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Thomas Blayney

born c.AD 1555
at Gregynog Hall, Montgomery, Powys

Son of David Lloyd Blayney and Elizabeth Gwyn: [42]

In order to identify a possible Blayney ancestor, I have followed each son with known descendants, according to [10].

He married Elizabeth Powell and begat Edward (~1597), John Blaney (~1598), Ambrose (~1600) and Richard (~1605).

Another Thomas is listed in the LDS Ancestral File lists [275]. See the other Thomas born 1585,
also son of David Lloyd Blayney and apparently a separate person).

Descendancy: [10] [04]

1 Captain Thomas BLAYNEY  b.~1555 (75) [10a] in Tregynon 
  Thomas is recorded selling some of his father's Churchstoke (Montgomery) land in 1591 
  along with brothers Lewis (Lewes) & Edward. [1293]
  It is quite possible that Thomas and his three sons were the unidentified Blayneys at 
  Sir Edward's state funeral at Castleblayney in 1630. [240]
  This Thomas is also possibly the Thomas Blayney who was sold five townlands around Derrygorry, 
  Co. Monaghan (about 15km north of Monaghan town, on the Tyrone border) by 1626 by John, 
  alias Shane McKenna [276], although Thomas born 1585 could also fit!
  The other logical possibility is that Thomas had two marriages, firstly to Frances BERKELEY  
  and then to Elizabeth below: 
 + Elizabeth POWELL b. in Edenhope, England
   dau of John POWELL [71], [241]

  2 Catherine BLAYNEY

  2 Mary BLAYNEY 

  2 Jane BLAYNEY some genealogies also list the Jane Blayney who married Lieut Colonel Thomas WALCOT 
    (the last man in England to be hung, drawn and quartered) as daughter of Captain Thomas Blayney 
     and Elizabeth POWELL [1525].
     Although a niece of Sir Edward Blayney, 1st Baron Blayney, evidence indicates she was in fact
     the daughter of another "Thomas BLAYNEY" (a son of David Lloyd but by another mother) and Frances BERKELEY. 
     See Jane, daughter of Thomas born 1585 
   + Colonel Thomas WALCOT Esq. of Croagh, Limerick b.1625 (Warwickshire)
     executed 20Jul1683 for treason.
    3 Catherine WALCOT 
     + William Fitzgerald, of Moy Castle 
    3 John WALCOT, of Croagh d.1736 
    3 See 7 other children 

  2 Edward BLAYNEY b~1595/7 (England); m.1623; d.1626 [269] [340] [1472]
    The 25 yr old Captain Edward Blayney (Blaney in Virginia) of the 240 ton
    "Francis Bonaventure" (aka "Francis Bonadventura"), which sailed from England to
    James City, Virginia in 1620 with 153 passengers and to barter the cargo for tobacco. 
    He returned to England on the "Bona Nova" in May 1621, having been very successful 
    in his trading. He returned to Virginia in September 1621 on the Tyger, this time to
    collect 150lbs of the "best leafe tobacco" for each of the 50 plus "maids and young woemen"
    emmigrating to the colony. His further success allowed him to establish a plantation, with 
    15 servants, including Lancelot DAVENPORT, an endentured servant until 1638 [1105]
    and to get married. He became a Member of the Virginia House of Burgesses in 
    1623 and 1625, going on to become a Member of Virginia's Governor's Council 1626. 

    Edward, the son of Captain Thomas BLAYNEY is the only Edward Blayney (or Blaney) I have
    identified who would be of the right age to be Captain Edward BLAYNEY, and the fact that
    his father was also a sea captain makes this assumption more likely. 
    Gizzard & Smith [397] [1475] postulate Captain Edward Blaney (sic) as the son of 
    Edward Blaney and Margaret but there appears to be no time for another generation.

    A letter from Edward BLAYNEY to Sir Edwin Sandys 17Sep1621 confirms his use of 
    "BLAYNEY", so accounts using "BLANEY" are the result of transcription errors or Edward dropped
    the middle "y" to enable Americans to spell it! 
   + Margaret POWELL b.~1589 (England); d.<1628; (of Virginia), widow of Captain Willam POWELL who
     had been killed by Indians Jan 1623.
     At least one account has her then marrying Francis West before 6Feb1625/26 [272] which either is wrong,
     as we know an "Edward Blaney" was still alive in 1628 (Virginia Land Records)
     and Margaret Blayney married Governor Francis West before 1607 - see Note 1,
     or that Edward was the son of Edward [397].
     Wikitree has her marrying Edward 1623-1626 (Jamestown Colony) [1417]
     and marrying Francis WEST Esq 6Feb1626 and Edward dead before 1626

    3 direct ancestor of Daniel BLANEY of New-castle, Delaware [1101]

  2 John BLANEY b.1598 (Eniskillen Fermanagh); d.1648 [10a]
    [His descedants all used the "Blaney" spelling [274]]
    See The Blayney descendants of John Blaney

  2 Ambrose BLAYNEY b.~1600 [10a]
    Possible descendants include an Australian branch who were Church of Ireland and
    emigrated from County Tyrone.

  2 Richard BLAYNEY b.~1605 [10a]

The Blaney family genealogy summary (from John above) is now included on this page -see Blaney.


The letter from Edward BLAYNEY to Sir Edwin Sandys
17th September 1621
Records of Virginia Company, 1606-26 Vol III: Miscellaneous Records in The Thomas Jefferson Papers Series 8 Virginia Records Manuscripts 1606-1737 [270]

Note 1 Captain Francis WEST (b.25Oct1586; d.Feb 1634), the second son (9th child) of Thomas West, 2nd Baron De La Warr (1618-?) and Anne Knollys, came to Virginia from England in 1608 with his 1st wife, Margaret BLAYNEY née REEVES [m. in Salisbury, b~1580/90], "widow of Edward Blaney (sic), whom he married prior to his leaving for Virginia in 1607" (or 1606 or 1608). Their children were Francis WEST [b.1606 (Salisbury, England); d.02Jan1691/92 (Duxbury, Mass.) [295]] and Elizabeth [273] who may have died young as the Francis West Will of Dec 1629 lists only one child.

The first husband of Margaret, Edward BLAYNEY was born about 1585. To date I am unable to link him to a known Blayney, although Gizzard & Smith postulate this Edward Blaney (sic) was the father of Captain Edward Blaney [397].

After Margaret died, Captain Francis WEST became the Hon. Colonial (Crown) dep Governor of Virginia (1627-9) and Captaine Generall and married Temperance Fleudieu, widow of Gov. George Yeardley but she died in 1628. He returned to England in 1629 then married Jane Davey, dau. of Sir Henry Davye before returning to Virginia by 1631. Therefore there does not to be any obvious link with Captain Edward BLAYNEY and Margaret BLAYNEY, wife of Francis WEST, Governor of Virginia 1627=9 [271].


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