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John Bird SUMNER

as Bishop of Chester

John Bird Sumner c.1860

Rev William Gibson c.1860

Bishop of Chester (1828-48) then 91st Archbishop of Canterbury (1848-62)

Archbishop of Canterbury


John was son of Rev Robert SUMNER (1747- d.9Oct1802(4) -London), Vicar of Kenilworth and Stoneleigh, Warwickshire and Hannah BIRD (born 1757; died 10 Dec 1846; married 22 Apr 1779 in London), 1st cousin of William WILBERFORCE, the great philanthropist and anti-slavery campaigner and the grand-daughter of William WILBERFORCE (born 1690, Mayor of Kingston-upon-Hull) [1025] [1026] [1031]

He was the 1st Evangelical Anglican head and more pragmatic than most, urging reconciliation of geology and scripture in his Treatise on the Records of Creation (1816), supported the Divorce Bill and endorced anaesthesia in labour. Interestingly he was also President of the Canterbury Association that founded Christchurch, NZ and chairman of The New Zealand Company. [1027] [1029] [1030] [1031] [1033] [1032] [1034]


1  John Bird SUMNER DD b.25Feb1780 (Kenilworth, Kent); d.6Sep1862 (Addington Palace, London)
  Archbishop of Canterbury (1848-62)
 + Marianne ROBERTSON (incorrectly Mary Ann ROBINSON) m.31Mar1803 (Bath); d.22Mar1829 (Wandsworth) 
   dau of Capt George ROBERTSON RN (of Edinburgh) and __ LEWIS
  2 Anne SUMNER b.1804; bpt.6Apr1805 (Eton); d.1833
   + Rev James Adair Griffith COLPOYS MA b.1800; m.14Oct1828 (Malledurham); d.1868 [1029]
     Recor: North Waltham (1828-1831); Rector Droxford 1831 [1036]
     Honorary Chalain 1st Hampshire Mounted Rifle Volunteer Corps 24Aug1860 [1035]
     Living at 9 Maze hill, St Leonard's-on-sea 1867
    3 Mary Campbell G COLPOYS b~1847
    3 James Adair Griffin COLPOYS b~1848
    3 Arther Adair G COLPOYS b~1848
    3 Adair Griffith COLPOYS b~1850

  2 Louisa Elizabeth SUMNER bpt.1Aug1806 (Eton); d.[1st quarter]1864 (Chichister, Sussex)
   + ?? Thomas POTTER
  2 Eliza Maria SUMNER bpt.Apr1808 (Eton) d.1836 3rd dau
   +  Rev William GIBSON 1840-1862 
    3 Two children
  2 Georgiana (Georgina) SUMNER b.1812 bpt.29Aug1814 (Eton, Buckingham); d.1881 "4th dau"
   + Wilson Dobie WILSON, Advocate, F.S.A. & F.R.S.E. b.1803; d.1838 suddenly (Grangevale) [1028]
    3 Two children
  2 Caroline SUMNER bpt.1Jan1811 (Eton); d.1817 [ie died about 6yrs old]
  2 Caroline SUMNER [?b.1815] bpt.13Jan1817 (Eton); d.1841 [died 24 or 24yrs old]
  2 Maria SUMNER bpt.13Jan1817 (Eton); d.1861
   + John THOMAS b.1811; d.1833 
    3 Four children 
  2 John Henry Robertson SUMNER bpt.13Sep1821 (Mapledurham, Oxford); d.1910
   +(1)Antonetta Maria EDWARDS d.1852
   +(2)Elizabeth Ann GIBSON
    3 Seven children 
  2 Robert George Moncrift SUMNER bpt.23Dec1824 (Mapledurham, Oxford); d.1885