Flossie M ___ b.1920 5 George BLANEY b.~1939 4 Millard Earl "Buzz" BLANEY aka Earl Millard BLANEY b.4Mar1912; d.16Sep1984 (both Masontown WV.) + Dorcas Ellen TAYLOR b.19Nov1918 (Pisgh, Monongalia Co., WV.); d.29Nov1974 (Morgantown, Monongalia, WV.) [dau. of John Oliver Taylor and Mary Virginia ("Mollie") Arnold] 5 Mary Louellen BLANEY b.25Sep1934; d.20Dec2003 (both Masontown, Preston, WV.)

Earl Junior Blaney
5 Martha Virginia ("Toy") BLANEY b.1936 (Masontown, Preston, WV.); d.1998 5 Earl Junior BLANEY "Doc" b.18Jul1940 (Masontown WV.); d.11Sep2007 (Bedford, Cuyahoga, OH.) US Army Platoon Sgt [7 children] 4 Mildred E. BLANEY b.4May1914 4 Wilda BLANEY d.1915 4 Elizabeth Mable BLANEY b.17Oct1923; d.5Aug2006 + Lonnie Cobun TAYLOR b.17Aug1904; d.26Oct1999 [son of Orval Vance TAYLOR (1876-1968) and Izzie Dora BURNS] 4 Martha E. BLANEY b.27May1927; d.27May1927 3 Sally BLANEY b.1887 (Lake Lynn, WV.) 3 Archie Andy BLANEY b.26Sep1890 (Cheat Neck, Monongalia Co., WV.); d.6Nov1974 (Morgantown, WV.); Farmer + Mildred Blanche GRAHAM b.19Nov1907 (Preston, WV.); d.15Oct1996 (Smithfield, Fayette, PA.) 4 Donna BLANEY + James FRANKS 4 Eleanor BLANEY + C Edwin KINGAN 3 Jacob Connie ("Dutch") BLANEY b.19Jul1894 (Monongalia Co., WV.; d.5Jan1969 (Morgantown, Monongalia Co., WV.) + Anna (Annie) May SLIGER b.24Jun1893; m.29Oct1912 (Morgantown, Monongalia Co.) d.25Apr1960 (Morgantown, Monongalia Co.) [dau. of Joseph SLIGER 1843-1935) and Sara GUTHRIE (1858-1935)] 4 Gilbert C BLANEY (aka C Gilbert BLANEY) b.19Apr1914 (Monongalia); d.26Jul1998 + Sarah J b.06Oct1920; m.1938; d.24Apr1989 4 Virginia Ruth BLANEY b.7/19Nov1915 (Morgantown, Monongalia, WV.); d.20Jan2005 (Point, Marion, PA.) Can be confused with Virginia Ruth, dau. of Fredrick Blaney & Edna Donley + John Orville (Orval) SPACHT Jr. b.24Jun1913 (Pocahontas, WV.); m.1935 (Monongalia); d.13Dec1988 (Morgantown, Monongalia) [son of John Henry Spacht and Lena Virginia Beverage] [5 children] 4 Ethel Evelyn BLANEY b.1917/8 (Monongalia, WV.) + Hugh William SMITH b.1911 4 Edward C BLANEY b.22May1922; d.15Jun1994 (Monongalia Co., WV.) + Angela b.~1918 5 ? Edward BLANEY b.~1941 ? 4 Lola Beatrice BLANEY b.7Sep1923 (Monongalia Co., WV.); d.17Sep2009 + Mike HUDAK b.26Feb1927 (Sabraton, Monongalia Co.); m.1949 [4 children] 4 Alma L BLANEY b.1925 4 Lucille BLANEY b.1926 + Sylvester Jenkins

Bertha A Blaney

Bertha A Blaney
4 C. June BLANEY b.26Jun1930 (Lake Lynn, PA.); d.16Feb2019 (Point Marion, PA.) + Clifford ("Junior") PUGH Jr. b.14May1928; m.6Mar1948; d.24Nov2013 Coal miner in Pennsylvania and West Virginia [son of Andrew Rayman Pugh and Nellie May Robinson] 4 Paige Allen BLANEY b.28May1932; d.24Feb2008 age 75 + Melvina Lou SMITH b.20Jan1933 [Niece, then adopted dau. of Carl & Allie Mae Smith] 3 Floyd Jess BLANEY b.?May1904; d.Jun1980 + Viola TUNING 4 Floyd BLANEY Jr b.6May1927 (Canton); d.<1985 + Ada SMITH 5 Two stepdaughters Mary & Betty. 5 Two stepsons, Richard and Harold MORRIS 5 Douglas BLANEY 4 Harry Dale BLANEY b.15Apr1930 (Canton); d.30Jul1985 (Elmira, NY.) Foreman at Thatcher Glass + Sharon HALL d.8May1984 5 Kevin BLANEY 5 Kenneth BLANEY ?= Kenneth Leonard BLANEY b.1923, Marine in WWII

Kenneth L BLANEY 1942

Jess Emmitt Blaney

Rosa May Blaney

Leighty age 100
5 Sharon BLANEY + Donald SHEDDON 4 Irene BLANEY + ___ Shadduck 4 Wilma BLANEY + Robert Earle 2 George J BLANEY b.1854 (PA.); ob. after 1870 [? error] 2 Francis ("Frank") Marion BLANEY b.25Jun1858; d.23Sep1942 (both Fayette Co., PA.) + Ida LOTT b.Jun1861 (?England); d.11Jan1926 (Fayette Co., PA.) 3 Jess Emmit BLANEY b.18Nov1879 (Monongala, WV.); d.17Feb1964 (Fayette Co., PA.) Draft: WWI 1917-18; WWII 1942 + Rosa May ADAMS b.22Feb1884 (Fayette Co., PA.); m.1901 (Monongala, WV.); d.3Jul1964 (Monongala, WV.) 4 Harld Merle BLANEY b.1917; d.22Nov1959 (Monongalia, WV.) 4 Howard BLANEY, Lake Lynn; 4 Pearl BLANEY MINERD, Point Marion; 4 Carl BLANEY, Baltimore, Md.; 4 Meryl BLANEY, Lake Lynn, and 4 Warren BLANEY, 4 Clyde BLANEY b.~1918; d.19Feb1935 age 16 (Typhoid) 4 Paul BLANEY d.Feb1935 (Typhoid) 4 Pauline BLANEY 4 Arley BLANEY 4 Elmer BLANEY 3 Frank BLANEY b.14Oct1880; d.3Jan1961 (Connellsville, PA.) + Bessie BARRICKLOW b.18Sep1885; d.2Sep1965 (PA.) [dau. of Albert BARRICKLOW (1852-1908) and Emma WORK (1862-1955) 4 Grace BLANEY d.8Sep1973 + Lawrence MEEGAN 4 Mabel R BLANEY b. (Ashtabula, OH.); d.20May1987 4 Ralph Victor BLANEY ob. infancy 4 Wilma BLANEY b.2Aug1913 (Mt. Vernon, Oh); d.13Mar2014 (100 yr) School teacher + Byron S LEIGHTY d.02Oct1970 5 Barbara A. STRINER née LEIGHTY 3 John Clarence BLANEY b.16Apr1882 (Greene Co., PA.); d.Feb1967 WWI draft 1917-18 + Emma DAWSON (ARNOLD) b.1886 (Monongalia Co., WV.); d.1966; 9 or 10 children 4 Roy E BLANEY b.2Feb1909 (PA.); d.15Mar1978 (Rock Creek, Ashtabula, OH.) + Bertha A. FAHLSING b.25Aug1916 (Kinsley, KA.); m.1935 (Dodge City KA.); d.27Feb2014 (Eastlake [dau. Lewis H. FAHLSING & Minnie A. M. QUASEBARTH] 5 Kenneth Craig BLANEY Sr b.17Oct1942 (Chardon); d.20Jun2020 (Eastlake Co.) + ___ 6 Kenneth C BLANEY Jr (Cathy) 6 Robert P BLANEY (Lesley) 6 Christine I. BLANEY + Kenneth CLEM 5 Carl BLANEY (Linda) 5 Lewis BLANEY ob in infancy 5 Franklin ("Frank") J BLANEY b.17Oct1920; d.Oct1985 + Lavonne Marie ABRAMS b.29May1926 (Wadsworth, Medina Co., OH.)

Bertha A Blaney

Kenneth C Blaney Sr

Donald Eugene Blaney


Fred Blaney Jr

5 Donald ('Don") Eugene BLANEY b.1Jun1937 (Kinsley, KS); d.22Mar2020 Plant Manager (Middlefield Container); Jefferson Volunteer Fire Dept EMT; Professional banjo musician, machinist and woodworker + Patricia A HARNIST m.21Apr1956 (Angola, IN.) 6 Ronald E BLANEY (Diane) 6 Jerry L BLANEY (Barbara) 6 Rodney E. BLANEY (Nicole) ?E=Edward Ashtabula, Oh b.23Nov1975 5 Grace BLAYNEY WATKINS b.~1939 4 John Clarence BLANEY Jr. b.27Sep1918 (Fayette); d.9Aug2002 (Porter, IN.) + Rita Eileen STEIGERWALD b.5Jan1921 (Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH.); ob. (Kingsport, Sullivan, TN.) [dau of Carl Thomas (1897-1992) and Agnes Nolan (1889-ob) STEIGERWALD] 5 James BLANEY d.2019 (IN.) 4 Robert P BLANEY (Lesley) ?= Robert A or M BLANEY 4 Nellie B, Grethal B 4 Lyda BLANEY 4 Mary BLANEY 4 Lea BLANEY 4 dau BLANEY 3 George Washington BLANEY Jr b.17May1884 (PA.); d.5Jan1972 (Monongalia Co., WV.) + Edith ADAMS b.13Jul1884; d.15Jan1967 (Morris Crossroads, PA.) 4 Anna Pearl BLANEY d.1904 4 Donald Altha BLANEY b.2Dec1918; d.26Nov1971 (or 30Apr2007) 3 Charles Francis BLANEY b.Sep1886 (PA.); d.9Jan1967 (Monongalia Co., WV.) Draft WWII 1942 3 Fanny E BLANEY b.17Mar1892 (PA.); d.29May1903 (Monongalia Co., WV.) 3 Frederick BLANEY b.13Mar1892 (PA.); d.21Feb1969 (Fayette) Draft WWI 1917-18 + Edna S DONLEY b.1892; m.28Jan1911; (Fayette); d.1979 4 Mabel Irene BLANEY b.28Oct1911 (Cheat Neck, Monongalia); d.28Mar2006 (Elizabeth, Allegheny, PA.) + George Washington Shingleton (1910-1982) 4 Ertta Catharine BLANEY b.14Mar1913 (PA.); d.10Jan2004 (St Petersburg, Pinellas, FL.) + Fred Delbert Baker b.14Jul1911 (Point Marion, Fayette, PA.); m.12Apr1933 (Morgantown, Monongalia, WV.); d.19Dec1982 (Pinellas, FL.) 4 Virginia Ruth BLANEY ?1915-2005 Probably confused with Virginia Ruth, dau. of Jacob Blaney & Anna Sliger 4 Freda May BLANEY b.7Sep1918 (PA.); d.27Sep2006 (Fayette, PA.) 4 Fred BLANEY Jr b.28Nov2020; d.21Feb2020 (Morgantown, WV.) WWII 4 Charlotta E BLANEY b.1922; d.17Jan2012 + Charles H. McNATT [2 children] 4 Frederick "Fred" BLANEY Jr b.28Nov1926 (Lake Lynn, Springhill Township, Fayette, PA.); d.21Feb2020 (Morgantown, Monongalia, WV.) 3 Robert Clark Dean BLANEY b.4Aug1894 (Monongalia Co., WV.) Draft 1917-18 + Monie D MYERS b.13Nov1896; m.1913 [dau. Alpheus ("Alfred") M MYERS (1859-1940) & Hannah A NEIGHBORS (1857-1932) 3 Lida May BLANEY b.5Feb1897 (Monongalia Co., WV.) 3 Herbert Lee BLANEY b.Apr1899 3 Mary M BLANEY b.28Jun1902 (Monongalia Co., WV.) 2 Mary Ellen BLANEY b.25Apr1861; d.26Nov1919 (both Springhill, Fayette Co., PA.) [dau of Aaron Blaney and Elizabeth Ann Jenkins] + Daniel Marion RODERICK (1857-1925) [9 children] 2 Ellen BLANEY b.~1863 [? = Mary Ellen] 2 Alice BLANEY b.~1866

[16] Joseph BLANEY (born 1776/8) - Blaneys of Kittery, York Co and Portsmouth Rockingham Co. New Hampshire


  2 Joseph B BLANEY b.~1777; d.1863 
    d.5Nov1863 (Portsmouth, Rockingham Co., NH.)
   + Dorothy (Mary) Winkley b.1775 (Portsmouth, Rockingham Co., NH.);
     d.8Apr1852 (Kittery, York Co., ME.)
    3 Joseph B BLANEY b.1805 (Portsmouth, Rockingham Co., NH.)
      d.30Jul1825 (Boston, Suffolk Co., MA.) or 
    3 Joseph BLANEY b.3Mar1799; d.11Jan1872 (both Swampscott, Essex, MA.) 
      who married Joanna C Smith (1808-1893)
      However this Joseph Blaney has different parents.
    3 Franklin aka Francis Winkley BLANEY b.10Sep1808 (Portsmouth, Rockingham Co., NH.)
      d.26Nov1890 (Kittery, York Co., ME.)
      Watchman at Navy Yard 30 Years
     + Mary B Keene b.26Jan1808/9; m.8Sep1824
       d.20Feb1883 (Kittery, York Co., ME.)
      4 Franklin Winkley BLANEY Jr b.1829 (Kittery, York Co., ME.);
        d.24Jul1896 (Saugus, Essex Co., Ma); Civil War Veteran
        Regular Navy for 12 years
       +(1) Mary E Leach b.Dec1831/2; m.11Oct1851; d.21Mar1870 
        5 Mary J Holcomb 1841
        5 Annie A Davis 1843 
        5 Clara Evelyn (or Evelyn Clara) BLANEY b.1854 (Kittery, York Co., ME.);
          d.10Aug1901 (York Co., ME.)
         + Henry C. Moulton b.1851; d.7Apr1905 (York Co., ME.)
          6 Three children
        5 Ann Mary BLANEY b.30Jul1855 (Kittery, York Co., ME.);
          d.25Oct1905 (York Co., ME.)
         + John H Parsons b.30Dec1855; 25Nov1921 (York Co., ME.)
          6 Three children
        5 Albert Washington BLANEY b.Dec1857 (ME.); d.21Apr1914 (Kittery, York Co., ME.)
         + Cora Belle Dannenberg b.Jul1863 (Kittery, York Co., ME.); m.13Sep1882; d.1949 (ME.)
           [dau of Charles and Pearlina Donnenberg]
          6 Howard Albert BLANEY b.23Apr1885 (OH.); Carpenter 
            d.10Feb1919 (Kittery) - Bronchial pneumonia from influenza            
           + Beatrice Ida Staples b.8Jan1886 (Eliot York Co., ME.); 
             m(1).26Oct1910 (Kittery, York Co., ME.) to Howard;               
             m(2).19Apr1924 (Kittery, York Co., ME.) to Herman Grover TEACH (1885-1950)
             d.Oct1974 (Portsmouth, Rockingham Co., NH.)
             [dau. of Sylvester STAPLES and Nancy FEINEMAN]
            7 Gordon Staples BLANEY b.3Aug1911 (Kittery);
              d.4Nov1914 (Kittery)
            7 Donald A. BLANEY b.30Jan1913 (Kittery); 
              d.8Jul2012 (Cape Elizabeth, Cumberland Co., ME.)
             + Wanda Alice TEACH b.11May1913 (OH.); m.1933); 
               d.16Jan2000 (South Hadley, Hampshire Co., MA.)
            7 Carlton Leigh BLANEY b.18Oct1917; d.8Nov1965 
             + Margaret Elizabeth Barnard b.1914; d.Mar1963 (Portsmouth, Rockingham Co., NH.) 
            7 Ruth Beatrice TEACH Goodwin Kopanski Dotson (1925–2001) 
          6 Harold S BLANEY b.Sep1887 (ME.)
          6 Carroll S BLANEY b.5Sep1888 (Kittery); d.31Jan1919 (Influenza)
            Pipefitter; Military Draft 1917-1919
           + Esther Lillian Gerry b.21Set1895 (Kittery); d.23Sep1978 (Rockingham, NH.)
             m(1).07Dec1912 Carroll S Bl
             m(2).06Sep1924 George Earle WHENAL b.24Apr1902 (NH.); d.26Jul1984
            7 Mildred Althea Blayney b.20Jun1913; d.1915 (both Lynn, Essex, MA.)
            7 Kenneth Gerry BLANEY b.12Sep1915 (Kittery); d.Jun1986 NH.)
            7 Adelbert Stanley BLANEY b.7Jan1918 (Kittery); d.~2016 

Helen A Kilmer Blaney

Eva P Blaney

Rachel & Arnold Blaney


Theodore Blaney, Eva Pico, Cora Belle Dannenberg,
Arthur Blaney and Bertha Lydston. Mousam Lake, 1947

Victoria Gail Blaney

Willard and Barbara Blaney

Willard L Blaney

Rodney O Blaney

Rodney and Marion Blaney
6 Leigh Franklin BLANEY b.23Oct1890 (Kittery, York Co., ME.); d.2Jan1957 (Pittsfield, Berkshire Co., MA.) + Helen A KILMER b.19Jul1888 (Lenox, Berkshire Co., MA.) d.13Feb1963 (Pittsfield, Berkshire Co., MA.) [dau. of Charles Kilmer and Catherine Gately] 7 Frances BLANEY b.5Sep1921 (Berkshire Co., Ma); d.18Feb2009 (Pittsfield, Berkshire Co., MA.); Secretary + Martin (Marty) H Connors b.14Jul1922 (MA.); m.1Aug1953; d.18Oct1993 (Berkshire Co., MA.) 6 Eva Pauline BLANEY b.12Sep1894 + A Joseph PICOTT m.20Aug1912 (Kittery) [son of John E Picott and Mary J Allen] 7 Two children 6 Arthur Henry Dannenburg BLANEY b.2Aug1897 (Kittery); d.Apr1978 (Pittsfield, Berkshire, MA.) + Ida Mau FUNK b.1901; m.~1921; d.1988 7 Albert Arthur BLANEY b.1922; d.2005 6 Arnold Lester BLANEY b.10Mar1900 (Kittery, York, ME.); d.4Nov1969; aka Lester Arnold BLANEY + Rachel Mary Coffin b.11Jun1900 (Danbury, Fairfield, CT.); m.2Jun1919 (ME.); d.16Sep1964 7 Willard Leslie BLANEY b.28Jul1922 (Kittery, York, ME.); d.13May2011 (Cocoa Beach, Brevard, FL.) Civilian and naval engineer and draftsman Shipfitter USNR; saw action at Okinawa WWII +(1) Barbara May Dixon b.1925 (ME.); d.2016 8 Victoria Gail BLANEY b.1944 (York, ME.); d.2014 + Edwin Meyer +(2) Helen V. __ 7 Rodney Orman BLANEY b.24Sep1929 (Kittery Pt); d.4Dec2013 (Kittery); Naval Rigger's Helper until 1984 then Park maintenance. Avid fisherman and hunter. + Marion Muchemore 8 Donna L. BLANEY + Charles Tolson 8 Terri E BLANEY + Robert McCOLGAN 6 Theodore L BLANEY b.6Apr1904 (York Co., ME.) 6 Orman Robert BLANEY b.1908; d.1929 (York Co., ME.) 5 Marion B. BLANEY b.30Jul1860 (Kittery); dvp.29Mar1892 (Rochester, Strafford, NH.) + Edward H Parker b.1859; m.13Jun1888 (Rochester, Strafford, NH.); d.1914 5 John H Huntley b.1860 5 Henry F BLANEY b.1865/6; m.15Jul1887 (Kittery, York, MA.); d.1896 + Carrie Ella CLOUGH b.1865 (or May 1868) (ME.); d.1951 m(1).15Jul1887 (Henry F Bl m(2).~1903 Irving BURKE (1862-1936) 6 Roy Henry BLANEY b.10Dec1887 (Kittery, York Co., ME.); d.1945 Coal Hoisting Engineer + Minnie F STEVENS b.1886 (ME.) 6 Eugene Wilber BLANEY b.18Apr1889 (Kittery, York Co., ME.); d.2Jan1926 (Concord, Merrimack, NH.) Shipyard blacksmith + Amelia Mildred HACKNEY b.Dec1890 (NH.); m.1Jan1916 7 Alvah E BLANEY b.15Dec1916 7 Phyllis Mildred BLANEY b.14Jan1921 (Kittery, York Co., ME.); d.25Apr1955 (Boston, Suffolk, MA.) + Warren Edwin Huntress b.13Jul1920 (South Eliot, York, ME.); m.7Jun1947; d.4Oct1995 (York, ME.) 7 Carrie A BLANEY b.1925 6 Herbert T BLANEY b.Sep1890; d.1908 6 Elmer F BLANEY b.15Mar1894 (Kittery); d.Feb1982 (Kittery) Electrician's helper + Hazel A WEEKS b.1897; m.22Jun1917 (Kittery) 7 Avis Marian BLANEY b.30Mar1920 (Kittery); d.23Dec2011 (Port Charlotte, Charlotte, FL.) + James Henry Tarling b.3Jul1918 (ME.); d.6Aug2017 (Port Charlotte) 8 One child 7 Parker Norman BLANEY b.17Feb1925 (Kittery); d.7mar2006 (Punta Gorda, Charlotte FL.) 5 Lottie L BLANEY b.Jul1866 (ME.); d.12Jan1913 (Kittery, York Co., ME.) +(1) Frank B. CHICK b.1859; m.14May1888; d.8Mar1899 6 Five children +(2) John Havey PARSONS b.30Dec1855 (Kittery, York, MA.); m.23Feb1910 (Portsmouth Rockingham, NH.); d.25Nov1921 (Kittery, York, MA.) 5 Theodore F BLANEY b.1868 +(2) Johanna Mary BENSON b.1845 4 Amelia Ann BLANEY b.May1834 (ME.); d.7Nov1911 (Kittery, York Co., ME.) + George Washington Muchemore 1834-1916 3 Laura Ann (Lauriann) BLANEY b.17Jan1815 (Portsmouth, Rockingham Co., NH.) d.1Aug1900 + Nathaniel Manson b.1809 (ME.); d.30May1892 (Lynn, Essex Co., MA.) [son of Mark Manson & Patience Remick]

[17a] Captain Neil C BLANEY (born 1839/49) - Ireland to Pittsburg


1 Neil Cornelius (or Cornelius Neil) S BLANEY 
  b.Sep1839 (49/50) (Donegal, Ireland); d.15July1910 (diabetic coma); Conductor
  [?son of Cornelius BLANEY b.~1818 (Belfast, Ireland); d.1905]; 
  Has been confused with the Capt Neal BLANEY born 1851 (Belfast)  who was a
  Captain on Great Lakes schooners 1880s and a lumber operator, who built 
  company town "Blaney" and the connecting rail spur the "Blaney & Southern 
  Railway". These and the subsequent Blaney Park are named after THAT 
  Capt Neil Blaney.
  This Neil Blaney has a different wife and while many children have surprisingly
  similar names, they do not match so they are clearly different Neil Blaneys! 
 + Mary Jane McBRIDE b.21Feb1847 (Coyleville, Butler, PA.); m.~1875; d.1922
   [dau of John ?McBRIDE and Catherine SWEENEY]
  2 Edward (D) F BLANEY b.1868; d.1956
   + Emma M ?BARR (or Maria Emma) b.1869 (PA.); m.?1900; d.10Nov1955
    3 Jane BLANEY 
    3 Mary E. BLANEY
    3 ?.
  2 Mary BLANEY b.1875
  2 James Francis BLANEY b.16Nov1878 (Carbon, PA.); d.1948 (PA.)
   +(1) Ellen Agnes RODGERS b.26Jan1880 (Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA.) 
        m.1905 (PA.); d.1918
    3 Helen E BLANEY
    3 Mary A BLANEY (Mamie)
    3 Neal (Rhoda) BLANEY 
    3 Charles G (Mary) BLANEY
    3 Margaret "Peg" Cecelia BLANEY b.26Jun1910 (PA.); d.24Jun2000
     + William Thomas GARVEY b.18Feb1910 (Buffolo, Erie, NY.); m.1935 [5 children] 

Ginny Blaney

Charles Schneider

Ruth S Blaney

Susan B Ranker
+(2) Sarah "Sadie" Maria MAHON b.11July1881 (Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA.); m.1922; d.25Dec1964 3 Virginia ("Ginny") Rose BLANEY b.24May1915; d.7May1989 (both Pittsburgh, PA.) + Charles J (Buzz) Schneider b.1911 (Pittsburgh, PA.); d.1985 3 Ruth S BLANEY b.16Apr1924; d.14Feb2019 (North Side, Pittsburgh, PA.) Secretary / receptionist 2 Henry BLANEY b.1880 2 Katherine (?Katie) Mary BLANEY b.1882; b.1958 2 Charles Patrick BLANEY b.21Mar1884 (Butler, PA.); m.~1915 d.25Aug1947 (Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA.) + Anna Marie DUGAN b.1884; d.1965 3 Mary Jane BLANEY b.21Aug1915 (Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA.); d.23Mar1997 3 William Charles BLANEY b.1916 (PA.); d.1980 + Margaret Mary ROGAN b.1919 (PA.); m.2Oct1940 (Pittsburgh); d.2003 [dau of John Charles Rogan and Bertha Heilig] 4 Susan B BLANEY b.14Jan1948 d.3Dec2019 + Kenneth R. Ranker m.9Nov1968 5 Three children 3 Elizabeth Ann BLANEY b.3Dec1918 (Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA.); d.1995 2 Margaret BLANEY b.~1887

[17b] Captain Neil Cornelius BLANEY (born 1851) - Ireland to Great Lakes


Captain Neal BLANEY

Blaney Park Brochure

Schooner John Kelderhouse

Blaney Park Michigan

Mary H "Mae" Blaney

Mae and Albert Lavigne 1967

Dorothy Patricia Ertl
née Blaney
1 Capt Neal BLANEY b.15Oct1851 (Belfast); d.25Oct1937 (Escanaba, MI.) [1375] [?son of Cornelius Blaney b.1818; d.1905] Not to be confused with above Captain Neil C BLANEY (born 1839/49) of Pittsburg; This Capt Neil Blaney Em. to USA in 1860 on the Zered [1374]. He is claimed to be the only sailor to survive both the Titanic and Lusitania sinkings! Captain of the Schooners John Raber (1883), Oak Leaf (1886) and the John Kelderhouse (Cert of Enrollment 1887) until c.1895. Moved around (Baltimore 1868, Chicago 1883, Escanaba, MI 1900 to take over as superintendent of the northern Michigan operations for Mueller Lumber Company. Built the Blaney and Southwestern Railroad from Marquette. The town of Blaney, Michigan, now Blaney Park, was named after him. [1376] [1377] + Mary Jane WHITE b.1852; m.20Nov1868 (Baltimore); d.1925 2 Twelve Children including: 2 Mary Ann BLANEY b.14Sep1870; d.3Jul1955 + Thomas F COSIER b.22Jun1870; m.28Sep1898 (Chicago); d.19Apr1940 3 Three children 2 Margaret BLANEY b.14Nov1871; d.9Mar1951 + William E HICKS b.1866; m.29Nov1893 (Cook, IL.) 3 Seven children 2 Rose Elizabeth BLANEY b.6Oct1873; d.9Jul1952 (Chicago) + Thomas McMAHON b.1865; m.28Dec1897 (Chicago); 16Jul1925 [5 children] 2 Charles Francis BLANEY b.1877; d.4Mar1934 + Harriet DENMAN b.1876; m.31Jul1894 3 Mary ("Mae") Harriet BLANEY b.21Nov1894 d.15Oct1981 + Albert J La VIGNE b.1887; m.5Sep1917; d.1981 (Escanaba, Delta, MI.) 4 Two children 2 Kathryn (Katherine) BLANEY b.1878 (Chicago); d.1971 + James Allysius HAGGERTY b.1873; d.1950 2 Neal Joseph BLANEY b.30Sep1880 (Chicago); d.Aug1963 + Mary Boddy b.1879; d.1945; 3 Neal BLANEY b.24Dec1902 (Escanaba, Delta, MI.); d.21Mar1990 (CA.); bur Merrillville, IN. + Anne GLADDIS b.1904 (PA.); d.1997; bur Merrillville, IN. 3 Lile Aloysius BLANEY b.1905 (MI.); d.12Feb1905 (Escanaba, Delta, MI.) 3 Donald Patrick BLANEY b.1909 (Escanaba, Delta, MI.); d.1969​​ + Dorothy Dickson b.1909 (Kalo, IA.) 4 Dorothy Patricia BLANEY b.27Jul1931; d.2Jan1999 (both Fort Dodge, Webster, IA.) + John Edward ERTL b.27Jan1930; m.5Feb1951; d.6Jan2000 (all Fort Dodge) 5 Amy M ERTL b.1964; d.1970 (both Fort Dodge) 3 Jack F. BLANEY b.1910 (MI.); d.10Mar1910 (Escanaba, Delta, MI.) 3 Carter F BLANEY b.26May1911 (MI.); d.1985 (IN.) 3 Dorothy BLANEY b.1913; d.28Feb1914 (both Nahma, Delta, MI.) 3 Mary Jane BLANEY b.7Apr1916 (Nahma, Delta, MI.); d.Jan1989 2 James Francis BLANEY b.19Jul1882 (Chicago); m.25May1904 (Chicago); d.28Jun1931 (Norwood Park, Cook, IL.) + Margaret May Madden b.May1884; d.12Feb1934 (both Chicago) 3 Marcella L BLANEY b.1Mar1905 (Escanaba, Delta, MI.); d.15Dec1993 (Chicago) 3 Anna M BLANEY b.22Jul1907 (Chicago); d.7Apr1997 (Niles, Cook, IL.) + Howard LANGLOTZ b.14Jun1910 (IL.); d.Sep1977 (Chicago) 4 Two children 3 Joseph BLANEY b.5Dec1910 (IL.); d.20Oct1981 (Chicago) Maintenance worker 3 Violet BLANEY b.10Apr1912; d.20Jun2001 (both Chicago) 3 Rose Marie BLANEY b.10Apr1912 (Chicago) + Edward TRAPP b.3Jul1912 (Chicago); d.23May1982 (Cook, IL.) 4 Two children 3 Veronica Marie BLANEY b.28Sep1914 (Chicago); d.27Oct2001 (Cook, IL.) 3 George Francis BLANEY b.4Feb1917 (IL.); d.16Dec1973; bur. Chicago + Bea Minney b.1920 (IL.) 2 John Francis BLANEY b.9Aug1886 (IL.); d.8Apr1970 (Sacramento, CA.) + Elizabeth HARDING b.1889 (WI.); m.19Oct1914 (Escanaba); d.20Jan1978 (Sacramento, CA.) 3 John Francis BLANEY Jr b.15Aug1915 (Escanaba); d.20Aug1998 + Josephine D Reterman b.23May1921 (IL.); m.3Jul1940; d.12Dec2004 (Sacramento, CA.) 4 Thomas Michael BLANEY b.15Feb1944 (Sacramento); d.27Jan2004 Grand Junction, Mesa, CO.) 2 Sarah ("Sadie") Edna BLANEY b.13Sep1887 (Chicago) + George J. OAKES b.1882 (WI.); m.25Sep1907 (Escamaba, Menominee, MI.); d.1948 (Kingston, Tuscola, MI.) 3 Three children 2 Thomas George BLANEY b30Aug1889; d.16Aug1890 2 Walter Vincent BLANEY b.13Nov1893 (Chicago); d.3Sep1943 (Kootenai, Bonner, ID.) +(1)Elizabeth ("Bessie") Henrietta b.1892 (MI.); m.20Jun1917; d.1919 (both Escanaba, Delta, MI.); Teacher 3 Marie BLANEY b.1918–1921 3 Betty BLANEY Mahoney b.1919–2005 3 Elizabeth Genevieve BLANEY b.10May1919 (MI.); 12Jun2005 (Lisle, DuPage, IL.) + William MAHONEY b.1918 (IL.) +(2)Evelyn ("Eva") M. LeDuc b.22Mar1902; d.23Jul1977 (both MI.) Also married Edward FUHRIMAN (b.5Mar1893; d.Nov1979), brother of Louise and raised Walter Vincent FUHRIMAN (1922-1997) who appears to be the same person as Walter Vincent BLANEY Jr (adopted by Edward). It would appear that Eva and Walter Blaney each took up with Fuhriman siblings and so were the closest relatives to Walter Jnr when Louise died. [dau. of Louis Octave Leduc (1868-1949) & Anna Francisca Charboneau [1875-1955)] 3 Donald Robert BLANEY b.7Nov1923 (Newport, WA.); d.15Feb2001 (Seattle, Washington) Served in the US Navy (South Pacific) in WWII; Public Accountant

Florence Eva I BLANEY
+ Florence Eva Irestone b.16Sep1925 (St. Paul, Minnesota); m.17Jan1945 (St Sebastian, Chicago); d.8Apr2017 Chief legalization officer, US Immigration and Naturalization Service [dau. of Charles Irestone and Margaret Kohn] 4 Gary Michael BLANEY b.2Jul1946; d.3Jun1947 (both Chicago) 4 Scott BLANEY 4 Patrick Louis BLANEY b.22Jun1954; d.14Dec2013 4 Tim BLANEY 4 Colleen BLANEY + ___ AMOS + Nathaniel AMOS +(3)Louise FUHRIMAN b.1900; d.1924 3 Walter Vincent BLANEY b.18Jun1922 (Chicago); d.4Jan1997 (Brandenton, FL.) Adopted by his maternal uncle Edward FUHRIMAN + Evelyn SMITH b.2Mar1918; d.1Apr2006 2 Catherine Marie BLANEY b.~about 1894

[17d] Captain Samuel BLANEY (born c.1760, d.1842) New York to Fayette Co., PA.

Based on Fayette County Genealogy Project [1403], Mon Valley Biographies [1405] and Fayette Co. Blaney Family Bibles [1404] [Karen Souhrada] [1428]

1 Capt Samuel ("Sam") BLANEY b.1760 [1428] (Roxbury, Suffolk, MA.) (or 6Dec1759) (Boston, MA., of Scotch-Irish descent); 
  d.26Nov1842/3 (Flatwoods) [1428];
  Claimed to be son of William BLANEY (1731-1780) and Mary GRIDLEY b.1732 (Roxbury, Suffolk, MA.) [1448]; d.1805,
  although their Samuel Blayney died 1826, not 1842 and that couple lived and died in Roxbury, MA.
  Other claims have him son of William and Mary BLANEY [1405] of Perry Twp., Fayette Co. who then moved to New York 
  where Samuel met Margaret Foy.
  Raised in NY City, sea Captain for many years, then farmer & teacher; d.26Nov1842
 + Margaret FOY (?FAY ??WOLFE), of New York City; b.Jan1772; m.1794; d.29Jan1839 (on gravestone) [1481]
  (or 19Jan1859 [1428] [1405])
   They moved to West. Penn (Uniontown, Fayette Co.)
  2 Nancy Blaney b.6Apr1796; d.10Jan1878 [1428] [1448]
   + John JORDON Sr d.15Jan1880
  2 Joseph Blaney b.22Jul1799 (Fayette, PA.); d.1842/59
   + Rachael McKOY b.1805 (PA.); m.1822 (PA.); d.1860 (1870) [13 children] 
     [dau. of Matthew McCOY (b.7Nov1772) and Martha COLLINS (b.7Nov1772)]
    3 Matthew BLANEY b.8Jul1821(26) (Belmont Co., OH.); d.17Jan1916 (Brown Co., IN.)
     + Nancy J MOORE b.9Nov1840 (OH.); d.15Feb1899 (Brown Co., IN.)
       [dau. of Lemuel R MOORE & Catherine A SKINNER]
      4 Joseph Clarkson BLANEY b.25Dec1854 (Belmont Co., OH.); d.22Aug1940 (Columbus, IN.)
       + Sarah Geneva Blaney b.1864 (Noble Co., OH.); d.1895.
        5 Sarah Viola BLANEY b.1881 (Van Buren Twp., Brown, IN.); d.1938
        5 John William BLANEY b.1887  (Brown, IN.); d.1960
        5 Clarence Elmer BLANEY b.1889 (Van Buren Twp., Brown, IN.); d.1973
        5 Elizabeth Lacresa "Lizzie" BLANEY b.1892  (Brown, IN.); d.1956
      4 William Ervin (Irvin) BLANEY b.7Jun1869; d.15Apr1944 (both Brown, IN.)
       +(1) Priscilla Ellen Wilcox b.13Sep1873; m.1889; d.1904
        5 Estella Alice BLANEY TRUEX b.1891; d.1972
        5 Walter Osborn(e) BLANEY b.1894; d.1956
        5 Alexander Mathew BLANEY b.1896; d.1979
        5 Ethel Gertrude Brunet 1898 (New Orleans, LA.); d.1982
        5 Ethel May BLANEY b.1899
        5 Hezekiah BLANEY b.1901; d.1980
       +(2) Eunice L Rouse / ROUSH b.1868 (70 (Columbus, Bartholomew, IN); 
            m.1907; d.1924
       +(3) Dora Elizabeth "Bessie" THOMPSON (ACTON) b.12Dec1880 (Columbus, Bartholomew, IN);
         m.1911; d.1935
        5 Howard Irwin BLANEY b.1913; d.1938
        5 Alma Eliz BLANEY b.1915; d.2006
        5 Georgia Ann BLANEY b.1918; d.1985
        5 Estella BLANEY b.
       +(4) Willie T Hawkins b.15Nov1901 (Stone, AR.); m.1919
        5 Hubert L BLANEY
      4 Lemuel M BLANEY b.19Sep1864 (Brown, Co, IN.); d.17Feb1938 (Washington Co., IN.)
       + Lavinia Wilcox b.1869; d.1930
        5 Sanford BLANEY (1888-1893)
        5 Charles Wesley BLANEY b.1891 (Brown, Co, IN.)
        5 Edward E BLANEY b.1895 (Freetown); d.1979
        5 Louis BLANEY b.1897 (Jackson Co., IN); d.1974
        5 Marion BLANEY b.1900 (Saltawk Twp}; d.1903
      4 Anna E BLANEY b.Aug1866 (IN.); d.14Apr1900 (typhoid)
       + Francis ("Frank") P McCOY b.1857; m.30Dec1886 (Brown Co., IN.)
         d.1919; [5 children] 
      4 William Irvin BLANEY b.1869 (IN.); d.1944
       +(1) Priscilla Ellen WILCOX b.13Sep1873 (Brown, IN.); m.1889 (IN.) [6 children]
        5 Estella Alice Stella Blaney Truex
        5 Walter Osborne BLANEY 
       +(2) Eunice L. ROUSH b.Oct1870 (Columbus, Bartholomew, IN.); m.1907 (IN.)
       +(3) Willie T. HAWKINS b.15Nov1901 (Stone, AR.); m.1919 (IN.) 
        5 Hubert L BLANEY 


Will & Hannah Blaney

Mary Ann & Luther L Pack


James Edward Blaney

Ethel M Robinson

?John William and James E Blaney

James Edmond & Myrtle (Jones) Blaney

Mary Blaney et al

Viva Blaney 1935

Ruby Blaney

Opal Blaney Reed

Opal Blaney Reed, Ruby Blaney Steers & Mary Blaney Lott

Ethel J Scarberry

Arnold W Scarberry

5 sisters: Viola, Betty, Opal, Ruby & Mary Blaney
4 Mary M BLANEY b.27Aug1874 (Brown Co., IN.); d.8May1907 (Bartholomew Co., IN.) + John SEELMAER b.30Dec1867 (Rising Sun, IN.); d.14Jan1948 (Brown Co., IN.) [3 children] 3 Martha M BLANEY b.1832 (Wayne, Belmont, OH.) 3 Mathias BLANEY b.1833 (Wayne, Belmont, OH.) 3 Pvt. John E BLANEY b.1838 (Belmont Co., OH.); d.18Jan1896/8 (Van Buren Co., AR.) Private in Ohio's 76th Infantry Oct1862-Aug1863 (Van Buren Co., AR.) + Mary Ann ROUSE b.1Sep1840 (Monroe Co. OH.); d.4Oct1926 [9 children] [dau. George Henry ROUSE (1806-1870) and Magdaline "Lana" SPORE (1810-1885)] 4 George McGUIRE b.1853 4 John McGUIRE b.1855 (OH.) 4 Nancy Rachel BLANEY 1863 (Bellville, Richland Co., OH.); d.1904 4 Martha Margaret BLANEY McGUIRE 1865 (Belmont Co., OH.); d.1949 4 William ("Will") Oliver BLANEY b.19Aug1868 (Brown Co., IN.); d.26May1954 (Fort Cobb, OK.) + Hannah Lee BRUCE b.19May1872 (Cherokee Co., SC.); m.1889; d.22Mar1943 (Fort Cobb, Caddo Co., OK.) [dau of William Alexander BRUCE (1822-1880) and Sarah Ann WALKER (1826-1920)] 5 Mary Ann BLANEY b.19May1889 (Dabney, Van Buren Co., AR.); d.4Jul1954 (Cobb, Caldo, OK.) + Luther Lafayette PACK b.26Sep1888 (Cherokee Co., NC.); m.1907; d.12Feb1955 (Fort Cobb, OK.) [10 children] 5 John N William BLANEY b.19Sep1894 (Van Buren Co., AK.); Production Foreman, Standard Oil Co. First California Cavalry (Mexican border) 1916; WWI Rainbow Div (France) d.18Oct1948 (Ventura Co., CA.) (MVA) + Ethel May ROBINSON b.23Oct1897; m.19Nov1921 (Whittier); d.10Nov1985 (Los Angeles Co., CA.) 5 James Edmond BLANEY b.Sep1894 (Dabney, AR.); d.22Jan1955 + Eva Myrtle C JONES b.22Jan1896; d.1991 (both Van Buren Co., AK.) [dau of Mitchel JONES (b.8Jan1857 Fannin GA.) and Louisa MILLSAP b.18Dec1861] 6 Viva Irene BLANEY b.5Apr1917 (Van Buren Co., AK.); d.25Jun1985 (Lone Pine, Inyo Co., CA.) +(1) Grady L TEAGUE b.~1910; m.8Feb1936 (Caddo, OK.) [2 children] +(2) ? __ WHITE 6 Ettie / Betty May BLANEY b.1920 (Van Buren Co., AK.); d.1923 + Cleadus PRICE 6 Ester Lou BLANEY b.1922 (Van Buren Co., AK.); d.1923 6 Mary Magdalene BLANEY b.16Dec1924 (Rex, Van Buren Co., AR.); d.23Mar2016 (Fayetteville, Washington Co., AR.) + Alfie Glen LOTT Sr. b.05Oct1915; d.12Oct1986 Corporal WWII [son of Henry Thomas LOTT (1877-1977) and Mollie Victoria ENNIS (1878-1968)] 6 Ruby Fay BLANEY b.6Aug1927; d.2Feb2019 (both Van Buren Co., AK.) Child Nutritionist; missionary in the Philippines + Samual Agustos STEERS b.1913 (Hardman, Morrow, OR.); m.02Oct1942 [no children] 6 Opal Hannah BLANEY b.26Sep1929 (Fort Cobb, OK.); d.8Sep2012 + Warren G REED 6 Ethel June BLANEY b.17Jun1930 (Caddo Co., OK.); d.9Apr1979 (Van Buren Co., AK.) + Arnold W (or William Arnold) SCARBERRY b.1931 (Clinton); d.1997 7 Two children, Benny & Eddie Scarberry. 6 Viola Sue BLANEY m.~1957 + Delfern Nathanael HOYLE b.11Feb1938 (Crabtree AR.); d.5Jun2013 [3 dau, one stillborn] 5 Robert (Bob) Link BLANEY b.27Jan1897 (Dabney, Van Buren Co., AK.); d.26Apr1967 (Belmont Co., OH.) + Eugenie "Genie" HORN b.11Aug1900 (Pope Co., AK.); d.2Sep1965 (Bethesda, Belmont Co., OH.) 6 Guy Ellsworth BLANEY b.7Jan1918 (Dabney, Van Buren Co., AK.); d.10Oct2014 (Barnesville, Belmont Co., OH.) Co-Owner, Blaney Lumber and Manufacturing. WWII US Army Paratrooper (Okinawa) 6 Dwight John BLANEY b.24Sep1919 (Lost Corner, Pope Co., AK.); d.3Jul2003 (Bethesda, Belmont Co., OH.) + Jacqueline J PEARCE b.25May1925 (Harrisburg Twp, Saline Co., IL.) d.2Sep2018 (Lee Co., FL.) [dau. of Roy PEARCE and Janice UPCHURCH] 7 Dennis (Denny) BLANEY (Carol) 7 David ("Dave") BLANEY (Jane) 7 Robert "Bob" Martin BLANEY b.11Oct1948; d.06Oct2014 (both Wheeling, Ohio Co., WV) Co-owner Blaney Lumbar; teacher

Bob Martin Blaney

Lynn Garnet ALBANESE
+(1) Lynn Garnet ALBANESE b.6Feb1948 (Martins Ferry, Belmont Co., OH.); m.1970; d.22May2003 (Woodsfield, Monroe Co., OH.) Special Education teacher [dau. of Ernest L ALBANESE Snr (1909-2006) & Hazel Virginia JOHNSON (1917-2017)] 8 Robert W BLANEY + Jenn ___ 8 Capt. Shannon BLANEY 2009 MA in Security studies; now listed as Major, USArmy + Lt. Peter J STAMBERSKY MBA; USArmy +(2) Donna BOLON [2 children to previous partner] 6 Clive L BLANEY b.4Sep1922 (Dabney, Van Buren Co., AK.); d.12Jun1993 (Fort Myers, Lee Co., FL.) 6 Durward Kenneth BLANEY b.17Dec1924 (Dabney, Van Buren Co., AK.); d.26Apr2016 (Vincent, Washington Co., OH.) US Army, WWII, PTO - Combat Engineer (Philippines) + Gwendolyn A. MOORE b.19Jul1926 (Malaga, Monroe Co., OH.); d.13Mar2019 (Vincent, Washington Co., OH.) US Army Air CORPS worker, WWII 6 Willard ("Bill") O. BLANEY b.28Jul1926 (Vinta Craig Co., OK.,); d.24Mar2013 (Mt Olivet, Marshall Co., WV.) + Rena Mae EMORY b.11Oct1926 (Bethesda, Belmont Co., OH.); d.10Jul2011 (Wheeling, Ohio Co., WV.) [dau. of Gerald D EMORY (1895–1985) & Joie Mae CRAFT (1892–1970) 6 Dexter Hoyt BLANEY b.28May1929 (Washita, Caddo Co., OK.); d.22Aug2010 (Carolina Shores, Brunswick Co., NC.) + Marilyn Jean BRANNEN b.7Sep1930 (Bethesda, Belmont Co., OH.); m. 1948; d.28May2014 (Carolina Shores, Brunswick Co., NC.) [daughter of Stephen H. BRANNEN and Golda L. SKAGGS]

John N, Marion and Witt Blaney

Witt Talmadge BLANEY

Witt Talmadge BLANEY

Arkie D Blaney

Lone Blaney


SSG Marion Blaney
5 Addie Catherine L BLANEY b.4Feb1899; d.21Apr1997 (Hobbs, Lea Co., NM.) + Ralph T FORRESTER 1894–1977 [4 children] 5 DeWitt ("Witt") Talmadge BLANEY b.2Feb1901 (Dabney, Van Buren Co., AK.); d.24/31Mar1979 (Porterville, Tulare Co., CA.) + Pearl A O'NEIL b.18Jul1902 (Van Buren Co., AK.); d.9Apr1995 (Los Angeles Co. CA.) [dau. John Houston (1876-1962) & Savanah Evelyn Henley (1880–1976) O'NEIL] 5 Arkadelphia ("Arkie") Dellie BLANEY b.10Dec1903 (AR.); d.20May1990 (OR.) + Gus Theodore REED b.1905 (Dabney, Van Buren Co. AK.); d.1976 [3 children] Moved to Oregon after Lone died in a wrestle with him. +?(2) Ralh Milfred MOZART/URBAN (1887-1962) 5 Jeney E BLANEY b.27Feb1906; d.7Apr1906 (both Dabney, Van Buren Co., AK.) 5 Lone O BLANEY b.4Jun1907; d.15Jun1924 (wrestling accident) (both Van Buren Co., AK.) Parents moved to Oklahoma after Lone's death. 5 Hazel S BLANEY b.20Apr1910; d.12Oct1918 (both Dabney, Van Buren Co., AK.) 5 Wayne G. BLANEY b.23Feb1912 (AZ.); d.27Oct1972 (Fort Cobb OK.) In US Infantry (Philippines pre WWII, invallided back to US) 5 SSgt Marion L. BLANEY b.27May1914 (Caney, OK.); Enlisted 15Aug1942, Gunner on a B-24 with 484 Bomb. Group d.29Jan1944 (England); (Mid-air collision); Order of the Purple Heart 4 James ("Jim") E BLANEY b.16Apr1871 (Brown Co., IN.); d.2May1949 (Mt Vernon, Faulkner Co., AR.) + Mary Alice HENRY b.30Dec1881 (Enola, Faulkner Co., AR.); d.12Jul1967 (Mt Vernon, Faulkner Co., AR.) [daughter of Joseph Francis HENRY (1851-1920) and Sarah Jane JOHNSON (1851-1937)] 5 George Edward BLANEY b.3Oct1897; d.4Jan1978 (both Naylor, Faulkner Co., AR.) + Zola R HENRY b.6Sep1903 (Enola, Faulkner Co., AR.); d.20Oct1927 (both Naylor, Faulkner Co., AR.) 5 Joseph ("Little Joe") BLANEY b.8Dec1900; d.25May1901 (both Van Buren Co., AR.) 5 John Thomas BLANEY b.20Jan1900; d.13Oct1978 (Conway, Faulkner Co., AR.) + Nona Jessie ___ b.3Jul1902; d.23Jan1996 (Naylor, Faulkner Co., AR.) 5 Luther Madison BLANEY b.1902; d.1989 5 Iva Jewell BLANEY b.27Jun1905; d.29Mar1996 (AR.) + Francis O BRADY b.5Nov1898; d.10Dec1966 (both Naylor, Faulkner Co., AR.) 5 Nova Lee BLANEY 1909-1985


Elizabeth J Blaney and
John T Henry
+ Alva Loyce RICE b.29Sep1906 (AR.); m.1927; d.14Jun1972 [son of Joe Linward RICE (1865=1949) & Leona Bell BRANTLEY (1872-1945)] 5 Bryce BLANEY b.10Mar1922; d.17Feb1991 (Little Rock, Pulaski Co., AR.) + Mary L ___ b.21Oct1922; d.17May1983 4 Sarah BLANEY b.1873 4 Elizabeth Jane BLANEY b.1876 (Brown Co., IN.); d.1964 (Mt Vernon, Faulkner Co., AR.) + John Thomas HENRY b.14Nov1878; m.1897; d.21Feb1968 (AR.) 4 Hannah B BLANEY b.1878 (IN.); d.1922 4 Catherine ("Kate") Cordelia BLANEY b.9Jun1878 (Conway Van B, AR.); d.11Oct1966 (Eufaula, McIntosh Co., OK.) + Frank HENLEY [4 sons, 3 daughters] 4 Elisha L BLANEY b.1881 (Faulkner, AR.); d.1956 (Alread, Van Buren Co., AR.) + Cora Josephine MASON b.29Apr1880 (Birdseye, Dubois Co., IN.); m.27May1900 (Van Buren Co., AR.); d.20Dec1982 (Russellville, Pope Co., AR.) 5 James William BLANEY b.17Nov1903 (AR.); d.24Nov1992 (Clackamas Co., OR.) + Etta LaVerneBRADLEY b.28Feb1911 (AR.); m.14Feb1930; d.21Nov1987 (Marion Co., OR.) [Daughter of James Ervin BRADLEY and Colorado COTTON] 5 Cliff George BLANEY b.18Jul1906 (AR.); d.6Dec1988 (Visalia, Tulare Co., CA.) +(1)Ruby Virginia HORN b.19Feb1910; m.1929; d.5Jan1947 (OH.) Sister to Eugenie (Genie) Blaney +(2)Anna ANDREAS b.16Dec1903 (Russia); m.1964; d.5Sep1997 (Coupeville, Island Co., WA.) Previously married to Walter KOEPPLIN (1904-1975) 3 William Buchanan BLANEY b.31Oct1829 (Kingston, Delaware, OH.); d.23Sep1908 3 Martha BLANEY b.1832 (OH.) 3 Morthan BLANEY b.1833 (OH.) 3 Margarett BLANEY b.1835 (OH.) 3 Joseph BLANEY b.1836 (OH.)​​ 3 John BLANEY b.1838 (OH.); d.18Jan1898 (Van Buren, AR.)​​ 3 Elizabeth BLANEY b.1838/9 (Belmont Co., OH.); d.22Jan1900 (Edinburg, Johnson, IN.)​ 3 Rachel BLANEY b.1841 3 Samuel H BLANEY b.20(30)Jul1843 (Zanesville, Muskingum, OH.); d.13Sep1911 (Center Township, Vanderburgh, IN) Civil War vet (62 Ohio Inf +(1) Julia HARRISON b.24Dec1845 (Bartholomew, IN.); m.1865; d.21Jul1874 (Evansville, Vanderburgh, IN.) 4 Mary BLANEY b.~1867 (Evansville, Vanderburgh, IN.) 4 Lena BLANEY b.1870 (Evansville, Vanderburgh, IN.) 4 Samuel BLANEY b.23Jun1874; d.7Jul1874 (both Evansville) +(2) Sarah Jane RUARK b.6Jan1857 (KY.); m.10Jan1875 (Vanderburgh, IN.); d.21Jun1926; bur. (Evansville, Vanderburgh Co., IN.) 4 William BLANEY b.27Oct1878 (Evansville); d.26Feb1921 (industrial accident, Glenrock, Converse Co., WY.) Electrician and engineer. + Myrtle Bauder m.27Nov1901 5 son, d.y. 5 Mary Oliver BLANEY b.~1906 3 Henry BLANEY b.1846; d.6Jan1864; bur (Delaware, OH.) ​​ 3 Ramige BLANEY b.1848 (Wayne, Belmont, OH.); d.1918 2 William H (and/or K) Blaney b.13Feb1802 (PA.); d.6Jun1878 ?1887 + ___ 3 Mariah BLANEY b.11Jun1824; d.6Feb1881 as Mariah McVeigh ? + William McVey d.28Sep1889 4 William McVey, Jr. d.10Mar1897 [1428] [1448] 2 John H BLANEY b.245Dec1803 (Pittsburgh, PA.); d.2Feb1887 (Perry PA.); farmer and civil engineer of Perry Township + Mary PARKHILL b.15Jan1803; m.27Jan1831; d.16Dec1886 (all Fayette Co., PA.) [Eldest dau. of James PARKHILL & Sara SMITH] 3 Mary Jane BLANEY b.2Jan1832 (Pittsburgh, PA.); d.1922 3 Margaret BLANEY b.31Sep1833 (Pittsburgh, PA.); d.12Nov1897 [1428] 3 Sarah BLANEY b.25Sep1835; d.9Jun1887 [1428] + Joseph CAMPBELL 4 John Clark CAMPBELL b.24May1868 + Rhea KELLY 3 William P BLANEY b.21Jul1837 (Pittsburgh, PA.); d.17Aug1902 (Perry Twp. PA.) Civil engineer and teacher (public schools) Surveyer; farmer +(1) Eliza Ann CAMPBELL b.4Aug1838; m.7Apr1864; d.6Jun1870 [dau. of William CAMPBELL] 4 John C. BLANEY b.22May1865 (of Perry Township); d.1945 + Eliza Ann "Lida" CROW b.1868 (of German Twp); d.1954 4 Robert B. BLANEY b.29Mar1867 (of Washington Twp); d.1955 + Laura FARRELL or FARROW b.1866 (of Perry Twp); d.1951 +(2) Mary A. BURCH m.Dec1873; [dau of John and Martha Burch] 3 Adaline BLANEY b.11Jul1841 (Monongahela, Washington Co., PA.); d.28Jul1844 3 John Henry BLANEY b.1851; d.5Apr1921 (Brantford, Brant, Ontario) + Clara Melvina (Levina) LaRUSH b.1855 (Ontario); m.29Dec1874 (Simcoe, Ontario); d.25Jul1891 [dau of Charles LaRUSH (1823-1901) and Jane CARNAHAN (1828-1918) both of England]

William John
BLANEY born 1876

Hazel Belle LONG

Donald Calvin BLANEY
4 William John BLANEY b.1Feb1876 (Coldwater, Medonte, Simcoe, Ontario); d.17Nov1947 (London, Middlesex, Ontario) + Emily May DENBY 5 John ("Jack") Richard BLANEY b.20July1903 (Brantford, Brant, Ontario); d.20 November 1985 (London, Middlesex, Ontario) + Hazel Belle LONG b.1904 (London, Middlesex, Ontario) [dau of James Edward LONG (1876–1942) and Lillie (Lillian) Mary SMITH] 6 Donald Calvin BLANEY b.1Apr1928 (London, Middlesex, Ontario); d.29Jun2017 (London, Middlesex, Ontario) + Marion Ethel PORTER b.14Apr1929 (London, Middlesex, Ontario); d.30Apr1995 (London, Middlesex, Ontario) [dau of Stanley James PORTER (1908–1974) and Ethel May JOHNSON (1908–1974)] 6 Doreen Constance BLANEY b.24Mar1932 (London, Middlesex, Ontario); d.25Dec2016 (British Columbia) 4 Charles Edward BLANEY Sr b.23Feb1878 (Nottawa, Clearview, Simcoe, Ontario); d.13Jan1968 (Vancouver, British Columbia) + Lillie May PEARSALL b.30Oct1876 (Toronto, York, Ontario); m.30Jun1903 (Vancouver); d.17Oct1967 (Vancouver, British Columbia) 5 Claire Emily Larush BLANEY b.~1904 (Victoria, BC); ob. + Philip Joseph SCHRODT b.14May1897 (Albany, NY.); WWI 1917-18 m.25Nov1926 (New Westminster, BC); d.22May1986 (Coquitlam, BC) ​ [son of John SCHRODT and Gertrude Barbara BARZEN] 5 Charles Edward BLANEY Jr b.17May1907 (Vancouver, BC); d.8Dec1982 (Victoria, BC) + Margaret SHERET b.10Sep1911; m.Sep1934; d.26Jan1984 (all Victoria, BC) 5 Mary Patricia BLANEY b.~1909 (Vancouver, BC); ob. + Philip Victor Morris THORPE b.21Oct1906 (England); m.17Nov1932 (BC) d.23Jan1996 (Powell River, BC)​​; 1 child [son of William THORPE b.1874 (Norfolk, England); d.1949 (Vancouver BC) and Ethal Marrion MORIS b.1878 (Cambridge); m.1905 (Cambridgeshire); d.1962 (BC)] 5 Helen BLANEY b.Aug1910 (BC); ob.

Wm Blaney Hagerty
4 Herbert Percy BLANEY b.?1880 (Nottawasaga, Simcoe, Ontario); d.Feb1882 (2yr) 4 Albert ("Bertie") BLANEY b.1881; ob. + Margaret CARNAHAN b.1880; m.22Nov1903 (Toronto, York, Ontario); ob. [dau. of William CARNAHAN and Nancy LORDERY] 4 Percy Herbert BLANEY b.1883; d.5Sep1886 4 Reginald BLANEY b.9Feb1887 (Nottawasaga Twp, Simcoe, Ontario); ob. 4 Norman BLANEY b.8Aug1889 (West Toronto Junction, York, Ontario) ob. 2 Elizabeth Blaney (BLAYNEY) b.7Feb1806; d.1837(40) + Samuel James HAGERTY b.1798; d.1857 3 William Blaney HAGERTY and 5 other HAGERTY siblings

[18] Jocob BLANEY and Elizabeth England - Blaneys of Monongalia

Other Monongalia "clusters":

  1. Isaac M Blaney b.1814
  2. Aaron Blaney b.1825
  3. Russel Blaney b.1814

1 Jacob M BLANEY b.~1812 (PA.) Farmer
 + Elizabeth ENGLAND b.~1813 

  2 Samuel BLANEY b.~1839 [1426]  
  2 Lawrence S BLANEY b.Mar1840; d.18Apr1914 (Monongalia Co., WV.) [1426]
    Civil War vet (1862-5); suffered from "consumption"; Farm labourer
   + Alley HALVES b.~1835; m.1866 (Monongalia Co., WV.); d.5Feb1889
    3 Stephen H BLANEY b.~1884
    3 John S BLANEY b.~1885; d.6Jun1890
   + Anna ("Annie") J EMERSON m.5Sep1889
    3 Cora A BLANEY b.2Jan1890
    3 Thomas C BLANEY b.27Nov1896
    3 Columbus England BLANEY b.4Sep1892 
  2 John E. BLANEY b.Feb1837; d.6Jun1902 (Monongalia Co., WV.)
    Civil war soldier, not to be confused with the John Blaney who
    enlisted 3Aug1861 (Morgantown) and was killed 1862.
   + Sarah Jane SINE m.1872 

James ("Jim") A BLANEY
3 James ("Jim") A BLANEY b.29Oct1872; d.30Jan1931 (Monongalia Co., WV.) + Iva Viola RUNNER b.11Nov1880; d.30Oct1966 (both Monongalia, WV.) 4 Rosa Zetta BLANEY b.10Mar1899; d.16Mar1982 (Monongalia Co., WV.) + Lonnie C CHIPPS b.1892; d.1974 5 Six children 4 May Belle (Mable) BLANEY b.29Jul1900 (Monongalia, WV.); d.Dec1990 +(1)William Martin SINGER b.~1881 (Fayette Co., PA.); m.26Jun1923 Widower; Miner; [son of Robt S Singer and Mary E Axton] 5 Four children) +(2) ___ HANDSCHUMAKER / HANDSCHUMACHER 4 Charles ("Big Dobe") William Dobe BLANEY b.11/19Sep1904; d.4Jan1992/4 (both Monongalia, WV.) + Nancy I. Murry b.16Jul1911; d.28Jan1944 (Monongalia Co., WV.) [dau. of Nelson and Bessie Murray] 5 William ("Dobie") BLANEY b.1Nov1930; d.28Jul2009 (both Monongalia, WV.) + Dixie Lena DALTON née WHEELER b.22Jan1942; d.6Oct2019 (both Monongalia, WV.) [dau. of Ginger Wheeler] + Ginger Wheeler 5 James Robert "Barney" BLANEY b.5May1932; d.23Feb2010 (both Monongalia, WV.) + __ 6 Diane BLANEY + John Friend 6 Jamie BLANEY + Tracy 5 Louis White née BLANEY 5 Shirley Robinson née BLANEY 5 Charles Jr. BLANEY b.7Aug1937; d.14Dec207 (both Morgantown, Monongalia C., WV.) 5 David Earl Campbell 4 Clarence J. BLANEY b.1907; d.1976 (both Monongalia, WV.) 3 Lawrence Franklin BLANEY 1875-1941 3 Jacob M. BLANEY 1879 3 Johney Blainey 1887 3 Mary Elizabeth BLANEY b.24May1892; d.3Jan1948 + Homer Jacob DONHAM (1900-1968) [son of Louis and Bella Donham]; Two children.

[19] Blaney Family of Lincolnshire UK


John Blaney b.mid 1600s

1 John Blaney b.mid 1600s + Alice 2 Mary Blaney b.1677 (Welbourn, Lincolnshire) 2 Alice Blaney b.1679 (Welbourn, Lincolnshire) 2 George Blaney b.1682 (Welbourn, Lincolnshire) + Elizabeth Blithe 3 George Blaney b.1720 (Welbourn, Lincolnshire) + Elizabeth Marshall b.1723 (Newark, Notts.) 4 George Blaney b.1760 (Chr.2Jul1760) (Welbourn, Lincolnshire) + ___ 5 George Blaney b.mid-late 1700s; d.23Jun1832 (Welbourn, Lincolnshire) + Elizabeth Wooldridge b.1766 (Hamston, Lincoln, Lincolnshire); d.1836 (Wellbourne, Lincolnshire) [dau. of Edward Wooldridge and Ann Burrell] 6 Ann Blaney b.1790 (Chr.9May1790); d.27Apr1833 (both Welbourn, Lincolnshire) + William GRAVES b.1789 (Skellingthorpe, Lincs.); d.1851 (Welbourn, Lincs.) 6 Elizabeth Marshall Blaney Chr.31May1791 (Welbourn, Lincolnshire) + Romaine Hervey b.22Feb1772; d.10May1837 (Lincolnshire) 6 Mary Blaney b.1793 (Chr.21Jan1794) (Welbourn, Lincolnshire); d.1877 (Great Grimsby, Lincolnshire) + George Lawson, Sr. b.~1794; d.1878 (both Welbourn, Lincolnshire) 7 Four children 6 Alice Blaney b.1793 (Welbourn, Lincolnshire) 4 Elizabeth Blaney b.1763 (Welbourn, Lincolnshire) 3 Mary Blaney b.1677; d.19Apr1678 (both Welbourn, Lincolnshire) 3 Alice Blaney b.1679 (Welbourn, Lincolnshire)

Bernard BLANEY b.1842 (Killough)

John Blaney 1864-1924

1 Bernard BLANEY b.1842 (Killough, Co. Down, Ireland) + Margaret Ann MAGINN / MAGUIN b.1842 (Killough); m.22Nov1863 (Killough Catholic Church) [1432]] 2 John BLANEY b.17Sep1864 (Killough, Co. Down); d.3Jan1924 (Brisbane, QLD); + Mary E SHANAHAN b.7Aug1867 (Carrick-on-Suir, Co Tipperary) 3 John (Jack) Bernard BLANEY b.1904; d.1965 + Stella Frances SMITH b.10Sep1916 (Brisbane, QLD); m.1939; 4 children 3 Margaret (Mag) Ann PURCELL née BLANEY 3 Alice BLANEY 3 Harold Vincent BLANEY and two other children. 2 Mary Anne O'PREY, 2 Ellen Margaret McKERMIT and 5 others 2 Hugh BLANEY b.22Aug1873 (Killough) + Catherine TORNEY b.1882/4 (Down); d.1952 [dau of Thomas Torney and Elizabeth (Eliza) Murphy] 3 Thomas BLANEY 3 Margaret Ann BLANEY 3 Elizabeth BLANEY 3 Bernard (Barney) BLANEY b.1908; d.1974 (twin) + Kathleen DUFFY b.1913 3 James BLANEY b.1908 (twin) 3 John BLANEY 3 Joseph BLANEY 3 Hugh BLANEY b.8Aug1914 (Killough, Co. Down, Ireland); d.8Feb1985 (Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire) + Gladys May Bowers m.24Nov1945 [dau. of John William BOWERS and Rose ANDREWS] 4 Kathleen BLANEY + Brian Heeley (3 children) 4 Michael Hugh BLANEY + Amanda Louise SHORT 5 Sarah Elizabeth BLANEY + Richard Norbert PROCTOR (1 child) 5 Emma Louise BLANEY 4 Patrick John BLANEY ?Paddy d.10Jul2018 + Jean d. 5 Pete BLANEY 4 Teresa Maria BLANEY + Gordon Arthur POTTAGE (2 children) 4 Veronica BLANEY 4 Anita Bernadette BLANEY

Tom Blaney born 1917

1 Thomas (Tom) BLANEY b.06Feb1917; d.17Mar1970 + Eileen Oman b.29Jan1922; m.1Jan1942; d. 06Sep2005 (?Dublin) [dau of William (Bill) Oman and Margaret Murtagh] 2 Tom BLANEY + Elizabeth McNamee 2 Patricia BLANEY b.15Mar1943 2 Anthony BLANEY b.23Nov1946; d.18Aug2003 + Mary Lawlor m.3Jun1977 2 David BLANEY b.1951 + Margaret 2 Margaret BLANEY b.12Dec1947 + Philip Sandler b.31Oct1950; m.31Oct1992 3 Emma Sandler b.7Jun1988 2 Ciaran BLANEY b.26Aug1952 2 Gerard BLANEY b.29Apr1954 + Mary Smith m.5Mar1977 3 Stephen BLANEY 3 Karen BLANEY b.30Jun1997 2 Colm BLANEY b.28Apr1956 + Maria Fox 3 David BLANEY b.9Feb1988 3?Colm BLANEY b.22Sep1978 2 Breda BLANEY b.01Oct1957 + Jim Knostantakos b.10Aug1956; m.08Oct1983 [Three children] 2 Philomina BLANEY b.01Oct1957; d.03Oct1993 2 Anne BLANEY b.3Aug1960 + Stephen Knight m.15Apr1989 3 Robert Knight b.18Jan1990 2 Micheal BLANEY b.25Sep144; d.25Sep1944

[20] Dr Thomas Blaney CIE prominent Bombay Physician & philanthropist
born 1823


Dr Thomas Blaney

Dr Thomas Blaney
1 Dr Thomas BLANEY CIE b.24May1823 (Caherconlish, co. Limerick, Ireland); "of humble origin"; Moved to India when 3; d unm.1Apr1903 (Bombay); Bur. Sewri Christian Cemetery, Mumbai (Bombay), Maharashtra, India; Justice of the Peace; Fellow of the Bombay University; Sheriff of Bombay 1876 and 1888; Coroner of Bombay 1876 to 1893; President of the Bombay Municipal Corporation; Companion of the Most Eminent Order of the Indian Empire (C.I.E.) in 1894.

His BMJ Obituary [1406] states [while he was] born in Ireland, "but was not altogether of Celtic extraction, which possibly may account for the degree of popularity he enjoyed..." implying [at least to me] that his maternal line may have been Indian. Whatever his racial origins, Thomas showed great empathy, charity and philanthropy for both his patients and the poor.

Thomas worked in the Subordinate Medical Department of the East India Company from 1836 and attended the Grant Medical College from 1851. He served in the Indian Navy then went into private practice from 1850 and often wrote to the press (The Bombay Gazette), arguing against speculation under the pseudonym "Q in the corner", as well as fighting to improve Bombay's waterworks and drainage. He spent 30 years as a JP and town councillor and 17 as Coroner (the 'the jury-wallah doctor'). One of the first to identify a plague outbreak.
Apart from his basic needs, all his money went to charity, providing free services to widows and poor children and the "Blaney School".
In memory of his services to the city a marble statue of him by Signor Valla of Genoa was unveiled on June 4th opposite the Bombay municipal buildings, which was subsequently moved to Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum where unlike many other colonial statues, it was not vandalised.
[1406] [1407]


[21] Thomas Blaney and Anna McTammany (New York)


Thomas Blaney - Anna McTammany [1408] [1409]

John Michael Blaney

Eva Schiele

1 Thomas BLANEY b.<1849 (Ireland); Tannery Labourer + Anna McTAMMANY b.<1849 Ireland) 2 Barney BLANEY 2 John Michael BLANEY b.3Aug1854 (NY); d.22Feb1930 (Columbus, OH.) + Eva SCHIELE b.15Jun1864; m.1883; d.25May1899 [Frank Schiele d.16Oct1878 and Catherine O'RIEHL (from Darmstadt, Germany)] 3 Anna Margaret BLANEY b.19Jan1888; d.7Sep1974 + William Harold WELCH b.01Oct1885; d.29Dec1966 [son of Pierce WELCH and Sarah (Sadie) STANDLEY née ROGERS] 3 Catherine Frances BLANEY b.19Jun1890 3 Charles Joseph BLANEY b.14Mar1893 + Lillian E DORWARD 4 Baby boy b.21Apr1922; d.21Apr1922 4 Dorothy May BLANEY b.25Jul1926 + __ GUSEMAN 4 two others 3 John Robert BLANEY b7Jun1897 + __ WRIGHT

  [22] Thomas Blaney Cork Co., Ireland to Maryland USA


Thomas Blaney


Isabelle Blaney


Rhodes Blaney (standing)
Thomas & Isabelle Blaney

James & Mary O'Donnell


Jeanette Craig

Rhodes Blaney

Angela Blaney BARGER


Charles R BLANEY

Annie (Blaney) Schatz

Frederick C Schatz
and family

  Thomas Blaney (born 1831/9) Ireland to Maryland

1 Thomas BLANEY b.Aug1831/9 (Cork Co., Ireland); d.Jun1903 (Howard Co., MD.) + Isabelle WEATHERSTON b.24Aug1827 (Scotland); d.2Mar1895 (Baltimore, MA.) 2 Mary Ann BLANEY b.8Jul1858; d.25May1938 (both Howard, MA.) + James Anthony O'DONNELL b.14Jun1856; d.16Nov1912 (both Howard Co., MA.); m.1883 2 Jeanette Craig BLANEY b.Jun1859; d.11Oct1924 (both Baltimore, MA.) + James CAPPRISE b.28May1961 (New Orleans, LA.); d.31Jan1910 (Baltimore, MD.) 2 Rhodes A BLANEY b.May1863 (MD.); d.Oct1818 (Baltimore, MD.) + Barbara Loretta SCHATZ b.11Oct1867; d.12Aug1955 (both Baltimore, MD.) 3 Sarah Isabelle BLANEY b.22Jan1896; d.11Oct1976 (both Howard Co., MA.) + Timothy Paul BARGER 4 Angela Blaney BARGER b.4Feb1923; d.17Jul2010 + Willard Haslor MARLOW (1926-2017) 3 John Irving BLANEY b.1901 (Baltimore, MD.); d.26Aug1902 (Howard Co., MA.) 3 Margaret L. BLANEY b.09Oct1903; d.23Feb1989 (both Howard Co., MA.) + Norman Owings HOWARD b.20Jul1901 (Baltimore, MA.); d.29Sep1974 (Howard Co., MA.) 4 Isabell Blaney CLIFTON née HOWARD b.09Oct1927; d.7Feb2003 (both Howard Co., MA.) 3 James Jerome BLANEY b.15Mar1908; d.25Nov1981 (both Howard Co., MA.) + Rose Cecilia FEAGA b.26Jul1910; d.19Mar1989 (Howard Co., MA.) 4 James Jerome BLANEY Jr b.11Feb1935; d.7Apr2005 (Howard Co., MA.) + Shirley Patricia BLANEY b.3Aug1942; d.3Apr2005 (Howard Co., MA.) 4 Charles Roger BLANEY b.3Mar1939 (Howard Co., MA.); d.03Oct2015 (Baltimore, MD.) Firefighter (Lieutenant after 28 yrs Baltimore Co. Fire Dpt) Eight yrs in Maryland National Guard + Sharon Conner m.~1964 5 Michael C BLAYNEY + April __ 5 Michelle BLANEY + George T KOE 4 ? Barbara THOMPSON née BLANEY 4 ? Charlotte COTTRELL née BLANEY 2 Anna ("Annie") Theresa BLANEY b.May1864; d.140ct1934 (both MD.) + Frederick Christopher SCHATZ Sr b.11Oct1868; d.10Feb1952 [4 children] 2 Sarah Elizabeth BLANEY b.1866–1943 + Francis Griffin MANAKEE b.Aug1868 (Howard Co., MA.); m.1894; d.11Jun1943 (Howard Co., MA.) 2 Alice Arabella BLANEY b.Mar1869 (MA.); d.1950 (Baltimore, MA.) + William Henry Rictor b.Jan1866 (MA.); m.1892; d.1950 (Baltimore, MA.) [2 children]

Sarah E Blaney

Francis & Sarah Blaney Manakee

Alice Blaney Rictor

Annie Blaney Schatz & Alice Blaney Rictor

William & Alice Rictor


  [23] Thomas BLANEY (b.1797) of Warwickshire - Birminham to Canada

1 Thomas BLANEY b.1797 (Alcester, Warwickshire) 
 + Phoebe DYKE b.7Feb1790 (Salford Priors, Warwickshire)
   ?d.15Jul1861 age 41 (Workhouse, bur ALL SAINTS, HOCKLEY, BIRMINGHAM)
   [dau of Thomas DYKE b.1757 and Elizabeth EARRY b.1758]
  2 Ann BLANEY b.~1819; d.1885
   + Thomas HORSLEY b.28Jan1815 (Aston Cantlow, Warwickshire); m.1838
     Eight children
  2 Thomas BLANEY (b.6Aug1818 Birmingham, Warwickshire England) Saddler
   + Harriet (b.1820; d.1869 Staffordshire, England) 
  2 Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.4Apr1813 (Pershore, Worcestershire); d.1893 (Birmingham)
   + Thomas BALLOCK b.~1820 (Birmingham); m.16Jan1837 (St Philip) 
  2 ?Edward BLANEY b.1816; Chr.7Jan1816; 
  2 William BLANEY b.~1865 Bicycle Saddle Maker
   + Mary L b.~1862
    3 Elsie BLANEY b.~1889
    3 William G BLANEY b~1892
  2 John BLAYNEY b.~1833; bur 7Jun1863 age 30 St George, Birmingham (Whitesmith)
   + Frances 
    3 John Darby Blaney b.28Dec1845 Newtown Row Birmingham

  2 Edwin BLANEY b.1833; d.14Jun1885 (TB) -both Birmingham, England)
    son of Thomas BLANEY born in 1797, in Alcester, Warwickshire and 
    Phoebe DYKE b.7Feb1790, in Salford Priors, Warwickshire.
    Nephew of Thomas & Harriet (census of 1851)
    Brown saddler Apparently made a saddle for Queen Victoria. 
   + Ellen Elizabeth LANGLEY b.24May1837 (Birmingham, Warwickshire); m.8Jan1855;
     d.20Sep1915 (Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire). 
     Dressmaker 1891 [1418]
     [dau. of William Langley (1817-1889) and Mary Ann Robinson (1820-1898)]
     They had 8 children
    3 Phoebe BLANEY PRICE b.1856 (Birmingham); age 21 when m.; d.1915
     + Benjamin PRICE m.4Dec1875 age 25 [son of Benjamin PRICE]
    3 Alfred BLANEY b.1862 (Aston, Birmingham); House painter (1881 Census); d.1928
    3 William BLANEY b.1864 (Birmingham) Engine Fitter; 1939 

3 Charlotte BLANEY b.1869 (Birmingham); d.1936 Carriage Lamp Finisher 1891 3 Edward BLANEY b.1875 (Bham, Birmingham) -1942) 3 Ellen BLANEY CHARLES b.1873 (Edgbaston, Birmingham); d.1952 3 photo Harry BLANEY b.1876 (Birmingham) d.1955; clock case maker 1891 Harry and much of his family emm. to Canada but he returned to Birmingham with Jane and the two youngest after Jane was apparently deported. See Birmingham to Canada The Harry & Thomas BLANEY families 3 Elizabeth Maud BLANEY b.12Jan1880 (Birmingham); d.1953 + Joseph Edward PRIESTNALL (1879-1956) 4 Albert Edward PRIESTNALL (1905-1972)

  [24] Michael Blaney born circa in 1833 Rosnakill, County Donegal, Ireland.

Charles BLANEY 1877-1975

Old Newry Soc

Alice Flood Blaney

Charles Blaney plaque

Max Blaney

Max Blaney plaque

Capt M Blaney

Eileen V Marwick (Blaney)

Val Blaney
1 Michael BLANEY b.1833/4 (Rosnakill, Co., Donegal) "Small Farmer" [1438] + Sarah DEENEY b.~1838; d.03Oct1901 (Rosnakill, Co., Donegal) 2 Sarah BLANEY b.7Jul1867 (Milford, Co., Donegal) 2 James (Jim) BLANEY b.17Jan1872 (Rosnakill, Co., Donegal) 2 Patrick BLANEY b.23Jul1874 (Rosnakill, Co., Donegal) 2 ? Michael BLANEY 2 Charles BLANEY MBE b.2Jun1877 (Rosnakill, Co., Donegal); d.1Mar1975 Civil Engineer (grad. National Uni, Dublin); Town surveyor, Newry for 57 years; Blaney Crescent named after him. + Alyce (Alice) Catherine FLOOD b.24Sep1883 (Newry and Mourne, NIR); d.12May1962 (Newry) [Dau. of Richard Flood (~1845-1888) and Mary BYRNE (~1857-~1941)] 3 Molly BLANEY b.11Sep1909 + Patrick DOLAN [2 children] 3 Captain Michael ("Max") Flood BLANEY GC b.14Jan1910 (Dromalane); d.13Dec1940 (Essex Rd, Barking, London) (Killed defusing a bomb in Blitz) Civil Engineer, soldier (Wartime Bomb Disposal); Post Humerous George Cross and has an avenue in East End of London named after him. 3 Richard Noel BLANEY b.12Dec1912; d.5Nov1985 + pvt 4 Fiona BLANEY 4 Anne-Marie BLANEY 4 pvt 3 Eileen Veronica ("Vera") BLANEY b.13Nov1914 (Newry); d.1Jun2017 (Standish, Greater Manchester, England) + Harvey Smith MARWICK 4 [5 children] including 4 John Charles MARWICK (Geni site manager) 3 Val BLANEY; 3 Seamus BLANEY

  [25] Hugh Joseph BLANEY (b.1845) of Toronto, Ontario, Canada to Chicago

1 Hugh Joseph BLANEY b.1845 (Toronto, Ontario, Canada); d.7Jul1907 (Chicago, Cook County, IL.)
 + Margaret E. McMULLEN b.7Sep1847 (Toronto);  m.1865; d.15Apr1919
  2 Mary Elizabeth BLANEY b.~1866; d.<1880 (both Chicago)
  2 Charles Joseph BLANEY b.Sep1868 (Chicago); d.21Dec1926 (Elgin, Kane Co., IL.)
   +(1) Delila T. Murphy 
   +(2) Bessie _
  2  Mildred May "Minnie" BLANEY b.3Apr1871; d.2Jul1928 (both Chicago)
   + Edward A. CLARK
  2  Teresa Maud "Maude" BLANEY b.3Apr1871; d.19Mar1928 Chicago, (both Chicago)
   + Joseph F. Hummell
  2 William John BLANEY b.23Jun1872; d.23Jan1934 (both Chicago)
   + Rose A. KELLY b.Nov1875 (IL.); m.1895); d.11Feb1947 (Chicago)
    3 Lawrence William Blaney b.21Feb1897; d.12Nov1962 (both Chicago)
  2 Francis ("Frank") Hugh BLANEY b.7Mar1877; d.19Jun1943 (both Chicago)
   + Mabel Grace GIBSON b.26Feb1879 (Lucas Co., OH.); m.1897; 
     d.18Dec1961 (Paw Paw, Van Buren Co., MI.)
     [dau. of William Thomas Gibson 1855-1915 & Cora Blanche ILER (1857-1880)]
    3 Francis ("Frank") Dennison BLANEY b.2Sep1898 (Chicago); 
      d.7Dec1976 (Antwerp Twp, Van Buren Co., MI.)
     + Marjorie Frances COX 17May1900 (Chicago); m.1919; 
       d.29Jun1988 (South Haven, Van Buren Co., MI.)
      4 Gwendolyn Frances BLANEY b.4Mar1921; d.15Mar1921 (both Chicago)
    3 Cora Louise BLANEY b.27Oct1900 (Chicago); 
      d.20Apr1925 (Albuquerque, Bernalillo Co., NM. 
     + Henry Pacelli 
    3 Charles Willard BLANEY Sr b.3Jan1903 (Chicago); 
      d.11Apr1975 (Huntington Beach, Orange Co., CA.)
     + Leota Susan STRONG b.24Jun (IL.); d.28Nov1998 (Libertyville, Lake Co., IL.)
       Worked as a ""Rosy the Riveter" assembling B-24 Liberator bombers  

Tech/Sgt Chuck Blaney
1944 & 1945 pics

Charles (Chuck)

4 Charles ("Chuck") Willard BLANEY Jr b.25Apr1925 (Blue Island, Cook Co., IL.); d.23Mar2017 (Colorado Springs, El Paso Co., CO.) [1441] [1442] [1443] Tech/Sgt. Chuck Blaney, Radio Operator/Top Turret B-24 Gunner (23 combat missions); Shot down by a ME-262 on 25Mar1945 over Germany, survived with broken legs, POW at Stalag Luft One, liberated by Russians on 1May1945) BSEE (BSc Elect. Engineering) worked in various aerospace companies. + Fredericke ("Fritzie") H. SWITZER b.9Jun1925 (Vienna, Austria) d.10Oct2013 (Colorado Springs, El Paso Co., CO.) Met Chuck at 1st NORAD Command Centre Master dressmaker and "wonderful cook" [dau. of Joseph Schweitzer and Wilhelmine Swoboda] 5 _ 6 Two grandchildren 3 William ("Bill") Thomas BLANEY b.7Feb1906 (Chicago); d.13Jun1983 (Hobart, Lake Co., IL.) + Mable Irene FREEMAN b.17Oct1916 (Warren Co.,, IA.); m.1936; d.5Aug2006 (Valparaiso, Porter Co., IN.) 4 Guylene Joan Blaney b.25Nov1942; d.2Dec1942 (both Gary, Lake Co., IN.) 3 Grace Catherine BLANEY b.26mar1908 (Chicago); d.13Nov1983 (Cook Co., IL.) 3 Dorythe Marie BLANEY b.8Jun1910 (Chicago); d.27Jan2001 (Arthur, Douglas Co., IL.) +(1)Kenneth Wayne NICHOLSON [1 dau.] +(2)Louis Reinheimer b.18Jul1895 (IL.); d.17Aug1983 (Palm Springs, Riverside Co., CA.) 3 Virginia Mabel BLANEY b.1Dec1919 (Chicago); d.6Feb1997 (Arthur, Douglas Co., IL.) + Louis Gale SHORT b.13Aug1916 (Springfield, Sangamon Co., IL.) d.14Jul1985 (Chicago); US Army WWII 2 George Washington BLANEY b.22Feb1879; d.8Jan1930 (both Chicago) + Cora JONES b.2Dec1877 (AR.); m.1901; d.6Nov1944 (Chicago) 2 Walter Abraham BLANEY b.16Sep1881 (Chicago); d.>1942 + Frances Jayner. 2 Lillian ("Lillie") BLANEY b.15Jun1884; d.12Jun1900 (age 15) (both Chicago)


  [26] William Thomas BLAYNEY (b.1865) of Montgomery, Wales to
  BLANEYs of Wisconsin and Nebraska, USA

1 William Thomas BLAYNEY b.17Apr1865 (Guilsfield, Montgomery); 
  Emm. to PA. USA 1891; d.13Feb1935 (Dane Co., Wisconsin);
  Bur. Forest Hill Cemetery (Madison, Dane Co., WI.)
  Son of John BLANEY (1837-1906) and Emma (?Meredith) EVANS (1831-1912) of Montgomery, Wales
 + Louisa BRAM b.2Jan1875 (Dunn Twp, Dane, WI.); m.6Dec1899; 
   d.21Apr1958 (Madison, Dane, WI.)

  2 William Edwin BLAYNEY b.12Sep1900 (Lexington, NE.); 
    d.19Mar1989 (Madison, Dane, WI.)
    Military draft 1917-18; 
   +(1)Elsie C WALL b.5Feb1901 (Verona, Dane Co., WI.); d.4Nov1972 (Madison, Dane Co.) 
    3  Richard Edward BLAYNEY BSc (Agronomy) 
      b.11Apr1936; d.6Feb2012 (CVA) (both Fitchburg, Dane Co., WI)
      National Guard, 13th Evac Hospital Unit from 1959 to 1965
      President of Blaney Farms, Inc. and President of Richard Blaney Seeds, Inc.
     + Marjorie M b.7Sep1935 [4 children] 

Richard Edward BLAYNEY

Richard Edward BLAYNEY

Edward J Blaney b.1935

Shirley & EdwardJBLANEY

+(2)Isabella Anastasia PALTZ b.1Apr1921; d.17Dec2013 (both Madison, Dane Co., WI.) [dau. of George Paltz and Florence O'Brien] m1.Donald M Dudley (1918-1973) m2.William Edwin BLAYNEY (1900-1989) m3.Manford Klein Dietrich (1908-2005) 2 Burdette (Burt) Bram BLANEY b.6Apr1902 (WI.); d.25Oct2000 (Monona, Dane, WI.) +(1)Margaret GREGSON b.7Sep1907; m.1925; d.21Jul1991 3 William "Bill" Burdette BLANEY Sr b.04Oct1926; d.16Jul2008 (Madison, Dane, WI.) + Elaine Marion WANGNESS b.4Nov1925 (Madison); m.24Jun1950; d.22May2005 [dau. of Emil Wangness and Mary Thompson] 4 William BLANEY Jr. ob. 4 Duane (Cheryl) BLANEY 4 Mary BLANEY, all of Madison +(2)Elizabeth Isa FRANKLIN b.20Nov1908; d.24Nov1977 (likely wife 2) +(3)Evelyn Amanda BUENGER b.23Feb1914; m.1980; d.23Sep1996 3 Edward John BLANEY b.13Dec1935 (Madison, Dane, WI); d.17Dec2012 age 77 (Red Wing, MN) Deaf from Scarlet fever as infant; Custodian to the U.W. System + Shirley Jean EVERETT née HATHAWAY b.27Nov1935 (Menomonie, Dunn Co., WI.); m.28Jun1974 (Madison); d.5Sep2008 (Red Wing, Goodhue, MI.) [dau. of William Nathaniel Grant HATHAWAY (1913-2000) and Dorane V LEMON] 4 Shawn (Kris) Michael BLANEY of Red Wing 4 Three stepchildren: 4 Debra EVERETT + Mitch Drenckhahn of Lake City, 4 Robert EVERETT of Red Wing + Wendy 4 Judy EVERETT + Richard Hunt of Red Wing 3 Virginia BLANEY Simpson b.~1937 (Madison, Dane, WI.) 2 Lloyd BLAYNEY b.Feb1905; d.23Dec1906 (Pneumonia) (both Madison, Dane Co., WI.) 2 Roy BLAYNEY b.29Jun1908; d.7Aug1984 (both Madison, Dane Co., WI.) Self-employed painter and worked at Blaney Seed Farms + Ruth Elizabeth FRIDLEY b.31Dec1911 (ND); m.28Jun1936; d.19Apr1990

  [27] Hugh BLANEY born 1845 in Co. Donegal, Ireland moving to Scotland

1 Hugh BLAYNEY b.1845 (Co. Donegal, Ireland); d.1913 (Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland). [1453] [1454]
  [son of John (b.1804) and Agnes (b.1805) Blaney]
 + Rose Ann (Roseeann, Annie) Gillespie b.~1843  (Ireland); m.1862 (Scotland);
   d.1912 (1919)
  2 Mary Ann BLAYNEY b.1863 (Blythswood, Glasgow, Lanarkshire); d.1930
  2 Catherine (Cathrine) BLAYNEY b.1865 (Blythswood, Glasgow, Lanarkshire); d.1875
  2 Dennis BLAYNEY b.1866 (Milton, Glasgow, Lanarkshire); d.1868
  2 John BLAYNEY b.1868 (Glasgow); d.1943
  2 Daniel BLAYNEY b.1870/78 (Glasgow); d.1870
  2 Emily BLAYNEY b.1872 (Glasgow); d.1919
  2 Hugh BLAYNEY b.1873/4 (Glasgow); d.1946
   + Jesse ___ b.1876
    3 Jesse BLAYNEY b.1897 (Glasgow)
    3 Mary BLAYNEY b.1899 (Glasgow)
  2 Margaret BLAYNEY b.1874 (1881) (Blythswood, Glasgow); d.1953
   + Edward JOHNSTONE b.1Mar1872; Iron Foundry Labourer [3 children]
  2 Denis BLAYNEY b.1878 (Glasgow); d.1951
    Note: separate person to deceased brother Dennis
  2 Francis BLAYNEY b.1880 (Glasgow); d.1917
  2 James BLAYNEY b.1883 (Glasgow)

?unrelated: 1 Unkown Scottish ancestor 2 Hugh BLANEY b.1918 (Scotland); d.5Dec1999 (Hamilton, Ontario) + Gladys CAMPBELL b.1908 (Newfoundland); d.8Nov1999 (Hamilton, Ontario) 2 Jim BLANEY of Saskatchewan; 2 Mary Monteith née BLANEY of Saskatchewan
?unrelated: 1 Thomas BLANEY + Agnes STEELE 2 George Steel BLANEY b.18Nov1889 (Scotland); d.26Jul1963 (Nelson, British Columbia, Canada) Police Constable (BC) +(1)Agnes Christie b.4May1892 (Scotland); m.<29May1936; d.29May1936 (Nelson, BC) [dau. of John Christie and Violet Scott] +(2)Velma Irene McIntyre b.15Aug1912 (Nelson, BC); m.30Sep1942 (Vancouver, BC) d.10Aug1976 (Trail, BC) [dau. of John Joseph McIntyre and Eliza Jane Murphy]


  [28] -Other Scottish BLANEYs

  1. Peter Blaney b.1880 Scotland to USA

  2. Peter L BLANEY b.1842 Scotland to USA

  Peter Blaney b.1880 Scotland to USA

1 Peter BLANEY b.1824 (Scotland); d.25Jun1887 (La Porte) 
 + Anna ?ZAHRT
   [I could find no confirmation of a Blaney-Zahrt marriage. 
     Anna Zahrt was probably / possibly a sister of Johann Wilheim ZAHRT
     who was born in 1824 (Wrestedt, Hannover, Prussia) and Sophia FEHRMAN]
   There is a record of a Peter BLAINEY / BLANEY marrying one Anna GARRISON in La Porte (LaPorte) so
   further research may be needed here.
  2  Hugh BLANEY b.30Jun1880; d.6Feb1917 (bur.8Feb) (all La Porte, Indiana) 

Hugh A Blaney

Martha (Mart)
+ Martha ("Mart") GOTTSELIG (GOTSALIG) b.19Aug1888 (Chicago, IL.); d.1Nov1950 (La Porte, Indiana) [4 children with Hugh]; 2ndly married to Charles S. EULER II, 26Sep1917 [6 children]. 3 Hugh Arthur BLANEY b.18Jul1907 (La Porte, IN.); d.9May1979 (Benbrook, Tarrant Co., TX.) + Bessie "Betty" Jane PENNINGTON b.24Dec1906 (Nauvoo, Walker Co., AL.) d.26Jan1988 (Benbrook, Tarrant Co., TX.) Previously married to Herman R HILL (1893-1947) 4 James Eugene Hill b.27May1928; d.11Jun1966 (FL.) 4 Beverly Jane Blaney b.8Dec1935 (Chicago, IL.); d.23Aug2002 (Albuquerque, Bernalillo Co., NM.) + Charles Robert Biggs 3 Thelma Martha BLANEY b.10Oct1909; d.6Jul1984 (IN.) Step daughter to Charles S. Euler II.

Thelma M Blaney

Willo Blaney

+? ___ La Hayne b.28Mar1912; d.26Mar1978 +?___ Luginbill [4 children with Luginbill surname] 3 Willo Hope BLANEY b.28Mar1912; d.26Mar1978 (La Porte, Indiana) + Alfred Chester PEASE b.26Aug1909; d.16Mar1986 2ndly married Mary Gallo HAAG m.1981 4 Nadine P PEASE b.3Mar1933 (La Porte, Indiana); d.3Jul2011 [Dau of Willo and Alfred] + George E CARLE (1923-1993) 3 Arnold Harvey BLANEY b.16Jul1913; d.3Sep1989 (La Porte, Indiana) Staff Sgt in USArmy in WWII, served 1943-45; La Porte Co. Counsilman + Anna E (1910-1971)

  Peter L BLANEY b.1842 (Southend, Argyllshire, Scotland)

Walter's Catherine Terry Blaney and children Portrait

William Everette

Edward Joseph

J Sarah

Samuel James

Walter Joseph

Maria Magdalene

George Benjamin Blaney


Ceil Blaney

George Benjamin Blaney and Ceil (Cecilia) Blaney née Lang

Patricia Blaney

Lou Blaney Turek
young & old

James Francis

George Blaney Jr
Maria Magdalene
Roznowski (aged)
1 Peter L BLANEY b.1842 (Southend, Argyllshire, Scotland); d.1886 [1452] [1453] + Catherine TERRY b.28Aug1850 (Watertown, Jefferson, NY.); d.16Apr1922 (Green Bay, Brown, WI.) [dau of Patrick TERRY b.1823 (Waterford Co., Ireland), d.2Dec1880 (Eaton, Brown, WI.) and Mary Jane MURPHY b.(Co., Kilkenny Ireland), m.27Oct1846 (Notre Dame, Ottawa), Carleton, Ontario, Canada)]. Patrick was the son of Michael Terry (b.1795/9 Co. Waterford, Ireland, d.7Jul1873 Osgoode Twp, Carleton Co., Ontario, Canada) and Margaret Tierney [1462]] 2 William Everette BLANEY, b.01Oct1869 (Waukechon, Shawano Co.; d.6Jan1940 (Green Bay, Brown, WI.) + Margaret Elizabeth HOGAN m.29Nov1899 (St. Patricks Catholic Church, Green Bay) 2 Edward Joseph BLANEY b.22Oct1871/2 (Shawano Co.; WI.) d.29Mar1939 (Neenah, Winnebago, WI.) + Jane E RYAN b.1874 (Nenagh, Tipperary, Ireland); m.23Oct1893 (Fort Howard, Brown, WI.); d.1945 3 Arthur E./ BLANEY b.1893 (Green Bay); d.1932 3 William Bernard BLANEY b.1896 (Peshtigo, Marinette, WI.); d.1910 3 Ethel Margaret BLANEY b.1899 (Green Bay); d.1911 3 Margaret Mary BLANEY b.1900 (Green Bay); d.1959 3 Gladys Catherine BLANEY b.1908 (Fond du Lac, WI); d.1968 2 J. Sarah BLANEY, b.22Jul1874 (Kewaunee Co.); d.8Jan1938 (Milwaukee); +(1) ? O'BRIEN; +(2) Thomas DAVERN b.24Aug1892 (Green Bay, Brown, WI.) 2 Samuel James BLANEY, b.15Oct1876 (Eaton, Brown, WI.); d.7Apr1931 (Peshtigo, Marinette, WI.); + Elizabeth Mary HOGAN m.27Jun1900 (Green Bay). 2 Walter Joseph BLANEY (aka Joseph Walter Blaney aka Walter Blaney), b.29Oct1878 (Montpelier, Kewaunee, WI.); d.19Nov1920 (Green Bay) +(relationship) Maria Magdalene KUJAWA b.1876; d.1953 (Wisconsin) aka Maria Magdalena "Maggie" Kujawa (born 1876) of Polish heritage [dau of Antone Kujawa and Catherine Kujawa] It is not clear if Maria eventually married Walter (implied [1459]), but Magdalene latter married Albert George Roznowski who was born about 1879 in Krakow, Powland and died 1937 in Green Bay, WI. His full name was Wojciech (=Albert) George ROZNOWSKI and he was previously married to Anna BUSZTYNSKI [1451]. 3 George Benjamin BLANEY b.17Nov1903 (Chicago) "out of wedlock" [1458]. d.25Feb1971 (Green Bay, Brown Co., WI.) George lived with his Aunt Katie and Ben Hilk in Chicago and attended the Art Institute of Chicago until Magdalene married Albert Roznowski and he became known as George Roznowski only discovering his biological father's name when obtaining a marriage licence. Occ. "Banana man", Streetcar then bus driver and then a Police Officer + Mary Cecilia ("Ceil") Catherine LANG [aka "Dickie Long Legs"] b.26Nov1901 (Gillett, WI.); m.26Apr1927 (St Mary’s of the Angels, Green Bay); d.7Sep1992 (Green Bay WI.); Florest [dau. as Mathias (Matt) Lang (1857-1942)] 4 Patricia Ruth BLANEY Wiesner b.24Apr1928; d.14Feb2019 (Sacramento, CA.) Precshool teacher; Legal Secretary + Col. Walter John ("Jack") WIESNER b.17Nov1928 (Sturgeon Bay, WI.); d.23Oct2006 (Sacramento, CA.) US Army from 17, WWII, Army Airborne Berlin Air Lift, and Korea. Retired as Assistant Judge Advocate General. California Deputy Attorney General. m.8Sep1951 (Brown, WI.) [2 sons] 4 George BLANEY Jr, b.1932 d.1969 (MVA) 4 Louise ("Lou") Frances BLANEY b.17Nov1934; d.23Aug2015 (both Brown County, WI.) + James (Jim) Francis TUREK b.1Jul1928; d.19Jul2016 (both Brown Co., WI.); m.11Aug1956 (St Mary’s of the Angels, Green Bay) [4 children including Steve Turek [1462]] CPL US Army Korea 1951-53; Entrepreneur [son of Francis (Frank) Turek (1885-1958) & Anna Marie DeGroot (1895-1994)] 2 Mary Lenora BLANEY b.22Jul1881/3 (Green Bay); d.30Jul1954, (Fond duc Lac, WI.) + Alfred Henry BAUER b.1881; m.14Oct1908 (Green Bay, Brown, WI.); d.1954 2 George BLANEY b.5Aug1883 (Montpelier, Kewaunee, WI.); d.27Mar1952 (Green Bay, Brown, WI.); + Sue HERALD m.7Jul1924 (Green Bay, Brown, WI.) 2 Catherine E. BLANEY b.12Oct1885 (Montpelier, Kewaunee, WI.) d.08Oct1961 (Allouez, Brown, WI.); + Leo Thomas HOBBINS 23Oct1907 (Green Bay, Brown, WI.)

Catherine Terry
Mary Lenora
Catherine E
George B, Ceil, George Jr, Pat & Lou Blaney


  [29] African-American Blaneys of North Carolina and of Virginia (VA.)

It would appear that all African-American Blaneys have slave origins, possibly named after a previous Blaney slave owner. Time will tell if there are genes derived from an early Blayney plantation owner, but that would appear to be the case for the "mulatto" John BLANEY of North Carolina but we have less clear origins for the Richard and Alfred BLANEY of Virginia. The earliest Blaney slave owner being Edward Blayney, who first came from England in 1620, in the ship "Bonaventure", to James city, VA. where he was known as Edward Blaney. By the Muster of 1625 Edward Blaney had 15 "servants" working his large plantation "over the water" (South Bank of the James River), who, while not African, were most likely "endentured" servants [1471] [1472]. He had at least one male descendant and one who was fined in 1687 [1473].

The Freedmen's Colony of Roanoke Island ("Freedman's Colony"), was founded in 1863 during the Civil War after Union Major General John G. Foster, Commander of the 18th Army Corps, captured the Confederate fortifications on Roanoke Island off North Carolina in 1862. He classified the slaves living there as "contraband", following the precedent of General Benjamin Butler at Fort Monroe in 1861, and did not return them to Confederate slaveholders. In 1863, by the Emancipation Proclamation, all slaves in Union-occupied territories were freed [1470], and in 1865 slavery was abolished by the 13th Amendment to the US Costitution [1476].

Afroamerican slaves picking cotton.
Hand-colored woodcut of a 19th-century illustration

John R Blaney
in the mines

The following genealogies are put together from various sources and are likely to have errors.
NOTE 1: [AA-S] = African-American slave
NOTE 2: From the notices on the right, it would appear Blayney slaves were not content slaves!

  [1] African-American Blaney (North Carolina)

Wilmington, N.C. People's Press
1st June 1842

Wilmington, N.C. People's Press
22 Apr 1835

Tom was aged about 15 when he was sold
11Dec1824 (Wilington, New Hanover Co., NC.),
from the estate of Archibald Taylor of
Wilmington to John Taylor [1477].

Wilmington, N.C. People's Press
13 Feb 1800
From the "Slave Deeds of New Hanover County, North Carolina" [1468] it could be interpreted that one Benjamin Blaney was "Grantor" and so presumably "owner" of: 1 John BLANEY (New Hanover, NC.), a "mulatto" [AA-S] (a mulatto was someone born to a black slave mother and a white father, presumably, but not proven to be Benjamin's son or possibly half brother); sold by Benjamin (Grantor) to Nathanial Hill 24May1798 for £100 and then to William Watts Jones 24Apr1820 for $550. + Betty b.~1866 (± 3 yr); purchased by William Giles 20Jun1804 (Grantee) [AA-S] 2 Virgil BLANEY b.~1792 [AA-S] 2 Nelly BLANEY b.~1794 [AA-S] 2 Peggy BLANEY b.~1798 [AA-S] 2 Mary BLANEY b.~1799 [AA-S]

  [2] African-American Blaney (Virginia)

1 ?Richard BLANEY [1467]
  2 Alfred Blaney b.~1823 (Roanoke Co., Va.) [AA-S]
    Farmer; "Owner": E. Thomas
   + "Aunt" Lucy TOSH Blaney/BLAINEY b.1829; d.14Oct1912 bur Catawba Church [AA-S]
     Probably origionally a slave of William Woods; "Housekeeper"
     Half-brother to "John"; "Owner": William Woods
    3 Charles BLANEY 18 in 1866
    3 John BLANEY 16 in 1866
    3 Henry BLANEY 14 in 1866
    3 Nancy BLANEY 13 in 1866
    3 Amanda BLANEY 9 in 1866
    3 Mary BLANEY 8 in 1866
    3 James BLANEY 6 in 1866
    3 Lucy BLANEY 3 in 1866
    3 George BLANEY 6mo in 1866

  2 James BLANEY b.1826 (Catawba, Roanoke Co.,, VA.) [AA-S]
    Presumed brother of Alfred b.~1823; "Owner" E. Thomas   
   + Hannah [AA-S]
    3 Alfred BLANEY b.Apr1846 (VA.) [AA-S]
      "Owner": S. Thomas
     + Amanda (Mandy) E JEMISON / JAMISON b.29Jul1849 (Catawba, Roanoke, VA.); m.1868 [AA-S]; 
      4 Lewis BLANEY b.~1869 (VA.)
      4 Mary M BLANEY b.1871 (VA) [AA-S]; d.
      4 ? Rufell (?Russell) BLANEY
      4 Morten BLANEY
      4 Francis BLANEY
      4 Lacy (Lacey) William BLANEY b.1911 (Fayette, WV.); d.1993 [AA-S]
       + Norbell (Nora) Belle BRATTON b.1909 (VA.); d.1984 
         [dau of James BRATTON b.~1879]  

Alfred "Sneaky" Blaney

Bertha Lee Blaney
5 Alfred Lloyd (Loard) "Sneaky" BLANEY b.16Aug1941 (Catawba, Roanoke VA.); d.27Feb2015 (Roanoke) + Bertha Lee Blaney m.~1973; 3Jun2020 (Roanoke) 6 Teresa ROBERTSON ob 6 Alfreda Noel BLANEY 6 Diane BLANEY + Charlie HALL 6 Jessie BLANEY Ferguson 6 Sheila BLANEY + Tim Davis-Wherry 5 James Gilbert Blaney, b.1938/9; d.30Sep2013. + Joyce Blaney 6 James BLANEY Jr., of Georgia and 6 Darren BLANEY, of Roanoke 6 Tracy Bowen, of Georgia; 5 Lucy Lias, ob 5 Billy Blaney ob. 5 Alfred Blaney, of Roanoke; 5 Ann Blaney + Olando Roberson, of Washington, D.C., 5 Susan Townson, of Pennsylvania

Julius Marcellus Blaney

Octavia A Brown


Tyrone Marcellous Blaney

Preston Maxwell Blaney

Rose Lozano 2013
4 Julius Marcellus BLANEY b.1875 (VA); d.13Jul1948 + Octavia A BROWN b.12Oct1871; d.11Mar1932 (both Roe, Kanawha, WV.) [dau. of William Brawn (b.1836) and Mary Dudding (1845-1915)] 5 Clara Mae BLANEY b.12Dec1893 (Linders, WV.); d.6Jul1912 (Fayette, WV.) 5 Beatrice Aletha (Athea) BLANEY b.22Jul1895; d.6Jan1977 (London, Kanawha, WV.) 5 Teressa BLANEY b.9Jul1897; d.19Jul1981 (London, Kanawha, WV.) 5 Carrie Ethel BLANEY b.13Jan1900; d.8Aug1945 5 Mary Alma BLANEY b.4Aug1902 d.27Jan1903 5 Gladys BLANEY b.4Nov1903; d.27Jul1907 5 Mabel Amanda BLANEY b.22Feb1906; d.26Feb1990 (Linden, Union, NJ.) + James HUGHES d.1971 [1 child] 5 Willa Leota BLANEY b.7Jun1908; d.17Aug1986 (London, Kanawha) 5 Julius M. BLANEY b.1Dec1910; d.25Mar1994 (Charleston, Kanawha, WV.) + Mae Stella PATTERSON b.6Mar1921; d.25Nov1978 (Charleston) Incorporator, Kanawha City Women's Social and Civic League 6 Mae Stella PATTERSON (1921-1978) 6 Phillip BLANEY b.~1938 6 Tyrone Marcellous BLANEY b.7July1939 (Montgomery F, WV.); d.11Sep1992 (Huntington, Cabell, WV.) 6 Julius Maurice BLANEY b.1949; d.2011 5 Bernice A. BLANEY b.1913 (London Kanaw, WV.); d.2002 4 Russell Huestrige BLANEY (BLANY) b.1Apr1878 (Botetourt Co., VA.) [AA-S]; d.20Sep1963 (Catawba, Roanoke, VA.); Bur. Catawba Church + Marjorie (Margie) T HENDERSON b.12May1882 (VA.); d.1Jul1919 (Eclampsia, Nephritis) [dau. of Rev John H Henderson and Mildred F Brickey] 5 Theophilus L BLANEY b.5Aug1902; d.4Jun1930 (both Roanoke, VA.) + Margaret E GUTHRIE b.19Sep1906 (Columbus, Franklin, OH.) 5 Florentine BLANEY b.1902/4 5 Maxwell John A BLANEY b.4Mar1906 (VA.) [AA-S]; d.26May1990 (Roanoke, VA.); + Mary Elizabeth Harper b.1907 6 John C BLANEY b.1939 6 Gerald Tuscon BLANEY b.1940 6 Winfred Horation BLANEY b.1946 + Janice McIntyre McCELLAND 7 Preston Maxwell BLANEY Sr b.8Jan1973 (Robeson, NC.); d.15Sep2012 (Joplin, MO.) + Rose LOZANO b.1970s (of Mexican ancestry) 8 Kamaria (Kam) BLANEY 8 DaLilah BLANEY 8 Khadijah BLANEY 8 Jazmyne BLANEY 8 Preston BLANEY Jr 7 Deangela Blaney Williams 7 Sharon Blaney McSwain 7 Winifred Blaney Gashle 6 Arlene Davis 6 Arthur L BLANEY 6 Birdie Hairston 6 Margie F Collins 6 Maxine E Collins 6 Mildred Manns 5 Mildred F BLANEY MANN b.1908 [AA-S] 5 Leo Randolph BLANEY b.1910 (VA.); d.20Mar1943 (Newport News, Warwick, VA.) + Lula Frances ARCHER b.1915; d.1975 On 24Mar1946 Lula remarried to Masceo A BRATTON (1907-2000) 6 Stanley McCall BLANEY b.1932; d.26Oct1996 (Roanoke, VA.)

Frances Jolors PRICE

Birdie Goldie B Hairston
Arlean T Blaney
+ Frances Jolors PRICE d.11Mar2005 [dau of George and Hattie Price] 7 Beverly L. Blaney (MD.) 7 Tracy D. Blaney (Roanoke, VA.) 7 Mary E. Blaney, ESQ (Roanoke, VA.) 5 Birdie (Bardie) Goldie BLANEY b.1Jul1912 (VA.) d.21Jan1993 + Thomas Roy Hairston 6 Geraldine Janet Hairston BELL 6 Otits William Hairston 6 Robert Alfred Hairston Sr (1935-2018) + Hilda R. Hairston 7 dead - Albert Burbridge, Jr., Cathy Burbridge, and Robert Hairston Jr. 7 living - Stacy (Carl) Slaughter, Robert Burbridge, Cindy Hairston, Christy (Tymar, Sr.) Whitsett 5 Roberta BLANEY b.1913 (VA.) 5 Russel Henry BLANEY b.18Jul1914 (Roanoke, VA.); d.19Feb1916 (Catawba, Roanoke, VA.) 5 Arlean T BLANEY b.28Aug1916 (VA.); d.16Oct2014 (Richmond, VA.) + Howard Edward DAVIS b.1Aug1910; m.6Jan1940 (Rchmond, VA.); d.12Jul1978 (Richmond, VA.) 5 Roy BLANEY b.18July1918; d.18July1918; (both Catawba, Roanoke, VA.) (Prematurty) "Colored" 5 "Male Infant" BLANEY b.1Jul1919; d.2Jul1919 July1918; (Prematurty, death of mother) "Colored" 4 Mary Arthur BLANEY b.1882 d.1953 4 Fannie Laura BLANEY b.21Nov1883 (Catawba, Roanoke, VA.); [AA-S] 4 Sarah J BLANEY b.22Jun1889 (Catawba, Roanoke, VA.); [AA-S] 4 Sallie A BLANEY b.1890 (Catawba, Roanoke, VA.); [AA-S] 4 Ralph H BLANEY b.20May1892 (VA.) [AA-S]; ?aka Eppage Blaney 3 James BLANEY b.~1849 [AA-S]; Owner": S. Phillips 3 Nancy BLANEY b.~1850 [AA-S]; Owner": J. Hammond 3 Myron BLANEY b.~1851 [AA-S]; Owner": D Neininger 3 Darius BLANEY b.~1854 [AA-S]; "Owner": P. Leeson 3 Robert BLANEY b.~1858 (Roanoke, VA.) [AA-S]; "Owner": J. Goodwin +? Fannie Duckwilder b.15May1859 (VA.); d.20Apr1911 (Culpeper, VA.) 2?Joseph BLANEY b.1830/31 (Roanoke Co., VA.) [AA-S] [1469] Presumed brother of Alfred; "Owner": Charles BARNETT (Montgomery Co.) + Charlotta TAYLOR b.1844/5; [AA-S] "Owner": Charles BARNETT (Montgomery Co.) 3 John BLANEY b.1863/4 3 Maria BLANEY b.1865 2 Ann BLANEY b.~1848 (Roanoke Co., Va.) [AA-S] "Owner": Betsey EVANS [1467] 2 Floyd BLANEY b.~1835 (Craig Co., Va.) [AA-S] "Owner": Ann M. Spessard [1467] Possibly related.... 2 James R BLANEY b.1828 [AA-S] + Florantine BLANEY b.~1845 (VA.) [AA-S] 3 Rosa BLANEY b.~1862 [AA-S] 3 Mary T BLANEY b.~1865 3 Borione BLANEY b.~1868 3 Alace BLANEY b.~1869 3 Willie BLANEY b.~1872 3 Ewd. BLANEY b.~1874 3 Joseph BLANEY b.~1878 ?? 3 Wilbur M BLANEY b.1926 (Chichago, Cook Co., IL.); d.1997 3 Robert Manuel BLANEY b.1929 (Chichago, Cook Co., IL.); d.2000 3 SIMS


  [30] -various bits & pieces not fitted in yet


  E. C. BLANEY portrait by Benjamin Stone


E C Blaney 1897

Outside Hose of Commons

There does not appear to be any available information on "E.C. Blaney", the subject of a platinum print of a photograph taken July 1897 outside the Members’ Entrance to Terrace, Houses of Parliament, Westminster, London, UK by Sir J Benjamin Stone other than Blaney was a member of the Library stoff of the House of Commons. The portrait was given to the National Portrait Gallery by the House of Commons Library in 1974 [1456]. Sir (John) Benjamin Stone (1838-1914) was a Conservative Politician and significant photographer. He made 26,000 photographs (2,000 owned by the National Portrait Gallery; he founded the National Photographic Record Association and in 1911 became the Official Photographer to the Coronation of King George V. Stone made it his business to photograph every MP and servants of the Houses of Parliament (clearly including E C Blaney).


  John Silas BLANEY of Louisiana

1 John Silas BLANEY b.1863 (Avoyelles, Louisiana=LA.); d.>1889 [1457]
 + Arminthia (Armette) Louvinia (Levina) DEAR b.22Nov1855 (MS.); 
   d.22May1928 (Harrisonburg, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana=LA.)
   [dau. of Levina Allbritton] 
   m.(1)3/29Jul1879 (Avoyelles Parish, LA.) to John Silas BLANEY 
   m.(2)25Jun1888 (Avoyelles) to James Cooper [1 child, Milton Cooper]
     Apparently left after having an affair
   m.(3)21Jul1891 (Avoyelles) to Jacob Henry Meyers b.6Dec1946; d.7Feb1926
     Raised John's children and milton along with his own  
     [seven children including: Authur Walturn (1892-1901); Edward Cullom (1893-1978);
      Edna b.1894; Donald Felser (1895-1977); James Mackie (1897-1970);
      Lonnie Martin (1898-1972) and Horace Calhoun (1902-1964).]

  2 Ida Mae E BLANEY b.15May1880 (Bayou Batre, AL.); d.19Sep1953
   +(1) William H. Punchard b.10Apr1869; d.01Oct1907 [5 childrfen]
   +(2) Martin Southern Squyres (1863-1941) [8 childrfen]
  2 William ("Willie") Sidney BLANEY Sr b.15Feb1884; d.22Jan1966 
   +(1) Florence Viola JONES b.12Mar1888; d.17Sep1916;
    3 John Silas BLANEY b.17Mar1907; d.3Jan1933
    3 William Sidney BLANEY Jr. b.2Aug1909 (Urania, La Salle Parish, LA.);
      d.18Dec2000 (Clayton, Concordia Parish, LA.)
      WWII Vet; owner of Blaney Oil Field Construction Co.
     + Georgia Blackmon b.10Jun1911 (Wisner, Franklin Parish, LA.);
       d.28Apr2006 (Ferriday, Concordia Parish, LA.)
      4 George William BLANEY Sr b.14May1929; d.6Mar1990
       + Hazel Juanita HOGG b.26Jun1935; 
         m.(1)1951 to George W BLANEY
         m.(2) to Gyula Julius LOVASZ (1933-1975)
    3 Wesley Charles BLANEY b.7Jul1911; d.15May1954
     + Opal Dee METCALF b.27May1918; d.1Mar1986
      4 Gerald BLANEY
      4 Kenneth Ray BLANEY b.27Jan1940; d.23Sep2000
       + Betty Sue RICHARDS b.23Dec1939 (Ferriday, Concordia Parish, LA.);
         d.4Apr2015 (Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish, LA.)
         [dau. of Earl Lee Richards and Myra Frances Barret Huff]
        5 Charles "Lil Bill" Wiley Jr.
        5 Liz Koenig of Baton Rouge, LA
        5 Robin ?
         + Keith BUSH
      4 Wesley Jerald BLANEY b.6Jan1942 (Foules, Catahoula Parish, LA.);
        d.15Apr2019 (Alexandria, Rapides Parish, LA.)
       + Betty Jean GROOVER b.25Mar1950; d.15Apr2016 (both Natchez, Adams Co., MS.)
         [dau. of Edgar Sherwood Groover and Catherine Higgins]
        5 Angela BLANEY 
        5 Jack BLANEY
         + Carrie ?then April?
        5 Jason BLANEY
         + Sharon 



Joyce Lee Blaney


Jane Moore Blaney

4 James Edward "Bill" BLANEY b.09Oct1945; d.1Nov2019 (both Ferriday, Concordia, LA.) + Linda Mae 5 Rebecca Faye BLANEY + Gary Garner 5 Wendy Lee BLANEY 5 Jaime Huff BLANEY + Amy Hedricks 6 Any BLANEY 5 Dora BLANEY + David Emfinger 6 [?2 children, Justin & Celeste], 3 Rosalie BLANEY b.1Aug1915; d.12Mar1991 + Tony Smith RICH (1911-2000); m.23Aug1932 +(2) Lillie Ernestine PRICE b.28Apr1886; d.12Feb1930; 3 Dewey Arthur BLANEY b.13Oct1919; d.5Jun1986 3 Ira Marie BLANEY 15Jun1921; d.4Mar2005 (Wisner, Franklin Parish, LA.) Registered dietitian + Clayton Forysthe COTTON b.6Nov1915 (Walters, Catahoula, LA.); d.20Nov2008 (Winnsboro, Franklin Parish, LA.) 3 James Martin BLANEY Sr. b.21Aug1927; d.17Nov2002 retired Sheriff Deputy and Farmer. + Joyce Lee LEACH b.25Oct1930; d.21Sep2013 (La Salle Parish, LA.) retired Registered Nurse [dau of Jack Melton and Hilda Lucille Leach] 4 James Martin BLANEY Jr. (Jimmy) + Jimmy Blaney, Jr. and his wife Estelle 4 Pamela (Pam) BLANEY 4 Brenda ?Seab BLANEY Nugent +(3) Julia LUCAS, b.14Jun1906; m.23Mar1933; d.9Apr2006 2 Oliver Dee BLANEY b.27Oct1886; d.Mar1965 (Alexandria, Rapides Parish, LA.) + Charlotte Evalee Smith, b.7Sep1887 (?1895); d.8Nov1943 3 Walter Arthur BLANEY b.5Mar1916; d.14Feb1973 + Vera Lee HOOB b.9Mar1918 (Natchitoches, Natchitoches, LA.); d.2Jul2007 (Pineville, Rapides, LA.=Louisiana) [dau of Willie Hoob (1892-1978) and Lela B Lasyone (1900-1966)] 4 Willie Dea Pecanty (Huey) 4 Horace Calvin BLANEY b.2Jul1938 (LA.); d.15Jan2013 (Southaven, DeSoto, MS.) + Ann 4 John W. "Dub" BLANEY + Bonell 4 Freeman BLANEY + Jane MOORE b.15Jul1953 d.26Oct2018 Teacher [dau. of Herbert and Mary Moore] 5 Mike BLANEY + Kristy 5 Chris BLANEY + Charlene ?Sullivan 5 Allison BLANEY + Michael Freeman 5 Heather BLANEY + Chris Bates 4 Bufford BLANEY + Janet 4 Ronney BLANEY + Martha 4 Ona Vea BLANEY b.16Dec1944; d.8Dec2001 (both Alexandria, Rapides, LA.) + __ RUSH 3 Iona BLANEY 1918-1988 + Eula Mae BLANEY 3 Iona KENNON (Trout) 3 Walter BLANEY (Lake Charles) 2 Milton BLANEY b.1889 (see above)

  Martin BLANEY born about 1818

1 Martin BLANEY b.~1818 (IL.); d.>1880
  Unknown parents
 + Penelope HODGE née TRAUGHBER b.08Oct1818 (Adairville, Logan Co., KY); 
   m.(1)1Nov1836-27Aug1838 to Henry J HODGE
   m.(2)5Sep1839 to Martin BLANEY
   d.21Aug1885 (Macon, Macon, IL.)
   [dau. of Adolphus Michael Traughber b.1767 (York, PA.); d.1826
    and Elizabeth YOUNT b.1781 (York Co., PA.; d.1830] 

Henry Daniel Milton Hodge
3 Henry Daniel Milton Hodge b.>12Nov1837; d.25Jun1927 + Elizabeth HODGE (Adams) m.3Nov1859
3 Elizabeth Catherine BLANEY b.1841(Macon); d.Aug1876 + MIlford COOPER m.15Oct1857 [5 children] 3 Margaret (Martha) Jane BLANEY b.1Jul1843 (Macon) - 1909 + Unknown 4 William P BLANEY b.Oct1860; d.21Mar1928 (both Macon) + John Richard WONACOTT m.1863 [3 children] 3 Mary A C Blaney b.3May1846; d.12Feb1915 (both Macon) + David F DICKEY m.5Sep1871 (Macon) [4 children] 3 Morrison J BLANEY b.~1848; d.>Nov1885 (both Macon) + Nancy Caroline DAVIS ex Miller m.4Jul1871-~Nov1887 4 Minnie P BLANEY b.Feb1878 (IL.); d.1928 (Lancaster, NE.) + Jacob H HAMPSHER (1861-1931); m.19Aug1896 (Macon) [2 children] 4 Walter Jasper BLANEY b.25Apr1885 (Macon); Lived (Battle Creek, MI.); d.17Nov1939 (Christian, KY.) of septicemia and cellulitis. [1450] Unfortunately the "J" in Walter J Blaney turns out to be Jasper so this Walter is not the Walter J Blayney who was the father of George Benjamin [1450]. as his middle name was Joseph (see below). 3 Alice BLANEY b.~1853; d.<21Aug1885 (both Macon) 3 James Blaney b.~1859 (Macon); d.>1920 (Cook, IL.) + Mary LEONARD m.28Dec1893

  Joseph Blaney of Co. Down

John Blaney 1898-1970

1 Joseph BLANEY b.31Dec1871 (Killough, Co. Down, Ireland) + Eleanor (Ellen) Mary BURNS b.27Apr1873 (Killough, Co. Down); d.1924 [dau of William James BURNS b.1850 and Isabella FITSIMONS b.1853] 2 Mary Ellen BLANEY McGrady b.~1895 2 John BLANEY b.1898; d.1970 + Susan McGREEVY b.1894 (Co. Down) 2 Margaret (Maggie) Anne BLANEY Mc Neill b.~1900 2 Bernard BLANEY 2 Isabella BLANEY 2 Joseph BLANEY 2 Eleanor BLANEY 2 Henry BLANEY 2 William James BLANEY


  John Blaney -blacksmiths in Rasharkin

1 John BLANEY (1841-1908) [1448]
   Blaney family were blacksmiths in Rasharkin and later Ballintoy on the coast near Ballycastle.
 + Catherine McAtamney (1859-1942). 
  2 Mary Jane Blaney (1876-1959)
  2 James BLANEY b.10Jan1880 (Ballycastle, Co., Antrim)
    He had four sisters and a brother most of whom moved to the Eastern USA
    Labourer (Clyde tubeworks) then soldier (1902 4th Highland Light Infantry)
    after moving to Scotland (before 1901)
    Joined the White Star Line as a fireman.
    Signed onto the Titanic and his body was never recovered
    d.15Apr1912 when the Titanic hit an iceburg and sank
  2 Annie Blaney b.1882
  2 Daniel Joseph Blaney (1884-1967)
  2 Catherine Blaney (1887-1940)
  2 Sarah Blaney (1891-1953)


  Edward Blaney of Glascow

1 Edward BLANEY
 + Jean Docherty Glasgow
  2 Edward J. BLANEY, 87, of South Kingstown d.8Feb2013
    Served in Air Force in WWII; Special Ed teacher
   + MaryAnn Brown
    3 Melissa BLANEY
     + Gerald Lavallee 
      4 ? Edward & Robert (Bo), Kevin (Marchand)
    3 Margaret BLANEY
     + Robert ROTANZ 
      4 Robert, Brendan & Blaney ROTANZ 
    3 Edward Jr. BLANEY
     + Marilyn 
      4 Julia BLANEY
      4 Olivia BLANEY
  2 John, 
  2 Bernard, 
  2 Joseph, 
  2 Gerard, 
  2 Paul and 
  2 Lawrence Blaney.


  Donald and Syvia Blayney of Wisconson

NOT the Donald G Blaney of Ontario, Canada who married Sylvia Jackson

Donald and Syvia Blayney of Wisconson, NOT the Donald G Blaney of Ontario, Canada who married Sylvia Jackson


Donald A Blaney Jr

1 Donald Allen Wayne BLANEY b.1920 Winnebago, WI, m.(Cook, IL.); d.(Outagamie, WI.) + Sylvia Marilyn Margaret DREXLER b.~1924 (Winnebago, WI.) [dau of Carl N b.~1899 and Emma b.~1898 DREXLER] 2 Donald A BLANEY Jr b.18Nov1947 (Oshkosh, WI.); d.29Oct2020 + Kathy Flanagan m.2003 3 Eric Fonferek 3 Kevin BLANEY 3 Kerry BLANEY + Mike Meniel 3 Moira BLANEY + Ed Rossi 2 Donna BLANEY + David PARK 2 Mark S. BLANEY 2 Michael J. BLANEY 2 Martin L. BLANEY + Penny


  Hugh Blayney & Eliza Harbison of Antrum

1 Hugh BLANEY (Co. Antrim, Ireland)
 + Eliza HARBISON m.14Dec1858 (Cullybackey, Co. Antrim)
   [Dau of John HARBISON] 

Mary Harbison Blaney

John Ross Steele Sr

3 Mary Harbison BLANEY b.08Oct1860 (Lough Megarry, Co., Antrim); d.23Oct1918 (Wildwood, Allegheny, PA.) + John Ross STEELE Sn b.21Jun1845 (Antrim Tp., Franklin Co, PA.); m.28Jul1881 (Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA.); d.17Jun1918 (Hampton, Allegheny, PA.] [son of Samuel Steel (1802-1863) and Nancy Agnes Detrich (1812-1883)] [Seven children: Nancy Detrich, Bessie Harbison, John Ross, Mary Blaney, Myra Viola, Olive Rowene, Opal Fraxinella Steel]


  John McGregor Blayney of Belfast

1 John McGregor BLANEY b.1837 (Belfast, Antrim)
  Drummer in Army 3yr until 1853
 + Eliza Mary Stoneman b.1845 (St Giles without Cripplegate, England)
Christopher J Blaney 1881-1955 pics

James Jeal, May Margaret Blaney (wedding)
sister Grace Blaney bridesmaid

Lily Maud Patricia
Plicher née Blaney

2 John McGregor BLANEY b.1877 (?Strand, Middlesex, England) Bus conductor + Eliza Mary Mundy b.Jan1879 ; d.Jan1910 (both St George Hanover Square, London, UK) m.14July1902 [dau of James Henry MUNDY (1850-1899)] 3 John Henry BLANEY b.1903 (Chelsea, Middlesex); d.1969 3 Alexander Henry BLANEY b.1907 (Chelsea, London) 3 Ruben Edward BLANEY b.1909 (Chelsea, London) 2 Pvt Christopher James BLANEY b.18Jan1881 (St Martins in the fields Middlesex); d.29Jun1955 (Westminster London England); Occ. "Scavenger" (1911 Census) British War Medal 1914-18; Allied Victory Medal + (Marg.) May Julia/Julie Shickland b.~1883 3 May Margaret BLANEY b.1905 (Westminster, London); d.1988 + James JEAL 3 Daisy BLANEY b.1906 Westminster, London; d.1986 3 Christopher James BLANEY b.1908 (St George Hanover Square, London) d.1975 3 Grace Blaney b.1910 (Westminster London); d.1995 3 George Blaney b.1911 (St George Hanover Square) 3 Lillian (Lily) Maud Patricia BLANEY b.1913 d.1958 + William ?Hoyt PILCHER 4 Brian PILCHER 3 Louise M J BLANEY b.1914 (Born in Westminster London); d.1942 3 Norah Eileen BLANEY (Lorimer) b.1920 (Westminster London); d.2002


  Bernard Butler Blaney ?Florida

Lily Ruth Chase & Bernard Butler Blaney

1 + 2 Bernard Butler Blaney Sr. b.1913 + Ruth CHASE 3 Ellen Gertrude BLANEY m.6Nov1967 (Grantwood, Cliffside Park, FL.) + Kent KRISTENSEN Programmer [son of George C KRISTENSEN] 3 Bernard Butler Blaney + Janice Ellen Newkirk/Martine m.1976 (FL.)


  Charles Blaney (1775-1827) Killarney to India

1 Charles BLANEY b.~Dec1775 (Killarney, County, Kerry, Ireland);
  d.22Jul1827 (Calcutta, Bengal, India)
 + Anna Maria LEEK
  2 Robert Edward BLANEY b.14Aug1811 (Calcutta); d.7Nov1851 (Howrah Bengal)
   + Elizabeth LEIGH b.18May1818 (Calcutta); m.5Mar1835 (Calcutta Cathedral);
     d.23Nov1878 (Agra, Uttar Pradesh)
     Secondly married Ernest Andrew EDWARDS (1830-1878)
     [dau of Joseph Leigh (1776-1822) and Penelope Atkins (1793 Sydney, NSW-1818)
    3 Edward Currie BLANEY b.4Nov1837 (Howrah, Bengal); d.17Mar1870 (St Olave Southwark, London)
      Ship's Captain [1478]
     + Emma ___
      4 Emma Louise BLANEY
      4 Albert Edward BLANEY b.1867 (Rotherhithe, Surrey, England)
    3 Charles Henry Phillip BLANEY b.16Nov1838 (St John's Calcutta, Bengal); 
      d.15Jan1876 (Bombay)
      Also a Ship's Captain [1478]
     + Catharine Emma MIDDLETON b.1849 (Calcutta); d.1885
      4 Louisa Geraldine BLANEY b.1868 (Calcutta); d.1948
      4 Catherine Emma Elizabeth BLANEY b.1869 (Calcutta)
      4 Georgina Maud BLANEY b.1870 (Calcutta); d.1945
      4 Eleanor Templeton BLANEY b.1871 (Calcutta); d.1945
      4 Winifred Elizabeth BLANEY b.1874 (Howrah, Bengal); d.1876
    3 Frederic Middleton BLANEY b.1840; d.07Oct1865 (both Howrah Bengal)
     + Elizabeth Georgiana Tisbury b.1842; d.1886 (both in India)
      4 Penelope Elizabeth BLANEY b.1865 (Calcutta)
    3 Duncan Twining BLANEY b.13Sep1842 (Calcutta); d.?
     + Caroline Delia SHULDHAM b.4May1852 (Jullunder Punjab); d.15Oct1909 (Allahabad India)
      4 Carlton Collingwood BLANEY b.23Sep1871 (Allahabad); d21Jun1938 (Surrey, UK)
       + Leonora WATTS b.1876 (Bengal, India); d.1961
        5 Helen Leonora Blaney b.1903 (Asansol, Bengal); d.1988 

Mabel Eliza


4 Mabel Eliza BLANEY b.20Jun1869 (Delhi, Bengal) d.1940 (Saharenpur, West Bengal) + Albert Henry Richard TONNDORF b.14Apr1861 (Allahabad) m.14Feb1887 (Jubbulpore, West Bengal) d.13Apr1905 (Agra, U P India); Permanent Way Inspector 5 [seven children] 4 Duncan Charles BLANEY b.09Dec1874; d.26Oct1909 (both Allahabad, Bengal) 4 Beryl Alice BLANEY HUGHES 4 Catherine Carrie BLANEY 3 George Cleeve BLANEY b.5Dec1843; d.16Feb1844 (both Howrah, Bengal) 3 Penelope Mary BLANEY b.1847 (Howrah, Bengal); d.1848 3 Geraldine Elizabeth Hawes BLANEY b.16Sep1849 (Howrah, Bengal); d.Berkshire, UK + Charles Nisbet Hodgson [3 children]


  William M BLANEY (1822) CINCINNATI

I haven't been able to make a reliable connection to the more artistic 
Blaneys of Cincinnati.   

Harry Edwin Blaney

Marcella Wiechard

Patricia CARROLL Blaney

Mitchell W COLLINS & Megan M BLANEY
1 William M BLANEY b.1822 (IN. or OH.); d.19Apr1901 Carpenter Unconfirmed origin + Phebe (Phoebe) Jane COBB b.1827 (Essex County, NY.); m.6Dec1846 (Hamilton Co., OH.); d.1875 (?1880) 2 Edwin P BLANEY b.1848 (OH.); d.11Sep1893 (Cincinnati) 2 George BLANEY b.1859 2 Agnes May BLANEY b.26Jan1861; d.28Apr1946 (both Cincinnati) + Edwin TROUP (1857-1945) [two children] 2 Nelly (Nannie) BLANEY b.Sep1863 (OH.); d.25Jan1907 (Cuyahoga Co., OH.) + Harry C Segrove b.1853 (MA.) 2 William Harry BLANEY b.8Apr1867 (1866) (Ohio) d.7Mar1924 (Dayton, OH.) +(1) Florence (Flora) B YEAGER b.1871 (Cincinnati); m.1Mar1890; d.1952 (Cincinnati) [dau. of Jno YEAGER and Anna Leisuer] Divorced Harry, resumed using Yeager then on 27Oct1903 as Flora Blaney she married Benjamin H HOOK (1868-1937) aka Andrew HOOK. 3 William Earl BLANEY b.1891 (Cincinnati); d.1893 3 Harry Edwin BLANEY b.30May1892; d.29May1961 (both Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH.) WW1 enrolement 5Sep1917 [stepson of Benjamin (Andrew) HOOK (1868-1937), Flora's 2nd husband] + Marcella A WIECHARD (WEICHARD) b.1892; m.16Nov1921; d.12Jan1981 (Western Hills) 4 Dr Harry E (A) BLANEY Jn MD b.~1925; ob. Physicians for Social Responsibility + Patricia CARROLL b.27Dec1925; d.2Mar2017 (Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH.) [dau. of Richard T. and Marie Cuni Carroll] 5 Jerri BLANEY + Bruce Schmitt 5 1st Lt. Jesse Schmitt, USMC 5 Debbie BLANEY + Jon Walker MD [2 children, Luke and Maria] 5 Lyn CARROLL + __ Jevicky 5 Michael Carroll BLANEY + Susan MATTHEWS (MD) 6 Matthew Carroll BLANEY ob. (bur.Arlington National Cemetery) 6 Lt. Andrew BLANEY, USAF 6 Dr Megan Michelle BLANEY + Mitchell Wade COLLINS 5 Brian BLANEY + Shelby Precourt 4 Dr Donald J BLANEY b.~1926 Graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School in 1957 Dermatologist [3 children] 3 Herbert George BLANEY b.1894; d.1894 (Cincinnati) 3 Flora Josie BLANEY b.26Feb1896 (Cincinnati) [stepDau. of Benjamin (Andrew) HOOK (1868-1937), her mum's 2nd husband] + Theodore Aloysuis Sebastiani b.~14Aug1882 (Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH.) m.15Jan1921 (Hamilton Co., OH.) [son of James A. Sebastiani and Margoret Bast] 3 Edna J BLANEY b.Sep1896 (Cincinnati); d.1976 [stepDau. of Benjamin (Andrew) HOOK (1868-1937), Flora's 2nd husband] +(2) Laura Belle WARD b.1867; d.1931 [2nd wife of William H Blaney]


  Carlton C BLANEY (b.1810)


Samuel Clifton Blaney and
Mary Lavina Joslin-Hall Family 1892

Samuel Clifton
Blaney b.1948

Mary L HallBlaney

Edwin Hall Blaney

William Henry Blaney
Nancy Hall Blaney
1 Carlton C Blaney b.25Aug1810 (VA.); d.6Jan1874), son of William Blaney b.1780 (who was possibly also the father of Aaron BLANEY b.1825 + Amelia Elizabeth COULTER b.1818; d.1891 (both Delaware, OH.) [Ten children] 2 Lucinda BLANEY b.1839 (Licking, Franklin Co., OH.); d.1894 2 Margaret Catherine BLANEY b.1842 (Licking, OH.); d.1901 2 Henry C BLANEY b.1845 (Licking, OH.); d.1864 2 Samuel Clifton BLANEY (BLAINEY) b.16Aug1848 (Licking, OH.); d.16Apr1915 + Mary Lavina JOSLIN-HALL b.1Feb1855; m.25Feb1874 (Delaware, OH); d.26Jan1894 [dau. of Edwin Jason HALL (1831-1915) and Nancy JOSLIN (1834-1908)] 3 Edwin Philo (HALL) BLANEY b.16Mar1875; d.4Jan1944 Draft Reg 1917-18 + Helen A. CASE b.8Sep1871/2; d.13Nov1944 (both Liberty, Delaware, OH) 4 L Marie BLANEY b.1906 4 Bessie Opal BLANEY b.Feb1910 3 William Henry BLANEY b.18Aug1876; d.22Nov1953 + Lura B KENT b.18Aug1883 (Concord, Delaware, OH); m.Nov1904; d.27Apr1970 (Delaware, OH) 3 Mamie WALTERS née BLANEY b.1878 (Liberty, Delaware, OH); d.1880 3 Charles Clayton BLANEY b.31Jan1879; d.17Mar1962 (both Concord, Delaware, OH) Military Draft Reg 1917-18; 1942 + Martha E JONES b.19April1883; m.19Aug1903; 30Mar1956 (all Delaware, OH.) 4 Edna Ruth BLANEY b.16Jul1904; d.19Sep1981 (both Delaware, OH.) + Noel Carson ALLMAN (1901-1983) 3 Thomas Watson BLANEY b.1880 (Liberty, Delaware, OH); d.1886 3 Nancy Helen BLANEY b.07Oct1883 (OH.); d.6Dec1967 (Delaware, OH.) +(1) Thomas Madison EVANS b.27Dec1872; m.~1901; d.11Oct1940 (both Delaware, OH.) 4 [8 Evans children] +(2) James BLINN b.27Sep1875; d.25Sep1958 (Delaware, OH.) 3 Daisy Amelia BLANEY b.Jan1886; d.20Feb1937 (both Delaware, OH.) + Evan Franklin Evans b.2May1879; m.16Oct1907; d.31Mar1955 (all Delaware, OH.) 4 [4 Evans children] 3 Corp. Grover Cleveland BLANEY b.Q2 1888 (Hyattsville); d.1Aug1918 (France); bur. Oise-Aisne American Cemetery and Memorial Fere-en-Tardenois, Departement de l'Aisne, Picardie, France. Enlisted 2Jun1917 in Co E, 166th Infantry Regiment (4th Ohio), 42nd Rainbow Division on at Marysville, OH. 3 Martha Climena BLANEY b.25Jul1891 (Liberty, Delaware, OH.); d.1977 2 Martha E BLANEY b.1852; d.1918 (?=Martha E LEE) 2 Sarah Jane BLANEY b.1858; d.1927 2 William L. BLANEY b.1855 (Hebron, Licking, OH.); d.1931 2 Nancy Helen BLANEY (Joslin) b.1862; d.1880

  Patrick BLANEY (1834-1886) Tipperary to Schuylkill

1 Patrick BLANEY b.1834; d.1886 (Co. Tipperary Ireland)
  Emmigrated to America ~1862 settling in Schuylkill, PA.; Miner [1520]
 + Margaret JENNINGS (1841-1909) [?10 children]
  2 Rosanna BLANEY  b.~1834
  2 Isabelle JENNINGS née BLANEY
  2 Margaret A BLANEY
  2 Susannah "Susie" Blaney b.1869 (Coaldale, Schuylkill County, PA.)  had 4 children.
    d.2Jan1959 (Schuylkill, PA.)
   + James McELHENNY b.1868 (Lansford, PA.); d.1936
    3 Marion McELHENNY b.1902
    3 Margaret McELHENNY b.1904 (Coaldale, Schuylkill County, PA.); d.12Jul1985
    3 Sister Mary Innocentia McELHENNY b.9Jan1905 (Coaldale, Schuylkill); 
      d.29Sep1946 (Wernersville, Berks, PA.)
    3 Dorothy D McELHENNY b.1906 (Coaldale, Schuylkill Co., PA.); d.1956

  2 Patrick J Blaney b.3Jun1958; d.2Jun1958 (Coaldale, Schuylkill)
    Coal worker
   + Annie Boyle KENNEDY d.~1942  

John F Blaney

John F Blaney

Ursula Blaney

Ursula & John Blaney Family

Robert Thomas
born 1919
"Stercy" Blaney
Morris Catholic
High School 1967
2 John F Blaney b.21Jun1871 (Coaldale, Schuylkill, PA.); d.27Feb1961 (Jersey City, Hudson Co., NJ.) + Ursula A Rachael Eiles b.16Dec1876 (Bavaria, Germany); d.28Sep1931 (Bayonne, Hudson Co., NJ.) [8 children] [dau. of John Eiles and Anna Kothmaire of Bavaria, Germany] 3 Harry F BLANEY b.31Dec1879 (Centerville) [1520] Miner then Teacher + Mary CAVANAUGH Also a teacher [dau of James CAVANAUGH of Coaldale] 4 James BLANEY 3 John Blaney b.20Jun1904 (Jersey City, Hudson County, NJ.); d.Q4 1980 3 Ann Margaret BLANEY b.23Sep1905 (Jersy City); d.8May2001 (Bergen Co. NJ.) + Joseph F McKEON d.26May1970 (Bergen Co. NJ.) 4 Lois McKEON b.8Dec1933 (NJ.); d.5Jul2012 (Toms River, Ocean County, NJ.) + Frank LATILLA (1925-1984) 3 Catherine Cecelia ("Kitty") BLANEY b.26Apr1907; d.Q4 1973 (both Jersey City) + Dr James Leonard HOLLYWOOD b.25Jan1904 (Coaldale); m.1931; d.15Jun1980 (Jersy City) Coal miner then trained and graduated Medical School. 50yrs as a Jersey City GP; [2 daughters] 3 George Raymond BLANEY b.31Aug1908 (Jersey City, Hudson County, NJ.); d.16Mar1989 (Jersey City) + Anne M. RYAN b.22Feb1907 (PA.); d.9Apr2001 (Jersey City) [dau of Michael and Anne RYAN] 4 Twin boys (Michael & Joseph) b.1945; d.1945 3 Mary BLANEY b.1910 (Jersey City) 3 Margaret Ursula BLANEY b.1910 (Jersey City); d.1981 3 Eleanor Gertrude BLANEY b.1911 (Jersey City); d.1998 3 Robert Thomas BLANEY b.22Jul1915 (Jersey City); d.9Apr2001 + Stella Veronica MANNIX d.11Aug2011 4 Stella Ursula "Stercy" BLANEY b.3Apr1949 (Jersey City); d.20Dec2006 (Stanhope, Sussex, NJ.) Occ. "Computer support" [2 children] + William Patrick DELANY b.1944 4 Tom BLANEY 4 Robert BLANEY

  Thomas BLANEY (1766-1816)

  Blaney-Mathews Tree based on work by and curtesy of Mike Blaney (Houston, TX.)

1 Thomas BLANEY (BLEANY) b.1766; d.1816
 + Sarah THOMPSON b.1770 (Baltimore Co., MD.)
   [dau. of Daniel THOMPSON (1740-1816) and Mary CHALK (1737-1812) both of MD.]
  2 Anna BLANEY
  2 Harriet BLANEY
  2 Mary BLEANY
  2 Rebecca BLEANY
  2 John BLEANY
  2 Thompson BLEANY
  2 Daniel T BLANEY b.1794; d.1831
   + Sarah TURNER b.1790; d.1846
    3 John BLANEY b.1820; d.1848
     + Elizabeth MANN b.1825; d.1846
    3 Mary BLANEY b.1824; d.1843
    3?Elizabeth BLANEY b.1830; d.1846

As yet I can find no link with other Blaneys of Maryland


Comment 1

Why John Blaney elected to drop the "y" from his surname is not clear but many cases have been linked to illiteracy or error. The best example of this I can demonstrate is the use of "Blaney" when listing BLAYNEY graves (yet the photos reveal "BLAYNEY" surnames). [526]
Many names were simplified by Americans and Canadians. An example of this is SPROULE BLAYNEY who has "SPROULE BLAYNEY" on his grave (died 1883) while his wife's family dropped the 1st "y" on her grave on her death 15 years later ie "SPROULE BLANEY" [908]

Busy genealogists and writers have been making the mistake of not using two letter "y"s in Blayney, from some of Lodges' works through to modern web-based writings with frequent references to Blaney Lords (they were all "Blayney" and to Castleblaney (it is "Castleblayney") as one can see by Googling "Lord Blaney" or "Castleblaney".

Undoubtedly some individuals and families chose to drop the middle "y". However whether by choice or error we are left with a plethora of BLANEY families, most of which I believe have common but diverse origins with the BLAYNEY family and so are now included on this web site. The multiple origin concept is re-inforced by the many Blaney family lines which I cannot link together.

Comment 2

Blaney place names:

Blaney was the old name for Elgin in Kershaw Co., South Carolina, USA. The Elgin Watch Co. opened a factory there and in the 1960s asked the town folk to rename the town to Elgin, which they agreed to by public vote. After several years the company abandoned the town..."but they didn't bother to reclaim the name" [773].

Blaney depot, early 1900s [774]

Comment 3

Famous modern Blaneys:

Margaret-Ann Blaney, M.P.
Canadian New Brunswick's
Minister of Environment

Sinead Alethea Blaney (UK)
Miss Kent 2009; Dad
Britain's Next Top Model

Dr. Jack Blaney 1997
Order of B.C. Profile
President Emeritus SFU

Walter "Zaney" Blaney (T.X.)
Hall of Fame Magician
1st Int. President 1998

Becky Blaney (T.X.)
Comedienne & Magician; ex
Miss Houston; dau of "Zaney"

James Blaney
Top Rugby tries 2005
Munster / Ireland "A"

Neil T Blaney M.E.P. for
Connacht Ulster (Indep.)
[d.1995]. Son of
Neil Blaney of the IRA

Harry Blaney T.D. for
Donegal NE (Fianna Fáil)
Brother of Neil T;
Bridge named after him

Niall T Blaney T.D.
for Donegal NE
(Fianna Fáil)
Son of Harry

George Blaney (CT)
Basketball coach
His UConn Huskies beat
No.1 ranked Texas Jan2010

Shaylyn Blaney (N.Y.)
top Notre Dame
Lacrose player
(3x All-American)

Orlaith Blaney (Eire)
1st female Managing
Director of a major
Irish Ad agency

Dave Blaney (O.H.)
NASCAR driver '98-'04
Sharon Speedway Owner

Prof David Blaney (UK)
GP; PhD (Ed) now
HYMS Undergrad. Dean

Diana Blaney PhD (C.A.)
Mars Scientist NASA-JPL
MER Dept Project Scientist

James Blaney DDS, MSD
(T.N.) Endodontic Dentist
Navy Humanit. Medal '85

Joe Blaney (N.Y.)
Platinum selling Music

Joseph E Blaney Jn
NIH (M.D.) Infectious
Disease researcher

Donal Blaney (UK)
Co-founder of Conservative
Young Britons' Foundation

Dale Blaney (O.H.)
Top Mountaineer Basketballer
(1983-86); now sprint-car racer

Margaret-Ann Blaney (Canada)
MP St John-Kings; Minister
of Public Safety New Brunswick

Michael W Blaney MD FACS
(G.A.)     Bariatric Surgeon
Army then Pvt practice

Ed Blaney (UK)
songwriter, producer &
Salford City Radio host

John W Blaney III (C.A.)
US Ambassador to
Liberia (2002-5); Author

Sue Blaney (M.A.)
communications expert,
author & publisher

Prof Benjamin Blaney PhD
Mississippi State Uni
[Foreign Language] Awards

Robert Blaney (A.Z.)
Arizona District Director
US Small Business Admin.

Frederick Blaney (F.L.)
Burglary Charge (bond)
Thugshot 18 Feb 2010

Dr David Blaney PhD
Dir. Strategic Development
HEFCW (Wales)

Prof Susan Blaney, M.D.
Paed oncology, Baylor
College of Med. (T.X.)

Ann Blaney (Ireland)
Olympic Sailor 2004
see Sportsfile

Steven Blaney MP
(Lévis-Bellechasse, Can.)
Min. of Veterans Affairs

William Banks-Blaney
ex Tory MP lover
in political scandal

Norah Blaney (UK)
20s/30s Music hall star

Darren Blaney (Can)
ex Chief of the
Homalco 1st Nation BC

Darren Blaney PhD blog
Teacher, playWright, Essayist
Actor & director (NE)

Keith Blaney (US)
Actor, comedian
see Crayons

Rob Blaney (CA)
Composer, Arranger, Pianist,
& vocalist. See Gig Salad

William Blaney (PA)
2009 Penn State Fayette
Outstanding Fellow

Mark Blaney (UK)
Film Producer 1, Co-
founder Footprint Films

Corley Blaney (MA)
Chicago Realter, Owner
Elite Residential Services

Shirlie Blaney (NH)
only journalist interview
with J D Salinger [1112]

Harry Blaney MA (N.W.)
Senior Fellow CIP
President & CEO COLEAD
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