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Thomas Blayney

Comment 1

born c.AD 1585
in "Furgonan", Montgomery, Wales

Son of David Lloyd Blayney and Elizabeth Gwyn [42] as listed in the LDS Ancestral File lists [275] and in Lodge's Peerage of Ireland [707], but because of his birthdate, more likely born of David Lloyd Blayney's 2nd wife, Mary verch RICHARD and also because Elizabeth Gwyn already had a Thomas Blayney. Another strong possibility is that they are one and the same Thomas who had two marriages.

See the "other" Thomas born 1575, also son of David Lloyd Blayney (? the same person).

1 Thomas BLAYNEY b.1585 in "Furgonan", Montgomery [1227] Comment 2, Wales
  ?The eldest son of David Lloyd BLAYNEY and Elizabeth ferch Lewis ap John [707] [but see above] was
  "seated at Furgonan [which I can't locate] in the county of Montgomery" [707]
  He bore an ensign's comission in QEI's army in Ireland  
 +(1)Frances BERKELEY b.1608 in Askeyth, co Limerick, Ireland;  [734]
   dau of Sir Francis BERKELEY of Askeyton (b.1559 (Limerick); d.20Dec1615) and
   Catherine LOFTUS (b.1560 or 1573 in Ranthfarnham, Ireland), sister of Ann 
   LOFTUS b~1567, who married Sir Edward BLAYNEY 
   Catherine was 3rd dau of Dr Adam Loftus, the Archbishop of Dublin;
   Catherine subsequently married the brother of Francis, Henry Berkeley.
   Frances remarried James Purcell Esq of Croagh-Purcell d.25May1637

  2 Bridgett BLAYNEY b.1640 Montgomery, Wales (also [328]
   + Edmond BROWNE Esq of Ballyslateragh (Ballyslattery) Co. Clare; b~1630 in Limerick (m~1660)
    3 Blayney Walcott BROWNE of Ballyslateragh (Ballyslattery), Co Clare [?Ballwara];
      Barrister at Law [900]
     + Lettice CAULFIELD, sister & heir to Chief Justice St George CAULFIELD Esq [902]
    3 Thomas BROWNE b.1661 Newgrove, Clare, Ireland; d.17Sep1717 [368] [707]
     + Elizabeth SMITH, dau of William SMITH 
    3 Edmund BROWNE b~1663 "Furgonan" Comment 2, Wales
    3 Mary BROWNE b~1665 "Furgonan" Comment 2; d.unm
    3 Nevil BROWNE b~1667 "Furgonan" Comment 2
    3 Jane BROWNE b~1670 Limerick, Ireland [328]
     + John MILLER m~1690 in Ireland
      4 Seven children all born in Ireland [368]

  2 Jane BLAYNEY [258] [419 pt II]
    dau of "Thomas-Lloyd Blaney, Esq. (nephew of Edward Baron Blayney) and of Frances
    Berkely his wife, granddau. of Archbishop Loftus" - BURKE [419]
   + Lt.Col. Thomas WALCOT(T) Esq. of Croagh, Limerick b.1625 (Warwickshire)
     executed 20Jul1683 for treason.
     Lt. Col. in the Parliamentary Army, purchased Ballyvarra Castle in 1655, 
     in 1659 was at Dunmurry and with lands at Amogan (Lower Conneloe) and then
     settled at Croagh, Co. Limerick.
     [the fourth son of Charles Walcot and Elizabeth Games] 
     [see Comment 3], [419 pt II] [707]
    4 John WALCOT of Croagh, b~1655; d.1736 (no heir)
      Along with brother William aided the Prince of Orange at the Battle of Reyne in 1690 so was restored to 
      his father's estates in 1701; Deputy Lieutenant for Limerick
      Lodge's Peerage of Ireland [707] incorrectly gives his
      wife as Sarah Wright
     + Eleanor BYRON, 2nd dau of James BYRON Esq of Bawnemore, co. Kilkenny 
    4 Thomas WALCOT Jr (fought at Boynes, dsp)
    4 Ludlow WALCOT (d.y.)
    4 Joseph WALCOT (d.y.)
    4 Edmund WALCOT (d.y.)
    4 William WALCOT of Bullivara, co. Limerick
      An officer in the Royal Army and fought at Boynes; dsp
    4 Catherine WALCOT(T) of Moy Castle, co., Clare; b~1658
     + William FITZGERALD Esq. of Six-Mile-Bridge and Moy Castle, Co. Clare
      5 Eleanor FITZGERALD b~1701
       + John MINCHIN b.1700; barrister; He assumed the WALCOT surname on succeeding to the Croagh Estate (1736);
         MP for Askeaton 1751 
    4 Elizabeth WALCOT
     + Major John MILLER
    4 Bridget WALCOT
     +(1)J Cox of Waterford
     +(2)Robert ALLEN Esq of Garranmore, co Tipperary 

 +(2)?Elizabeth POWELL b.1608
     What has not beden established is whether the Thomas Blayney who married Frances BERKELEY had a second marriege 
     (to Elizabther) or if there was a second Thomas Blayney, which would seem a bit strange.  
     See Elizabeth Powell   

Comment 1

Possibly was the Thomas Blayney who was sold five townlands around Derrygorry, Co. Monaghan (about 15km north of Monaghan town, on the Tyrone border) by 1626 by John, alias Shane McKenna. [276], although Thomas born 1575 could also fit!

Comment 2

The use of a non-existant place "Furgonan" raises the possibility that this whole line may be in error and possibly relate to another Thomas Blayney. See "Furgonan"

Comment 3

The husband of Jane Blayney, (daughter of Thomas Blayney, niece of Edward Blayney, 1st Baron Blayney and grand-niece of Bishop Adam Loftus) was Thomas Walcot of Limerick. Thomas purchased Ballyvarra Castle in 1655. He had large estates at Croagh, Co Limerick prior to 1662. He became a Lt. Col in the Parliamentary Army, serving in the Irish campaign. He was offered the Governorship of Province of Carolina, but declined it.

Thomas was arrested in 1672 on a charge of planning a Dutch invasion of Ireland but released after eight months spent in the Tower of London. However he was again arrested in 1683 for conspiracy to assassinate Charles II (Rye House Plot) and subsequently executed at Tyburn, 20 July 1683. He has the infamy of being the last person to be "hanged, drawn and quartered" in England (with his head exhibited on spike at Aldgate). His attainer was reversed in 1696 in favour of his eldest son, John, by William III. [258] [03], [259] [708]

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